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  1. steveno89


    Braves are gaining quickly! We need everyone to vote votes in to hold the slim lead!
  2. steveno89


    In fairness, Sox fans have not shown up because the on field product has been garbage for a decade
  3. steveno89


    Sox are in the finals, time to vote guys
  4. steveno89


    Sox are going to need every vote they can get to win this thing Enthusiasm for the club is running high
  5. steveno89


    Sox fans, time to get out there and vote!!!!!!
  6. steveno89

    Michael Kopech

    Service time is one thing, but this I agree with^ I believe he will be healthy and ready to go, but a month or two in AAA can go a long way towards proving his control is where it needs to be for 2020.
  7. steveno89

    Michael Kopech

    This^ 2020 is all about Kopech rebuilding his strength and being healthy. I'd expect him to be sent down to AAA for April/May and then evaluate where he is at. Anything he provides the MLB club with this year is gravy.
  8. steveno89

    What would it take to get Nolan Arenado?

    Not at all. Arenado rumors are 99.9% chance BS. 1) Arenado has a full NTC 2) Sox are not adding a massive contract to the payroll at this stage of the offseason, heavy lifting was already done 3) This would likely cost some combination of Vaughn/Madrigal/Stiever/etc. and I do not see the Sox up what limited farm resources we have 4) Arenado's splits away from Coors raise concern 5) This flat out is not happening
  9. steveno89

    PECOTA 2020

    I think Jimenez will be a beast in 2020 with at least 40 home runs if healthy
  10. steveno89

    2020 MLB Draft Thread

    Sox should really be open to selecting best prospect available regardless of position. An advanced college arm likely appeals because he could get to the majors quickly, but the organization may want to resist the urge to select quick impact over a better long term prospect. The best organizations scout and draft well year in and year out.
  11. steveno89

    Castellanos to Reds , rumored 4/64M

    I think Sox feel good about rolling the dice on Mazara for 2020 in RF. A change of scenery might really benefit him, and he can bat in the 7/8/9 hole with less pressure. Castellanos just does not seem like a fit, especially after inking Encarnacion to DH. If the Sox add they should look to a guy like Gennett/Dozier/Iglesias.
  12. steveno89

    Ozuna signs w/ Atlanta

    I'd be on board for a one year deal for Castellanos, but I do not see it happening after the Mazara trade.
  13. steveno89

    Badler Day - our 2020 Intl Review

    I know we signed Yolbert Sanchez who was touted from the 2018 class, but 2019 seemed fairly disappointing in terms of international signings. I realize we got a few guys, but hopefully we can nab some top 30 talents in the 2020 class.
  14. steveno89

    Castellanos to Reds , rumored 4/64M

    I think many teams around the league feel the same way. They would happily roll the dice on Castellanos for one season, but totally do not want to commit to such a poor defensive outfielder long term. How much do teams buy in to his outstanding two month stretch with the Cubs vs. the player he has been before? A one year deal might make sense for him because a good season would likely help him get a multi year deal next offseason, especially if he shows improved defense. As of right now I do not see him landing with the Sox