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  1. Jose Abreu

    2020 RF options

    If you're trading one of our non-elite prospects for Nimmo, the package probably has to start with Stiever
  2. Jose Abreu


    @Jack Parkman Actually that didn't take long, I think this was it
  3. Jose Abreu


    I think it was in some minor league game thread. I can try to find it later today. All I remember is reading a post of his that mentioned Moncada and making a mental note to not bother him at the end of the season
  4. Jose Abreu


    He already conceded that he was wrong about Moncada (at least from what I remember) a couple months ago, so he's good in my book
  5. I guess they're emails but yeah, they're out there
  6. I mean he literally admitted it in those texts
  7. I've never really believed that strength of schedule matters. The more talented team will win more often than not, and there are only a few games (Eagles, Chiefs, Saints, maybe Rams) where you could argue that the Bears aren't the more talented team. A healthy, 8-8 season would be a massive disappointment.
  8. Jose Abreu

    JD Martinez

    Why not just wait a year and sign Q as a FA?
  9. Jose Abreu

    JD Martinez

    A couple articles on this if anyone is interested: James Fox on the the potential fit Me on Martinez's potential market (it's small)
  10. For sure, but they've had 1 week of bad QB play. It was the first time they've dealt with it over a full game since week 3 of last season. The overreactions are just getting to be a bit much. If the Bears stay healthy and finish 8-8, then the entire coaching staff deserves to be fired
  11. I've never seen such weird reactions to people saying that a 12-4 team might make the playoffs again. They're consistent across the media too