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    Jason Castro

    http://www.rotoworld.com/headlines/mlb/451...or-jason-castro how is a kid who hit .222 last season with 151 in 465 ABs any type of improvement over Flowers? because of his age? not the type of news that WOWs me. :/
  2. peppers312

    memories of the 2005 World Series

    QUOTE (Rowand44 @ Dec 22, 2014 -> 04:07 PM) Geoff. Blum. of all the people, who would've thunk Geoff Blum coming through in the clutch!? LOL
  3. peppers312

    memories of the 2005 World Series

    AJ takes first base on a "dropped-third strike"...ALCS Game 2, upper-deck left field. i remember thinking we have this game. then, Crede gets a base hit for the go-ahead run. the whole upper-deck was shaking. what a great team and a great year of baseball in this town. that year i must have gone to 10+ games. i'm hoping this year i have reason to do the same.
  4. QUOTE (southsider2k5 @ Dec 16, 2014 -> 04:46 PM) At the time of his second contract, when we all knew he was a cheater? Yeah, that contract was f***ing stupid the moment he signed it, and a lot of people felt that way. you didn't know in 2007 that he was juicing. you're a liar if you say you did.
  5. QUOTE (Balta1701 @ Dec 16, 2014 -> 10:24 AM) So your point is in part based on the sentiment that "Alex Rodriguez's contract is a solid one"? i highly doubt at the time you'd be against bringing A-Rod to the South Side if the opportunity would have presented itself. sadly, his HUGE contract set the new standard for all baseball contracts since then. did the Yankees get some serviceable years out of him? yes. did they overpay? yes. but didn't you just say last week that EVERYONE overpays...?
  6. peppers312

    Sox to introduce Samardzija, Robertson, Melky on CSN

    that press conference was awesome. Shark is going to fit right in with everyone on the team and quickly become one of the leaders of this ballclub. Robertson seems very confident and itching to get out there. Melky is going to look oh so sweet in the #2 hole. GO SOX!
  7. the Yankees who paid Alex Rodriguez $252.87M sure don't have a problem signing roiders and getting to the playoffs all the time. not sure why White Sox fans have a problem with supporting a team that signed a guy who got caught and served his time. to me, it's old news and everyone deserves a second chance to redeem themselves.
  8. QUOTE (winninguglyin83 @ Dec 14, 2014 -> 02:28 PM) I'll feel awful as soon as I'm convinced every other teams is playing by the rules. call me when that happens.
  9. peppers312

    White Sox Rule V results

    did the Sox pass on making a Rule 5 pick because their 40-man roster is full? *confused*
  10. peppers312

    Sox acquire Jeff Samardzija and Michael Ynoa

    http://m.mlb.com/cws/video/v37038671/hahn-...he-as/?c_id=cws some good quotes from Hahn here...
  11. peppers312

    Dodgers aggressively pursuing Alexei

    QUOTE (GreenSox @ Dec 9, 2014 -> 01:49 PM) Competing is not dependent on Alexei. It is dependent on better defense and a LF. you sound misinformed. specifically because of how bad the Sox defense was last season. if this team is going to compete, they need to catch/throw the ball a helluva a lot better than last season and Alexei's defense is DEFINITELY a part of that equation.
  12. peppers312

    Sox Sign David Robertson - 4 yr, $46 mil

    QUOTE (Chisoxfn @ Dec 9, 2014 -> 11:36 AM) We still have to significantly upgrade the defense. If we are going to build our team around the strength of pitching, we can't continue to ignore defense. Our team defense is just as bad today as it was when we started the off-season. That has to be addressed. Hanh / Kenny have to make another move and at a minimum we need a quality outfielder. Ideal scenario you get a quality outfielder and 3B and at that point, I say you are even favorites or close to even favorites. However, I doubt we have resources do to that. yeah, hopefully the Sox can score some runs for him so he can make the All-Star team next year and get some attention that he deserves. Q only pitched 7 games where he gave up 4 or more earned runs. that's 25 starts with 3 or less. his record should have been MUCH better than 9-11. smh
  13. peppers312

    Rumor: Dodgers / Sox Talking Danks for Crawford

    QUOTE (Dick Allen @ Dec 9, 2014 -> 01:00 PM) He is overpaid, but one thing people often forget, eventually, just about every player is overpaid. definitely...with the exception of Sale (of course).
  14. peppers312

    Rumor: Dodgers / Sox Talking Danks for Crawford

    i think people really underestimate Danks' value in terms of just pitching. he's an innings eater for sure. we all know he's overpaid, but he's not the first (or last) pitcher to have been overpaid. i still think he has some REAL value whether he pitches for us or for another team. we know what we're going to get with Danks and maybe, just maybe, he can turn it around this season being 2-3 years removed from his arm issue. like Stoney was saying on the Score this morning, if he wins 12 games from the #4 spot that's a PRETTY good thing we have going for us. would we love to unload his contract? sure. do we still need to address LF? yes. but Danks being on the roster is going to kill us.
  15. peppers312

    Predict The Next Move

    QUOTE (flavum @ Dec 9, 2014 -> 11:53 AM) It would be nice to get Luke Gregerson on a literal Hometown Discount. THIS THIS THIS.
  16. peppers312

    Sox acquire Jeff Samardzija and Michael Ynoa

    QUOTE (caulfield12 @ Dec 9, 2014 -> 08:54 AM) There wasn't much of a choice. And they didn't throw in the towel, they brought in a Top 5 MVP caliber hitter. Except we didn't know it at the time...and certainly without enough confidence to roll the dice by throwing money all over the place. As has been mentioned many times, nobody expected Nate Jones to be hurt or the bullpen to be such a disaster or Reed wouldn't have been traded....but that's all hindsight. We knew that we needed to give Flowers, Beckham, Viciedo and DeAza (to a lesser extent) one more season. All the answers aren't there...about Flowers, Conor, Garcia (thanks to the injury) and 2B (Sanchez/M.Johnson), but, at the very least, Hahn has managed to pull this team to respectability within the span of two seasons. Eaton, when healthy, proved he could be a significant force offensively and defensively, and he accomplished that without stealing many bases. That's a heckuva lot more than the Cubs have been able to accomplish in 4-5 years. Let's keep in mind that our core group of prospects in Anderson, Montas, Danish, Hawkins and Micah Johnson still hasn't been touched. We have a set of two distinct gambles going on here, one is winning within the next two years with LaRoche, Duke, Robertson, Alexei Ramirez and Samardzija....and then the next wave will arrive and make an impact beginning with Rodon and extending beyond those five prospects already named. It's still a 79-83 win team as currently constructed, but it's arguably one more starter and LF away from being at that magical 86-88 win total that ANYTHING can happen, as proven by the Royals and Giants as recently as last season. well said.
  17. peppers312

    Sox have contacted Max Scherzer

    listen, let's just squash EVERYONE'S dreams. we're not get Scherzer. if we're didn't give Chris Sale a max deal, there's NO WAY in hell Hahn & Co. will pony up the ~$25M Scherzer will be asking.
  18. peppers312

    Crazy, Wild, Wonderful December

    does anyone honestly believe that the White Sox payroll going into next season is going to be over $100M? better yet even $90M?!
  19. peppers312

    Dodgers aggressively pursuing Alexei

    yeah if Alexei is going anywhere, Rick better make sure that team is taking Danks and his contract too. similar to how the Cabrera + Dontrelle Willis deal years ago to DET. we have to unload Danks' contract.
  20. peppers312

    White Sox sign Zach Duke, 3 years, $15 million

    signing a left-handedm ground-ball, relief pitcher for $5M a year is a steal compared to Miller who will want 4 years/$40M. i'm OK with this move Ricky Hahn.
  21. peppers312

    When do you fire Robin?

    QUOTE (caulfield12 @ Jul 9, 2014 -> 10:35 PM) Beckham, DeAza, Danks, Dunn, Viciedo and Ramirez. They GONE! Ramirez? he's one of the top SS in the AL and you want them to get rid of him? this is probably the most ignorant post i've ever seen.
  22. peppers312

    Sox officially sign Rodon

    QUOTE (Chicago White Sox @ Jul 9, 2014 -> 11:42 PM) How much was slot? Seems like he got a lot over. Regardless, this is great news. he was slotted at $5.7M and got $6.45. i'm not going to gripe about another $750K if this kid ends up being our #1 prospect. great news this morning!
  23. peppers312

    One of the worst Sox losses I've ever witnessed

    i've had a few days to mull this over and there's NO reason Sale should have been in there to face Trout. NOPE. HORRIBLE coaching by Robin AND Coop to let him stay in there that long. now, i'm sure Sale wanted to face Trout after Coop talked to him, but the fact is this kid is coming off the flexor injury that landed him on the DL, he was already at 110-115 pitches, there's absolutely NO reason he should have been in there. let the bullpen hold that lead and get out of the inning. poor decision that i believe cost the White Sox 2 games, including Sunday's loss because they look deflated that game because of Saturday night's game.
  24. peppers312

    The Natural

    The Indians' dominance over the White Sox finally came to an end Thursday night. And thanks to Cuban slugger Jose Abreu, the tide could be turning between these AL Central foes for a long time to come. Abreu went deep off Indians starter Danny Salazar in the second inning and again in the fifth off reliever Josh Outman. If you thought Abreu's multi-homer night was just a fluke, you're wrong... http://msn.foxsports.com/ohio/story/photo-...baseball-041114 i'm sold.
  25. peppers312

    The Natural

    whether it's true or not, it was taken from the FOX Sports Ohio site. it would seem odd that they would care so much about a Chicago player if it didn't happen.