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  1. TheFutureIsNear

    Predict the White Sox 30 man opening roster

    16 seems like a lot of pitchers. No thanks to Detweiler ever again. And I just don’t think Fulmer can hack it, although I understand that he will be give a shot to start the season. I’d like to see another athletic OF’er that can play D and run instead of Detweiler, but not sure that guy is ready and in the organization currently. Madrigal will take over for a P or Cuthbert eventually.
  2. TheFutureIsNear

    What would you have rather seen from this draft?

    I remember a lot of posts on this board like 2 years(?) ago saying we need to make a trade because we had too many good young pitchers. Fast forward 2 years... Rodon is completely unreliable Fulmer is all but a lost cause Hansen isn’t who we thought he was Dunning got hurt And guys like Adams and Stephens just didn’t pan out Obviously our MLB roster is a lot further along than it was at that time, but still way too many variables to start counting chickens
  3. TheFutureIsNear

    Will There Be a 2020 Season?

    To me the owners crying poor over the lost revenue from ticket sales is just lazy. Adapt or die. -Empty seats? Sounds like a ton of advertising space to me. -Fans stuck at home? Get more creative with your merchandising to target that. “At home ballpark experience bundle” (or something like that and more) -Sell more games to more networks -Have a discount sale on mlb.tv and the sales would probably skyrocket If anything the owners should be pushing to get back as soon as possible. Being the only televised sport at a time when people’s mouths are watering for any kind of sport to watch sounds like a gold mine if you ask me.
  4. Not sure how I would feel if I were a resident of AZ...hopefully things will be under control by then, but 1000’s of people suddenly flooding 1 relatively small area doesn’t seem like the best ideas in general. Guys would be coming from all of the US + other countries. I want baseball of course...I just think if they can’t play in home stadiums by July (fans or not), we are unfortunately going to be in more trouble than we realize. But I don’t think that will be the case, I think they will get at least 1/2 a season in regular stadiums
  5. TheFutureIsNear

    Coop'll Re-Fix Him - Zach Putnam

    Weird that Putnam seemingly never recovered from TJ...that’s pretty rare nowadays. Would be nice if he can get healthy and provide some useful innings again....obviously not even remotely counting on it
  6. TheFutureIsNear

    Fantasy Baseball $ Keeper League (1st season)

    Send it to me too please, may be interested
  7. Sox need to get on the curve before they can get ahead, but yes, nice to see more effort
  8. TheFutureIsNear

    What do you expect from Eloy in 2020?

    .280/.330/.520 with 40 hrs and 100 rbi I feel like that is pretty realistic and would be great production for us
  9. TheFutureIsNear

    Kris Bryant loses grievance

    Yeah I get that he’s a cub and all, but the rules are clearly unfair for the players imo. I have no problem with Bryant fighting for $ from a billionaire owner. But the players did also approve the CBA so is what it is for now. Hopefully there will be a lot of changes coming up
  10. TheFutureIsNear

    Goose Island Sox Golden Ale

    Seriously, who’s willing to ship me a 12 pack
  11. TheFutureIsNear

    COVEY DFA-ed - Signed by TB

    Would love to look up a thread from 2 years ago...1/2 of this board had Covey penciled into the rotation for 5+ years
  12. TheFutureIsNear

    Offseason 2019-2020 MLB Catch All Thread

    While I agree that end of the day winning trumps all...BUT, what the Rays front office has done with their payroll is pretty amazing. Their scouting department probably deserves most of the credit, they are the kings of finding the most value other teams can’t. Wouldn’t shock me if this is another 1 of those cases. Of course they aren’t infallible either so this could easily blow up in their faces
  13. TheFutureIsNear

    Offseason 2019-2020 MLB Catch All Thread

    Definitely a puzzling trade...but Jose Martinez definitely seems like the type of guy that will go to the Rays and have a career year for no apparent reason. I fully expect .800+ OPS with 40 bombs...for $2 mil + 2 arb years after. It’s just what the Rays do, I’ve stopped questioning them
  14. TheFutureIsNear

    Offseason 2019-2020 MLB Catch All Thread

    I thought so too. He’s nowhere near dominant, but he’s been pretty consistently solid. K’s and swing and miss % took a pretty big dip last year, not sure if there’s more to it than we realize? Seems like most teams avoided him for some reason
  15. TheFutureIsNear

    Offseason 2019-2020 MLB Catch All Thread

    Rondon to Dbacks for pretty damn cheap. https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2020/01/diamondbacks-sign-hector-rondon.html