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    Garrett Crochet Called Up

    Really interesting they are calling up Crochet. I do wonder if this means Bummer/Rodon are not likely to return this season.
  2. steveno89


    I doubt the Sox rush Crochet to the majors at this stage. Why rush his development?
  3. I do not think the Sox are going to screw with one of their top prospects and ask him to play considerably out of position. Short of an injury, I think they leave him in Schaumburg and work to get him ready for the MLB in 2021
  4. steveno89

    FS: Top 30 Prospects-16-30

    Jonathan Stiever is looking like a quality draft pick^
  5. Sox would be wise to wait a few weeks and call him up late April
  6. That is not an ideal way for a true contender to go about managing a bullpen. Even though it is not always pretty, do not discount that Colome has gotten the job done for the Sox. I could see us bringing him back
  7. Bauer is going to be the most sought after free agent in what is looking to be a pretty weak overall FA class. He would be a great rotation addition, but I think he will get paid huge money given the lack of other quality SP options out there.
  8. I think the majority of Sox fans are loving every second of this ride, even the struggles, because we know what this roster is capable of doing. Nothing wrong with looking to the future, which should be very bright
  9. steveno89

    FS: Just Missed-Prospects Outside the Top 30

    Signing Colas would be a big win
  10. McCann will get paid starter money by another club this offseason. I'd love to bring him back, but I doubt it happens.
  11. I highly doubt any of the above players would be made available for trade, and if they were the cost would likely be exorbitant
  12. steveno89

    Dane Dunning - Expectations now and going forward

    Dunning throws strikes and has plus control, something I feel is huge in helping a pitcher stick in a starting rotation. I think fans will be really glad we held onto Dunning instead of dealing him.
  13. The entire core is locked up long term. Jimenez/Robert/Moncada/Madrigal/Vaughn all have lengthy control remaining
  14. steveno89

    Trade Watch Rumor

    This makes sense. Sox should look to be aggressive this offseason to add a SP via FA or trade. Kopech/Stiever/Lambert/Flores provide additional SP depth
  15. steveno89

    Dane Dunning - Expectations now and going forward

    Hendricks has outstanding control, rarely allowing walks or HR's. I'm not saying it is impossible for Dunning to develop into more, just saying it is unlikely he can become more than a mid rotation arm. Either way, he's a valuable piece.
  16. steveno89

    Dane Dunning - Expectations now and going forward

    Dunning throws strikes, Lopez does not. Dunning is a #4/5 on a quality team, a valuable rotation piece, but his stuff is unlikely to ever make him more than a mid rotation arm
  17. I think the Sox resist calling up Vaughn until 2021
  18. steveno89

    Rodon an option in the "not to distant future"

    Rodon should be moved to the bullpen full time IMO I think he could be solid in short, one or two inning stints
  19. steveno89

    Dane Dunning - Expectations now and going forward

    So far Dunning looks like he can be a really solid #4 or 5 pitcher that keeps you in ball games.
  20. steveno89

    Trade Watch Rumor

    The fact the Rangers held onto Lynn should tell you all you need to know about how high their asking price was. It made way too much sense for them to deal him at peak value and the declined to. Sox made the right call to not overpay
  21. steveno89

    Trade Watch Rumor

    maybe, I think the Sox were active in all of these trade talks, but balked at what other clubs were asking them for. Sox want to build a contender that will have mutiple playoff shots, not push too many chips in on a fluky 2020 mini season. Keep the long term vision intact.
  22. steveno89

    Trade Watch Rumor

    I do not believe that one bit^ One start does not completely change how an organization feels about a player like that
  23. steveno89

    Trade Watch Rumor

  24. steveno89

    Trade Watch Rumor

    I actually hope we do at this stage
  25. steveno89

    Trade Watch Rumor

    why overpay if a deal does not make sense?