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  1. Jose Abreu

    Puig Might Be Headed to Sox? Maybe?

    I doubt it's us but it would certainly make up for the lack of quality depth. As things stand, an Eloy or Mazara injury (which are sadly probable) would be pretty brutal, especially if Leury is already covering for an injured IF
  2. Jose Abreu


    It doesn't really matter who they face, the Sox always do pretty well in these kinds of Twitter polls
  3. Jose Abreu

    Michael Kopech

    I agree with your thoughts on Kopech but not sure I get your point on Moncada. He might not have been fully "ready" in 2017, but he posted a 105 wRC+ and 1.1 fWAR (3.3 fWAR/162) over a third of a season. It's not like he was blocking anyone or playing poorly
  4. Jose Abreu

    Viewable Sox Spring Training Games

    They're usually free
  5. Jose Abreu

    Most Memorable Sox Game You've Attended?

    I was so worried that I'd have one too few that I accidentally added an extra
  6. Jose Abreu

    Most Memorable Sox Game You've Attended?

    Buehrle perfect game in 09 and back to back to back to back home runs in 08
  7. Jose Abreu

    Uni numbers?

    69, 75, 76, 78, 80-83, 85-98
  8. Jose Abreu

    TA is the best

    Not sure if this has been discussed but TA started a YouTube channel and seems to be committed to uploading behind the scenes stuff regularly
  9. Jose Abreu

    White Sox Spring Training Thread

    Rosenberg had gotten pretty bad lately (especially at determining what is an error and what is a hit). I have no idea how Rogers is qualified though.
  10. Jose Abreu

    TA is the best

  11. Jose Abreu

    White Sox Spring Training Thread

    I was wondering why Evan Marshall is wearing a number different from the one listed on the website
  12. Jose Abreu

    Yoan Moncada switches agents

  13. Jose Abreu

    MLB THE SHOW: 20

    That's huge. Wasn't the reason for the fake players something with the MLBPA? Did they reach a new agreement or something?
  14. Jose Abreu

    Uni numbers?

    I read somewhere this offseason that Madrigal wants 1