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  1. Jose Abreu

    2018 MLB Draft

    If there's one thing I trust about the Sox, it's that. I wouldn't mind it.
  2. Jose Abreu


    I like him. He's young and actually a decent prospect, unlike the guys we've been trying in the outfield. I'll think he'll stick in the majors, but maybe not with us.
  3. Jose Abreu

    2018 MiLB White Sox news and notes

    Is Dylan Cease a midseason AA promotion or does he spend the whole year (perhaps aside from the past few weeks, like 2017 Hansen) in Winston-Salem?
  4. Jose Abreu

    2018 MLB Draft

    Power is one thing I don't really worry about with draft prospects anymore, unless it's someone who's a big time home run hitter or a speedy finesse guy. With the juiced ball, you have guys like Ozzie Albies- who were never power hitters- leading the league in home runs
  5. Jose Abreu

    2018 MLB Draft

    If Detroit really passes on Mize (classic Detroit) I highly doubt SF/PHI do the same.
  6. Jose Abreu

    Zack Collins Criticism

    Once he gets to MLB and the juiced ball, I expect this to become less extreme. i.e. more doubles
  7. Jose Abreu

    Rodon hit on head by liner

    For those unaware of this hat: https://ftw.usatoday.com/2014/06/padres-alex-torres-protective-hat
  8. Jose Abreu

    Zack Collins Criticism

    3-3 with 3 walks in 6 PA tonight. OBP to .447. Ridiculous. If he doesn't make it as a catcher he'll be a fine 1B/DH with that patience/power profile.
  9. Yeah I agree with the first sentence. I meant "hitter" in the sense of his all around game at the plate, i suppose. But to me, getting on base is the most important aspect of hitting. He's at .265/.447/.462/.909 for the season after tonight. That OBP is ridiculous, and the slugging % would probably rise with the juiced ball.
  10. Collins has been an excellent hitter in the minors every year (.832 career OPS) so I don't know what you're talking about. It's his defense that bothers me
  11. Offensively, yes, they're similar. Defensively and on the basepaths, Moncada has been better and it isn't close. Thus, Yoan has been better overall
  12. Jose Abreu

    2018 White Sox catch-all thread

    Thanks for ruining my day!
  13. Jose Abreu

    2018 MLB Draft

    If we take Liberatore I'll be pretty upset. Madrigal, I'd understand but wouldn't be thrilled about. But I'm really big on Bohm and India (underslot, ideally)