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  1. BrianAnderson

    Manny: Nope, still no news

    Not much if you're looking for a playoff run, but I think there are arms much more serviceable than what we have to offer.. I still like Keuchel for all the reasons that have been discussed over and over. I like ground ball tendencies, how he'll likely age, price, probably only 4 year contract, etc. Other than that I'd love to explore a 1yr + option deal in the following order: Santana, Buchholz, Gio, Hellickson, Pomeranz. All th rest I'd pass on. I'd even lean on passing on Pomeranz and Hellickson. Pomeranz mostly because of health issues... forget what he injured, but I thought his velocity is truggling...
  2. BrianAnderson

    Manny: Nope, still no news

    It's not proving anything. its the players union saying take the highest AAV and waiting. At some point this will boil over and there will be a big meeting about FA spending and contracts.
  3. BrianAnderson

    Manny: Nope, still no news

    Maybe not 8/250, but 7/175, I'd say its better chance he accepts a 1/40 than 7/175. Players unions have say and power.
  4. BrianAnderson

    Manny: Nope, still no news

    A wise man once said ...A zebra doesn't change it's stripes... JR has always been cheap and has been one of the most vocal figures siding with ownership pushing back against the players union. Hes the guy who wont go over a certain amount of years for pitchers, one who stood his ground heavily during the strike, the guy who has never given a contract over $68mm (giving $100mm contracts to guys who ultimately get $150mm doesn't really count ... that proves hes even more hard headed and unable to be flexible). I am thinking we get neither of these guys. Just my personal opinion. Phillies will land one and the other will sign one of these short term high AAV contract ala what Grandal just did. With how this FA market is going its going to be very important to the players union to establish a high AAV contract and they will push them to do so. Ultimately we'll file away this offseason like all others... JR coming up short on a major FA when in reality we never had a shot.
  5. BrianAnderson

    Manny: Nope, still no news

    Baseball is screwed.. totally hitting another strike.... A-Rod got 10 years at $25mm in 2000! We are 20 years later and you're telling me Machado can only get 7 years at the same price? Yikes. Look at the highest paid NFL, NBA, and NHL player contracts at that time til now... then look at tv revenues and mlb attendance during the same time... MLB players union won't stand for this and won't end pretty.
  6. BrianAnderson

    Manny: Nope, still no news

    It's called wanting your cake and eating it too. Want the stability and the all the positives of marriage, but still want to have fun at their disposal. Back to the important leaked news of the day though. $175mm of 7 years would be absolutely hysterical if true. If we got him for that I'd stalk Hahn's house and give him a big fat kiss... that'd be the easiest contract ever to absorb. Wouldn't even shock me if somewhat true... that's JR for you. He's about as tight pocketed as it comes. I can't wait until we finally put together our perfect team and then MLB goes on strike... if Manny signs for 7/175... yikes... player union is going to go even crazier. Don't forget who JR Is... he's the guy who is very pro-owner and won't budge worth shit. He's all about lining his pockets.. greedy people don't change at age 83. he's going to line his pockets til the day he hits his grave. He's not about winning.. he's about winning money.
  7. BrianAnderson

    Manny: Nope, still no news

    it's remarkably longer during work hours than at night.
  8. BrianAnderson

    Manny: Nope, still no news

    "When you assume it makes an ass out of u and me. " -- Applied to every single post ever about what's really going on in both Machado and Harper negotiations.
  9. BrianAnderson

    Manny: Nope, still no news

    I know we're all just commenting to pass time and out of boredom or frustration. All I can say is that although this sucks .. I trust that Hahn and JR are very tuned into the market and what's going down. If it were as easy as "tell Machado this is our deal and he has 24 hours to accept or its gone, then if Harper signs with the Phillies hes screwed" then Machado would be ChiSox by now. They're negotiating MILLIONS of dollars right now. The negotiations are moving up or down by our LIFETIME salaries. There's no loyalty or ultimatums being put forward because it doesn't work that way. .
  10. BrianAnderson

    Rays to Sign Avi

    That's a fair take. The question we should always be asking in 2017, 2018 and 2019 is "Does ______________ have a chance at being a valuable contributor on a playoff team?" Now as much as Avi drove us as crazy as this Machado negotiation process I think we can all admit that he has a better chance of being a contributing member than a Delmonico, Cordell, Tilson, etc. He's probably somewhere around Palka's value, just a bit higher. Avi, all things considered still has a chance to be a decent player. That being said, I'm okay with letting him move on. It's a coin flip if I'd rather have Jay or Avi for the same price really.
  11. BrianAnderson

    Manny: Nope, still no news

    I could be wrong, but I don't think he was close to that line at all... I'm guessing he signed a 1yr, $6mm deal with incentives and a mutual option. He's still 1-2 seasons away from being a minor league contract type deal in my opinion.
  12. BrianAnderson

    Rays to Sign Avi

    Wish him luck. He always tried his hardest and can't fault him too much that results weren't consistent. There's part of me that thinks he's destined to be JD Martinez Jr.
  13. BrianAnderson

    Harper: Nightengale suggests Phillies are favored

    Sale got 5/$33mm ... so 7/100 for Rodon seems verrrry on the heavy side.
  14. BrianAnderson

    Manny: Nope, still no news

    You may have to change your signature up a bit...some of those names won't even sniff the MLB roster ha. It's finally happening! Welcome Yoan Moncada, Lucas Giolito, Michael Kopech, Reynaldo Lopez, Luis Basabe, Dane Dunning, Luis Robert, Eloy Jimenez, Dylan Cease, Matt Rose, Bryant Fleet, Jake Burger, Gavin Sheets, Blake Rutherford, Ian Clarkin, Tito Polo, Ti'Quan Forbes, AJ Pucket, Andre Davis, Casey Gillepsie, Ryan Cordell, Nick Madrigal, Steele Walker, Konnor Pilkington(More additions to come)
  15. BrianAnderson

    Harper: Nightengale suggests Phillies are favored

    Necessary because of what the free market dictated. I think baseball is fully in the "information age". There are more stats than ever that are driving contracts. Before you had more of the Hawk Harrelson eye test going on, but I think that's over. I mean, if we sign Harper or Machado to 8+ years I think it's very likely we don't get our full value on the guys either.