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  1. TheFutureIsNear

    You have $30m to complete the roster...

    I’m in the minority of this board in having faith in Vaughn and want him to have a full time starting spot next year. I’d love to sign an impact 2B, but that chance has pretty much disappeared. So I’d go with the only impact position we have a realistic shot at signing…LH power DH. Went with Schwarber here, but Rizzo/Seager could be cheaper short term options. And Villar/Hernandez will be sufficient for us at 2B with our lineup, can’t have all 9 guys be all-star talents. Also have faith in Kopech next year and don’t think SP is that big of a need. Keuchle is a huge disappointment and overpaid, but he’ll be fine as a #5, is what it is. Don’t think things are completely done with Reylo being a competent SP either. Things could be MUCH worse with him as the 6th/long man. I like Jimmy Nelson or John Gant as cheap high upside pen options that can go multiple innings. Kyle Schwarber (DH) 4/60 Jonathan Villar 2/12 Jimmy Nelson 1/5 TA Moncado Robert Jose Schwarber Eloy Yaz Vaughn Villar Engel, Luery, Collins, Sheets on the bench Lynn Gio Cease Kopech Keuchle Reylo Nelson Burr Ruiz Crochet Bummer Graveman Hendricks That’s a pretty strong 26 man roster imo…and doesn’t include a solution to the Kimbrel fiasco. The biggest question is OF defense, but I’d personally be willing to gamble on that with what that lineup would be capable of doing.
  2. TheFutureIsNear

    White Sox sign Leury Garcia to 3 year deal

    It’s a no brainer to me that if Vaughn isn’t getting regular AB’s he needs to be traded. That decision needs to be made before constructing the final roster imo. Keeping Vaughn on the bench to only (at best) get AB’s against lefties would be crazy to me.
  3. TheFutureIsNear

    Where could Kimbrel be traded, and for what?

    I actually completely forgot Robinson Cano existed. I read your post and thought “wow, this guy is way off, Cano has been retired for years.” Nope apparently Cano still exists…who knew. I highly doubt the Mets are counting on him at all coming back from suspension.
  4. TheFutureIsNear

    Where could Kimbrel be traded, and for what?

    Met’s roster is getting a bit crowded after their signings yesterday….wonder if Jeff McNeil would be available? LH bat that can play 2B or OF. Coming off a down/injury plagued year though. But I could see Kimbrel being a splash piece Cohen and the Mets want to go after
  5. TheFutureIsNear

    2022 Offseason Plan Thread

    Kimbrel and Vaughn for Aaron Nola…would anyone do it? Nola coming off a down year and there was talk at 1 point of the Phillies using Nola to improve the rest of the team
  6. TheFutureIsNear

    2022 Offseason Plan Thread

    Call me crazy, but I don’t think we need as much offensive upgrades as people are saying. A full season of Robert, Eloy and Yaz will have a gigantic impact. Sheets and Vaughn should only get better and there’s a decent shot Burger can be a useful utility guy. Something like Eddie Rosario and Eduardo Escobar would be more than enough to make me happy with the offense of this team.
  7. TheFutureIsNear

    Where could Kimbrel be traded, and for what?

    The Phillies are in an interesting spot for a Kimbrel trade. Rhys Hoskins is awful at 1B and their recent 1st round pick Alex Bohm can’t play 3B. Phillies also have a bad bullpen and no definite closer….Hoskins for Kimbrel? Puts a big LH bat in the middle of our order. DH only though. Of course if universal DH is adopted is could easy make the Phillies a lot less interested.
  8. TheFutureIsNear

    Offseason Thread

    My prediction: Everyone is heart broken. Again. Canha, Villar, and a mediocre RP will be the free agent haul
  9. TheFutureIsNear

    ALDS Game 4 - HOU @ CWS - 1:07 pm CDT

    Yet AJ is gushing over his hustle lol. AJ is awful at announcing
  10. TheFutureIsNear

    ALDS Game 2 - Chicago @ Houston - 1:07pm CDT

    In what world is Garcia a better defensive OF’er than Engel…hell, he’s not even a better hitter. Idiotic decision
  11. TheFutureIsNear

    ALDS Game 1- White Sox/Astros, 3:07 GAME THREAD

    Lance has left minimum 4 pitches literally over the middle. We are lucky this isn’t a 6/7 run deficit
  12. TheFutureIsNear

    White Sox-Astros Game 1 3:07 Start Time

    You believe most people can get a day off work in less than a week’s notice to watch a baseball game? I strongly disagree with that. Can I figure out how to sneak looks on my phone a few times at work? Sure. But is that really how I want to watch my team play after I invested countless hours of regular season games to get to this point? Fuck no.
  13. TheFutureIsNear

    White Sox-Astros Game 1 3:07 Start Time

    MLB wonders why they have ratings problems…stop putting playoff games on in the middle of weekdays. Makes literally 0 sense
  14. Aside from Kimbrel’s wild pitch the biggest mistake of this game was pitching to Vladdy 3-0. The manager needs to be aware of the situation and make the call. Should have also been obvious to the pitching coach and catcher, but just awful decision overall that starts at the top.