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  1. I do think Jerry will open up his wallet this off-season and spend money. But I still am concerned that he has drastically cut payroll on both his professional teams over the last 5 years or so. Hopefully at this point Jerry is listening to his sports FO people and not his CFO.
  2. SCCWS

    James McCann - catcher of the future ?

    If he is the back-up catcher and accepts that role, then $5 Mil is okay. As many have said, Grandal is going to cost at least $16 for 3-5 years. I would think McCann will look to get out in 2021 or sooner. I doubt he signs a 2 year.
  3. How rare is it to have the league leader in RBIs on a 90 loss team. Jose is running away w the AL and may even catch the NL leaders before the month is out. I guess those .300 hitters give him opportunities for RBIs.
  4. I agree but I don't follow the $5 Mil. Do you think he would get $5 in arbitration? Brock Holt is a FA in 2020, plays IF/OF and he makes $3. I think 3-3.5 is going rate for a 1.5ish utility guy.
  5. I think the problem was Ventura never coached. Now Aaron Boone didn't either but he is doing pretty well. Then again, look at the roster he has to work with. Cora in Boston and Baldelli in Minny served as coaches and both were surrounded w experienced guys around them.
  6. Terry Francona is another guy who failed in his first job in Philly and then won 2 World Series in Boston. That is why I said they have to examine how good they think Omar is. Using your standard of lack of success in a MLB job, how do you judge minor league coaching? Omar has had 2 losing seasons in AA. But that to me means nothing. When the time comes, it will be interesting to see how much analytics plays into the guy chosen. If the Sox FO is gung ho w numbers then they will need a numbers guy in the dugout. If not, they will need an old-school manager.
  7. We have had back to back inexperienced MLB managers. So unless Omar is thought to be someone special I would hope they go for experience
  8. SCCWS

    2020 RF options

    Just a thought. I think on most teams, he can be the CF if both sides think that is best. He is only in RF because Bradley is better. But I don't think it happens either. I think he stays in Boston or gets traded this winter for a big package.
  9. SCCWS

    JD Martinez

    I think Boston will not offer JD if he opts out because he most likely will only be a DH going forward and they will apply his money to the Betts offer. My concern for the White Sox is Boras is the agent and he will drag this out till ST like he did when JD signed w Boston as well as Harper w Philly. JD has supposedly been a major influenece in their clubhouse which Boras will counter the age issue with. He would be great w our young bats. Betts is extremely popular in Boston and is close w Cora. Unless he has a "destination" in mind, I think he resigns w Boston. But there will be a new GM going forward so you never know.
  10. SCCWS


    I have seen numerous posters say we should go after JD Martinez. Same age and both a liabilty in the field. JD has better numbers (in a better lineup )but Jose will be a good amount cheaper.
  11. SCCWS

    Could the White Sox hire Dave Dombrowski?

    Yes, he was around during the LaRussa years. Ironically DD hired Tony as a special assistant in Boston.Not sure his job will survive now that DD is gone.
  12. SCCWS

    Could the White Sox hire Dave Dombrowski?

    Living in New England for part of the season, I wouldn't want DD. He pulled the right strings last year and they won it all. But he went into this season with a limited bullpen and the when injuries hit their starters the pitching imploded. Again at the deadline he passed again on adding to their pen. Now maybe management limited his spending but they did fire him so it would appear they also blamed him. There were rumors Cora was not happy they didn't get reinforcements.
  13. SCCWS


    Jose has vaulted past Devers and opened up a lead in the AL RBI race. He has set a new career RBI record which he will keep adding to. Combined with TA's AL leading BA, we have seen some outstanding individual offensive performances this season.
  14. Robin had none. Renteria had a year!!!. Next guy will have 2 years.