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  1. TheTruth05

    What is up with Lucas Giolito?

    He's just not good, his peripherals and eye test are pointing to him just not having the stuff he once had. It happens,prospects fail. Although imagine if he was the centerpiece of the Sale trade that was rumored with the Nats. Yikes.
  2. They've been over this game since the 2nd lol
  3. Can't catch the ball and when he does he can't frame.
  4. this guy is supposed to be the main starter the rest of the year? jesus christ our staff is screwed.
  5. lol not gonna lie that's so bad it's funny.
  6. Rondon is only 24. I thought he was for sure like 30
  7. Hopefully Rodon/Kopech/Lopez/Stephens/ maybe Covey?
  8. Beck looks so much like Fulmer except he actually throws strikes
  9. Yup, this is the thing that sucks most about Castillo's f*** up. Gio can barely throw strikes as it is.
  10. I did not know about his back being stiff,thanks for that.
  11. TheTruth05

    Leury to DL, Gonzalez and Tilson up

    I definitely thinks that's the idea, all depends on Smith's ankle. Hopefully it was just precautionary. I wish we could get a timeline on Leury's knee though, he will be sorely missed.