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    Asking Prices Beginning to Fall

    QUOTE (Jose Abreu @ Feb 4, 2014 -> 05:48 PM) Sorry but what does this have to do with asking prices of staring pitchers beginning to fall? If the asking prices of FA starting pitching falls, most likely the asking price for trading extra starting pitching will fall also. Boston has 6+ starters and may be looking for outfield help.
  2. SCCWS

    Asking Prices Beginning to Fall

    QUOTE (caulfield12 @ Feb 4, 2014 -> 01:31 PM) Not necessarily. A lot depends on where Bogaerts ends up. They already have Nava, Gomes, Victorino and Jackie Bradley. For the moment, he's the starting SS and could be moved to 3B, but he could also end up in LF (let's say they brought Drew back at mid-season, for example). Obviously, they have a big hole to fill in CF, but Bradley has a ton of ability and they'll give him half the season to prove himself (see Brian Anderson in 2006). They also have Grady Sizemore for what that means. Bradley has some injury concerns, Sizemore has many more and Victorino is a wall-crash away from another one. So local media thinks they still could add another CF type.
  3. SCCWS

    Asking Prices Beginning to Fall

    QUOTE (scs787 @ Feb 4, 2014 -> 01:01 PM) Sans 1 bad game Paulino has a 3.40 era over his last 150 innings as a starter. Why sign the guy if you're not even going to give him a chance to prove himself? Red Sox have 6 starters and may need an outfielder. How about we trade A. Garcia for Peavy ...................
  4. SCCWS

    ESPN predicts Sox at 71-91

    QUOTE (witesoxfan @ Feb 4, 2014 -> 09:18 AM) Baseball is an absolute crapshoot in the draft, even at the top. Mike Trout was taken 25th or whatever, Pujols in the 13th, yada yada yada. The entire point of baseball is just collecting as much talent as you can by whatever means possible in a rebuild. Wins 74 or 76 games would be a great step in the right direction, especially if it means young players were playing well. That's still a likely top 10 draft pick and, if not, it's like 11, 12, or 13. Frankly, I couldn't give a s*** where the Sox end up in the draft. I agree to some extent. Draft position is less important when you have good scouting. Boston has drafted real well despite having success on the field----and money to spend. Hopefully Hahn has people he can rely on not so much for the 3rd pick but for later rounds.
  5. SCCWS

    Batting Order Options

    QUOTE (flavum @ Jan 28, 2014 -> 12:32 PM) By the time they get to opening day, I hope it's something like this, unless they get another catcher: 1. Eaton - CF 2. Ramirez - SS 3. Abreu - 1B 4. Dunn - DH 5. Garcia - RF 6. Viciedo - LF 7. Davidson - 3B 8. Flowers - C 9. Beckham - 2B Bench- Konerko 1B/DH, Danks OF, Garcia IF/OF, Nieto C (rooting for Nieto to be good enough to keep) Move De Aza, Keppinger, and Gillaspie by opening day. Teams don't usually make a bunch of moves during spring training. You may see players released or traded for cash but I don't think Hahn will dump these guys. My guess is you will see one traded for catching and 2 will be kept going into season.
  6. SCCWS

    Ventura to get extended

    QUOTE (Stan Bahnsen @ Jan 24, 2014 -> 11:28 PM) Well, that article concluded that there was little correlation, if any, between leverage matching and performance, so not sure of your point. BoSox struggled thru Hanrahan and Bailey before giving Koji the job he should have had from day one, so not seeing any brilliance there either. Not true .Hanrahan started as closer and did well but went down with a season ending injury in May. They then went to Bailey who had injury problems as well. He struggled and then they went to Uehara. Remember Uehara had more saves in July-Sept than he did in his 4 year ML career. He was mostly a set-up man previously.
  7. SCCWS

    Ventura to get extended

    QUOTE (SoxPride18 @ Jan 24, 2014 -> 01:17 PM) I see why some don't like it and why some like it. Me personally, I like it because like others have mentioned, it gives stability to the young guys through this rebuild. Remember, we have young guys that are wiling to prove themselves now, now that they finally have a chance to play everyday unlike Rios and Keppinger last year (I think Davidson will start at 3B). JR agreed to this move because he thinks Robin is going to play 3rd base.
  8. SCCWS

    Grab a SP now

    QUOTE (ScottyDo @ Jan 24, 2014 -> 09:17 AM) Also, the suggestion that we should just trade Sale if we don't buy pitchers now is...well, you're partially trolling, so I'll just say it's silly. Just because we shouldn't buy now doesn't mean we shouldn't buy next year, and Sale's value will be intact for several years. I think another consideration is the #4 and #5 projected starters. If the Sox don't feel they have young pitchers that are better off in the majors than at AAA, then signing a free agent does not make sense. But if the thought is that you are rushing a young pitcher to the majors, then go ahead and sign someone. Next year most likely is a year of experiments at many positions as we look to the future.
  9. SCCWS

    Rosenthal: Tanaka to Yankees

    QUOTE (Thad Bosley @ Jan 20, 2014 -> 06:13 PM) I trust neither Mr. Moreno's "Oh, he doesn't fit into our budget at this time" claptrap, nor do I believe the Bosox wouldn't try to steal this guy away from the Yanks, who could really use him. I'm wary of both of those organizations at the moment! I don't think the Red Sox will be involved. They are going into spring training with 6 or 7 starters. I can't see them dropping $100 mil for another starter. Remember they backed off Abreu when the price went above $50 Mil.
  10. SCCWS

    Expectations: Jose Abreu

    QUOTE (onedude @ Jan 14, 2014 -> 09:00 AM) He faced the same competition as Puig, Cespedas, and Viciedo.....which he absolutely killed, and we have guys predicting he do no better than last years Dayan? GMAB... My expectations of 20 HR and .260 avg. are lower than many are projecting. But I am basing them on what I read on Abreu from Red Sox media sources when they were involved in the bidding. They basically felt that he needed to start in AAA and work on hitting AAA pitching and especially defensive fundamentals. Now the Red Sox have Napoli at first( although he was a free agent at that time and Ortiz as a DH) so they didn't need Abreu immediately. The feeling in Boston was Abreu would be Ortiz's replacement in 2015 since they felt he would be a defensive liabilty even at 1B. Hopefully they are wrong.
  11. SCCWS

    Expectations: Jose Abreu

    QUOTE (WilliamTell @ Jan 12, 2014 -> 06:56 PM) I'll be upset if he approaches 200 k's. We already have Adam Dunn for that unfortunate feat. 400 k's for both combined is gross. I think .260 with 20 HR. I think he starts slow at AAA or platoon at IB /DH in Majors. Then produces 2nd half of season.
  12. SCCWS

    What should the White Sox do at closer?

    Closer is important in that it is the one position on a team that can really affect morale. Reed did close 40 of 48 on a bad team. With a young team, morale is something you want to build on next year even if the outlook is not great. If next year's closer goes 24 for 48 the team and fans will be heading for a cliff. But catcher is also an important position especially with a young pitching staff. Hopefully Hahn can bandaid both.
  13. SCCWS

    Why Can't This Team Contend In 2014?

    QUOTE (BigHurt3515 @ Dec 19, 2013 -> 04:53 PM) Doesn't every team that wins require everything to go right? If things didn't go right they wouldn't win. No they need "enough" things to go right not "all". Boston this season lost their No 1 and No 2 closers but their No 3 worked out. They signed Dempster as their 5th starter but he struggled so they acquired Peavy who got them through September. Middlebrooks struggled and got sent to the minors. They called up Bogarts a shortstop to play 3rd and he produced.
  14. SCCWS

    Who Closes?

    QUOTE (Marty34 @ Dec 18, 2013 -> 10:38 AM) If his workout is impressive enough to sign him, use the closer role as incentive for Ryan Madson. I don't agree with several people who said "who cares who closes, next year is a lost year" I don't think the White Sox will contend next year but I think it is important to have a closer who is somewhat effective. Hopefully next year the Sox will put 4 or 5 young players on the field who represent our future. We appear to have pretty good young starting pitching. We need to create a winning atmosphere both for the young players as well as the fans. If we end up constantly blowing games in the late innings it could affect the clubhouse and fan interest. Reed was a pretty good closer in that he had 40 saves to 8 BLSV. I don't expect them to find another 40 game save guy next year but we also don't want them to throw out a 20/8 guy either.
  15. SCCWS

    White Sox sign Belisario, 1-year, $3 mill

    QUOTE (ptatc @ Dec 7, 2013 -> 03:10 PM) Shouldn't Sale be in the pen then? He threw harder out of the pen, most pitcher do when they don't need to worry about 5-7 innings of work. Matt Thornton is available and he would probably come cheap.
  16. Heard on WEEI in Boston that Peter Gammons said the Fister and Fielder moves may enable the Tigers to sign Choo or Ellsbury. Gammons also thinks salty to Marlins as others have speculated. I am not sure if Gammons is as reliable w rumors as he used to be.
  17. SCCWS

    Twins out, Red Sox in on Pierzynski

    QUOTE (staxx @ Dec 3, 2013 -> 02:35 PM) I'd say so. I would be comfortable with it I would not be comfortable. Salty is one of the worse catchers defensively in baseball. His throws on attempted steals go everywhere but to the guy covering. He is supposedly good at working with pitchers. Lets not forget he lost his starting position in the playoffs to a .225 hitter in Ross.
  18. Maybe another name to thorw in the mix. According to Providence Journal Red Sox are looking at Ryan Hanigan of Cincinnati as a stop gap for a year or two. was injured last year but has a strong arm and good OBP.
  19. QUOTE (witesoxfan @ Dec 2, 2013 -> 01:32 PM) That should not be a veteran catcher's job, that should be a coach's job. I'd rather go with 2 young catchers who can feed into each other while having a guy who has played catcher in the majors bring them along. You totally underestimate the role of a catcher. Almost every year in the World series a rookie plays for one of the teams. This year Boston had a rookie 3b/SS play a pivotable role. But in history, there has only been 5 rookie catchers start in a World Series. Even more amazing, only 1 rookie catcher in history has played for the winning World Series team-----Buster Posey. Pitching coaches work with the pitchers all the time but the catcher is very important during the actual game. The old adage of having strength up the middle starts at catcher. Now maybe Flowers or Phegley are really good working with pitchers. But usually young catchers struggling offensively are not because they are working on their own problems.
  20. QUOTE (witesoxfan @ Dec 2, 2013 -> 10:53 AM) I disagree with this mentality. You are going to have to give up something of value - it might be small or have little value, like a AAA reliever or a fallen prospect, but it's still value for a rebuilding franchise. Hanigan is 33 and turns 34 in August. The most you can ultimately expect him to be productive for is 2 years. If he's non-tendered, sure, I don't care, bring him in. Then it just costs money. Right now, you are looking at giving up players, which is something the Sox are not in a position to do for a guy who is quite a ways on the wrong side of 30. Agree but don't forget we have a young starting pitching staff w 2 basically inexperienced catchers. A veteran catcher even if he is a back-up can help w the development of the pitchers.
  21. QUOTE (Balta1701 @ Nov 17, 2013 -> 02:50 PM) With Abreu in the fold, they can put a roster out there where they can legitimately say "if everything goes right this roster can compete". If they sign Paul Konerko, and especially if they dump Dunn to clear a spot for him, that's a move saying they aren't even going to try to field a competitive roster. Does "if everything goes right" mean Beckham leads the league in batting. Flowers and Viciedo each hit 50 homers, DeAza steals 60 bases and Sale wins 20 games and doubles as the closer. Lets realistically hope that they go from 99 to 80 losses next year. That may reguire a lot of things to go right.
  22. SCCWS

    Float a name!

    QUOTE (caulfield12 @ Nov 16, 2013 -> 05:42 PM) Bill Toasted Almon FYI---- Bill Almon is now the marketing Manager at his father's company Claflin Company in RI
  23. SCCWS

    Matt Wieters

    QUOTE (SoxPride18 @ Nov 13, 2013 -> 01:53 PM) I was the one who brought up Weiters for the sake of argument because we need a catcher. But I agree with this because Weiters has declined the past 2 seasons and getting Salty at 4/40 is a nice piece for what Hahn is trying to build. Then trade Santiago + to get your franchise third baseman. If Salty is already one of the worst catchers in baseball throwing base-stealers out, what will he be by Year 3
  24. SCCWS

    Jason Castro

    Castro has had knee issues on and off for for 3 seasons. He had another surgery in September after going on DL late in year. Maybe why he is available.
  25. SCCWS

    Is there a market for Dunn

    QUOTE (LittleHurt05 @ Nov 10, 2013 -> 07:51 PM) Again, why are we trading Dunn? There is nobody in the system to take his place in 2014. If by the small chance you compete in 2014, his home runs will be a reason why. Keep him. Maybe an AL team gets desperate at the deadline. Well there may be. If Paulie comes back ( hope not) he may be reduced to a DH. Abreu is going to play 1B but we are not sure how well. When the Red Sox were looking at him, they projected him as a DH when Ortiz retired.