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  1. Jose Abreu

    MLB cheating scandal

    I don't care about the managers, I care about the prospect of something similar happening again, and the punishment did not do much to dissuade similar future plots
  2. Jose Abreu

    MLB cheating scandal

    Yes, it wasn't weak from a standpoint of what they could have done, but it was weak in the sense that a World Series championship far outweighs the penalties
  3. Jose Abreu

    MLB cheating scandal

    Got it, thanks. I just thought it was assumed we already knew MLB was lying, or at least covering something up, due to the weakness of the original punishment
  4. Jose Abreu

    MLB cheating scandal

    Even if all these allegations are true, why does it matter? What can be done about it now that the investigation has concluded?
  5. Jose Abreu

    Twins Sign Donaldson

    Based on 2019, he's definitely taking Cron's 500 PAs. But before this move, I think Sano and Marwin Gonzalez were going to start at the corners for them, so I guess I'd argue that he's taking PAs from Marwin now?
  6. Jose Abreu

    Twins Sign Donaldson

    This. The success of the White Sox rebuild is fully dependent on the development of the core pieces. This is obviously not ideal, but it shouldn't have a significant effect on our outlook.
  7. Jose Abreu

    Twins Sign Donaldson

    He's not replacing a 0 win player though
  8. Jose Abreu

    Twins Sign Donaldson

    I don’t think we’ll see a real response to this until next offseason
  9. Jose Abreu

    MLB cheating scandal

    Over the past couple of years, Passan has surpassed Rosenthal IMO. Passan is a great reporter and stays out of trouble, while Rosenthal has been parroting what the league wants people to think (as you noted) and has made some uncomfortable statements regarding players with domestic abuse histories (most notably Addison Russell)
  10. Jose Abreu

    Sox Org Coaching Updates

    Yes, it has been known publicly for awhile that he would be their pitching coach starting this season
  11. Jose Abreu


    Pretty surprising honestly, but in a good way. He was so so bad and I was tired of arguing with people who thought he had all this untapped potential (he might but his odds of achieving it are very slim IMO)
  12. Jose Abreu

    MLB announces Astros penalties

    Couldn't agree more. From Houston's perspective, this was all worth it, and if they knew this would be the punishment before the whole thing started, they probably still would've done it.
  13. I don't get the need for a glove-first utility infielder. I think it makes more sense to have a bat-first player in that role since our infield defense (once Madrigal is up) figures to be a strength, not a weakness. If we brought Yolmer or another glove-first guy in, I feel like he would only ever play when there's an injury and during those first few weeks while Madrigal is in AAA. He would never need to sub in late in games because there would be no need to replace one of Moncada, Anderson, or Madrigal.
  14. Jose Abreu

    Offseason 2019-2020 MLB Catch All Thread

    What do you mean? Wasn't he already traded?