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    Just Wondering

    Ptatc:You lost me. The question is how involved is the Front Office in making player lineup decisions. Hands on or hands off as far as RR is concerned. Francona won a couple of World Series yet he said Boston and Cleveland were involved and he was second guessed by the owner( Boston) on occasion.
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    Fernando Tatis Jr. thread

  3. SCCWS

    Dunning to Start Wednesday

    Start as a batboy and work your way up.
  4. SCCWS

    8-17 GT: Tigers at Sox

    In the stat age, I would assume every team has a stat guru in the front office. Terry Franacona's book detailed how managers are provided with individual game stats before every game so the manager knows things like this righty hits this righty better than this lefty does. Either Hahn doesn't utilize individual game scouting or RR is making all the decisions.
  5. SCCWS

    Tigers call up 3 top 100 prospects.

    Were the Sox more prepared yesterday than they were Saturday?
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    8-16 GT: Cardinals at Sox

    He looked like a stud until his back tightened. It was a long sit in the 4th inning w all the fireworks
  7. True but RR is a bandaid and the organization probably needs surgery. Changing the coaching staff as well as RR might have an impact.
  8. It is very rare to clear out an entire organization. I could see one of RR or Hahn or Kenny go after this season if it turns sour again. Odds probably in that order due to loyalty
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    8.15.20 GT | Cards @ Sox game 2 | 3:15PM

    Last year Anderson turned into very good hitter. That was his 4th year at age 26. Eloy is in his 2nd year at 23. I think he will need a couple of more years before we can see how he develops.
  10. More than half of NBA teams make the playoffs.
  11. Maybe not a great comparison. Rick Carlisle won the NBA Championship in 2011.Since then his teams have either been eliminated in 1st round or missed the playoffs totally. Cuban has been very faithful to Carlisle despite their lack of success in the playoffs since. George Steinbrenner would be a better example of a quick trigger finger.
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    8.15.20 GT | Cards @ Sox game 2 | 3:15PM

    New cardboard fans please
  13. Jack: A straight platoon of Collins and EE reduces at bats for Grandal/McCann. Not sure that improves the offense.
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    Jim Thompson

    Supposedly Tampa/St Pete before the Rays would eventually land there.
  15. SCCWS

    Leadoff Man going forward - TA or Robert?

    I would flip Eloy and Grandal just to break the right-handed hitters 3-5.
  16. Agree but it means Grandal and EE will sit more and Collins will get splinters.
  17. Excellent assessment.
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    8/11 Sox at Detroit game thread

    Gio has it going
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    Accountability Starts Monday, August 10th, 2020

    Last 15 games , Robert is hitting .286 w 21 S.O. and Moncada is hitting .274 w 19 S.O. I would say their struggles are pretty even. I would not say it is poor effort. In their case, both are young players who are going through a bad stretch.
  20. SCCWS

    Accountability Starts Monday, August 10th, 2020

    Robert has also been fine considering it is his first moth. Leury is a career( 7 years) .257 hitter batting .271. I think Eloy, Grandal and EE have provided limited offensive support and TA has been hurt.
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    8/10 Sox vs Tigers GT

    I think the issue is the offense is struggling so McCann needs to play with the bat he has been showing. That pushes Grandal to DH so Collin's chances may be limited.
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    8/10 Sox vs Tigers GT

    Hope they wore masks
  23. SCCWS

    8/10 Sox vs Tigers GT

    Hopefully it gets called rather than starts and then gets cancelled before 5. We cannot waste a Keuchel start with our SP struggles.
  24. SCCWS

    So who's the next manager?

    A few thoughts. As someone else mentioned, Vizquel's departure from the organization probably eliminates him. I was surprised when I saw Alomar was coaching for Francona while he was out. I would have thought Brad Mills would be doing that. Could be a sign that Sandy will take over that job sooner rather than later. I agree with your thought that "Spanish speaking part is undeniably important". But in looking around at last years playoff teams, I think only Cora and Martinez did. So maybe the staff make-up more than the manager selection is the key component.
  25. We need Eloy to get the bat going.