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    7/15 Intrasquad Game Live Thread

    Agreed. He needs to learn not to do that. All it takes is one ass like Machado to step on his hand and then you have problems.
  2. skooch

    Sox Summer Camp Catch All Thread

    Holding a spot for Ross Detwiler or Ryan Cordell or Matt Skole in meaningless September games over a guy who has hit at every level of the minors? Yermin may turn out to be a big nothing burger, but I don't see what was gained by waiting until now to find out.
  3. skooch

    Sox Summer Camp Catch All Thread

    I'm glad to see they're giving him reps and moving him around to see what he can and can't do. For the life of me, I'll never understand why they didn't do this at the end of last season.
  4. 15 teams play their spring training games in Florida. Where will they play? At least a few teams (chw/lad) share facilities. Do all of these facilities have lighting appropriate for playing nighttime professional baseball games? I think we are a long way from publicly-attended games of any kind. People *may* start to return to work and stores later this summer, but I think having events with 20-50k people is much further away than most think.
  5. skooch

    White Sox Spring Training Thread

    If he can locate his offspeed stuff like this there will likely be a lot fewer 500' hrs off his fastball this year.
  6. skooch

    KW says "no Puig"

    That included the MM Friends and Family premium.
  7. skooch

    KW says "no Puig"

    The Athletic report debunks the Rockies portion of the rumor, why should I believe that the White Sox portion of the rumor has any credibility now?
  8. skooch


    I blame Rick Hahn.
  9. skooch

    Viewable Sox Spring Training Games

    Fwiw, 2/22 is LAA instead of LAD.
  10. skooch

    Mlb might be changing playoff format

    Next up is a home run derby to settle games that go more than 10 innings. Hey, it works for the NHL.
  11. skooch

    Kopech Interview Today

    Great listen. Going to be very easy to root for this guy.
  12. skooch

    What would it take to get Nolan Arenado?

    No worries. I didn't take it as an attack at me. I just thought it came across as kind of arrogant. It's all good. Thanks for addressing it.
  13. skooch

    What would it take to get Nolan Arenado?

    I didn't say he wasn't good, he's clearly good. He's just not elite according to the numbers. And by the way, you have quite the ego. Anyone who doesn't agree with you doesn't know baseball, huh?
  14. skooch

    What would it take to get Nolan Arenado?

    JOOC, how does one distinguish between "hangover effect" and "he's actually not that good" away from Coors?
  15. skooch

    What would it take to get Nolan Arenado?

    wRC+ 2019 2018 2017 2016 Avg Arenado Home 137 162 134 136 142.25 Away 118 104 126 116 116.00 Trout Home 188 185 192 177 185.50 Away 172 195 169 164 175.00 Betts Home 146 190 100 143 144.75 Away 123 181 113 129 136.50
  16. These are the kind of statements I always prepend with, "Someday, when I'm dictator ..."
  17. skooch

    Castellanos to Reds , rumored 4/64M

    I think you mean Engel.
  18. skooch

    Edwin Encarnacion

    Also interesting are his 2019 wRC+ splits against RHP: Home: 123 Away: 77 If only we could find a way to sit the man on the road against RHP.
  19. skooch

    Nomar Mazara Speculation

    Is this Lillian's swap meet? Where's Benetti when you need him?
  20. skooch

    FA SP: What to do after the Wheeler miss?

    Better find out where all his relatives and inlaws live first
  21. skooch

    Sox in on MadBum

    I know it's still a few years away, but the price to extend Mr. Giolito just keeps on rising.
  22. skooch

    Burr DFA'd

    I think you mean, "jawohl".
  23. skooch

    Zack Wheeler Thread

    Now, give us the precious ...
  24. skooch

    What about Collins?

    After the curious addition of Yermin to the 40-man, the Sox are now carrying five catchers. It seems like something has to give. Either McCann or Collins is on the block or Seby is about to get DFA'd. Mercedes has little trade value.