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  1. smellysox

    All Star James McCann

    I agree! Extend this guy. Get it done.
  2. smellysox

    Robert to Charlotte? Per his Instagram

    Nope. You're definitely not alone in thinking that. I saw someone mentioned Moncada. He has a very high ceiling too. They both will be allstars and at premium positions. Normally I would say jumping 4 levels in 1 season is to fast. And it maybe to fast for Robert. But he is so talented and with so many tools! Just 2 months ago he was at W/S! It also wouldn't surprise me if Omar Vizquel has been talking to Hahn, and to the organization about Robert ( Madrigal too for that matter). That he's ready for AAA or more. You've gotta think Vizquel has a good eye for talent, IQ, and all the little things that are important in a player. He's managed him in each of the last 2 seasons. I know I would be interested in his take on him.
  3. This is very interesting. Thanks for doing this bmags! Breaking all of this down - this does give me some hope for player development.
  4. smellysox

    An unmitigated disaster

    I don't want to place blame on injuries either. But that is a lot of torn ligaments for pitchers. I mean like red flags going up alot! I really wonder if there's any other organization that has more tjs for there pitchers than the whitesox? And don't forget, Carlos Rodon at the major league level too.
  5. smellysox

    July 2, 2019 The Thread

    I imagine he would. I mean each team is going to also report their own signings. Or at least the players they want us to know about. Jesse Sanchez at mlb.com May rank them. I don't know if he's going to take the same stance?
  6. smellysox

    July 2, 2019 The Thread

    Oh, I totally agree. I think that's a solid haul of guys. And if they do that again with the younger Tatis brother, a few other mid tier guys, and Sanchez. That's potential for a good haul too. I forgot where I read it - may have been from Soxfest?- but someone asked Hahn about this J2 signing period coming up and being out of the penalty. I thought he alluded to that we were going to sign some kids and it would be announced then. Sorry. If I remember and find it then I'll link it.
  7. smellysox

    July 2, 2019 The Thread

    My gut tells me They're going to roll out 3 - 4 kids with bonuses between $300 - $500k. None will be top 30 or even top 40 - just mid tier talent.
  8. smellysox

    July 2, 2019 The Thread

    That's a good point. They very well may have. But one name I thought the Sox are tied to was the younger Tatis brother? $400 - $500k? I guess he's not a top 40 prospect. But I thought it was for this upcoming J2 class. And that's still a sizable bonus.
  9. smellysox

    2019 Prospect Development Check-in

    I love this post! I pretty much agree with most of your groupings. Except for maybe Bush. He's only a year removed from high school and maybe not as raw as at the beginning of the season. Honestly, I'm not sure what my expectations were for him. One player that is a positive that's not mentioned here is Cade McClure. I realize he's not top 30. But he's probably not to far from it. He's been pretty good since coming back from his injury last year - and see he's been promoted to the dash. Rutherford and Hansen have shown signs here and there. But definitely disappointing. Still plenty of time to turn things around for some of these guys. And now the short season teams are starting. So I'm hopeful. But the injuries have been like a 100 year storm with this organization. Yeah I get what you're saying about Getz and the responsibility for player development. But I think I would still take Cris Getz over Buddy Bell and whatever he was doing with us. Lol
  10. smellysox

    ***Day 2 MLB Draft Thread Rounds 3-10***

    I mean the other real talent. 😉
  11. smellysox

    ***Day 2 MLB Draft Thread Rounds 3-10***

    This has been their draft strategy the last few years. Always 3-4 senior signs in the top10 rounds. To help keep the real talent.
  12. smellysox

    2019 MLB draft thread

    Yeah he does. And the Royals seem to be all in on Witt for shortstop.
  13. Yeah, he's the only Guerrero who can't hit.
  14. smellysox

    Future White Sox Lineup #GetExcited

    I completely agree
  15. smellysox

    Hahn on 670 Tonight

    You're absolutely right! We have seen the free agents for the next 2 years. We know who they are and there is no one - not even close - to Harper/Machado. 2 guys about to enter their prime. This was their chance. They were blindsided by the Padres. And Sadly, Rick, Kenny, and Jerry STILL don't understand why Manny didn't choose the Sox.