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  1. Jose Abreu

    Harper: Nightengale suggests Phillies are favored

    Basically he tweets out a ton of rumors/signings based on popular predictions, about 33% of them end up being correct just because they're educated guesses, and people who don't know much about him remember the ones that he was right about and then assume he has legit sources because of it.
  2. People may laugh at this but it actually would explain a lot about how the Sox have approached this offseason and it's financially viable. That said, I doubt it happens, but if this is true regardless, kudos to the front office for the foresight (and hopefully at least partial execution).
  3. In case you didn't know, that's Bucket who replied to you so I would probably just take what he says as a fact.
  4. To their credit, they have since moved on to being enraged that we traded Kevan Smith
  5. How DARE the front office not leak the terms of a confidential negotiation to the public so that message board users can be content?!??!
  6. I said the same thing the day the Dodgers and Reds made that trade and everyone lost their minds but this is a lot of past tense for someone who hasn't picked a team yet
  7. John Jay was an American statesman, Patriot, diplomat, one of the Founding Fathers of the United States, negotiator and signatory of the Treaty of Paris of 1783, second governor of New York, and the first Chief Justice of the United States.
  8. There are a lot of ways one can read into that (probably purposely) vaguely worded tweet but the one interpretation you seem to get every time is that this process is almost over.
  9. Is this the scoop you guys wanted?
  10. Yonder Alonso added to the lineup
  11. Nightengale, Merkin, DVS, Garfein, Levine, a few hours from now: Per a source, the White Sox are NOT putting a full court press on for Machado, nor do they have any edge. Their pursuit has been described as a "half court press", or by some, as little as a 2-3 zone.
  12. Nor should he, because there’s practically zero upside to it.