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  1. Señor Ding-Dong

    Yolmer Sanchez Appreciation

    QUOTE (southsider2k5 @ Sep 11, 2017 -> 05:48 PM) The only thing that Sanchez is going this year above his best minor league years is power, though if you look through his MiLB numbers, once he adjusted to a level he always put up pretty solid doubles and triples numbers. It could be that he is getting stronger as he matures. The rest of his game is pretty similar. He has always hit for a high average once he had time at a level. I agree. He was usually one of the youngest players in the league during his time in the minors and his initial stint in the majors, so I think he's just getting stronger as he gets older. Power usually develops later than other skills. 5-7 dingers per year now look like 12-15 for him IMO. That, coupled with very good defense at all IF positions and a .270~ish BA makes for a solid starter or very good bench player.
  2. Señor Ding-Dong

    Yolmer Sanchez Appreciation

    QUOTE (BlackSox13 @ Sep 11, 2017 -> 01:00 PM) I am happy to say that when the choice between Micah and Sanchez came up, I chose team Sanchez. Same. To me it was obvious that Sanchez was/is superior in every category except speed/stealing. I also preferred him over Saladino.
  3. Señor Ding-Dong

    Delmonico overcame adderall addiction

    QUOTE (chitownsportsfan @ Aug 24, 2017 -> 06:28 PM) Ur addicted bud, trust me. I have ADHD and I'm prescribed Adderall too. I don't think you're in a position to be making judgements about people like that. People with ADHD often need stimulant medications just to function at the same level as everyone else, and sometimes even that doesn't work.
  4. Señor Ding-Dong

    8/19 at Rangers

    QUOTE (Scoots @ Aug 19, 2017 -> 09:38 PM) Yeah the regression is not surprising considering...he was one of "those" draftees...wonder if there is a good shortstop the Sox can sign in the first round next summer. How long is Anderson's contract for? With the draft you gotta go BPA. And it's too early to give up on Anderson, though I'm not bullish on him sticking at SS or improving his pitch recognition/patience. His extension is 6 years.
  5. Señor Ding-Dong

    8/19 at Rangers

    QUOTE (fathom @ Aug 19, 2017 -> 09:29 PM) Pretty sure his range is considered awful also He's got plenty of speed and athleticism, so range isn't the problem. I think it's mostly mental issues with him and perhaps to an extent his mechanics/fundamentals.
  6. Señor Ding-Dong

    8/18 at Rangers

    Delmonico is a God.
  7. Señor Ding-Dong

    Zack Collins/Eloy Jimenez promoted

    Slightly off topic, but speaking of Birmingham I just looked over their roster and checked Courtney Hawkins and Keon Barnum's stats. Good lord. I knew they were bad, but jeez. With Hawkins, is moving him to pitcher a legitimate possibility or are we just gonna leave him in the OF until we're either forced to release him or, by some miracle, he figures it out? If we do try him on the mound, I would think that move would have to be made as soon as this season ends, as he's not getting any younger. I remember reading a speculative article about it on FutureSox awhile back. Barnum's days as a member of the Sox organization are probably numbered, but he has hit 16 dingers through 82 games during his second try at AA so maybe he can cut down his strikeouts and make more contact, but I doubt it. Hawkins, Barnum, Keenyn Walker and Jared Mitchell...
  8. Señor Ding-Dong

    2017 Minor League Catch-All thread

    QUOTE (ChiSox59 @ Aug 15, 2017 -> 04:57 PM) Tatis is super exciting and likely to be a consensus top 30 prospect next year. But he also has struck out 30% of the time in low A ball and is hitting just .276. I will wait to crown him a future preferential all star until I see him show this kind of power and plate discipline against more polished pitching. But no doubt Hahn chose the wrong guy. It's definitely a disappointing trade and it normally would be completely demoralizing, but it's a little easier to stomach now that we've added so many elite prospects. All of those good trades (on paper at least) and one bad trade is acceptable. It seems to me like Luis Curbelo could be a similar player to Tatis Jr. A SS with power potential who will probably have to be moved off the position eventually. Hopefully he's half as productive as Tatis Jr., but it's looking like a lost year for him.
  9. Señor Ding-Dong

    September Call Ups

    QUOTE (soxforlife05 @ Aug 15, 2017 -> 10:34 PM) I don't even understand why we signed him to begin with. We aren't competing anytime soon we don't need to stash veteran depth in AAA. I guess they thought he was promising enough to give him a shot in a rebuilding year. On paper, a power hitting 3B/1B/corner OF sounds good. Delmonico has been doing well as the same type of player, though I doubt he can play 3B in the ML outside of emergency situations. And as for keeping Asche around after we DFA'd him, it's probably just to round out our AAA roster. Same with guys like Everth Cabrera, Tyler Ladendorf, Jason Bourgeois and all those old, washed up relievers we've been acquiring recently.
  10. Señor Ding-Dong

    Clippard to Houston for PTBNL or cash

    QUOTE (KyYlE23 @ Aug 15, 2017 -> 02:37 PM) Unconfirmed rumor it is Tony Kemp Thanks. A brief look at Kemp has me saying "meh," but I wasn't expecting much for Clippard. Who will handle the closer role now that he's gone? I would think Petricka based on his experience, but he's been ass this year. Minaya? Beck? Pelfrey? Closer by committee?
  11. Señor Ding-Dong

    A Star is Born

    My friend from Boston has been hyping up Devers as being better than Moncada...I tried telling him the first ~25 games of their ML careers mean very little in the long run and that they're both probably going to be franchise players, but he's been incredibly annoying since Devers started mashing. He's definitely been impressive though, no doubting that. Boston has a lot of good 3B prospects: Devers, Michael Chavis, Bobby Dalbec, etc. Anytime I would hype up Sale he would say he's at best a borderline top 10 pitcher and nowhere close to a Cy Young candidate. All of a sudden he's hyping Sale for Cy Young AND MVP...heh...
  12. Señor Ding-Dong

    Clippard to Houston for PTBNL or cash

    I haven't read through the thread, but do we have an inkling on who the PTBNL might be?
  13. Señor Ding-Dong

    September Call Ups

    QUOTE (bmags @ Aug 15, 2017 -> 09:22 AM) Probably will be brantley but maybe Perez gets call? He's hit as you'd expect but would like to see how his defensive reputation looks in real life. Carlos Perez? He's still in rookie ball, I don't see him getting a Sept. call-up. Edot: Just saw your other post and that you meant Roberto Pena.
  14. Señor Ding-Dong

    Covey to be recalled

    Even if we lost him back to the A's, would we really be losing much? He's already 26 and got shredded during his ML stint, has only 6 games of AA play and only 2 at AAA (both during his rehab assignment).