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  1. No, it's code for "taking a physical so that his contract can be finalized and he can return to Major League camp in the coming days", hopefully
  2. Jose Abreu

    Sox vs. Arizona March 20th 2019

    There was a point, relatively early on, where he was pretty much all off-speed. I couldn't really tell the difference between his curveball and change-up from where I was sitting but everything was 82-83 for awhile. Then he'd reach back and mix in 96. I think part of the problem is how predictable he was, in terms of whether he was throwing off-speed or not.
  3. Jose Abreu

    Sox vs. Arizona March 20th 2019

    If anyone is interested, I went to this game and wrote about some impressions: https://soxon35th.com/2019/03/21/spring-training-takeaways-march-20-2019/
  4. Jose Abreu

    2019 Minor League Rotations

    Is Kade McClure good to go or still recovering?
  5. Jose Abreu

    8 myths out

    It has always been problematic that the book most people base their knowledge of the scandal off of is actually historical fiction.
  6. Jose Abreu

    3/16 vs Dodgers, 3pm, NBCSC

    Moncada bumps that #SpringTrainingOPS up around 1.300
  7. Jose Abreu

    **2019 Water-cooler Thread**

    Anyone watch Arrested Development Season 5? I'm a little unsettled by how they decided to end it, in the sense that I will no longer be able to enjoy the original seasons now that I have this new perspective. I haven't enjoyed any of the Netflix seasons but this one was the worst to me.
  8. Jose Abreu

    New Banner

    Ok, my apologies. My votes were for Engel, Jay, and McCann. Please discount them.
  9. Jose Abreu

    New Banner

    Write-in for Luis Robert
  10. On the contrary, I think he's just really connected to players who have Dominican ties. That many of his tweets are Sox related is coincidental, IMO
  11. Yeah, his tweet is perfectly fine with me. American media DID shoot his reports down, they insisted on 7/175 to the point of exhaustion, and he ended up being right.
  12. Astros players seem to think that they're the moral authority on everything these days. Super ironic given the Osuna acquisition, the cheating accusations, etc.
  13. With our pass rush and the ability to play next to Eddie, pretty much any safety is gonna look good. Smart contract for both sides, he'll get paid well next year.
  14. Yeah, that I definitely agree with.
  15. I feel like you might be undershooting on the arb figures a bit. Especially with inflation. Most estimates I've seen for a possible Eloy extension (thru 2025) are 7/70 or so. To make it 8/100 is just buying one year of FA at $30 million per those estimates, which is a lot, but honestly a risk I don't mind them taking given Eloy's ceiling and that it's just one year
  16. The one thing that's giving me some doubt is that Eloy was optioned to AAA today. I know it doesn't really matter much, but it would be kinda weird to option a guy and then sign him for $100 million less than 24 hours later
  17. I'm sure it'll get brought up since he thought we'd land him, but Hector nailed our offer to Machado, well before the non-Passan guys had it. I think he's pretty connected.
  18. Jose Abreu

    Spring Training Thread

    I don't think I've ever been less excited for baseball. I'll watch because I care about Moncada, TA, and a few others, but I wouldn't be surprised if ratings are even worse than last year
  19. Jose Abreu

    2019 MLB draft thread

    Benintendi right before Fulmer, Adell right before Burger, narrowly missing on Vlad Jr, narrowly missing on Luis Urias, trading Tatis... always coming up short indeed
  20. 4/52 with 35 in guarantees. Wonder what Pace cleared cap space for. Hope we find out tomorrow
  21. Well throw the Bell album theory out the window. No clues or anything. Also this album is garbage, please do not listen to it
  22. I’m glad that Jerry didn’t kill your optimism after all