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  1. BlackSox13

    6/23 Games

    I'll go ahead and guess Jimmy Lambert gets bumped to Birmingham.
  2. BlackSox13

    Do the White Sox have too much starting pitching?

    Nah not even close. I've seen much worse in the short time I've been here.
  3. BlackSox13

    Do the White Sox have too much starting pitching?

    Hate you be the asshole that resurrects this thread but Dane Dunning answered the OP's question tonight. Sad news but it goes to show why depth of talent is so important. This isn't nearly as big of a blow as it would be had the Sox not built up the depth of pitching they have.
  4. BlackSox13

    6/23 Games

    Booker bomb! Think he's happy about his promotion?
  5. BlackSox13

    6/23 Games

    Rondon with a great play diving to his right to snag a line drive. Kid is throwing some leather.
  6. BlackSox13

    Covey Hip Injury

    Happy it's nothing worse. But according to the game thread it's Ricky's fault.
  7. BlackSox13

    Oakland @ CWS 6/23

    LMFAO, I see the same old broken record is spinning round and round.
  8. BlackSox13

    6/23 Games

    Eloy rips one down the third base line 45ft for an infield single.
  9. BlackSox13

    6/23 Games

    Holy shit what a tag by Rodon! Throw from the catcher was way off to the first base side but Rondon snagged the ball and swiped the base runner.
  10. BlackSox13

    MiGo to start rehab

    When MiGo is ready just send him to the pen and send Volstad down.
  11. BlackSox13

    Oakland @ CWS 6/23

    Good gravy Fry is deadly when he's throwing his slider and curve over the plate. Filthy!
  12. BlackSox13

    Oakland @ CWS 6/23

    Better check the Mariners broadcast to make sure that employee did go Ferris Bueller on ya.
  13. BlackSox13

    Oakland @ CWS 6/23

    Correction: " lighten up Francis". It's another movie reference... and a fantastic movie at that.
  14. BlackSox13

    Oakland @ CWS 6/23

    Ricky had no choice since something is wrong with Covey.
  15. BlackSox13

    Oakland @ CWS 6/23

    Volstad... sigh.