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  1. smellysox

    Jimmy Cordero...the forgotten breakout candidate

    With the announcement of Kopech and Crochet starting the season in the pen and figuring a 13 man pitching staff? Dont really know how TLR will do it - not to mention what to do with Lopez? Unless Cordero has a lights out spring he's the odd man out. No room on this staff.
  2. smellysox

    FS: Preseason 2021 Top 30 Prospects List 1-30

    This prospect list is so good! There really is alot of talent in this system. And dear God! That Kannapolis rotation. That's going to be fun to watch!
  3. smellysox

    Spring Training thread

    Fegan interview with Rodon, "Whitesox only have talked to me about starting." Maybe the sox are serious about a 6 man rotation? Maybe having Rodon starting the 5th day and Crochet or Kopech starting the 6th?
  4. smellysox

    Spring Training thread

    No kidding! Me too!
  5. smellysox

    Did We Go Cheap Not Signing Another Bat?

    Al's cheesy beef says his source says that Cespedes to the whitesox is a real possibility. Would start 4 days a week rotating between LF, RF, and DH. NSCishek made it sound like a possibility too. Maybe this needs its own thread.
  6. smellysox

    So a Giolito extension...

    Yes. Well said. There are to many variables that can affect that right now or as they say "we have bigger fish to fry."
  7. smellysox

    Dodgers sign Bauer (3/102, opt-outs, 40-45-17)

    Padres /Dodgers rivalry will be fun! Great addition to a very good staff.
  8. smellysox

    FutureSox Top Prospects: Starting Pitchers

    Aaron, are the Bears really getting Wentz? If true, I hope they get some draft picks in return. That's a huge contract he signed. I agree with you on this group of starting pitching.
  9. smellysox

    Getz is promoted to Ast GM

    Who was in this position before Getz? Nick Hostetler is still there too right?
  10. smellysox

    Folty signs with Rangers

    What??! Where did that come from???
  11. smellysox

    Hector wrong. Again. - Cruz back with Min

    Nomar Mazara must be coming.
  12. smellysox

    Hector wrong. Again. - Cruz back with Min

    Well at least Lambert seems to be healthy. So does that make him our #8 starter? Also, Cade McClure is getting some positive talk. Not sure if the sox still have any plans for him as a starter but could be a bullpen piece.
  13. smellysox

    Hector wrong. Again. - Cruz back with Min

    I thought somebody wrote an article about this very subject of who's in charge or what happens to the whitesox when Jerry steps down, leaves, or passes. If I remember correctly They're not really sure what would happen. If there would be a new chairman of the board - from someone already serving on the board? Or a new invester buying in? I guess it's a complicated structure that has been kept from the public eyes. Edit: I guess he strongly urges to sell the team in his will. According to the Chicago Tribune article. Although in that same article one of his sons wasn't sure if he would sell
  14. smellysox

    Hector wrong. Again. - Cruz back with Min

    Stone will say, "no not at all. Can I be any more clear?"
  15. smellysox

    Hector wrong. Again. - Cruz back with Min

    So to recap today's events. Hector would like to see Cruz with the Whitesox "fits good in their lineup ". Not Cishek dm if no universal dh, could end up with sox. Als cheesy beef seems to really be pushing the Jerry loves Cruz narrative. Steve Stone says Cruz is not coming here. And the Twins beat rider says talks are dead between cruz and the Twins. Did I miss anything? No I'm not including the argument between my buddy Orlando and bucket.