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  1. smellysox

    2019 MLB draft thread

    Yeah he does. And the Royals seem to be all in on Witt for shortstop.
  2. Yeah, he's the only Guerrero who can't hit.
  3. smellysox

    Future White Sox Lineup #GetExcited

    I completely agree
  4. smellysox

    Hahn on 670 Tonight

    You're absolutely right! We have seen the free agents for the next 2 years. We know who they are and there is no one - not even close - to Harper/Machado. 2 guys about to enter their prime. This was their chance. They were blindsided by the Padres. And Sadly, Rick, Kenny, and Jerry STILL don't understand why Manny didn't choose the Sox.
  5. smellysox

    Harper to Phillies 13yr/330 mil

    Because they know that the real problem is his boss and the chairman.
  6. smellysox

    Harper to Phillies 13yr/330 mil

    I thought wsd said the same thing here on soxtalk over at the Manny thread.
  7. smellysox

    Goodbye Soxtalk

    Well I enjoyed your posts. And I completely understand. Good luck to you and your family.
  8. smellysox

    Harper to Phillies 13yr/330 mil

    You have my vote. Sounds like a plan!
  9. smellysox

    Machado signs with Padres 10/300

    Kenny always gets his man!
  10. smellysox

    Machado signs with Padres 10/300

    Ok? What does that mean?
  11. smellysox

    Machado signs with Padres 10/300

    Sorry guys, I'm going to be out a while trying tp process this. My team, the one I wholeheartedly pledge my allegiance to, planned for this offseason for 2 to 3 years? They didn't lose out to the Yankees, or the Phillies--but to the Padres?! That's just unacceptable. Oh and wait till we play them in interleague games. And see him and Tatis in that infield - won't that be a kick to the sack! Sadly, mlb fans everywhere today are saying it -" glad I'm not a sox fan. Hate to be them today". I don't know what to say.
  12. smellysox

    Machado signs with Padres 10/300

    Yeah I know right? I saw our very own A Lemming (SoCalSox) arguing with him, calling him a fake.
  13. smellysox

    Machado signs with Padres 10/300

    Yeah that mlb insider guy from that account is supposedly going to reveal who he is once all of the remaining FA have signed. And then he says that we will see why he is so connected and why the Dodgers trust him. Idk. We shall see.
  14. smellysox

    Machado signs with Padres 10/300

    Yeah we commented on it. I guess what started it was Rosenthal's tweet. He thinks that its not true at all and is a plant for Lozano.
  15. smellysox

    Machado signs with Padres 10/300

    Well it was original I'll give him that. But one big hole in his story was SD's fake interest in Harper. Rosenthal said tonight that all 3 teams are in on him. And an offer was made. Now the Padres FO and the ownership may not agree on who would be the better acquisition. But it does seem they are in on Harper. I like how JR comes in and saves the day with a $305 million contract. $5 million over SD - which is the other thing I find hard to believe is that SD could afford a $300 million salary. Oh well. The Sox win. I do love happy endings. Lol