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  1. Lip Man 1

    Trevor Bauer traded to Reds - Puig to Indians

    Surprised by this one.
  2. Lip Man 1

    Sox vs. Mets - Tues, July 30th, 2019

    Pitching wasn't bad tonight, but the offense is simply non-existent. They have scored three runs or more in a game only three times in the last 10 games.
  3. Lip Man 1

    Orioles Claim Rondon - HE GONE

    I was actually shocked that somebody would want him. But this is good for the Sox, it frees up a roster spot and makes the chances of him somehow returning to the organization small.
  4. Lip Man 1

    Steve Stone with a dose of reality for Sox fans

    I never used the word pledge if you go back and read it and I phrased it the way I did deliberately and you probably can figure out why based on previous posts. And I shouldn't have to appease anybody, as was stated this is a free message board, I should be able to say what I wish as long as it is not offensive and if folks don't like it they can ignore me, but given that, I will try to do so and we'll see what happens.
  5. Lip Man 1

    40 Man Trash

    Assuming they stay healthy which has been an issue for the past three seasons.
  6. Lip Man 1

    The fragility of some fans on this board recently...

    In my opinion the "Golden Age" of the White Sox franchise was the time period from 1951-1967. Over and above the obvious, the fact that they had 17 straight winning seasons (4th longest in MLB history I believe if I remember right), they had seven years winning 90+ games (and for much of that stretch they only played 154 games), they also had numerous star players (look at the number of All-Stars in that period back when making the game meant something), they were usually in a race against the Yankee Dynasty teams (players from Moose Skowron to Tony Kubek all said the one team the Yankees had to be concerned about year after year were the White Sox), they outdrew the Cubs in 16 of those 17 seasons sometimes by a wide margin and unlike today, the Sox got the lion's share of media coverage. That's a time period that's hard to beat. It wasn't those clubs fault that MLB didn't have expanded / watered down playoffs during that time period and that they had to face perhaps the greatest dynsaty in baseball history a la the Yankees during that stretch..
  7. Lip Man 1

    Luis Robert

    Like with basketball you've got to figure kids who have pro athletes as parents have to have an edge in things like conditioning, nutrition, the ability to hire personal coaches and so forth. Genetics play a part so I get the idea of drafting those kids regardless of the sport. Plus in most cases they've been around the pro game all their lives and that's a big deal too as far as the mental part of things from the locker room to the playing field.
  8. Lip Man 1

    Steve Stone with a dose of reality for Sox fans

    Well said. And to placate my critics I will attempt to "tone down" my negativity against players who have little to no business being on a team 2 1/2 seasons into a rebuild regardless of how many options they have. On a personal note thanks for the kind words NWinFan (although I don't know who you are...) It is rather funny in a way though that I'm being told I'm to negative by a few while at the same time I was accused in a post by an individual of going soft on JR and the organization. Like the Sox the past several years I guess you just can't win.
  9. Lip Man 1

    Steve Stone with a dose of reality for Sox fans

    Well thought out post. I'd suggest though it's not just fans. Tom Verducci has written stories in Sports Illustrated warning where baseball is headed. Just a few days ago CBS Sportsline (I think) had a story saying where the majority of teams TV ratings are down including big market clubs like the Yankees, Dodgers and Phillies. I think the story said 18 teams ratings are down. (Sox are up significantly by the way.) USA Today has also written stories about how baseball is becoming boring, turning off fans and leading to decreased attendance. It's becoming a real issue for the sport like it or not, and baseball is going to have to address it sooner or later. Perhaps that's why they have started talking about things like "no shifts" and next year will have the three batter minimum rule for relief pitchers to start to limit specialization (i.e. a pitcher is going to have to start getting hitters out regardless of if they hit left handed, right handed or between their legs). Sabermetric analysis is having unintended consequences for the game and correction is needed the fans are speaking by not watching or going to the ballpark.
  10. Lip Man 1

    Steve Stone with a dose of reality for Sox fans

    Fair enough. So the question remains do you want me gone or not, your call, since you feel I bring this board down because I won't view the game the way you do (which you obviously feel is the correct way). Just let me know. Oh by the way I don't feel I need to "understand" roster management when the individuals involved basically have no future and have shown themselves incapable of producing at the big league level. How much understanding do you need to figure out when a guy has had multiple chances and failed everytime that he's not going to make it? Why delay the inevitable? Clear the deadwood and give someone else a chance. Please give me some credit, I get about "options" but you don't need to be Einstein to see guys like Covey, Tilson, Engle, Minaya, Rondon, Fulmer, Ruiz, Viera (sorry about the spelling) and many others just don't have it and personally I think you see the same thing. They could have 100 options and the results are still going to be the very same. Ever ask yourself why those guys are being sent up and down like yo'yo's or why when the Sox DFA a guy usually there are zero takers? Maybe I simply don't have unlimited patience and you do. I'll be waiting for your answer to my question.
  11. Lip Man 1

    Steve Stone with a dose of reality for Sox fans

    His equipment is and for all intents and purposes he is as well given his statistical numbers.
  12. Lip Man 1

    Steve Stone with a dose of reality for Sox fans

    Who said they were? I stated that based on today Fox and Rose wouldn't even measure up to their "standards" so they'd never even get a chance. Yet somehow, someway those guys are in the Hall of Fame. See, analytics can't predict everything. But back to my other point, waiting to hear what you and some other folks want me to do moving forward regarding the site since apparently I've the cause of all the negativity and don't know anything about today's game. Like I said that was a serious offer and I'll follow it through if that's what the folks want.
  13. Lip Man 1

    Steve Stone with a dose of reality for Sox fans

    Caulfield and others: Just wanted to clarify something and to make a suggestion. This is a legit suggestion...not trying to be flippant or snarky. First, my idea of analytics is that they are a part of the game and should be but as stated they can't be the be all / end all. It is simply impossible to "predict" the literally millions of variables that happen in a game let alone a season. My biggest beef is the attitude of some (not all...some) that if one doesn't buy into it, like Moses receiving the Ten Commandments either said person is stupid, lazy or out of touch. Also some of these stats are so irrelevant, so worthless that they aren't worth the time spent even trying to decipher them. Here's an extreme made up example: Does anybody really care or does it make any difference to know what Mike Trout hits at home on Wednesday's in the 7th inning or later against left handed pitchers with a last name consisting of six letters or less? Seriously...who cares about some of these things because they make zero difference in the long run. Analytics have a part in the game, scouts have a part in the game, the eye-test has a part in the game. Things that can't be fed into a computer have a part in the game. How hard does a kid work, how smart is the kid, does he take to instructions,is he a good teammate, does he take care of himself off the field. Nellie Fox and Pete Rose would probably fail most if not all of today's benchmarks but the bottom line is they were terrific players and are both in the Hall of Fame. There has to be a balance. ---------- Now for the proposition, again this is a legit one. Since there is a segment who feel I'm detrimental to the site here's what I need to know. Let the Mods make the decision if you want. If you think I'm not contributing, tell me and I'm gone. Not kidding. I won't take it personally and everyone will be happier. I ask the courtesy though of someone letting me know in the next day or so. I was planning on starting something here at the site on Thursday, August 1st. I don't want to start it then bail on it in a week or two weeks. Basically now or never please. But I will say one thing either way, if some think that by asking me to leave is going to stop the realistic anger and frustration that is being expressed on a daily basis, I don't think those folks are being realistic. Except for venting after another terrible performance which every fan has a right to do, I do not believe I have been outrageous or not courteous. But in the end it's YOUR call folks. Hell make it a poll if you want closing on Wednesday morning August 1st. I'll abide by the results if someone doesn't want to do it on their own.
  14. Lip Man 1

    Steve Stone with a dose of reality for Sox fans

    I think he's the best analyst in the game. I just don't understand what is gained by antagonizing a fan base that already is very angry and resentful. Doesn't make sense to me for the franchise or from a business standpoint. Sorry my understanding isn't as well versed as yours, I see the game differently, I don't believe analytics are the be all / end all and I think the three outcome approach is ruining the game. I also don't believe in giving guys who clearly can't cut it chance after chance after chance to embarrass themselves and the team. Feel free to ignore my posts if they aren't worth reading to you, I certainly won't mind and no I'm not trying to be snarky... when I see guys like Covey can't even make it out of the first inning not once but twice, when I see guys like Rondon and Sanchez butcher double plays that Aparicio and Fox, Guillen and Cora could do in their sleep, yea I'm going to get pissed and I'm going to vent. I'm a die hard Sox fan who is embarrassed at what this franchise has become in the past dozen years. Shame on me, I guess.
  15. Lip Man 1

    The fragility of some fans on this board recently...

    VERY true. The lack of even run of the mill competent players after 2 1/2 years of the rebuild is deeply concerning to me. Injuries happen (just ask the Yankees) but other teams (Yankees, Cardinals) seem to overcome it and do fine. The fact seems to be the organization's drafting and development seems to be badly lacking across the board. That has to be fixed if they want "sustained success" per Rick Hahn. Can they? Who knows. The Sox have shown they dislike change and dislike going outside "the Family" regarding promotions / hirings and so forth. One tangent point to close. I think it goes without saying that if the Sox had the Dodgers record and were 15 games in front there would be some b****ing, that's the nature of fans, that's the nature of sports...but I guarantee you it would be a lot less. The old axiom is true, "Winning cures everything..."