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  1. aeichhor

    MiLB may see some drastic changes by 2021

    MLBPA doesn't represent them so they cant. They can try to say stuff but nothing will get done hence service time and low salaries issues among other things
  2. White Sox (8) Alex Colome – $10.3MM James McCann – $4.9MM Leury Garcia – $4.0MM Carlos Rodon – $4.5MM Yolmer Sanchez – $6.2MM Ryan Goins – $900K Josh Osich – $1.0MM Evan Marshall – $1.3MM
  3. aeichhor

    JD Martinez

    With the young players they have and how he helped some of the Boston hitters, sox really could use him to mentor
  4. aeichhor

    JD Martinez

  5. aeichhor

    JD Martinez

  6. Mazara or Calhoun could be interesting if available.
  7. aeichhor

    2020 RF options

    He's not going to get a QO cause he was traded with in season
  8. aeichhor

    September Call Ups - Who gets the Nod?

    Probably that he has fatigue so need to rest him lol
  9. aeichhor

    Hahn expects aggressive offseason

    Real question is do they offer QO for abreu