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  1. smellysox


    Has RR announced who's getting the start in tomorrow's game? Edit: I see Cease got the call.
  2. smellysox

    9/18 White Sox @ Reds at 6:10

    Yeah and I'm done with the Mazara experiment. I know he got on base tonight. But He doesn't do anything for this team. From here on out I start Engel everyday in right. Get him ready for the playoffs. Your lineup is better with him. Your defense is better with him.
  3. smellysox

    9/18 White Sox @ Reds at 6:10

    Yes there are many holes in this lineup right now.
  4. smellysox

    9/18 White Sox @ Reds at 6:10

    The backend of my playoff bullpen for me right now: Colome Heuer Bummer Crochet Foster Keep Marshall coming out in the middle. Detwiler and Gonzalez long relief. No way I give the ball to Cishek
  5. smellysox

    9/18 White Sox @ Reds at 6:10

    How did anyone ever hit him at Tennessee?
  6. smellysox

    Tim Anderson's Don't Come Along Often

    Yeah he really is amazing and would for sure be an all star this season had there been an all star game. He could finish this season seriously batting close to .400! It amazes me that just a month ago people on this board were asking for Robert to lead off and to bat Tim at 7 or where ever in the lineup. No way let Timmy set the table!
  7. smellysox

    The LEGEND of Luis Robert ESPN feature article

    Now with the slump Robert is in has Lewis now passed him for rookie of the year?
  8. smellysox


    Marshall was my pitcher of the game!
  9. smellysox

    Sox vs Twins. 9/14 - 7:10

    Didn't Rosario leave the game yesterday hurt? I thought he sprang his wrist.
  10. Does anyone see the Cubs getting past the Padres or Dodgers?
  11. smellysox


    So how will the sox line up there pitching against the twins? Cease, Dunning, Giolito, and maybe Keuchel?
  12. smellysox

    Don’t Fire Frank Menechino Thread

    Yeah they were interviewing him a day or 2 ago asking him about Mazara. He was explaining how he's in between mechanics on his swing. In a nice way trying to explain the lack of homeruns with him. I kinda think he wanted to say Mazara's not good. Lol
  13. smellysox

    Don’t Fire Frank Menechino Thread

    Lol. Yeah he's not going anywhere.
  14. smellysox

    Stiever to start Sunday

    This is true about Fry. Would think that he's eligible to return this week?