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  1. BaconOnAStick

    Reverse Standings Thread

    Rather have Collins than the guy who went 1.1 as of now.
  2. BaconOnAStick

    2017-2018 NFL Thread

    said about the Packers every year for the last decade. Rodgers can just will them to victory whenever he really feels like it, and when he's done they'll find another one just like him. The Packers will never be bad.
  3. BaconOnAStick

    Does Abreu fit into Sox longer term plans?

    Abreu can change games with his bat in a way only 50 or so players can. Among that group Abreu is probably in the top half in pure hitting prowess. At some point defense, position, value (getting real sick of the nebulous "value" obsession that has infected baseball)...all that s*** stops mattering because you just need a guy who can flat out hit. Abreu takes the little round ball and deposits in a place very far away where nobody can catch it. Without a guy like that winning a title, hell winning anything, is almost impossible. Abreu will get paid if he continues this. The White Sox would be very wise to lock him up long term.
  4. BaconOnAStick

    Shields, Giolito & Leury done for 2017

    Rollercoaster year for Giolito. Great finish, massively excited for him next year.
  5. BaconOnAStick

    Adam Engel

    If the Sox had any clue how to utilize speed on the basepaths I would say he has a solid role as a PR/defensive replacement on a good team, but they dont so its going to be really hard to fit him in. Keep giving him AB's though...who knows maybe he'll start hitting.
  6. BaconOnAStick

    President Donald Trump: The Thread

    Look, I'm sure he speaks English. I'm sure Sqwert does too. But, I'm equally certain that like SS was doing earlier in this thread they will gladly misunderstand something on purpose so they can take issue with what is being said. Trying to take one little morsel and ripping it out of context to try and start a new debate on their own terms. Its dishonest and unintelligent, especially coming from this guy: He should take some of his own advice. Nothing lowers the discourse quite like deliberately misreading somebodies arguments. And if you disagree with me, fine...that's cool. Its America. But dont lower yourself to that level and fling poo at someone just because you dont like what they're saying. Take an actual position, have some integrity.
  7. BaconOnAStick

    President Donald Trump: The Thread

    Yea I was talking about the wall/securing the border, not DACA. Reading comprehension, everyone! He might "write code" but I'm not sure he "speaks English".
  8. BaconOnAStick

    Holland released, Fry called up, Moncada activated.

    Doesn't seem like the org is even concerned with 2018 draft position much.
  9. BaconOnAStick

    President Donald Trump: The Thread

    No. Where did I say that?
  10. BaconOnAStick

    President Donald Trump: The Thread

    Uh what are you talking about?
  11. BaconOnAStick

    President Donald Trump: The Thread

    Not really. The only qualifications to be a judge are residency and a law degree, at least in Illinois. Oh, you also have to be a citizen. Sorry dreamers, DACA isn't going to be doing you much good in that career path. At least you've got a deferral to panic about!
  12. BaconOnAStick

    Kopech/Jimenez win awards

    I'm totally unreasonable in my expectations for Jimenez and nobody can stop me.
  13. BaconOnAStick

    President Donald Trump: The Thread

    When you go case-by-case through Trump's supposed racist or anti-immigrant rhetoric it all comes up pretty tame. His "history" is wildly overblown.
  14. BaconOnAStick

    President Donald Trump: The Thread

    There is absolutely nothing racist or anti-immigrant about securing our southern border by building a wall. At all. It's something we desperately need to do, and for amnesty to work needs to happen in conjunction. It's a national security issue most importantly, I don't see how you could be reasonably against it.
  15. BaconOnAStick

    President Donald Trump: The Thread

    You know, I'm ok exploiting their status in an effort to give them full citizenship. That I don't mind. Maybe it's a little dirty and perhaps he's playing chicken with them as collateral a bit risky, but the ultimate goal is laudable. He wants to give them permanent status, and the only way to do that is by forcing the issue. If DACA stays then people keep thinking they've done something and lack motivation to actually solve it.