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  1. SouthWallace

    9/26- Indians vs Sox, 7:10

    Welp. This one sucked. Is it April yet? #MissYouAlreadySoxPark...
  2. SouthWallace

    8/26 GT - KOPECH DAY (PART 2)!!

    RACK EM UP!!
  3. SouthWallace

    8/26 GT - KOPECH DAY (PART 2)!!

    Palk Smash!!
  4. SouthWallace

    8/26 GT - KOPECH DAY (PART 2)!!

    123! 2K
  5. SouthWallace

    8/26 GT - KOPECH DAY (PART 2)!!

    He gone!
  6. SouthWallace

    8/24 Game Thread - White Sox v. Tigers

    Happy Birthday to me! Hot damn a Sox late inning comeback is sexy!!
  7. SouthWallace

    Dylan Cease shut down

    Phew. So long as he's not injured!
  8. I live near the park and find this app to be pretty accurate.
  9. SouthWallace

    Kopech called up

    If he is up to stay, and it looks like he is, the timing is curious (could/should have happened a few weeks ago). But continuing to build up innings while facing big league hitting makes perfect sense for furthering his development.
  10. SouthWallace

    Coming to Chicago-advice on travel from Waukegan

    The walk from Metra/Ogilvie to the Red Line subway is downtown. Should still be plenty of other foot traffic on a Friday or Saturday evening.
  11. SouthWallace

    Coming to Chicago-advice on travel from Waukegan

    If I were pre-gaming and coming by train I would do Cork & Kerry or Turtles, both on 33rd just north of the park. Mitchells and Buffalo Wings & Rings on Halsted are a little further west. Maria's (31st & Morgan) if you like craft beer and have the time. The bar at Gate 5 is decent enough but you definitely pay ballpark prices.
  12. SouthWallace

    Lopez’s Perfect Game(thread)

    What the hell was that?!
  13. SouthWallace

    25 Man Roster Predictions

    It would make some sense to send Delmonico to Charlotte to play 1B/LF everyday until rosters expand, in leu of DFAing Davidson.