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  1. BrianAnderson

    Market/Financial Thread

    I mean i can sincerely hope that isn't you being sarcastic. but if it is - then i just hope you find peace in your own life. cause mines a walking shit show right now. I'm logging long effing hours right now. My life isn't going great - but my job is to protect my employer from losses. So yes, I am on calls with CEO's and CFO's for hours a day demanding money from them to protect my employer. You think that it doesn't fucking rip my brain in every direction trying to take care of my wife and my job at the same time? If you want to add on to it, I am going through a complete gut job to my house, and have to move out to find another house to live in while (hopefully) my house gets finished so I don't infect my contractors while im stuck in quarantine. We literally just got the news today from the doctors. Likely have to carry a long term rent once we go full quarantine in the US /factories shut down and can't have a kitchen or work completed on my house. I literally wake up at 6:30 and work til 10pm ... so what is that ... 15.5 hour days. sorry. i rounded up. go eff yourself is actually what i mean. and i can get banned by the mods i dont give a flying shit. i hope you don't have to go through a personal pandemic in your life. I'm out. The health of my wife is #1 in my life. Peace Sox talk. Buy bitcoin. pay attention to what people do. I'm extremely pissed now. Be smart out there. This will be my last post on this board and you can mark that down and time stamp it and seal/mail it. People are assholes in this world.
  2. BrianAnderson

    Market/Financial Thread

    Also - the point was to add a rebuttal to this narrative that was presented above that the "majority" of use for bitcoin is on illegal activity. 1% isn't the majority by A LONG stretch
  3. BrianAnderson

    Market/Financial Thread

    Hell if i know. Doesn't it change every day the Fed prints trillions of dollars? The chance bitcoin replaces the dollar as the medium of exchange is unlikely. Governments and banks would never embrace that. Why give power to the people? They want their piece. But I'd have you look at your tax returns this year and see i believe is to the top question on schedule 1: have you bought, sold or traded cryptocurrencies in 2019. It's seeping. Government still has the power like China to just shut down these sites --- and that could very well happen. Governments are still bitcoin's number 1 enemy. But if other countries embrace -- they'll have a leg up. Would be a bad look to be left behind if Europe, Japan, China do embrace.
  4. BrianAnderson

    Market/Financial Thread

    You can try me on any bitcoin angle and I'll have a rebuttal. I've spent at least 30 mins a day for 4 years researching almost every angle. The thing that is holding back bitcoin is ease of use. Setting up and controlling your own wallet is quite tough. UX has actually been improved quite a bit through Coinbase, Gemini, CashApp, etc. The trouble remains the ease of transferring your funds to your own control, to your own wallet. It's not even all that tough, but I'll be damned if isn't never wracking. It's easier with practice, but remains way too tough and scary for probably 95% of the population. Until that is changed (and Square being FDIC approved just yesterday does intrigue me a ton) then it will be tough to make the jump as a P2P operation. However that doesn't stop it from being a tool utilized by the banking masses as another investment tool.
  5. BrianAnderson

    Market/Financial Thread

    That's the Mnuchin angle. Then he goes along and hires Coinbase's Chief Legal Officer this week. Makes you think huh? https://cointelegraph.com/news/coinbases-chief-legal-officer-resigns-to-oversee-us-national-banking-system Rule one: watch what people do with their money - not what they say. Also, 1% of total Bitcoin in 2019 is on illegal activity. https://cointelegraph.com/news/515-million-in-bitcoin-spent-on-illicit-activity-this-year-representing-1-of-total-btc-activity#:~:text= And last i checked the majority of illegal activity is conducted via the almighty US Dollar.
  6. BrianAnderson

    Market/Financial Thread

    Oh man --- give me a few days. i have all your answers. However my primary job is a financial/credit underwriter and I am in the middle of making like $100,000,000 of legal demands right now. My day job is taking up like 18 hours a day right now. and sadly my refuge away from my job was the white sox... and unfortunately i have a wife with corona i'm trying to help navigate through right now. so kind of a lot going on in my life. but i can point you in directions of people who's job it is to articulate these points better than i can on a message board if you're interested. I'd love to convince you - but not in the "im right, you're wrong" way. More, I'd just rather open peoples eyes that there are options. To understand what is going on right now. The risks of what they're trying to do, the faults, and the even bigger bubble it's going to create. We've been taught our whole life to trust, trust, trust. I am just saying trust and verify. I have no horse in this race. I do contribute to my bitcoin fund like my 401-k. I take out a certain amount of my paycheck every 2 weeks, so i guess i do have a horse. But i'm like everybody else - i truly hope the powers that be make the situation better - i just think they're making it worse and digging a deeper hole. a healthy 401k is great for my life personally, but not my end all be all. Life is about learning and understanding and challenging yourself. laughing, and relaxing and exploring. That'd be my hope at the end of this - that you explore bitcoin, learn, and challenge yourself. If it's not for you that's okay. Its not like i havent heard your viewpoint before. I have a brother who is a CPA and a CFA. My uncle is a CFO. My family is all in finance. All i can say to you for this short time is zoom out. go macro. think bigger. I can have detailed posts to you over the weekend or over this next month of my thoughts - but for the time being I have a job to do to support my family. I wish you health and happiness - and an open mind. Also, my bitcoin is in a cold wallet. It's about as safe as it can be. And doesn't need to be FDIC backed - i hold it. The bank needs insurance because they are holding your money for you. Try going into the bank and taking out $50,000 today. See what happens. Try opening a wire for $20,000 today.. see what happens. Go to the ATM and try taking out $2,000 see what happens. Check out the fees. Soon we'll be in negative interest rates and paying hte banks to hold our money.
  7. BrianAnderson

    Market/Financial Thread

    Let's revisit this in 12 months. And then every 12 months after that. I'm only buying things on the silk road and gambling with my bitcoin ..........
  8. BrianAnderson

    Market/Financial Thread

    you can read all my posts from this board regarding the white sox or finance. up to you if you want to take me seriously. I think my track record is consistent and level headed. thats your choice to make
  9. BrianAnderson

    Market/Financial Thread

    which again goes to the credit suisse statement in the thread that i posted. you can do whatever you'd like.. i'm just putting the information in front of you as a fellow sox fan. 4 years ago i was a kook buying bitcoin. now it's not so crazy. 4 years from now i'll be the norm.
  10. BrianAnderson

    Market/Financial Thread

    and i get you said after this started getting going. But again, think about this ... in your mind bitcoin is a made up internet coin destined to fail. a ponzi scheme. shouldn't it be liquidated in its entirety 11 years in the making? Yet here we are in the midst of the biggest sell off in stock market history .... and yet its up almost 17% today. It's not dying - it's solidifying. I've maintained the same statement for 4 years now. Born in the 2008 crisis. Forged in the next one (happens to be now) and flourishes in the one after that (my guess is 5-8 years from now). The chances of bitcoin going to $1,000,000 per coin are greater than you think.
  11. BrianAnderson

    Market/Financial Thread

    Relative. What time period? Last year on this date stock market was 25,000 and is now 20,000 last year bitcoin was $4000 and now is $6,200 And just stop and think you're having a serious conversation about BITCOIN against the FREAKING STOCK MARKET. Isn't that something eye opening? You're so close to considering what is money, what is the dollar? Check out Bitcoin for safety.. worth a read. https://jameso.be/2019/08/24/bitcoin-is-for-this.html We're still early on bitcoin - $6,200 will seem cheap one day. And you'll look back and say -- damn, that BrianAnderson told me to buy.
  12. BrianAnderson

    Market/Financial Thread

    and it's what oil is traded on. But as you're seeing Russia isn't playing nice in the OPEC sand box anymore. Why does oil have to clear through the NY fed and US dollars? the US dollar is a mafia right now, and thank god were americans during it, but in what world does one power reign forever? chances are we'll be good during our lifetiem, but the US dollar will have its day. World powers always change hands.
  13. BrianAnderson

    Market/Financial Thread

    Ah. You're getting so close to the great part of bitcoin experiment. Peer to peer. No Banks. You control the wallet. Limited supply. Yes, just like all currencies, it's about belief - but it's gone from fake made up internet coin to something that has withstood a decade thus far - and is holding up incredibly well thus far in my opinion. Bitcoin doesn't need anybody's system. If i wanted to buy your couch from you - we'd create a peer to peer transaction, logged and confirmed on the blockchain. we exchange bitcoin and a couch. we didn't need to clear money through banks like venmo. One bitcoin = one bitcoin .... not one bitcoin = $6,200. It'll never go to a full bitcoin system, but it is of my opinion we'll see a period of hyperbitcoinization some time in our life. which is to say some country will adapt bitcoin as part of their fractional reserve system and "normalize" it even more. Then you'll see a rush of other countries do the same. My opinion again. I'm generally rosy on bitcoin and negative on fiat/sovereign debt. We all put our faith into government and central banks as if they are some superhumans -- well its times like this where i think we can all tell they are not superhumans, rather humans. They try their best, but there is no perfect solution ... unfortunately it is my opinion that they created a monster trying to create a stable economy.
  14. BrianAnderson

    Market/Financial Thread

    if you listen to trump you'll believe this is all due to the coronavirus or his words the chinese flu. That's what the common man will believe. the truth is that we were an incredibly weak & sick economy ready to fold at any misstep. In what sane world is QE being utlized and interest rates falling during all-time market highs? Where delinquency and default on car payments was at all time highs? earnings to debt ratios were at terrible levels. the writing was on the wall. trucking companies were having terrible Q4. I sold all my personal stocks in their entirety in early February, before even ramped up here. I put my money where my mouth is. And i'll tell you right now I am not touching the stock market. Those people buying "low" are buying too early. These ripples are going to be massive and longstanding. we're still on our way down - 15,000 for the DOW is probably a fair number. i'll pick a few stocks at that time - still watching, but there are a few sectors i am looking at. Hope everybody stays well, that's the most important thing over everything. But if you believe your government and Fed then i think you should use this month to start reading literature. this doesnt have to be conspiracy or tin foil hat take -- just educate yourself on the systems. zoom out. macro moves slow - you can see the next steps if you paint in broad strokes.
  15. BrianAnderson

    Market/Financial Thread

    "there is a longer term risk to consider, over and above the tactical. Central banks are central banks for a reason, they are supposed to sit (hide) behind commercial banks, so that the commercial banks take all the risk - not them. But the opening and widening of FX swap lines means that the central banks are now taking on foreign currency credit exposure - that is, the credit risk of the other central banks due to currency mis-matches. And the prospect of direct financing of corporates means that central banks are starting to take on genuine corporate credit risk. All in all, central banks balance sheets are becoming riskier to accommodate the de-risking of the private sector. But what happens when everything blows up again? Do central banks literally go bust? Either they do and we worry about the integrity of fiat currency systems, or they dont because they print money to cover losses (effectively in collaboration with sovereigns, as they remit losses back to them, contributing to fiscal deficits, which in turn need more central bank financing) Either way we worry about the integrity of fiat currency, or inflation. Therefore attention starts to turn to alternative currency regimes, whether gold, or digital, or all of the above. " Those aren't my words - those would be my words if I was better at compiling thoughts - but those are the thoughts of Credit Suisse. But, it sounds like people in this discussion have blind faith in the Fed. And to you, i wish you luck. As i've said for years, do your research. Research fiat currencies. We aren't even on fractional reserve banking anymore. Rules are being bent. fiat currencies are essentially an experiment for the last 50 years. It's a blip on the radar in the history of mankind. fiat currencies have always failed and will continue to fail - and this one is being tested currently. Believe whatever helps you sleep at night - but I have and will continue to invest into bitcoin and gold as hedges.. call me crazy or whatever you want. everybdoy in this world buys insurance, where is your fiat insurance?