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  1. It's not just unloading Heyward's contract, it would be unloading his contract without taking significant bad salary in return, which is not going to happen
  2. I do not buy the Cubs as being in on either player. Their payroll is projected to come in around $220 million for 2019 already, adding Machado/Harper would push them way into luxury tax hell and strip them of any flexibility moving forward.
  3. I think the Harper meeting is going to be pretty influential tomorrow as to what plays out with Machado
  4. Have a feeling we don't have Machado resolution until mid next week
  5. F*ck, how freaking nice would it be to go into this weekend having signed Machado? I can taste those beers already #108ing
  6. Nationals challenge is that they are already over $200 million in lux tax payroll right now. Signing Harper would likely mean they lose Rendon next year.
  7. I actually liked Dan Clark previously and would follow his work. He has been a disaster this offseason and doubled down on what was obviously BS info. Hey, at least he is eating it and deleted his account?
  8. Harper back to the Nationals makes sense, but the Nationals are now over $200 million in payroll BEFORE potentially signing Harper. Signing him would easily push them into the luxury tax, and leave them with zero flexibility moving forward.
  9. Chances for Harper are considerably lower than for Machado I would say. Sox are still monitoring Harper's market, but I would not expect them to meet absurd contract demands Boras will have.
  10. Interesting to note that we have heard nothing with regards to the White Sox and Harper in nearly a month, but technically we are not "out" on him. Machado must be more likely to ink?
  11. The only reason Madrigal did not play SS in college was because Caden Grenier was the best defensive SS in the country. Madrigal could likely be serviceable at SS, and above average at 2B defensively.
  12. The whole league would be in on a player like Trout. Now is the time to nab a premium free agent with limited competition for them
  13. Season tickets are the least of the concerns. If the front office can not deliver, I think they will be very hard pressed to convince fans that this rebuild will actually work. I always try to remain optimistic, but this is a pivotal moment for the franchise that they cannot let slip away.
  14. If Machado does not sign with the Sox, the entire fanbase will have a complete meltdown at this point