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  1. SouthWallace

    A’s at White Sox, 6/22 now straight doubleheader

    Seriously. I'm still pissed that Gio went back out for the 8th.
  2. SouthWallace

    A’s at White Sox, 6/22 now straight doubleheader

    Renteria is absolutely terrible.
  3. SouthWallace

    A’s at White Sox, 6/22 now straight doubleheader

    Here comes the over-managing...
  4. SouthWallace

    A’s at White Sox, 6/22 now straight doubleheader

    Ugh. Bad Ricky. Coulda let him finish on a high note...
  5. SouthWallace

    Sox @ Cleveland, 6/20, 12:10 CT

    Ricky finally sticks up for Moncada...
  6. SouthWallace

    Once Again, Fire Ricky Renteria

    It's not even about competing this year. It is more about his in game decisions not putting the team in the best position to win, execute, etc. I don't foresee him being fired mid-season, but how this young team plays down the stretch will go a long way to determine whether or not he survives the winter.
  7. SouthWallace

    Tigers @ White Sox

    Ricky's over managing catches up again. Ugh.
  8. SouthWallace

    Tigers @ White Sox

    Ricky really is a bad game manager... UGH.
  9. SouthWallace

    Tigers @ White Sox

  10. SouthWallace

    MLB Expansion

    Eight divisions of four teams each across two leagues. Unversal DH. Division winners get in. 5 game Division series 7 game League Championship series 7 game World Series. I am really against expanding the playoffs. Wild Card era was fun but the dual Wild Card game ruined it for me.
  11. SouthWallace

    Dylan Covey

    Seriously, Covey is pre-Arb with 5 more years of control left. He is right in line with the rest of the cost controlled talent despite being a few years older than other prospects. There is no reason he can't be part of the rebuild going forward if he is actually this good.
  12. SouthWallace

    GT: Indians @ White Sox - 7:10/8:10ET

    I believe so. I wanna say ankle sprain on the bases late in spring training.
  13. SouthWallace

    Avi could start rehab stint next week

    And Smith doing most of the catching.