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  1. TheFutureIsNear

    Who is available in 2020? Looking ahead to the future

    Being out of town I’m not always privy to the inter-workings of the organization....is there any kind of contingency plan in place for when JR does leave (putting it nicely)? Like this won’t be a Jerry Jones/Al David situation where his entitled kid is 2nd in line with no hope in sight will it?
  2. TheFutureIsNear

    Who is available in 2020? Looking ahead to the future

    None...don’t piece together a mediocre team with free agents. Winning 80 games instead of 65 does nothing for anybody. And the REALLY said part is I don’t even know where to go if we can’t sign big free agents. We have very few assets left to sell off and the franchise still has a serious lack of talent. The plan seems to be sit and hope..,I guess? Not sure how this mess gets turned around
  3. TheFutureIsNear

    Machado signs with Padres 10/300

    Just sad...and damn near fraud.
  4. TheFutureIsNear

    Machado signs with Padres 10/300

    Wait, is this actually true? They used Yonder Alonso to make phone calls to season ticket holders? Holy crap this gets more embarrassing by the second
  5. TheFutureIsNear

    Machado signs with Padres 10/300

    We we were never in the derby...the front office is sitting on the sidelines with their thumbs up their asses trying to determine if Bryce has any relatives they can sign
  6. TheFutureIsNear

    Machado signs with Padres 10/300

    Can’t develop talent and can’t land free agents...this team really is doomed. Thanks to whoever posted about mlb.tv auto renew. Will be sure to cancel that too
  7. TheFutureIsNear

    Machado signs with Padres 10/300

    Outbid by the padres? Seems impossible. Either manny never wanted to come here or the front office is a complete joke. Take your pick
  8. TheFutureIsNear

    MLBPA proposals

    I’m actually surprised to see nothing about defensive shifts on there. I’m on the fence about the subject but I know a lot of casual baseball fans that complain about it. It kinda ties into my next point... Speeding up the game is important, but I also think figuring out how to get more balls hit into play is important. K rates have gone bonkers. More balls in play leads to more potential excitement all around. Obviously easier said than done, no one is striking out on purpose, but I think most casual fans can’t handle pitchers duels
  9. TheFutureIsNear

    Ricketts racist emails

    Unfortunately a rich old white guy being racist is extremely unsurprising. The world will be a better place when more and more people like Ricketts die off. Until then the MLB should separate him AND his $ from the league. And if his poor son can’t finance the team without Daddy’s $, then too bad. I’m sure you won’t find racist emails from Mark Cuban, but he’s “not the type of owner the league wants” 🙄
  10. TheFutureIsNear

    Lucas Giolito's 2019: Do or Die?

    My issue with both Gio and Fulmer is that I’m not sure top of the rotation stuff is anywhere to be found at this point. It’s not like they are struggling with consistently or control. They just flat out can’t get batters out...including the minors, which is even more troubling. To me it almost feels like they are trying to figure out problems just to get to 4th/5th starter status. Don’t get me wrong, if 1 of these guys can stay in the roatatuon full time it’s a big plus for the Sox, but given their pedigree and cost it’s a hard pill to swallow that I don’t have faith in either to make it.
  11. Don’t know, maybe I’m overrating Joc, but can’t see someone else not giving up more than a reliever for him. With 500+ AB’s he’s a 3+ WAR player with 2 years of cheap control. What am I missing?
  12. Don’t feel like going through 85 pages...is there or have there been any rumors on what a hypothetical deal would look like? Can’t see anybody on the roster the Dodgers would want...maybe Jones? But what value does he really have until he stays healthy? Would we be talking about a Dunning level prospect probably? Possibly one of Basabe or Micker + ?
  13. Hypothetically... C- Beef/McCann 1B- Jose 2B- Moncada SS- Anderson 3B- Manny LF- Joc CF- Jay/Engel RF- Palka DH- Alonso Luery and Yolmer as super subs That’s actually not too bad if the front office can pull it off. We would still need another SP before we are any kind of real contenders, but definitely reason for optimism
  14. TheFutureIsNear

    Dodgers Sign AJ Pollock, 4 years $55 million

    Great deal for the Dodgers...and I guess the Phillies were being literal with their “stupid money” spending. That McCutchen contract looks awful
  15. TheFutureIsNear

    Rays to Sign Avi

    Tommy Phan and Austin Meadows are getting the majority of AB's in the corners for the Rays. Avi will be battling for off day AB's and DH platoon with Choi most likely.