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  1. I wouldn’t hold my breath.
  2. Tnetennba

    Menechino needs to be fired tonight

    When zero change came at the ASB we should have all recognised that nothing would change until the off-season, if that. What should and needs to be done and what the FO actually does never correlates much.
  3. Tnetennba


    For a new coaching staff hopefully. I don’t want these hacks screwing him up any further. He’s too damn important for the success of this team.
  4. Pirates vs Reds, 1 and 2 at the bottom either way you stack them.
  5. I’m still holding out hope, but damn is it hard to watch. I’d have more faith in a healthy org helping him find his previous form. Unfortunately, he plays for the Chicago White Sox.
  6. Ooof, yeah, Reds might be the least enviable franchise in MLB. KC is a mess but they’ve at least had some recent success. Rockies & Royals are definitely down there somewhere too.
  7. I don’t think there is any may about it.
  8. Do we make Moncada a defensive replacement for Burger? Honestly. Can we live with more atrocious defense on the infield? What do we do?
  9. Pirates, Angels, Cubs of recent vintage, DBacks. Sox are definitely in that bottom tier with these teams.
  10. They’ve horribly underachieved this season, but I’d take their offensive upside and hitting development in a heartbeat. Letting Robbie Ray walk was a big mistake IMO. Their org seems far healthier & functional than ours.
  11. Frank couldn’t throw worth a damn. He wasn’t so brutal fielding but you never quite knew where it was going out of his hand. AV needs some refinement at 1st but it’s far too soon to declare him a DH.
  12. They are a frustrating group of talent for sure.
  13. I’ll be shocked if Leury doesn’t play both on Tuesday.
  14. Did he really get it?! If yes we the lineups completely fucked now 🙄
  15. Prepare yourselves Sox fans for a month’s worth of shitty Leury starts thanks to today…
  16. Tnetennba


    That’s what’s so baffling to me. His D is A++ on most nights. He’s still locked in defensively despite his struggles at the plate. And calling them struggles is quite generous. He looks absolutely lost with a bat in his hands, clueless even. I have no explanation to accurately or adequately explain what is wrong, be it physical, mental, psychological, coaching, or what. I don’t know how someone plays GG caliber D night in & night out and looks, *looks* like they utterly don’t give a shit at the plate. Partying all night doesn’t explain the polar opposites in his play on both sides of the field.
  17. Whatever his mentality is at the plate this season, it needs to be flushed away. I’m one of his biggest fans/defenders and even I think he needs to get his head in the game at the plate. I honestly don’t know what the F is going on with him.
  18. Tnetennba

    Petition for New Banner

    What do we do when the ghost of Cody Asche fails to salvage this shitty season??🤔🤔
  19. If only they could all of the time
  20. Questionable send but thank you bad throw
  21. Robert looked like he just flicked it out there!
  22. The bastard no doubt sits everyone on Monday..😇