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  1. fredmanrique

    Trade Deadline

    If the Yankees really do get Machado, maybe there is a larger deal where Yanks also get Abreu and we can get Andujar. Include Fry, Soria, whoever to add a top young guy at 3b
  2. fredmanrique

    Brewers nearing trade

    Latest rumor had them going after Darvish. I wonder if it is moving Braun and that salary to Sox. I hope not unless we are talking Brinson, Hader, etc.
  3. fredmanrique

    Brewers Acquire Christian Yelich & sign Lorenzo Cain

    I'm not super interested in having a good lineup while James shields is our ace in 2018. I'm super interested in locking in key pieces for the next 5-7 years. Hence, I'd still be down with moving Abreu and Avi, while adding Yelich. It's all about 2020 and beyond there. With 2019 looking like a major step forward.
  4. fredmanrique

    McCutchen to the Giants

    Well, I'd like to leverage an $81M payroll to take on money and think pence is perfect and there should be motivation to dump him. Moving Avi to clear RF for Eloy makes sense. I'm fine keeping Avi and seeing if he forces us to want to keep him long term too. Soo... I'm interested in getting as much talent as Avi + a bad contract yields to get legit top 50 talent. If that means Ramos +, and that is universally more than we would get for Avi alone, sure. More assets that either play alongside eloy and robert in the future or help fill holes down the road.
  5. fredmanrique

    McCutchen to the Giants

    if they want to maximize this all in 1-2 year period it would be quite helpful to turn dead money pence at 18 mil into Avi and something like Holland to close. Maybe even have money under the soft cap left for Dyson in center. That's a team with a slight chance and if it all implodes in 18 months, that's the risk anyway. Having one prospect won't stop the half decade tear down that would be necessary if it doesn't work for them
  6. fredmanrique

    McCutchen to the Giants

    I bet they'd love to move that pence contract. Avi and shedding the pence contract, which has one year left for heliot Ramos. sounds like he's a legit top 50 guy in the next rankings... and a top 50 guy is fairly great for 2 years of Avi
  7. fredmanrique

    White Sox have asked about Cole

    I wonder if Hahn is sniffing around the situations the Yankees care about in an attempt to get Torres. We could take back part of the ellsbury contract, include prospects or abreu depending on the situation. for instance, the Yankees won't include Torres for Cole, but maybe they do for Cole and abreu if it also sheds Ellsbury. Abreu would be a heck of a dh on that team. pirates - Frazier, Chance and Spencer Adams sox - Torres, Ellsbury Yankees- Cole, Abreu it's a lot for one prospect and moves Anderson to center, but interesting
  8. fredmanrique

    Brewers Acquire Christian Yelich & sign Lorenzo Cain

    I just think yelich goes this off-season and the desire to shed money in Miami works in our favor. If it means minimal prospect cost take back prado and Chen. his excess value isn't nearly as large then and maybe Chen eats innings for awhile.
  9. fredmanrique

    Brewers Acquire Christian Yelich & sign Lorenzo Cain

    What if there is an elaborate 3 way on hahn's mind? Abreu and Avi to the same team, maybe Rockies or blue jays. Prospects from that deal plus maybe one guy like Rutherford to Marlins. Take money back too like prado. Pull every lever you can that doesn't involve our top prospects. That's be cool. My hypothesis is that 4 years of abreu, avi is worth about 60% of 5 years of yelich
  10. I would take all the money and include a prospect going out for walker buehler
  11. let's get back to steps that help a rebuild that makes sense. it sounds like la is looking to attach decent prospects to move kemp now. deal avi for prospects, take kemp with prospects. keep adding prospects.
  12. fredmanrique

    Abreu trade "unlikely"

    that's pretty in line with what I was thinking. Dexter Fowler got 5/82. Feels like OBJ Abreu is encarnacion, he got 3/60 but more years, like 5/100
  13. fredmanrique

    Abreu trade "unlikely"

    3 way? Boston seems to want to sign JDM. Move benintendi to CF Send JBJ off to Arizona for example, Abreu to Boston we try to net Pavin Smith along with Chavis, maybe Groome If you can get 3 top 100s for Abreu, that is a lot. More than we should expect
  14. fredmanrique

    Abreu trade "unlikely"

    It does feel like posturing before next week a bit. I wonder if the biggest prospect we could get is Rodgers in Colorado with the thought being he could be 3b for the next decade. Abreu and Avi and take on that Desmond deal. What does that unlock? Rodgers, Pint +? That's a lot for cashing our last chips in considering our control on abreu and avi is in seasons we arent contenders and they would have a stacked lineup in Colorado with dahl/blackmon/avi/arenado/story/lemahieu/abreu/lucroy if they bring him back if taking back Desmond nets us two top 50 guys, one in the top 10, I say go for it. you could argue they should also include McMahon and/or more in that hypothetical
  15. fredmanrique

    Abreu trade "unlikely"

    Just a general observation about AAV and excess value, as I notice a lot of people using that to lower their perception of an Abreu return at his salary. Does it not ignore supply and demand and pretend as though any of 30 teams can have any player at what they view as appropriate value WAR for dollar spent? There are only so many consistent top 10 hitting first basemen in baseball. The whole league these days ttys so hard now to accouunt for defense, it overinflates guys like Hayward, and undervalued almost all 1b in my opinion. Part of that is less steroids in the game too. Just a thought when people say groome+chavis (or whatever) is too much for abreu