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  1. TheTruth05

    4/21 White Sox @ Tigers | 12:10 PM CT | Lopez v Norris

    I really do hate losing to the Tigers the most out of any of the ALC opponents.
  2. TheTruth05

    4/20 #CeaseDayPt2

    HIGHLY unlikely.he would have play neither of the DH games if that was the case
  3. TheTruth05

    4/20 #CeaseDayPt2

    Yup me either but he’s young enough where it wouldn’t worry me like other older guys.
  4. TheTruth05

    4/20 #CeaseDayPt2

    Let him take his lumps.if he’s still struggling in a month then he might need to take a step back to regain some confidence
  5. Eloy needs to get a day off for this innings.yikes
  6. I don’t care about that throwaway homer. It’s been Colome/Herrera/Burr for the bullpen and that’s it. Bañuelos should be the 5th starter
  7. This Greiner dude picking up where victor martinez left off
  8. I honestly do now. How nice would it be if him and Eloy chase each other all summer