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  1. BlackSox13

    Kopech called up

    Yeah, this! ^ Might want to close the Chris Sale trade thread now!
  2. BlackSox13


    Yeah it is. I think Timmy is plenty good enough to be the 8th or 9th hitter on a contender.
  3. BlackSox13


    Yep. This guy was good enough for a 2005 world series winner. The numbers are eerily similar to Anderson's this year. https://www.baseball-reference.com/players/u/uribeju01.shtml
  4. BlackSox13


    Sox win this game doggy style. A come from behind win!
  5. BlackSox13

    Kopech called up

    After looking at his IP the last two seasons this makes more sense. Kopech pitched 134.1 last year and currently sits at 126.1 this year. He needs the September starts in Chicago to continue building up his innings this year.
  6. BlackSox13

    Kopech called up

    Wondering who gets sent down to Charlotte or moved up to Charlotte. I'm hoping Shields gets traded and Cease bumped to Charlotte for the last few weeks of the Milb season. Anyway, looking forward to watching Kopech's debut Tuesday night against the Twinkies.
  7. BlackSox13

    When will the White Sox be good?

    Hansen shouldn't be in the discussion in the first place. But hey, whatever suits your irrational narrative.
  8. BlackSox13

    Heyman: Eloy/Kopech may not be promoted this year

    If he eventually needs shoulder surgery what does it matter if he pitches for the Sox now or mid-April next year?
  9. BlackSox13

    When will the White Sox be good?

    When Hansen played at 23 ( Moncada's current age) he had a wRC+ of 35. At 24 last season between the Pirates and Sox Hansen's wRC+ was 59. Thank you for pointing out that despite his struggles, Moncada is better than Hansen was at 23. And Moncada has much more talent.
  10. BlackSox13

    Heyman: Eloy/Kopech may not be promoted this year

    With Kopech 22 and Eloy not quite 22 yet, no time is being wasted.
  11. BlackSox13

    When will the White Sox be good?

    Going by the comments in the Moncada thread the Sox would do well to get Hanson lol.
  12. BlackSox13

    When will the White Sox be good?

    Here's my serious thoughts on the idea of moving Rodon. 1) hold onto Rodon through the 2019 season to see how his shoulder holds up. If his shoulder holds up try negotiating an extension towards the end of the season and into the off season. If he signs then great. The Sox can dangle one or two of their minor league pitching talent for trade bait to help fill a hole on the ML roster. 2) if he doesn't sign then he'll have better value than he does now since he will have shown to be healthy with two years of control remaining. Let teams know he's available but it will cost will be somewhat near the Sale and Q trades. 3) only trade Rodon during the 2019/20 winter if pitchers on the Sox team continue to develop and young pitchers in the minors are ready to compete for the spot vacated by Rodon if he's traded. If nobody is ready to fill that hole then keep Rodon and hope someone becomes ready by the ASB 2020 and dangle Rodon at that point with 1.5 years of control left. Just my humble opinion but to try and trade Rodon now would be selling low. Unless of course one believes Rodon will continue to be injury prone and just wants to cut bait and take the best offer for him now, which at this time I do not agree with.
  13. BlackSox13

    Heyman: Eloy/Kopech may not be promoted this year

    Makes me think maybe the Sox have talked to Kopech and explained they want the extra year of control and be ready for a mid-April call-up. Better off being blunt and honest than make up excuses.
  14. BlackSox13

    Kenny on Rick and Staff...

    Not surprising in the least bit. If the front has soured on Renteria in any way they won't come out and publicly say so in the media. Nor should they. I think Renteria's leash will get shorter and shorter as this team gets better over the next few years and if Renteria doesn't progress with the rest of the team he'll be gone. As for benching Avi, yeah that's bullshit. I have a few gripes with Avi but hustle has never been one of them. He's hustled since day one of putting on a Sox uniform. Given his history of hustling, his hamstring problems and his knee he should have gotten the benefit of the doubt.
  15. BlackSox13

    When will the White Sox be good?

    Did you really just tag the axis of evil? You're in trouble now! 😛