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  1. Or we could get a good manager...
  2. Wait now bummer is up and available???? Ricky is trying to lose. There’s literally no other explanation. No human could be that stupid
  3. Absolute joke. Worst manager in the game
  4. Insanity to put Rodon in this situation. This team is fighting against their own manager
  5. Just leave him in at this point. No way you put Rodon in this situation
  6. Jeez Eloy...can he do anything without hurting himself? Hopefully only a tweak and not a full blown sprain
  7. Yeah you’d have to be a real pos to look at his face and still doubt that there’s something not right with him. Felt bad for the kid just looking at him, can’t imagine what he feels like every night
  8. Wow guess Yoan really didn’t recover. Guy looks like he just got done a marathon...and not just tired, physically beat up from running around the bases.
  9. If Yoan can get back to even 3/4 of what he was last year it will make a world of difference
  10. Don’t care what anyone says. Major leaguers that can’t bunt is pathetic. Especially in Dyson’s case since he can’t hit either
  11. TheFutureIsNear

    9-23 Game Thread: Sox @ Cleveland (5:10 PM)

    How does our coaching staff not know this guy obliterates lefties? Of all times NOT to use Cordero
  12. TheFutureIsNear

    9-23 Game Thread: Sox @ Cleveland (5:10 PM)

    What evidence did they see? And that quick????
  13. TheFutureIsNear

    9-23 Game Thread: Sox @ Cleveland (5:10 PM)

    Ricky is going to tax the important arms on this staff to win this 1 game. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a fairly important game, but I’d rather have arms feeling good in the playoffs
  14. TheFutureIsNear

    9/22 - White Sox @ Cleveland: Lopez vs Quantrill

    You’re telling me you honestly don’t think he made the call? You think managers get ejected and just go take a shower?
  15. TheFutureIsNear

    9/22 - White Sox @ Cleveland: Lopez vs Quantrill

    I still say they should have let Santana beat us with 2 outs. I know it’s not conventional, but there’s no way Ramirez wasn’t going to kill us there. Santana has been terrible vs RH pitching all year. .602 OPS