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  1. SCCWS

    Jackie Bradley Jr

    They won't want Yolmer since they already have Holt. I know he has health issues but I still like Jones. I would guess we would have to give up prospects which might be counter-productive. Red Sox look pretty set except for bullpen and maybe a young SP. JBJ is probably a Theo pick so Cubs may have interest.
  2. SCCWS

    Jackie Bradley Jr

    No, I am sure they will want a return. But remember they are juggling 4 outfielders in 3 positions w Martinez bouncing between OF/DH. Betts is also an above average defender who could move to CF but not a Bradley. I can see them moving Bradley especially if they have another outfield prospect on the horizon.
  3. SCCWS

    White Sox acquire Ivan Nova

    Actually Eovoldi will be a 4th starter in Boston and he just got 4/67. So Nova is getting 6th starter money.
  4. SCCWS

    Bryce Harper Updates

    Unless he thinks someone on the sidelines will jump in w time. Sometimes teams react to what their competition does. Boston and NY do it frequently. But I think Harper/Machado are different. If Ny signs Machado. I can't see Boston countering. Same with the Phillies signing Harper. Now if Harper turned and went back to the Nats would Phillies jump on Machado? As it looks right now, a delay may not gain anything. But who knows what team may be waiting to jump in.
  5. I don't agree. If he played SS this year and liked it he will make the decision before he signs. If he has changed and will play either, then the team can decide. I don't think any team is going to blow him away w money vs the competition so he will probably choose a team based on his desire. There is no way any team will pay that money only to find out he becomes a disruption.
  6. SCCWS

    Bryce Harper Updates

    I could see Boras shutting down talks w a client before the meetings if a team gave him an offer that Harper wanted and they are going through the final stages. But there will be more BS flying around this week and for those who follow it closely. make sure you have a full supply of dramamine on hand.
  7. SCCWS

    Bryce Harper Updates

    Jim Thome would be a great "greeter". Even Abreu. My first thought is Harper would say to Kopech 'Who are You?.
  8. SCCWS

    Eovaldi signs with Red Sox

    Agree but he is penciled in as a Number 4 starter. Unfortunately the rich get richer. I would assume they take out a LLoyd's policy to protect their investment.
  9. SCCWS

    Bryce Harper Updates

    Unless Eloy explodes next year..................... Nice problem to have
  10. SCCWS

    Dodgers have reached out about Jose Abreu

    Will Machado or Harper look at suitors and see who will bat around them for some protection? Obviously if they go to an established contender, that would not be an issue. But if the White Sox are meeting with them, in the middle of a rebuild, would they be concerned that teams could pitch around them if the rest of the lineup is weak. Abreu behind them might help as opposed to Palka who they probably never heard of . But then again, maybe these guys could care less about the lineup. Just a thought.
  11. He had an outstanding September but a mediocre August. If Boston is not all in after him in the coming weeks, I would back away as well.
  12. Since 2019 is a rebuilding year, you could put him in the rotation and let him have a year of limited pitch counts to build his stamina some more and then turn him loose in 2020. But the Yankees( and even the Red Sox) may be a contender for him.
  13. You could be right but usually on a team for every guy who has a career year, someone else has a dwon year or goes out for a big chunk of time w an injury. Hopefully for the Sox, the young players( Moncada, Anderson, Rodon, Giolito and Lopez all improve 1-2 WAR
  14. Really good work. creative roster. My only complaint is that I would say you have put some WAR values very high on a few players. If you put their average WAR numbers for their careers, it might be more realistic. For example, I can see Anderson a 3 but you have Moncada going from a 2 to a 4. Machado and Corbin at 6 would be high based on their performance last year. Rodon would be also having a decent bump up. I love Jimenez but 3.5 is a very good 1st year. I would probably shave off 6-7 WAR overall. But who knows how this will play out.
  15. SCCWS

    Sox acquire Alex Colome For Narvaez

    Think rose-tinted glasses. Now, moving on to closer, Kimbrel wants a 6 year deal ...................................