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  1. These nationalities don’t have the same history of oppressing and dehumanizing white people as white people historically do in this nation and throughout western history. White people need to recognize and reconcile with this. There is no reverse equivalence here. I’m not attacking you personally but there really isn’t a need to justify these behaviors or in any way argue a context in which it is or would be ok.
  2. Tnetennba

    5/21 Games

    I’m ready to give both a shot.
  3. The Seminole nation can reconcile with FSU the institution, but it doesn’t exonerate white fans engaging in the chop. It’s still a demeaning appropriation and it’s not ok. There is no good justification. There are still cultural things that are not ok for white people to do.
  4. Tnetennba

    5/22 GT - Sox @ NYY (Double Header)

    Fuck Josh Donaldson Fuck his defenders Fuck the Yankees Go White Sox
  5. Tnetennba

    Josh Donaldson called Tim Anderson "Jackie"

    They’ve suspended TA for far less, and with questionable and dubious reasoning. I don’t expect them to come down on Josh Donaldson, but it would be the perfect scenario to do so and make it clear what that Asshat did and I have no doubt others have said to Black and Brown players is unequivocally not ok.
  6. It’s the end of May and they are hovering around .500 playing some rather lifeless baseball. This team needs to start taking every game seriously and playing with urgency. No more white flag lineups and punted games please.
  7. Tnetennba

    Josh Donaldson called Tim Anderson "Jackie"

    Do the good old boys in the league offices have the stones to make an example of the Asshat? Multiple game suspension is warranted IMO, but I don’t have much faith he’ll face any discipline let alone suspension.
  8. The word Chief alone has different historical and cultural contexts internationally, but in KC’s case, it is still cultural appropriation because of the graphics and visuals used in team logos and signage. ATL & FSU there is little defense IMO.
  9. Increased and amplified fatigue is one of the most common long Covid side effects, I believe. We don’t really know how long those side effects last yet.
  10. It is still a mass white population appropriating something from an indigenous people and turning it into sports meme on par with the wave. It’s not ok in baseball or football or any sport.
  11. Tnetennba

    The "Real" Standings

    We all saw it coming as they coasted into the playoffs last year and were promptly obliterated by a seasoned post season team. And turned around and put a much worse team on the field with the same hubris.
  12. Tnetennba

    Sox close to signing Juan Uribe Jr

    This is fun. Is he any good?😆
  13. Tnetennba

    Josh Donaldson called Tim Anderson "Jackie"

    Sadly, I am not. How many people defended TLR vs Yermin? Contextually different but similar undertones. Donaldson’s explanation fits right in with things white people say in defense of shitty actions and as cover for racist motivations.