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    9/15 GT: Angels @ White Sox, 7:10

    Sounds like a character from the Marvel Universe.
  2. skooch

    9/9 Sox at A's game thread 2:37 first pitch

    Henceforth, he shall be known as Billy "Baroo" Hamilton
  3. skooch

    9/5- White Sox at Royals, 1:10

    The LAA series is at home, so it's "only" 11 in a row on the road . The remaining September schedule is: @KC, 3@OAK, 3BOS, 3LAA, 3@TEX, 3@DET, 5@CLE, 2CIN. That's 8H/14R remaining in September after today. With the final three at home vs. DET, that makes the remaining schedule 11H/14R with 17 games against non-playoff teams and 5 of the 8 against playoff teams at home. Not too bad.
  4. skooch

    8/20 Games

    Not sure if people are aware, but the Barons/Smokies game is on Marquee right now. And also again tomorrow night at 8:00 pm
  5. skooch


    "The bottom (empty) row is the first game of the season ...". I simply wasn't sure how to classify that, so I separated it out.
  6. skooch


    Liam Hendriks 2021 stats by "calendar days between appearances". The bottom (empty) row is the first game of the season and the entry for "6" is last night where as noted above, I've defined "DaysRest" as the number of calendar days between appearances. Unless I've made a mistake with the data, I don't really think the data supports the 5+ days part of your thesis. If by "5+" you literally mean five whole days of rest and then pitching on the 6th+ day following, then you've limited yourself to only 2 data points comprising 2 IP). He has been a perfectly cromulent pitcher in all but one of those appearances (again, not accounting for the first game of the season vs. LAA). However, what you said about back-to-back games seems to be valid. Perhaps having such potentially high-leverage situations in a short period of time in the playoffs is exactly why the FO felt the need to make the move for Kimbrel.
  7. skooch


    And 10 HR allowed in 49.2 IP. As good as he's been in general, 1.8 HR/9 is a recipe for some very stressful playoffs.
  8. skooch

    8/3 Games

    I know you weren't being serious, but some people are surprised when a high BA is fueled by a high babip. The point was, that unless you hit a lot of HR, a high BA will always be fueled by a high babip.
  9. skooch

    8/3 Games

    Moreover, since (ignoring SFs): BA = babip (1-K%-HR%) + HR% if you don't hit many/any HRs (he has zero in Bham), then babip >= BA where the amount above BA is determined by your strike out rate (K%) You really cannot hit X w/o a babip >= X.
  10. skooch

    Sox @ Royals 7/28, 7:10

    Ump called Mendick out for being out of the baseline.
  11. Heuer is a gas can. His 6.2 scoreless innings this month came with a 6.03 xFIP, a 17.2 BB% and 20.7 K% that were helped greatly by a 0.222 babip. On average against Heuer, RHH are second in the AL batting title at 0.328.
  12. Start Lopez against the Astros? Are you fucking kidding me? Who wants to lose 19-1? You could literally pick from any pitcher of the 40 man roster, and a few position players to boot, to give us a better chance of winning.
  13. skooch

    ELOY back Monday against KC

    This is a 'famous' video taken by a WS teammate (Ian Clarkin) back in 2017 (I believe). This is not recent.
  14. skooch

    GT 7/10: SOX @ BAL, 3:05

    I don't get all the Goodwin hate. A left handed bat with a 129 OPS+, 130 wRC+, 12.9% walk rate 23.7% K-rate. What's so baffling?
  15. skooch

    GT 7/9: SOX @ BAL, 6:05

    I agree. Rest Abreu too while we're at it. That will be nine straight days off to heal and get right before the Houston series. Meanwhile we'll see if we can possibly beat another major league team with what is at best a MiLB lineup: Collins, Vaughn, Mendick, Garcia, Burger, Goodwin, Engel and Sheets. Yeesh!
  16. skooch

    Adam Engel Back to the IL - Hamstring

    I must have missed the explanation. Did they ever go into details about this "bizarre" injury?
  17. skooch


    Yeah, but BurgerCheeseBurger doesn't quite ring true. It has to be something like, "I'll have a Burgerburger, one order of Jace Fries and two Oscar Colas".
  18. skooch


    Which restaurant is going to be first to offer the Burgerburger?
  19. skooch

    GT 7/2 White Sox @ Detroit Tigers 6:10 PM CDT

    It's Burger Time!!!
  20. skooch

    "sticky substances"

    This is "deceptive advertising". You lose all perspective on the relative difference by setting the range on the y-axis using the min/max values. While there is apparently a real effect, it amounts to a little over 4% reduction in spin rate. It would also be instructive to see the variability in spin rate over the course of an entire season. Say 2019, for example to see if this isn't some sort of natural recurring variation.
  21. skooch

    Color Guy: Who did it better?

    I think Frank is great on the post game show. However, I think Benetti's habit of "interviewing the color guy" was a little too much. It seemed like they spent much of the broadcast talking about Frank. And it doesn't seem like a topic that Frank is hesitant to discuss. I think with a little more experience together they could make a really good play-by-play team.
  22. skooch

    6/22 games

    The org really needs to do him a solid and release him. I think both sides need a change.
  23. skooch

    Updates on Kopech

    Honestly, of all the things the Sox need, starting pitching (presumably we're not talking about trying to plug Hamels into the BP here) is way down on the list. If he impresses at his showcase, then surely some other playoff-contender will offer him an opportunity to start. Now of course, shit does happen and we could take a hit to our starting pitching and RH would look like a genius. OTH, until then, where would we use him? I have a suspicion that Cease may not be a part of the playoff rotation as we will likely not be playing the Tigers. However, I think that in such a case Kopech will be the one to take his spot. This is a team whose strongest aspect is starting pitching that was satisfied to go into the playoffs last year with only two legit starting pitchers. RF/BP and to a lesser extent 2B should be the priorities. I would hope their focus is not on the strongest part of the team.
  24. skooch

    Sox @ Tigers, 6/13 12:10 ct

    Unfortunately, the network big wigs don't agree. According to my listings the eyes of MLB will be on Mets/Cubs, LAD/Phil and Seattle/Minnesota.
  25. Because Collins is apparently Giolito's catcher and TLR didn't want to take Grandal's bat out of the lineup.