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  1. SCCWS

    2018 White Sox catch-all thread

    Kind of ironic. I spend the winters in Florida and am amazed at how poorly the Rays draw. Yet all the talk last year was of a new stadium. But I did see an artcile recently that the Rays TV ratings were very good. So many senior fans who won't go to the ballpark but won't miss a game on TV. I guess the bulk of the ads are for medications instead of beer.
  2. SCCWS


    Not exactly the same but another factor for small hitters- small hands http://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/19201739/dustin-pedroia-do-anything-different-small-hands
  3. SCCWS

    2018 White Sox catch-all thread

    I think we as fans overlook the advantage of leaving a ptcher down in AAA rather than thinking they should fill the 4/5 rotation slot. We saw Fulmer and how his poor showing in the majors has hurt him. I would rather have Shields back than just rushing a young pitcher only to see them not ready to pitch in the majors. Some players will bounce back but some really struggle to make it back when they fail miserably in their first season.
  4. SCCWS

    2018 White Sox catch-all thread

    I do think the fans will return w success on the field. But sports attendance has changed since the days when the sox could draw 2 Mil. Overall baseball attendance continues to drop at a steady rate. Oakland had a good year but saw attendance drop. Boston had one of the greatest years in their history but saw a decline at the gate. It is not only baseball. College basketball despite all the hype it receives is also on the decline w attendance. Obviously the options for fans to see games is affecting attendance but Ithink the White Sox will have a major hill to climb trying to bring back big fan numbers. Hopefully their rise will coincide with a Cub drop and they can attract the casual fan. I have said for many years that the White Sox do not do a good enough job selling corporate season tickets which can insulate to some extent down years on the field.
  5. My guess is that Machado stays w LA. Yankees and Dodgers may be players in the market: New York and the Dodgers are set to reset their base tax rates from 50 percent to 20 percent of the amount over next year's threshold of $206 million. That would put them in better position heading into a free-agent class that includes Bryce Harper, Manny Machado, Josh Donaldson and potentially Clayton Kershaw, who has the right to opt out of his deal with the Dodgers. http://www.latimes.com/sports/mlb/la-sp-baseball-notes-20180912-story.html
  6. SCCWS

    Sox and analytics

    Agree and the kid the Dodgers selected a few picks later was a bust. So we did good. But I wished they had passed and took that gawky Judge kid the Yankees took at #30..................................
  7. SCCWS

    Moncada hopes to stay at 2b

    He has above average range but also makes an above average number of errors. So his DWar makes him pretty average. Obviously errors is not the greatest stat but his number on total chances is one of the highest % in MLB.
  8. SCCWS

    ALDS Thread, Yankees vs. Red Sox

    He pretty much made the Yankees look hapless
  9. SCCWS

    2018 Cubs catch-all thread

    It can be in some cases. Yankee and Red Sox management both must be under the assumption that broadcasting experience is the best training for a future manager as Cora and Boone have done pretty well their first year. Then again maybe you and I could win w those rosters.
  10. SCCWS

    Moncada hopes to stay at 2b

    I like Anderson . He improved at the plate but I wouldn't said "huge strides" . His walks went up but in all honesty they were pitiful last year. His power numbers jumped up but his average fell 17 points. Strike-outs improved as well. Overall his OPS jumped to 687 from 679 so it is progress. Funny watching Semien the other night, the announcers talked about how his defense has improved so much. I immediately thought of Anderson and that we should be patient w his defense. His D-war jumped this year so he is getting there.
  11. SCCWS

    Sox and analytics

    Or some of the decent starters were not decent.
  12. In fairness, injuries are caused by numerous factors including bad luck. I think the training staff has to be evaluated on players not being in shape, not recovering well. misses diagnosis etc.
  13. SCCWS

    Jason Benetti

    FWIW--During the Red Sox/Yankee broadcast last weeknd, the crew was talking about the job Alex Cora has done. They noted his ability to relate to the players in the clubhouse. AJ praised Ozzie for the same qualities. Unfortunately, his commenst got cut a little short at the end of an inning when it looked like he was going to add more about Ozzie as a manager.
  14. SCCWS

    Moncada hopes to stay at 2b

    He played a limited number of games at 3B in minors and majors and struggled( understandably). Hahn moved him back to 2nd after the trade and he obviously prefers 2nd. Moving him to 3B should be a last resort.
  15. SCCWS

    Wait Til Next Year

    That is a 20 game improvement. With no Kopech, I think that is a stretch. Now we are in a lousy division but I think 10-12 game improvement would be good.