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  1. TheTruth05


  2. TheTruth05

    Renteria goes on pregame anti-analytics rant

    This makes a lot of sense at least, now we know a big reason why he is a terrible manager
  3. TheTruth05

    White Sox vs Twins 8/20/2019

    Is it so hard to have these top 4 everyday?
  4. Dude made 41 mil in his career. Guessing he blew through that
  5. McCaffery will be in a bad offense but he is the center of it. I think I would go Kamara as well.
  6. TheTruth05

    White Sox vs Twins

    That was meat from Aaron
  7. TheTruth05

    White Sox vs Twins

    Considering it was Yolmer we should definitely be happy it wasn’t one of the latter
  8. TheTruth05

    8/19 Games

    I just meant how bad the Charlotte staff is in general outside of Cease, but I agree with you It’s not exclusive to the Sox
  9. TheTruth05

    White Sox vs Twins

    Can’t wait for another #AlwaysBunt tweet from the Sox account 🤦🏼‍♂️
  10. TheTruth05

    8/19 Games

    Sad pitching depth in our upper minors
  11. TheTruth05

    8/19 Games

    Have a night Charlotte!
  12. TheTruth05

    White Sox vs Twins

    This lineup is a troll job.
  13. TheTruth05

    8/19 Games

    Don't even sweat it Bama, you're always spot on starting this thread up daily
  14. TheTruth05

    8/19 Games

  15. TheTruth05

    8/18 Games

    Kluber left after 20 pitches in the Charlotte game