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  1. Bigsoxhurt35

    3/10 Sox vs. Brew Crew on MLB Network

    Man I love Avi Garcia.
  2. Bigsoxhurt35

    3/4 ST vs. Indians

    Man I'm excited for this year even though I'm not expecting much
  3. Bigsoxhurt35

    3/3 ST vs. Royals

    How's the team looking? Haven't seen any been working all day. Know Abreu isn't playing.
  4. Bigsoxhurt35

    Batting 2nd

    He's batting third today.
  5. Carlos Quentin. Got a signed jersey.
  6. Bigsoxhurt35


    Can't wait. Glad it's on mlb network!
  7. Bigsoxhurt35

    Sox Claim Maikel Cleto, P

    Hopefully coop can get him going.
  8. Bigsoxhurt35

    Paulino apparently ahead of Rienzo

    QUOTE (Dick Allen @ Feb 24, 2014 -> 03:54 PM) Why is signing over 30 year old pitchers a bad idea, yet so many expect an over 30 pitcher who has pitched a combined 37 innings the last 2 years to suddenly set a career high in IP? That's not what I'm expecting. He's injury prone and maybe a good fourth for us. Hopefully more but not banking on it. But I don't want to give up a high 2nd round pick for Santana.
  9. Bigsoxhurt35

    Paulino apparently ahead of Rienzo

    I'm fine with this. Rienzo needs to work on his command at triple A. Hopefully Paulino can stay healthy. Would be nice and have Danks get back close to his usual self.
  10. Bigsoxhurt35

    Asking Prices Beginning to Fall

    Ya I did see that he's following a lot of people from various teams.
  11. Bigsoxhurt35

    Destinations for De Aza

    I haven't looked at the pirates but I've wondered if they were a fit. I thought they needed a bat
  12. Bigsoxhurt35

    Asking Prices Beginning to Fall

    Hmmm...not a fan of it. Especially losing a high 2nd rd pick which we desperately need. It is weird
  13. Bigsoxhurt35

    Destinations for De Aza

    I think Cruz will be going to Seattle but well see.
  14. Bigsoxhurt35

    Sox breakout player for 2014?

    Anyone who'd pay an expensive contract to either of those pitchers is crazy, let alone give up a high second round pick with our crappy farm system.
  15. Bigsoxhurt35

    Kenny never wanted to rebuild, he's always hated young players &am

    Just glad KW isn't the GM. Hopefully Hahn continues rebuilding this organization over the next few years and we can be serious contenders year in year out.
  16. Bigsoxhurt35

    2014 Draft class

    We're going pitching at #3 so I hope we land a great starting pitcher to go with Sale and Quintana.
  17. Bigsoxhurt35

    ESPN predicts Sox at 71-91

    I hope for 85 wins. And hope too see the young players develop and stay healthy.
  18. Bigsoxhurt35

    Batting Order Options

    As long as flowers isn't in the lineup I don't care lol.
  19. Bigsoxhurt35

    Grab a SP now

    No way in hell I'd touch any of the guys that'd be expensive and give up a pick. I'd be ok with a guy like Hanson and see if coop can get him back to being something decent
  20. Bigsoxhurt35

    Ventura to get extended

    I don't get this move. He doesn't seem like he wants the be the manager. Too robotic.
  21. Bigsoxhurt35

    Hahn's next move?

    I wouldn't touch one of these 30 yr old starters long term. Doesn't match what direction were going. Much rather try a guy like Tommy Hanson and see if Coop can resurrect him.
  22. Bigsoxhurt35

    Astros C Jason Castro

    QUOTE (Jose Abreu @ Jan 7, 2014 -> 03:28 PM) In an MLBTR live chat, Steve Adams said that he thinks Jose Lobaton would be a good fit here. http://www.coveritlive.com/index2.php/opti...m/titlePage=off Wasn't lobaton rumored to be coming as part of a trade a couple months ago?
  23. Bigsoxhurt35

    Hahn's next move?

    Unless Davidson falls flat on his face this spring, he's starting.
  24. Bigsoxhurt35

    2014 Catching Scenarios

    QUOTE (Jake @ Jan 22, 2014 -> 09:34 PM) Welcome! Thanks man. First season I'm truly looking forward to. Gona be some growing pains for sure but can't be any worse than last year. Hope to see our young guys develop...mainly these hitters.
  25. Bigsoxhurt35

    2014 Catching Scenarios

    Hey guys, long time sox fan. Just found this site from woods of Ypres. Been looking for a great sox board. I'm the only sox fan here in charleston,sc. Grew up in ohio though and Frank Thomas was my favorite player so I picked the sox. Meanwhile all my friends liked the tigers and Indians. Just telling ya a little about me so you don't think I'm a troll lol. Excited for this season finally with a young core of players to look forward to the future. Wish we got tanaka but at least we tried. It's all I ask for. Still wishing we trade for a catcher. I know Wieters was on the block but he's probably too costly and a boras client so no extension could be worked out likely. Hope we can flip De Aza for a catcher. Can't stomach any of his little league base running.