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  1. TheTruth05

    Rick Hahn on The Score @10am

    Hard hitters only!
  2. TheTruth05

    Sox in on MadBum

  3. TheTruth05

    On to Plan B

    Don’t want to afford* That’s the infuriating part
  4. TheTruth05

    On to Plan B

    I'd be fine with Ryu and Wood at this point.
  5. TheTruth05

    Sox in on MadBum

    seeing $100 mill number being thrown around for MadBum is making me nauseous. I hate that we won't fight for the top dogs, fuckin JR..
  6. Maybe missing out really does open up the door again, we can only hope i suppose.
  7. I don't blame them for not trying any harder. It would have been stupid to massively overpay an already higher offer. See ya Zach!
  8. I'm positive that this "K4ng" person is a FO burner account. It just has to be.
  9. I respect the Phils for spending but i found this tweet funny
  10. Yup, if Sox stuck to their guns over $10 mill (which i believe is likely) then they are very bad at this.
  11. Not the end of the world but a very reachable spot for the Sox.Player Evals or not, with them taking themselves out of the Cole/Stras running they continue to half ass FA
  12. TheTruth05

    Cole Hamels to the Braves, 1 year $18 Million.

    Garfein punching air right now
  13. Some have already made plans for the burial of their Wheeler dreams
  14. Unless it gets into Strasburg stratosphere, Sox need to nail this down. Get your guy and worry about a possible payroll crunch down the line for once