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  1. Lip Man 1


    Nice dominating performance, granted it was against the putrid Royals but this leaves a great taste in everyone's mouths especially the players heading into the break. Well done! Nice to see Giolito and Moncada perform well. Every little bit helps their confidence.
  2. Just to refresh your memory the Sox 1977 rotation was Steve Stone (15-12), Francisco Barrios (14-7), Chris Knapp (12-7) and Ken Kravec (11-8) and Wilbur Wood (7-8)
  3. Lip Man 1

    White Sox at Royals 7.14 game thread 1:10 first pitch

    Unfortunate timing that on the day they honor the 93' team which was a good one, the Sox lay a corpse-ball egg...against the Royals no less.
  4. For what this may be worth and it is UNCONFIRMED right now, I heard from a good source that Hansen was pulled from last night's game after three innings because he is having "forearm soreness" again. Words fail me right now about all these injuries. Hope my source is wrong, we'll know soon enough. UPDATE: Heard back from the person who said the information they were given was that Hansen will make his next start in Birmingham next week. No specific reason given for why he only lasted three innings last night. Don't know if he was medical checked out or not. Considering everything that's good news.
  5. Lip Man 1

    Sammy Esposito R.I.P.

    Just heard the audio clip of the incident called by Yankee broadcaster Mel Allen. Pretty wild. According to Allen the fan (Jesse James) stood there saying something to Esposito, then Espo swung at him and connected. The fan started swinging back, both guys went at it before the Andy Frain ushers got there to break it up and haul the guy off. Allen said it was the first time in years he had seen a player take a swing at a fan (but certainly justified in this case.)
  6. Lip Man 1

    Trade Deadline

    Well the Sox are still looking to get as many young, controllable prospects as possible so it would seem logical to assume they are aggressively looking at all potential options.
  7. Lip Man 1


    If any GM is telling the field manager what to do and how to do it you've got a real problem. I don't think Hahn is telling Ricky "bat him lead off" myself and if by a small chance he is and Ricky is letting him do it, that's on him. No manager should be letting that happen. No GM can really know what's happening down on the field during a game. He's sitting up in his box like any fan in the stands.
  8. Lip Man 1

    2018 White Sox catch-all thread

    From the little I've read Burdi looks to be on target for pitching next year in the minors. Perhaps even as soon as this fall in the AFL.
  9. Lip Man 1

    7.11 Game Thread

    That was a tremendous performance by Rodon. If he can only stay healthy he could be a dominant pitcher.
  10. Lip Man 1

    Trade Deadline

    Naturally it's when the Sox are supposed to be good again (shades of 81 and 94, both times the labor dispute hurt the Sox very badly on the field and at the gate)
  11. The next day then then had a special "ceremony". Jack told me about it: ML: You also started the first game ever in new Comiskey Park when it opened against the Tigers. We won’t talk very much about what happened that day though! (Author’s Note: The Sox lost 16 - 0!) JM: "That was a strange game. Sammy Sosa fell down going after a ball in right field, we gave up some bad hop hits, the Tigers had a ten run inning. The next day some of the guys were concerned that maybe the baseball "gods" were angry because we left old Comiskey Park. So before the game, before the fans got in, we had a little ceremony out by second base. We took Scott Radinsky’s jersey and burned it. We just wanted to make sure the baseball "gods" knew it wasn’t our fault that we left the old park!"
  12. Lip Man 1

    Sammy Esposito R.I.P.

    The other notable fan incident was this one: May 31, 1971- In the second game of a double header with the Orioles at Comiskey Park, former Sox infielder Don Buford charged pitcher Bart Johnson with his bat after Johnson drilled him with a pitch in his behind in the eighth inning. Cooler heads prevailed but in the ninth inning while standing in the on-deck circle lecturing a fan, Buford was attacked by a second fan from behind who ran across the field. Buford knocked him out with one punch then his Oriole teammates charged out of the dugout and did a bloody number on that fan who was led away by security. The teams split the double header that afternoon. When I interviewed Sox second baseman Mike Andrews he told me this about that incident: ML: With former Dodger catcher Johnny Roseboro passing away in August, I was reminded of the infamous fight he had with Giants pitcher Juan Marichal.. You personally saw almost another incident like that when Don Buford of the Orioles approached the mound with his bat against Sox pitcher Bart Johnson in 1971. What do you remember about that? MA: "I remember that vividly because I saw the whole thing from second base. It was a Memorial Day doubleheader and Bart threw a close one at Buford. Buford started out towards the mound with his bat. I don’t think Don intended using that bat though. It just happened that he started towards the mound and I don’t think he realized he still had the bat in his other hand. Don played football at USC. If he was going to do something, he didn’t even need a bat. Anyway nothing happened and Don went out to left field. The Sox fans in that lower deck just gave him hell. A few innings later he’s in the on deck circle watching the game when I see a fan jump over the wall and start towards him. This drunk was headed his way when a bunch of guys started yelling to Don to look out. Buford turned, saw the guy, and cold cocked him. Just dropped him with one punch. That’s when some of Don’s teammates from the Orioles headed out of the dugout and beat the guy. He was bloody from head to toe. I heard afterwards that when they took the guy into the medical room at the park to get worked on, the medics turned their back for a moment and the guy disappeared!"
  13. Lip Man 1

    Sammy Esposito R.I.P.

    Didn't see anything on the web site but apparently Sammy Esposito, one of the last surviving members of the 1959 team passed away yesterday according to the Sun-Times. He was 81. Pretty good utility infielder with the Sox. Then for many years was the A.D. at North Carolina State. Probably his biggest "historical" note in his Sox career was this one: September 7, 1960 - In a game at Comiskey Park infielder Sammy Esposito booted a cinch double play ball hit by future Sox infielder Bill “Moose” Skowron, with the Sox leading in the eighth inning, 4-2. That lead quickly evaporated as the Yankees rallied for four runs and a 6-4 win. Willie Harris and his friend, Jesse James (I swear I'm not making the names up) had a wager on the game. When Esposito blew the ground ball Harris took matters into his own hands. He jumped over the box seat railing, ran on to the field and before a startled team attacked Esposito. It took several uniformed police officers to pull Harris off of Esposito. Harris left the field shouting that he was “a real Sox fan.”
  14. Lip Man 1

    Avisail Garcia to the 10 day DL

    I would hope the organization will take a long hard look at the in season and off season training / conditioning program just to see if something is being missed that could be contributing to these injuries. perhaps bringing in an outside observer to look at the training / conditioning program with fresh eyes and new ideas could be helpful.