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  1. Jose Abreu

    How many wins do you expect out of this road trip?

    Absolutely. I was referring to the people who clog other threads with "____ is a bust, ____ sucks, this team won't even win 60 games" and whatnot. In those cases, it's oftentimes obvious that they are wrong but impossible to know for certain for at least a few months. In this case, the doom and gloom was killed in like 4 days. But yes, when it comes to predictions in general, all of us have been wrong about plenty over the years.
  2. Jose Abreu

    2019 MLB All Star Game

    Maybe, but I think it would hurt us if anything
  3. Jose Abreu

    That's a big ol' CGSO winner!

    He said nobody ever talks about it though.
  4. Jose Abreu

    How many wins do you expect out of this road trip?

    A lot of 0-1 win predictions in here. One of the rare Soxtalk threads where overwhelming negativity can actually be proven wrong in a short span
  5. Jose Abreu

    2019 MLB All Star Game

    Agreed. Anderson might even start due to his new popularity nationwide
  6. Jose Abreu

    2018-2019 Official NBA thread

    Agreed. I think he gets way more than that, though. Like, 4/80+. He's the kind of guy front offices love
  7. Jose Abreu

    Ricky Renteria Has Made Me a Lineup Scold

    Flip Leury and Eloy and I’m a huge fan. also wouldn’t mind flipping Moncada and Anderson but that’s not a big deal
  8. Jose Abreu

    2018-2019 Official NBA thread

    Sorry I've been out of the loop, but where did you hear this? I feel like Brogdon is gonna get paid way more than people are expecting.
  9. Jose Abreu

    5/22 Games

    I think the rumors were Rivera/Fulmer/Bummer and Fry/Bush, something like that
  10. Jose Abreu

    2019 MiLB catch all thread

    Highly doubt it. Seth Beer is a more realistic trade target from Houston, IMO.
  11. Jose Abreu

    McCann Extension

    That's not even a lowball offer. I would offer him like 4/12 and see if he bites. 4/25, which is 6+ AAV for a guy with a .400+ BABIP? I think he'd jump all over that
  12. Jose Abreu

    2019 MLB Catch All thread

    I'm about to start Powerball by Rob Neyer which seems kinda sorta similar. Let me know how you like Astroball.
  13. Jose Abreu


    Easily. And I don't get why there's so much doubt. He's 23 and improved vastly between seasons, all while having to play at a new position. I have complete faith in him to continue to improve.
  14. Jose Abreu

    Time for some changes, Rick

    Agreed. It's literally just a three true outcomes aggregator. It doesn't tell you anything you can't tell by just looking at a pitcher and determining if he's a strikeout guy, high walks guy, and/or high home run rate guy