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  1. steveno89

    FutureSox has a Patreon - consider supporting!

    $2?? Done and done Let me know if I can help support in any other way as well. Appreciate the work you guys do.
  2. steveno89

    Adolfo out for 2019

    Our farm has been decimated by injuries, it's almost unbelievable at this point
  3. steveno89

    Keith Law Mock 1.0

    Although the Sox seem to prefer the "Safer" college bats in recent drafts, when selecting top three they really should be looking at highest upside possible. I'd be intrigued to select Witt Jr. or Abrams, as an up the middle pick is a better draft "value" in my opinion. Unless Vaughn rakes, he's completely useless.
  4. steveno89

    2019 MLB draft thread

    If Adley and Vaughn are off the board, I really hope Witt Jr. or Abrams is the pick instead of reaching for a college player. This organization needs a pipeline of talent for down the road as well, and while a high school player does not ideally fit into our current rebuild schedule, not taking BPA would be a mistake.
  5. steveno89

    Sox interested in Yolbert Sanchez

    I think you have to look at it from the standpoint that you cannot teach elite defense at SS, that is rare talent. With any improvement in strength or hit tool, you are looking at a MLB starting SS, super valuable.
  6. steveno89

    Spring Training Thread

    Indians still control Lindor for the next three seasons, I feel the uproar is totally overblown. The team very well could end up extending him in a season or two, you never know?
  7. steveno89

    2019 MLB draft thread

    I really do not see Adley falling to #3 at this point. We are likely looking between Witt Jr., Vaughn, + the field for the #3 overall.
  8. steveno89

    Luis Robert to Start Season in A+

    I agree with you completely. Like Dick Allen just said, Robert is a combine star who has yet to be healthy and reach the massive potential. He certainly could be a player who clicks in 2019 and has a major breakout season, or could get injured again and disappoint.
  9. steveno89

    Luis Robert to Start Season in A+

    I do not think Robert has shown the plus hit tool he would need to end up as a top five overall prospect. He seems to have a 50/55 grade hit tool at best, which will hold him back some.
  10. steveno89

    Dallas Keuchel time is now.

    2019 is a total rebuilding season anyways, why bother signing Keuchel to a 2-3 year deal right now?
  11. steveno89

    Eloy officially got paid

    Worst case the Sox will still control Eloy for the next seven seasons. I'm not at all worried about an extension until he proves himself at the mlb level + remains healthy.
  12. steveno89

    Who is your top 2019-20 free agent target

    Really depends on which Cole shows up in 2019. If he puts up another 6+ WAR season he is ticketed for $130-150 million over 5-6 years. If he puts up a 3 WAR season then I think he's getting 4-5 years and $80-100 million.
  13. steveno89

    2018-9 MLB off season free agency thread

    Qualifying offers can tend to hurt free agent's value as well. I wonder if no QO was attached how the market for Kimbrel/Keuchel would be.
  14. steveno89

    Roster Cuts Thread

    We'll all be keeping an eye on Madrigal as he starts the season in high A ball. I fully expect him to finish the second half of the season in AA though.
  15. steveno89

    Harper to Phillies 13yr/330 mil

    After what just happened this offseason, I have serious doubts about our ability to make big additions in future offseasons as well. If we weren't going to be players for 26 year old stars, why would we pony up for 29-30 year old guys? It very well may be a year early, but you cannot control when premium talent will be available for only money. Using our financial flexibility to sign elite players should absolutely be a large part of our rebuilding effort. I believe they did try hard for Machado, and felt they had the best offer until the Padres blew them out of the water at the last minute. Fault still lies with the organization for not getting it done.