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  1. aeichhor

    Collins getting called up

  2. aeichhor

    Sox vs Yankees 6/14 - 7:10PM

    Yes and was their 95 game. Didnt get 34 win until July 21 and 97th game in
  3. aeichhor

    Sox vs. Yankees - 6/13 7:10pm

    Sox back to a game under 500. Last year though their first 67 was 24-43. 19 under. Didnt get their 33rd win last season until 95 games in.
  4. aeichhor

    6/11 Games

  5. aeichhor

    Boston @ Chicago, 5/4/19, 6:10, GT

    You mean Jerry should list the team for sale tomorrow
  6. aeichhor

    4/8 Games

    Robert with his 4th homer
  7. aeichhor

    Luis Robert to Start Season in A+

  8. aeichhor

    Dallas Keuchel time is now.

    Boras will get him his money eventually. Especially will alot potential free agents signing extensions won't be too many left on the market
  9. aeichhor

    Dallas Keuchel time is now.

    Verlander just got 66 million for a 2 yr extension. keuchel isn't getting 16 million a year.
  10. aeichhor

    Eloy officially got paid

  11. aeichhor

    Eloy officially got paid

  12. aeichhor

    3/3 vs Cubs, 2pm

    It's in radio