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  1. StRoostifer

    Brit newbie

    Welcome to Soxtalk and you made wise choice in the White Sox.
  2. StRoostifer

    Sox and Mariners Game thread 4/23

    Not with Fulmer on the mound. I'd feel better with an additional 7 runs.
  3. StRoostifer

    Sox and Mariners Game thread 4/23

    It's nice being on this side of a pitcher throwing BP.
  4. StRoostifer

    Sox and Mariners Game thread 4/23

    I really like Mike Leake!
  5. StRoostifer

    Sox and Mariners Game thread 4/23

    Who are these guys?
  6. StRoostifer

    Site BackOnline

    This site is absolutely kickass! To all involved you did a fantastic job.
  7. StRoostifer


    I was watching the game and didn't see anything on camera about Moncada being upset in the dugout. Yoan did look a little slow going back to the dugout so the hammy makes sense on a cold night.
  8. StRoostifer


    QUOTE (Greg Hibbard @ Apr 18, 2018 -> 10:17 AM) 25 pages of debate about a sample size of 7% of a single season we must really be bored this year ^ best post in this entire thread.
  9. StRoostifer

    Juan, 2B

    So time travel into the future IS possible after all.
  10. StRoostifer

    Juan, 2B

    Wish I was drunk right now. It would give me an excuse for being so perplexed by this thread. What is this about?
  11. StRoostifer


    Watch where you step Alice... there's rabbit holes everywhere! I'm still standing by my original thoughts on Moncada. He's young with limited baseball experience in this country compared to many other prospects. He's taking his lumps like pro and still feel he will be fine.
  12. StRoostifer

    Schoenfield links Sox to Machado, Donaldson, Price

    My wife's knickers could be a potential fit but the doesn't mean I'm going to try them on.
  13. StRoostifer

    Todd Steverson

    QUOTE (CaliSoxFanViaSWside @ Apr 7, 2018 -> 01:33 PM) No not Paulie but the same guy who worked with PK asst, hitting coach Mike Gellinger. http://www.dailyherald.com/sports/20170805...hanged-my-swing Can't read it because of some stupid survey thing but I'll take your word for it. I probably mixed up info in my head. I do remember Davidson saying he was picking Konerko's brain.
  14. StRoostifer

    Todd Steverson

    QUOTE (southsider2k5 @ Apr 7, 2018 -> 12:07 PM) Don't forget, Todd was here during Ventura, and a lot of these same guys couldn't hit to save their lives then (Avi, Yolmer, etc) No doubt about it. I feel Rick's demeanor and attitude is the biggest change for the team. IMHO, they carry those things onto the field and that's a good thing. I think Ricky does a hell of a job relating to the young players and it's easy to see they respect him and believe in him as a manager.
  15. StRoostifer

    Todd Steverson

    QUOTE (Jose Abreu @ Apr 7, 2018 -> 11:15 AM) I like him but as southsider said, I think a lot of it is also Renteria. Additionally, I'm not gonna give either of them credit for Davidson or Engel, as I still don't think either of them are/will be MLB hitters. But we'll see, I hope they prove me wrong. Yep. Engel hasn't proven anything yet and Paulie should get credit for the change in Davidson's swing. I'd wait and see with Steverson.