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  1. BrianAnderson

    Fans at opening day

    But was that directly through Indiana Pacers.com or whatever? stubhub and directly from the source would seem to be different. like are oyou saying hte sox would move their outfield seats from $30 to $100 like it's playoff pricing?
  2. BrianAnderson


    We signed Mat Latos for like $4mm right? And Ervin Santana got a few million from us. That's this - but with better upside. Though that said I would've liked him in camp two weeks ago if we were doing the signing. Every day that goes by I like it less and less.
  3. BrianAnderson

    Fans at opening day

    Was that $200 on the secondary market? I am part of a season ticket plan in the diamond box - so like 5 rows behind the dugout ... thats why Im concerned. so far i've heard nothing from my partners which to me, means we've heard nothing. I just don't feel like paying a bunch to sit behind the dugout and get kicked out to the outfield or something. Scout seats will be odd this year too ... doubt they'll have buffets this season at all, so my guess is it will be more like a restaurant. going to be interesting to navigate things like that and the patio deal -- assume that's shut down for the year too. Though ... at same time Pete's Grocery store has their hot bar open. going to be an interesting year of organized chaos and people get wayyyyy too worked up over a baseball game. Glad I'm not in the position of a vendor or any game day operations. They get the brunt of it all for like $11/ hr.
  4. BrianAnderson

    Fans at opening day

    30% at lets say 40,000 = 12,000! I'll take it. I mean, it's kind of like regular April anyways if that happens. Maybe not 2021 april with a good sox team, but a normal April when it's shitty out. Does anybody know the season ticket base? That would be my guess too. All season tickets have first right or something. I do wonder how they'll navigate seats. If you're all spread out you're likely not going to be in your seat and likely a worse seat - so do you get a partial refund? Like if you have seats even with 1st base and get kicked to the corner pole area? That kind of sucks.
  5. BrianAnderson

    Fans at opening day

    they always are so damn vague in these reports. lori is letting 50% gather indoors at bars, but a fully outdoor stadium? cant decide yet. grrr. either way these vaccines are starting to come out and the J&J one is right around the corner. my guess is something like 25% in april, maybe 50% within a month or two after, and maybe even more by late season. im interested to see how they handle the season ticket angle and pricing and money. ive got some real nice seats but i'd assume my seats will be moved. aka I'm assuming some lower deck will be in the upper deck to make this work spaced out. shall see. just gotta roll wiht the punches i guess.
  6. BrianAnderson

    Giolito says there hasn't been talks on an extension

    true, it will be fun baseball for the next 3-5 years regardless. I'll enjoy that and just hope we can keep it going like a cardinals team rather than a sell off like a royals
  7. BrianAnderson

    Giolito says there hasn't been talks on an extension

    I think that's even tough to do optically. Punt one of your aces during a World Series run? And then if someone is acquiring him that means they're a contender. So you're punting to a competitor. More likely he plays out his contract and then Jerry offers 5/150 or something while he goes out and gets 6/200. It will Machado 2.0 -- we made an effort "the money will be spent". etc.
  8. BrianAnderson

    Spring Training thread

    At that point its just splitting hairs really. Leury and Marwin are kind of the same player. $3mm is a nice deal for a team that has more of a need - agree there for sure.
  9. BrianAnderson

    Market/Financial Thread

    I need context on that. Chamath's head is in the right place, his execution has been strong as well. He's no dummy - striking while the irons hot. He also at least has a strong conviction and are picking companies that generally lead to a better future. I can't say im a huge fan of him levering his name and stature which is leading to inflated prices that aren't tied to results at all. I personally like the dude, but haven't blindly followed all of his SPAC's. I get his idea behind SPAC's which is there has been way too much consolidation - which is true - and will continue. cheap money leads to consolidation. less risk to integrate as efficient. leaves more wiggle room when its cheap. it also leads to inflated sale prices. less companies to trade on stock market and SPAC are allowing a work through to get more companies out to market. its the pendulum swinging the other way. probably an overcorrection that will come back towards middle over time. I'm on MP Materials and Desktop Metal - i've eyed opendoor and sofi .... haven't been convinced yet.
  10. BrianAnderson

    Giolito says there hasn't been talks on an extension

    That's the rosy outlook, likely not the realistic one. As someone else noted you'll need an ace or two if you lose Giolito. I'll preface this with the link to the 2017 MLB top prospects list. http://m.mlb.com/prospects/2017/?list=prospects -- then take a look and see which have really made the impact 3-4 years later. And these were the top of the top. Prospects don't always develop, nor they develop on a linear path. we cant just expect that if giolito is gone that a kelley or some other guy can just slot in. its quite the opposite. Ohtani - meh - good, injured, up and down. Torres - solid. Robles - very meh. some nice tools, but hasn't really come close to even an all-star. vladdy jr. -- still waiting. eloy - starting to turn into that star, but hasn't been instant. acuna -- superstar. brendan rodgers - still hasn't contributed. kyle tucker - finally got his chance last year and did well. nick senzel - nada. kopech - nothing. buehler - superstar in making . honeywell - nada. lewis brinson - nada. f. mejia - nada. alex reyes - nada. just saying that if you think you can count on cespedes, cease, kelly, thompson, vega, etc. etc. you may be mistaken. hell you can't really even put kopech on that list STILL. or vaughn. or madrigal. there will be hits and misses. we'll have a nice core no doubt but just saying it's not as easy as plugging next man up which is why it's so imperative to sign the good ones long term when you luck into one. Just go back to 2017 - the board read like this: Kopech - ETA of late 2018 - bonafide ace. electric stuff. future star. replaces sale. 2020 run he'll be right in the mix near the top of rotation Reynaldo Lopez - good stuff - might be more of a bullpen piece, but was rated in top 10 of ALL prospects in 2016-17. he has the stuff to be a monster possibly! our staff is going to be overloaded with talent! Carson Fulmer - ETA 2017 - mixed bag so far in AA/AAA, but nasty stuff, think coop can fix him. nice bullpen piece at worst. Blake Rutherford - starting in RF by 2019. #40 prospect overall!!! what a trade to get him. this minor league system is loaded! just 3 spots behind Juan Soto in the rankings! (to be fair the trade hadn't happened yet, but just saying) Alec Hansen - man did he tear up low A ball. this could be a #2 type starter if he keeps this up. what a nice steal by the sox scouts! Dane Dunning - just a solid workhorse. consistent. not flashy, good. (turned out true for those 20 innings or whatever it was) Zack Burdi - ETA 2017 - our future closer. Zack Collins - nice bat, questionable glove. ETA 2018. definitely has the bat to contribute right away - maybe more of a DH/C role long term. my point is ... i don't count on anybody until they've proven it for more than one season in the mlb. that goes for madrigal. that went for giolito going into last year. that'll be the truth for vaughn, cease, etc. Cease could go balls to the wall this year and I wouldn't trust him with the ball in game 5, 6, or 7 in the following year. I want to see consistency before crowning any of these guys. And once you crown them? Open up the bank vault. That's what we should do on giolito but were not a very good orginization.
  11. BrianAnderson

    Giolito says there hasn't been talks on an extension

    ya, i dont think anybody is surprised. ONly way sox approach him is to tack on a year or two - but giolito doesn't seem like a guy to give up those 1-2 years of his prime and possibility at a giant contract to lock in wealth. He's already going to be very wealthy after this season ... I bet he just plays out the arb years & moves on. We have 3 years on the clock for this exact nucleus - after that you'll have bits and pieces - but this is the 3 years based on JR track record.
  12. BrianAnderson

    Market/Financial Thread

    Yep - it really isn't much more than that to be honest. Printing money inflates assets. Stocks are inflating - commodities are generally going up - everything goes up ... minus salaries and hourly wages sadly. Most corporations are just going to give you 1-3% raises --- if that --- and the regular joe loses out. The hourly workers get hit even harder. Meanwhile the corporations/CEO's etc. do fine because their compensation is really more so driven by stock price - so they get even more of a windfall because of this. It's not reversing anytime soon because there's really just a giant disconnect. Ultimately i think these type of decisions are going to lead to a downfall. I'm not sure that downfall is very close though - I think this can continue for another 3-8 years. In a way, it has been going on really since 2008, so there's run in this type of economics. Just think it ultimately tumbles.
  13. BrianAnderson

    Spring Training thread

    I'm still driving the Rodon bandwagon if anybody wants on. I was driving it last year too, we went off the road for a bit, now were taking the backroads. Hopefully I don't regret it - still think he turns into a major part of this team and their success not only regular season but into playoffs.
  14. BrianAnderson

    Micah Johnson - Art

    I'm really into art, so been someone who I probably followed more closely than most since leaving the Sox. He's got some really cool pieces. I think there was a guy on the Cubs too -- kinda their AAAA version of Micah Johnson who also was doing art on the side too. It really is true - we always pin these guys as just athletes and say things like "good" when a NIcky Delmonico or MIcah or Palka doesnt make the team. Sometimes easy to forget these guys are chasing their dreams and are people too. Glad hes finding a ton of success right now.
  15. BrianAnderson

    Micah Johnson - Art

    Just thought I'd drop this in. Been following his art career for some time, really cool stuff. His popularity has really taken off over the past 12 months which is cool to see. Wasn't more than like 2 years ago where he was tweeting about making art for anybody who is willing to pay like $200. Now he's selling over a million worth of art in minutes. His biggest piece is AKU - really making a killing in the NFT space which is super cool to see. (NFT -= Non fungible token) basically putting art or songs, etc. on blockhain as a way to create authenticity and know what you're buying is really one of one, etc. https://beincrypto.com/micah-johnson-nft-artwork-sells-for-120000-on-async-art/ I can't find the article from Nifty Gateway, but it's on Twitter if you search, he sold like $1.4mm or something yesterday on his release. Cool stuff. His Jackie Robinson piece has always been awesome to me. Give him a google search if you're interested.