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  1. aeichhor

    Albert Pujols

  2. Could also be looking at Dahl or Calhoun
  3. aeichhor

    Texas @ Sox

    So much for 100 pitches
  4. aeichhor

    Kopech starting sunday

    So he doesn't throw a hundred pitches. If he doesn't pitch tomorrow he's could have a good chunk of time off depending on Tuesday with gio
  5. aeichhor

    Kopech starting sunday

    Why when rodon is on full rest and should be available
  6. aeichhor

    Kopech starting sunday

    Guessing kopech then rodon to follow
  7. aeichhor

    4-18 GT: Sox @ Boston - Game 1 (12:10pm)

    Kopech starting game 2
  8. aeichhor

    Spring Training thread

  9. aeichhor

    Colas is coming

  10. aeichhor