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  1. SCCWS

    2 White Sox have Covid 19

    I think a portion of every fan base focuses only on power numbers. Complimentary guys like Madrigal and even Engel are pieces that successful teams usually on their roster.
  2. SCCWS

    2 White Sox have Covid 19

    I think if we start seeing teams "getting hit hard" the season will most likely get cancelled by either MLB or the Union.
  3. SCCWS

    2 White Sox have Covid 19

    I agree since a good number of players made at least a $1+million last season. But I also assume there are a few players on every team who live w/o any fiscal responsibility.
  4. SCCWS

    2 White Sox have Covid 19

    I saw in local paper yesterday, Red Sox announced their two players who tested positive. Maybe Hahn will announce White Sox players tomorrow
  5. SCCWS

    2020 60 game sprint to the finish

    Sounds good. I just found this article which clears it up. What we will do is the positive individual will be removed from the rest of the group,” Manfred said, via the Houston Chronicle. “There will be quarantine arrangement in each facility and in each city, and then we’ll do contact tracing for the individuals we believe there was contact with, and we’ll do point of care testing for those individuals to minimize the likelihood that there is a spread.” https://www.google.com/search?as_q=MLB&as_epq=if+a+player+tests+positive+&as_oq=&as_eq=&as_nlo=&as_nhi=&lr=&cr=&as_qdr=all&as_sitesearch=&as_occt=any&safe=images&as_filetype=&tbs=
  6. SCCWS

    2020 60 game sprint to the finish

    I am not sure how the quarantine will work. I don't see a large number of players testing positive. But I am not clear that when a player tests positive, who else on the roster has to also quarantine because of exposure issues?
  7. SCCWS

    2020 60 game sprint to the finish

    No problem. It was somewhat confusing the way Sporttrac laid it out.
  8. SCCWS

    2020 60 game sprint to the finish

    Ray: I gave you the same info on Baseball Reference and Baseball Prospectus but you chose Sporttrac. They have the same info as well but you read it wrong.They broke it down into different lists. The first 10 players were on the active roster at end of season. You stopped there. The 14 are the 10 plus Nate Jones-Carlos Rodon and John Jay all injured but still made well over a million per year. The last was Alonso who go traded mid-season but was paid $8 Mil by the White Sox. So again, the White Sox had 14 players on their roster getting paid $1.4 million and up staritng w Anderson and finishing at Abreu at $16 Mil. .
  9. SCCWS

    Taxi Squad Candidates

    From what I have read, they will only be working out at one site so it appears they will not be competing against other taxi squads.
  10. SCCWS

    2020 60 game sprint to the finish

    You say the data is wrong? I gave you the link from Baseball Prospectus with 14 players starting at 1.4 Mil and ending at $16 Mil( Anderson up to Abreu). Baseball Reference has the same data but lists only 13 since Alonso got traded but the White Sox were still on the hook for $8 mil. to him. No clue where your data says only 10 over $580,000. .
  11. SCCWS

    2020 60 game sprint to the finish

    Ray: The White Sox had $91Mil in salaries in 2019 which ranked them 26th out of 30. So, in general they were on the very low side. They averaged $3.1 million per player on the 28 man roster and 14 of them made $1.4 million and up to Abreu at $16 Mil. . https://legacy.baseballprospectus.com/compensation/index.php?team=CHA&cyear=2019
  12. SCCWS

    2020 60 game sprint to the finish

    Totally agree.
  13. SCCWS

    2020 60 game sprint to the finish

    Ray: Average MLB salary is $4.38 million. MLB minimum is $563,500. If the average major league player is on a roster for 4-5 years they should be pretty close.
  14. SCCWS

    2020 60 game sprint to the finish

    Sorry but you are living in a different world. There are millions of Americans who went back to work because they need to support their families. They work in all type of different jobs with different degrees of exposure. Most professional athletes can opt out if they choose and live off their past earnings.Those that choose to play will make big bucks and will be tested and protected a hell of a lot more often than the average person. Athletes are no where near lab rat status compared to most workers on the front lines.
  15. SCCWS

    Will There Be a 2020 Season?

    If games occur, I think you can reduce exposure in and around the ballpark. But I don't know how solid protocols will be away from the ballpark, especially for the home team.