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  1. brett05

    Tony La Russa named Manager

    I really thought our fan base was much more knowledgeable than they are showing in this thread.
  2. brett05

    Tony La Russa named Manager

    Such a great call to hire Tony. I was against it until I heard Dan Evans speak about this potential move. He was one of the first to use analytics. He's going to be great for the team. I am all aboard on this move.
  3. brett05

    RIP Ed Farmer

    Praying for his family and friends
  4. brett05

    Market/Financial Thread

    This really depends on her ongoing expenses.
  5. brett05

    Abreu Signs 3/$50M Extension

    Plus this is one of those moves that screams to other players, the White Sox will take care of you if you perform
  6. brett05

    Abreu Signs 3/$50M Extension

    He has to produce 6.25 WAR over the next three years. This is a great deal. Keeps him working with the Hispanics on the team and also provides needed time for true development for Vaughn if he is still on the team.
  7. brett05

    WHITE SOX SIGN Grandal 4/$73, Palka DFAd

    fWAR since 2015... 25.0 Bryce Harper (727 G) 24.9 YASMANI GRANDAL (663 G) 24.6 Manny Machado (793 G) SWEET!!!
  8. brett05

    Field of Dreams Game: Sox vs. Yankees 8.13.20

    The ballpark is 281 feet (86 m) to left field, 314 feet (96 m) to center and 262 feet (80 m) to right field. With additional temporary bleachers, the venue held nearly 6,000 spectators for the 2013 Team of Dreams celebrity ball game. They need dimensions and seats. Gotta be a day game for lighting. Going to need netting to protect the fans from fouls. No doubt it can all get done, just a lot of work. But this would be a national game with an up and coming White Sox team. I really like the idea. Given how few seats there are, I'd not be shocked if pricing started at $100+ a ticket.
  9. Adam hasn't batter yet. I will take Engel
  10. brett05

    STAR WARS Everything

    John Williams Score is out for the new Disney Parks opening next season including some awesome video of the parks.
  11. brett05

    At least a dozen killed in CA bar shooting

    Shout all you want, the life that is jeopardized is only the suicidal. Yes you eliminate them from the talk.
  12. brett05

    At least a dozen killed in CA bar shooting

    It's absolutely a possibility. It's a deterrent.
  13. brett05

    At least a dozen killed in CA bar shooting

    Probably not. They'd just use another method.