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  1. BrianAnderson

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    The thing is i wasn't even talking about trump. this falls into everybody's lap across every state. trump is a lost cause. he's proven himself over decades - it's not like i expected any different. The thing I think people don't understand about trump enough is that he doesn't care about anybody about himself. I don't think he cares one bit if masks work, don't work, etc. I think he is a marketer and con(fidence) man. He picks the road where it will benefit him most for re-election. In this case he thought he could rile up and divide the base again to win via this route. I think it has obviously blew up in his face entirely for which i'm glad. He's too ignorant and proud to change his stance and admit he is wrong because he's a child. But I think if he thought masks would win him an election he'd be stamping MAGA all across masks and selling them. The thing is he only really cares about a few things ... winning, power, and hearing his name on the television. The american public is so far down on that list. What i think he did right though in my opinion is give the power to the states to choose their routes. I don't support his divisive nature & think it goes too far in preventing any true cooperation because of undermining the situation. However all states were given the power to choose their own path and very few have done a good job. Thank goodness IL is one of those. I'm not a big JB guy - but he's handled this pretty well. B, maybe even B+ territory. The problem is when you're in power you're in charge of people and all that comes with that. This world is full of a bunch of immature, uneducated, stubborn, naive, self-loving, ignorant, assholes. And unfortunately when dealing with an infectious disease theres not a whole lot of room for those type of people.
  2. BrianAnderson

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    If anybody thinks they would've nailed this job of keeping everybody safe while keeping their constituents gainfully employed then you should come forward and run for president. It's amazing to me how many people think they have the right answers.
  3. BrianAnderson

    Kopech sitting out 2020

    ptatc can fix em guys I'm going to become a MLB player next year. I have a few weight bands in my basement and was thinking about heading down to Dicks to get a batting tee and bat. Excited to start journey of a MLB player.
  4. BrianAnderson

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    Oh i agree. just looking at it realistically we're like herding cats. I'd like to think my family is reasonable and educated.. In my immediate family nobody agrees on Covid. My dad doesn't like to wear a mask .... I yell at him saying HOOWWWW??!!. You're the one I am trying to protect. If i get it, i likely survive no problem. He's 67, my mom is 65 with diabetes .... yet somehow, they won't wear one. On the other hand my brother hasn't left the house in 4 months. He has everything delivered and wipe it down with disinfecting spray. I wear a mask when i go to the stores, but basically try and use common sense. I've gone out to eat, but will not do the indoor eating, only outdoors. Basically my point is that i've had many conversations with my parents and siblings - and in depth ones. citing studies and numbers, etc. and if I can't even get my family to come to an agreement, then good luck getting people who are not your family and friends to all come together under one umbrella. That's just my immediate family. The whole thing is do divisive and not sure why. But I'm sure you all have families that are in the same boat. Or have friends that you disagree with. And that's just the way it is unfortunately. But you're not going to get cooperation again on a mass level, it's just not going to happen. you can look at florida or texas, etc. and you're just not going to get the cooperation. The numbers explode and yet, they keep going on without masks. Now if you try and tell them to stay home like the first go-round with their businesses and jobs/life going to the wayside? good luck. Plus now this thing is so far wide spread. Unfortunately this is life until a vaccine.
  5. BrianAnderson

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    At some point we need to be honest with ourselves. a) there will not be college sports. they make their money on football through attendance, not so much through TV contracts. call a spade a spade, they don't care about the kids health at all. They care about money. if they can't make money they'll then spin it towards how "health is their first priority" and protecting the kids. But in no way are they are going to spend the money it takes to run a season to then take a loss. Flip side, if they had more massive TV contracts they would be playing. i think 75% of revenue or something like that comes from attendance at the college level though. Likewise, we are now in herd immunity mode. No matter what any political affiliation or network tells you, the cat is out of the bag. You can't walk this back. You're not going to send people into a 6 week shut down like we did in the past. Also you're not going to force people who don't want to wear a mask to wear one. All the data is out there, the cases are on the rise, etc. Science and math are winning - but what percentage of non-mask wearers have been converted? I'd have to guess less than 10-25%? Sadly it is what it is. I'm not sure what it is about human nature - but this is also why we'll never not be in a war of some sort around the world. We had one enemy - covid ... and the human race couldn't even rally around that. everything is divisive.
  6. BrianAnderson

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    The problem with Trump is he's the boy who cried wolf. He's done and said so many ridiculous things that he's lost all credibility & trust. And once that's gone it's hard to "lead" effectively. If we did this like a blind fantasy baseball test -- Player A did this. Player B did this. Who do you like? I have a sneaking suspicion that more people would be actually okay with the moves that Trump has made. The problem is he's made everything around him (by choice) a traveling circus. I remain in the camp that there are too many people in the US for a single president to actually make a difference - presidents are more the PR for country. Just guiding the ship gently and as a calming driving force, hopefully moving it forward. We could use that in time of a pandemic more than ever.
  7. BrianAnderson

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    Because incentives aren't in place. Follow the money. Always. When you broadcast to the US that you're open for business,, nobody has to wear a mask, come eat and drink inside! you're going to have swarms of people then travel and go do those things in your state. Thus creating a never ending cycle. Which we are in now. TX, FL, AZ all made a big to do about how they're returning to normal. As much as it sucks there's a lot of dumb people who dont believe science and math and think this is some kind of government hoax to take their power and freedom and financial stability away. Currently there's no incentive to keep your states businesses closed when others are open. You start turning into the bad guy. (Even though in reality youre the good guy). However in the plan above (which admittedly is hard to enforce) now you have the incentive in place that if guidelines are followed, then you can actually open up businesses normally. And then once you're on that list, you can start visiting the other states that are on said list. it creates an economic incentive. Testing + making the area you need to monitor smaller = solution. All a message board idea though - if it were that easy to execute it'd happen by now. These people in power aren't necessarily dumb, they're smart people that have a nearly impossible job to complete in a tough environment.
  8. BrianAnderson

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    However if Texas opens, and a rule is in place where Texas residents can only be in Texas, then we don't have a spread outside of Texas. Then states learn from other states mistakes. If you want to open to other states & get your own economy back rolling then you better make decisions that align with health guidelines. Once you're cleared on a list, then you have the ability to fly and drive to the other states on the list. It incentives the local government to take accountability and make smart decisions. nobody would want to be AZ or TX on that list .. the last one to open their economy back up. unfortunately At this point, I forget where I read it, but some health official basically said the cats out of the bag - it has spread too far and too wide to get this thing under control again. And that's probably true. So to me, how do you fix that? Well you tell individuals no flying, no driving to other states, no anything. You live in whatever state you choose and you're there until that state has the okay. You have make the problem smaller, and to me the best way is restricting travel. It reduces the area you have to control. To the hospital point Going bankrupt just means more money in the pockets of bankruptcy lawyers and defaulting on debt. You restructure and come out the other end. It's not like these places cease to exist. It just reallocates the capital and ownership. Just like when United and American go BK sometime (if not again bailed out). They just took that grant from the government, pays those employees through October and then as soon as that dates expires they'll be fired and be on unemployment.. a different government payroll. These companies had and have no plan to keep employing employees. To the bars and restaurants -- i agree. I'm at a loss of how to help them and how to prop up 10% of the economy. Restaurants and bars are the lifeblood of local communities. Unfortunately this type of thing is really going to hurt the local business with the chains more apt to survive, or re-emerge via banking/loans. It's sad. It's also almost impossible to run a restaurant in a good economy. Margins are shit. I think outside dining is a real solution - but unfortunately is hot as hell lately and not really helping. I don't think we should be eating inside at all. But outside dining at 50% doesn't pay the rent really ... cant raise prices, nobody has jobs. No idea. It sucks. Buy gift cards to help those local places!! money in their pocket now, with no expenses out. Hope that you can use it in the future and it wasn't a donation.
  9. BrianAnderson

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    I only picked that fight because you picked a fight with "truth is in the middle". It's mincing words and sidetracks what is meant to be a productive conversation. No harm meant - more jest to give back what you were giving. As with everything, typing on a message board it's hard to convey what you're truly trying to get across and the tone of said message
  10. BrianAnderson

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    But seriously dude? Come on. The truth isn't that simple - does that work better for you? it's not black and white. its grey. for every action there's a reaction. What saying do you want me to use? I'm simply trying to convey that the world would be a better place if people listened to both sides and met in the middle. had some empathy. you can go down a rabbit hole with defenses for either side and both sides are going to walk away, dug in more in their views. What would i do? and again, this is not perfect, i haven't talked to doctors, i am not a doctor, etc. 1 - each state/city should be able to work together and mandate what best suits their people. What's good for NY isn't necessarily true for North Dakota 2 - i think there should be age considerations given. If you're under 50 and don't have preexisting health conditions I think going back to work should be encouraged. get the economy up and running again 3 - throughout all of this masks should be a mandate inside and where social distancing can't be applied outside 4 - back to point two - i think there should be set aside hours at businesses for senior citizens and those at risk. basically try and limit contact between young and old as much as possible 5 - I personally believe travel bans should be put in place. I am undecided if this should be interstate bans, or regional travel allowed. AKA, midwest, south, NW etc. or just IL, WI, IN etc. the thought process behind this is places like AZ or TX where it explodes. If you dont have people from IL traveling to TX, then you reduce the spread. Likewise if you have outbreak you can control it said region 6 - I think you have to get money into the hands of the people. The actual people. no trickle down ecnoomics. This gives money to poeple who are too afraid to get back to work or who are at risk while propping the economy up. 7 - continue to limit indoors. There's probably more, but that's my basic plan. No travel out of country, or out of region/state. Wear a mask. Get younger people back to work. Implement a plan to keep older poeple separated as best as possible. Maintain social distancing, etc. as we have to the best of our ability.
  11. BrianAnderson

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    *** incorrectly deployed Employ is a verb described to hire
  12. BrianAnderson

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    Just playing devil's advocate - how can you expect an unwillingly and proud* uneducated group of individuals to follow rules then? You've got individuals who are receiving far less news than mayors and governors, who are way less educated, and who have a general non-trust of government asked to comply with something they don't believe in. Like you said there's about 1/3 of the population that wouldn't believe anything no matter what. I don't get those people at all, but its like herding cats. Those type of people attach themselves to buzz words and tribalism of "freedom" Hopefully we learned something from this for a next time. Maybe we should have had DOCTORS leading the cause here and being the mouthpiece rather than politicians reciting information from doctors. who knows. the whole thing is messed up. there's no easy answer. even in cities like chicago where lightfoot has done a good job (in my opinion) you're going to have a big opposition of people saying she's doing a bad job because businesses are remaining closed, beaches, etc. Truth is that the safest way, but it comes at a cost.
  13. BrianAnderson

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    a) i think the situation was mishandled. b) i think that trump deserves a lot of blame c) it's also true that governors and mayors were given the power to enforce their own rules and almost uniformly they dropped the ball too d) yes it's hard to control a mass population against their will especially when there's a head guy trying to divert attention e) you show me a stat, i can show you how to manipulate it -- aka you can't just take a magical calculator and assume all is constant. if you have more people, you have more proximity, aka more spread. it's like taking montana cases and populating until you have 330million people and saying Montana did a great job when probably people from Montana are wearing less masks on a percentage basis than people in downtown Chicago. See what i'm saying? We all sit here casting stones, but it's a lot more complex than that. I had my own idea of Covid in February, March, April, May and today. My viewpoints have evolved a lot. Hell i remember as late as mid-April when companies starting enforcing wearing a mask how I was like no way I'm doing that. By end of April i was mad at those who weren't. Now I'm appalled by people who don't. unfortunately you have a person at the top whose main goal seems to be win at all costs. he doesn't really give a flying f about the health concerns, it's just marketing angles to see what sticks. "freedom" to not wear a mask. "we test more so there's more positives" "why didn't the protestors all wear masks" "deaths are down" etc etc. all just misinformation tactics to control. And the other side does the opposite. Fear. fear. fear. evil man. evil agenda. Truth is always somewhere in the middle. Testing = good. deaths down = good - also due to increase of drugs to treat and keep of ventilators. masks = amazing. They allow our economy to get back to normal, to live normal lives, etc. Simple simple simple. be kind. be empathetic. wear a mask.
  14. BrianAnderson

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    the court systems are so backed up that evictions are going to be hard to enforce if the renters know their rights.
  15. BrianAnderson

    2 White Sox have Covid 19

    The difference between a "butcher" and a "gold-glove" are less than one thinks. All these guys could play every position okay for 75% of plays. You could but Abreu at 3b and 75% of the plays he'd be able to complete. It's the other quarter of plays that matter. But it's also why you can't give teams a 4th out or a bad pitch call/extra pitch can lead to trouble in the MLB. I have no doubt Vaughn could play 3rd base and 75-90% of the time be fine. Its just not an ideal situation.