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  1. smellysox

    MLB cheating scandal

    If the pitcher and the catcher can recognize what's going on and certainly the batter in the batters box who its being communicated to, then I'm sure after a while the ump can distinguish it fromthe dugout vs. the stands. And certainly I would think the 3rd base or 1sr base ump would be able to tell depending on which dugout that its coming from. Listen, the umps don't need to know the specifics of the thumps. Just that they should be able to recognize that They're signaling something. Could be cheating. That's all I'm trying to say.
  2. smellysox

    MLB cheating scandal

    Well speaking of not doing anything, what about the umpires for the last 3 years? I mean think about it, its generally the same crew working the 3 or 4 game series. So at Houston the home plate umpire never heard the Bam noise with the bat right before each pitch Or the 3rd base coach? I'm sure after a while you could figure out what was going on. And I'm sure some crews even talked about it in there own locker rooms. Again I'm talking about 3 seasons! You might say this is outside the grounds of what they govern on a day to day basis. But I ask why? They can eject anyone caught cheating with a corked bat, too much pine tar, sandpaper, scuffed balls, etc. Etc. I know they hear what's going on in the dugout. They're quick to question anyone being critical of one of their calls from there. Right?
  3. smellysox

    Offseason 2019-2020 MLB Catch All Thread

    If they are they definitely have the prospects for a trade involving Bryant. Bleacher Report has the Twins as the 9th best farm system going into this year. Secondly, if they are trying to trade for Bryant then the Twins must feel pretty confident that Bryant is going to lose his grievance. So Twins would have him for 2 years. Not sure they would do this for a 1 year rental.
  4. smellysox

    Steve Stone: more bullpen help is coming

    No thanks, I'll pass on Hader. And I am a Hader fan. Having a weapon like that out of the bullpen = more than a few wins. But at what cost? You're top 3 or 4 remaining prospects? Your 1st baseman and 2nd baseman of the future? Again, no way.
  5. smellysox

    Steve Stone stays in White Sox booth

    You're right about the radio. That is rough to listen to. I miss John Rooney.
  6. smellysox

    White Sox Sign Robert to Extension

    What about Eloy last year? 31 bombs as a rookie.
  7. smellysox

    Steve Stone stays in White Sox booth

    They are a good pair - a great pair! But my favorite pair is Hawk and Wimpy. Those late 80's and 90's broadcasts were great. Alot of good memories and good whitesox teams then. I really do believe the sox would have went to the WS in 94 had it not been for the strike. I remember Hawk finding out live on air of his very good friend Don Drysdale passing away and Wimpy having to take over for an inning or 2. But I really do enjoy the Steve and Jason pairing. Better than the Steve and Hawk pairing and much better than the Hawk and Darren pairing.
  8. Rankin I know it's still a little early but when are we going to get a new top 30 prospect list at futuresox?
  9. I would think the sox make this official this week. I'm sure they need a physical or whatever loose ends to wrap up. I'm not even sure he needs to fly here to do that.
  10. Love hearing about guys like this! Thanks for posting. Love Futuresox.
  11. smellysox

    White Sox Sign Robert to Extension

    Was it Albert Belle ? His 2nd year with the whitesox was incredible. He was almost a 50/50 guy. 2bs, hrs.
  12. smellysox

    Here’s A Laugh

    I really enjoyed your article there Jose. It's an aspect of the whitesox that you really don't think about that much. But this does make me ask how many gold gloves will the whitesox win in the next 5 - 6 years? I got to think possibly Moncada at 3rd and Madrigal at 2nd? I'm sure not next year but a good chance later on?
  13. smellysox

    Offseason 2019-2020 MLB Catch All Thread

    I heard a week ago on MLB network that maybe Arizona takes a swing on Ozuna or he returns back to St. Louis. Castellanos? Yeah wow. Idk. I mean you're right I keep seeing the Rangers showing interest but they have like 1000 of's. They're still waiting to make that big splash. Puig is screwed.
  14. smellysox

    What are we waiting on?

    You are correct they are closed for business until January 6th
  15. smellysox

    Steve Stone: more bullpen help is coming

    I'm not sure I would trade for Givens either. Last year he wasn't the greatest out of the bullpen for Baltimore as compared to years past. I don't care about his salary, I just think that there might be better options either in a trade or FA. But I'm a guy who really doesn't like Colome either. I feel his stats aren't a true reflection to how he's pitched. He's had alot of good luck with us. Maybe the Sox feel internally they will have Ty Johnson as an option in a year to replace him.