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    Astros interested in Abreu?

    Martes has really fallen off in 2017 and 2018, to the point where he cannot be considered a center piece of any potential trade. He's still young and can bounce back, but the results have been rough so far.
  2. steveno89

    MLB Pipeline Updated Top 100

    The Rutherford vs. Adolfo is an interesting debate. Dunning is showing why he is a rock solid prospect this season, not missing a beat after the promotion to AA. He's the safest bet in our system to be a quality mid rotation starter. Cease has performed well so far. If he keeps this up against AA competition I'd expect him to be firmly in the top 50. Hansen needs to prove he is healthy.
  3. steveno89

    Astros interested in Abreu?

    I would not expect a "haul" in return for Abreu, especially from a team like the Astros.
  4. I will agree with that. He has not proven himself from a health standpoint, making him a 2020 question mark for me.
  5. steveno89

    Kopech "getting closer"

    If he's walking AAA hitters at this rate right now, more patient MLB hitters would eat him alive. He should be down in AAA all year to work on command/control. No reason to rush a player that clearly is not ready for the show yet. The argument could be made that Dunning could be pushed to AAA later this season, as he is pretty clearly our most advanced pitching prospect in the system.
  6. We absolutely do not have too much starting pitching. Out of all of these guys, who has actually proven anything at the mlb level? None of them in my opinion so far. Injuries, poor performance, prospects busting, etc. are all a huge factor moving forward. None of our guys would I be comfortable penciling in for the 2020 rotation as of right now until they prove more. Is Covey for real? Remains to be seen. Can Lopez continue to develop? Is Giolito a bust? Can Kopech cut down on the walks? Etc. Ideally we should be able to come up with most of a starting rotation internally, but I still would like us to sign a quality proven veteran at the right time to lead a young staff.
  7. steveno89

    Fangraphs Top 131 Prospects List

    The player you are describing would be one of the best prospects in baseball^
  8. steveno89

    Dylan Covey

    I almost can't believe people are asking if we should try to trade Covey. He is looking more and more like a future piece of the rebuild. A 26 year old solid starting pitcher is something we should develop and keep, not try to flip.
  9. steveno89

    How eventful will be this years deadline?

    Especially considering how expensive elite bullpen help can be at the deadline. If we eat some salary, Soria should be pretty easy to move. Jones and Avilan could bring something interesting back as well. Nothing we trade will land us top prospects, but I'm in favor of continuing to build up the farm.
  10. steveno89

    Fangraphs Top 131 Prospects List

    What do we feel Collins mlb ETA is at this point? Summer 2019? Later? Quality defense from a catcher is so important at the mlb level.
  11. steveno89

    Fangraphs Top 131 Prospects List

    With how crucial the catcher position is, it wouldn't be surprising to see the Sox look for one early in the draft
  12. steveno89

    How eventful will be this years deadline?

    I'm surprised how many seem to think we won't be able to "afford" Rodon down the line. Right now he is 3.5 seasons away from free agency and has a long way to proving 1) he is healthy 2) he is a quality starter. Pure stuff alone will not be able to overcome injury concerns when it comes to a big contract. If Rodon finishes this season and next fully healthy and effective, we could start considering an extension two full seasons away from free agency. If he keeps getting hurt there will not be a big free agent payday.
  13. steveno89

    Race for the worst 2018 record (Top 5 pick) again

    I have no issue calling up Eloy the third week of the 2019 season. He has performed well, but spending time in AAA will only help his overall development.
  14. steveno89

    Passan analyzes 2018-19 FA class, Harper vs. Machado

    Maybe so, but it's about time that we start getting more aggressive with promotions to figure out what we have. The toughest jump a player makes is typically from high A to AA ball. It's sink or swim.
  15. steveno89

    Passan analyzes 2018-19 FA class, Harper vs. Machado

    We had better be able to scrounge together two or three starting outfielders moving forward from: Eloy, Robert, Rutherford, Gonzalez, Basabe, Adolfo, Walker, Booker, Call, Polo, Cordell If not, our rebuild is likely screwed.