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    Sox @ A’s - Wildcard Game 3 - 2:10

    Yes and obviously kids
  2. But as we saw yesterday, the A's best bullpen option was off. I actually think he was so pumped up he was overthrowing. So using 6 bullpen options presents the same problem in that some number may be off and put the Sox in a hole. It is a gamble either way. I thik you go w a starter and then throw bullpen arms as soon as the A's start having success. But I thought Gio would struggle w no experience and Dallas would mow them down. So RR should probably flip a coin
  3. I don't see Angels eating $10 Mil+ contract. Maddon will at least get another year.
  4. We hope to hell he is. Melvin would have been history if he had blown that game.
  5. SCCWS

    Umpires embarassing themselves all year.

    She also said the HR was fair and luckily ump said foul
  6. I would add Moncada also flashed the leather
  7. First game of playoffs for many players on both teams. You will see some brown stains on pants and it won't be from sliding
  8. Also would have been better if Leury had got 1-2 games under his belt again rather than jumping into a playoff game.
  9. SCCWS

    White Sox/A's-- Pre-series Discussion

    Not sure if a playoff game will follow a typical script. Maybe the lack of fans makes it just another game. We will see.
  10. SCCWS

    White Sox/A's-- Pre-series Discussion

    Dallas is a Playoff veteran and Giolito is not. Do you start Dallas in opener or figure their lefty will get hit and start Gio against him and Dallas to follow
  11. SCCWS

    9/27 GT: Cubs @ Sox (2:10pm)

    Draw is good but I don't like having to go and play in Oakland. Hottest AL teams coming in are Rays and Indians so the rest are all .500ish.
  12. SCCWS

    9/27 GT: Cubs @ Sox (2:10pm)

    Twins will walk it off in bottom of the 20th and be totally exhausted on Tuesday.
  13. SCCWS

    9/27 GT: Cubs @ Sox (2:10pm)

    Ron Roenicke will not return to Red Sox in 21. Supposedly Bloom prefers a replacement with the same initials...........................
  14. SCCWS

    9/27 GT: Cubs @ Sox (2:10pm)

  15. SCCWS

    9/27 GT: Cubs @ Sox (2:10pm)

    Mistakes like this will get you a seat next to RR
  16. SCCWS

    9/27 GT: Cubs @ Sox (2:10pm)

    Maybe I posted too soon. The way the Cubs are swinging, we may have some by end of game.
  17. SCCWS

    9/27 GT: Cubs @ Sox (2:10pm)

    Kind of sad. We are losing 9-1 and the Cubs don't have one guy in lineup hitting at least .250.
  18. SCCWS

    Which postseason opponent would you prefer?

    Seems like very few Covid issues the last month or so. Any new cases could really affect the playoff teams if they lose a key player.
  19. Not really. Offensively most of them didn't show up tonight.
  20. SCCWS

    Fire Ricky

    Actually Boylen was probably used to offset the salary impact. They had to pay Hoiberg $5 Mil in 2019 and 2020 so they hired Boylen and he got $800,000 each year. Now they can pay Donovan big bucks
  21. But I will again ask the question, who makes these decisions. Does RR make the bullpen decisions , does Coop make them or does the front office "stats person" make them?
  22. One of the worst managers in baseball hashnis team playing with the 3rd best winning percentage in baseball. So maybe managers don't make a difference, but the team's performance in this shortened season means they do belong in the playoffs. Added to the overall youth of many starters on this roster, this team has put on a great showing. How is your favorite team doing ?