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  1. BrianAnderson

    Comparing Sox young guys to past players

    Whoa. Talk about under the radar. I had him pegged in my memory as a slightly above average player.
  2. BrianAnderson

    16 team playoffs here to stay?

    Few thoughts: 1 - this has a lot more angles to explore than just the surface. Meaning, at the surface, my first reaction is this is stupid! Now if we were the Sox of a year or two ago, or even this year in Spring Training, i think we selfishly say, this is cool. I like it. Basically meaning, it benefits the fringe teams, which i think is kind of ridiculous considering the length of the season. However, on the flip side, extended playoffs also means a few more things. It almost turns into hockey playoffs - meaning, any team can win, and if any team can win, then you probably see more teams like the Pirates holding onto assets like Gerrit Cole and less teams like the Sox/Royals/Tigers completely tanking for a period of time. More competitive teams, equal more competitive and fun regular season games. So i think, at least on the surface extended playoffs = less super teams and better "bad teams" which i think is good overall. 2 - we dont know the structure yet. I personally would not want to see a three game series stick around post this year. variables are too high in a 3, hell even a 5 game series. I'd much rather see 7 game series, minimal time off between series and games, throughout the entirety of the playoffs. In this scenario I think the variables are lessened. Basically, if you have 7 games, and no off days, then theoretically a team that maybe snuck in is going to have a tough time against the Dodgers. So in the NL for example, let's say the Brewers sneak in this year as an 8 seed and the Dodgers are the 1 seed. Maybe in a 3 game series things go haywire and milwaukee advances. I think it's much more unlikely that over a 7 game series, with no off days, that milwaukee wins 4. Rotation depth, team depth, etc. All the things that got you to the playoffs SHOULD ultimately win you the series. Now not always true, but thats the beauty of it. Kind of like hockey playoffs. 3- you have to shorten the season to accomplish this. I don't want to see the current format and i want to minimize the variables, therefore in order to fit it all in you have to chop off about 12 games. make it a 150 game season and you can use that extra week for the playoffs. If those few suggestions are followed: 7 game series, minimal off days? Then i think i am very for extended playoffs. If you keep it with the same structure as this year? And then allow off days like in the past? Then I'm very against it because you're not rewarding the long season in any way.
  3. BrianAnderson

    Gambling Thread (MLB Version)

    15-16 -- just big yikes yesterday. weird how when gambling is momentum too. Don't get it. Try to stay as neutral as possible, but just didn't see Flaherty getting mauled. Just a rough rough stretch. But onward and upward. Yankees run line parlayed with Rays run line (the latter scares me a bit, but Voth has been getting mauled) Yankees TT Rays TT Sox ML
  4. Wonder some takes on comparing these guys to past Sox guys and/or other guys + what kind of career you think they may have.. I’ll start with a few: Eloy Jimenez – Carlos Lee: I see him as a solid, solid bat. Guy who can have a very long career, make a handful of All-Star Games, maybe have an outside MVP type season, probably better suited at DH in the long run. Dunning – Buehrle/Garland/Quintana: not necessarily comparing stuff here. Just in terms of guys who kind of get it done quietly. Even if he has 5 great years in a row, I feel like he’ll never get the national accolades. Yoan Moncada – Joe Crede: When hot, he’s hot and can carry a team. But a guy who maybe gets injured too often and is inconsistent. The talent is no doubt there, is capable of all star seasons, being a long term piece, but never really breaks out to that next level Nick Madrigal - This one will be a very loose interpretation. Hopefully others can provide a better comp. This one only applies to 2020-21 …. Pods/Iguchi. In the sense I think he’s the GLUE of the team. So, the unsung guy that provides a very important role, but isn’t really noticed. Luis Robert – Frank Thomas/Ken Griffey Jr.: Now this isn’t a 1:1 type comparison. They’re different players for sure and bring different things to the table. But in terms of just true baseball, god given talent, he’s an Acuna level player. Tatis, etc. He’s an all-decade team talent. Injury history scares me.. but outside of that I think he has the talent to be the face of the franchise for the decade. I look at him, then I look at eloy. He makes Eloy almost look average. You can see the talent oozing out of him. He’s a MVP type candidate year in and year out while Eloy is a All-Star candidate year in and year out. Just my opinion obviously and not a knock on eloy. Tim Anderson – I really don’t have a comp for him at all. Would be interested in peoples takes. I can’t really find a comp to him on the Sox. I almost think Vlad Guerrero as a non-Sox comp but that might be super generous. I’m trying to think of free swingers who just have the “it” factor. I’m going to say something controversial here … I think Tim Anderson is close to the level of pure talent as Luis Robert. I think he can consistently be in the MVP race … and that’s not just on this year or last year, I think it’s based on the adjustments he’s made, the speed, the power, etc. Feel free to add names!
  5. BrianAnderson

    Gambling Thread (MLB Version)

    Season record: 14-13 (0-4 on one dodgers game -- still think i have to put that down because outside of that the numbers aren't bad -- and it's not like I'm piling on picks of -180 or -220 to get there. Also I'll die on that sword because it was like the twins game last night where run a simulation 1,000 times and usually the twins are putting up 8 instead of 1 run. very easily that 14-13 record could be 18-9, everything was there, just not the luck. okay last time talking that game... was so bad it had me taking off gambling for much of the past 3-4 days. Todays games: Cubs/Indians F5 under - simply put darvish is on fire, carrasco is hot of late too, both offense leave a lot to be desired Angels TT over - offense from them has been iffy, on & off, but they take walks, dont strikeout, etc. however what they don't do is elevate the ball and that is bumgarners worst trait this year. he's allow 4HR!! per nine. just getting barreled and shelled with his 86mph fastball. if it wasn't for the groundball/linedrive/flyball splits from the angels offense i'd probably put like 5 units on this game Cardinals F5 run line -0.5 - flaherty on the mound + cardinals hitting LHP very well this year lines up for a nice game IMO. I can see a 3-1 or 4-1 type score after 5. Mets and Phillies over. Both bullpens struggling, both offenses hot, both pitchers past their prime, though porcelllo beter of late. almost took the mets here, but just think there should be enough scoring to go around to hit the 10 runs. I did do a decent sized parlay on these .... which is dumb. But i really really like flaherty, darvish and dislike bumgarner ... to me, the kicker will be that last game Mets/Phillies that bursts the bubble. But i got like 13:1 odds on it, so lets cross some fingers. being selective on 3 game parlays is usually the way to bolster my pockets, stretching here adding the 4th. may come back & bit me.
  6. BrianAnderson

    #3 Starter for Playoffs

    I think my order is this ... Giolito, Dunning, Keuchel, Cease, Gio, etc. Cease is a disaster waiting to happen. not saying he doesn't have good stuff, but I think he's still likely a year or so from it all clicking finally. Hopefully it clicks for him like it did for giolito and not like lopez. But I'd want Keuchel on the mound in a game 3.
  7. BrianAnderson

    AL MVP Race

    Hand up - I'd have to dig into my posts from 2-3 years ago, but i was wrong on TA. He's always been one of my favorite players on the team, i just didn't see this next level as a possibility. Right now, just on eye test I give the slight edge to TA as the MVP on this team, and therefore the league.
  8. BrianAnderson

    Gambling Thread (MLB Version)

    12-11 season record (0-4 on one dodgers game FWIW), so individual games not actually bad. Todays Games: Angels TT over at Rox. Freeland has been a bit of an enigma. Great rookie season, terrible second season, and thus far really good on road, awful at home. I just tend to think between him and the Rox bullpen runs will be scored. Cardinals ML - Hudson has been very godo this year. keeps the ball down and gets ahead of the count with first pitch strike. like him a lot this year. Mets TT over - I don't want to mess with going against the Jays and that offense, so I'm cheering for offense on Mets side. R. Ray on mound. hes awful, throws as many balls as strikes. mets have a good ofense. was a bit scared to bet against ray last time out because it was his first time with the jays after the trade, thought maybe they saw something correctable, however he was just as bad. Phillies F5 - stay away from that bullpen, but give me the youngeter howard and that offense against urena for 5 at okay ML.
  9. BrianAnderson

    Will EE ever get going?

    Where he is hitting in the lineup is a Ricky issue. I'll echo the 70% of the season thing. it's semantics. 45 games into the season is what? mid-may or so? Look at his splits for his career. he starts slow historically. throw in a truncated spring training? based on his career trend line he should be heating up just in time for the playoffs which is a good thing. who cares about the regular season when everybody gets in? April - .236ba/.430slg/.752ops May (where we are now) - .250ba/.496slg/.827ops June - (playoff time) - .277ba/.554slg/.932ops Obviously it's not great right now, and we have McCann too, so yes, probably he should be rotating a bit more, but he's got a long track record, whcih even at his age should hold some water. But it's a one year deal - this isn't like adam dunn. What would I do? mix in mccann more, move EE down a slot or two. Get EE 4-5 games a week still. hes the type of power bat that can really make a difference come october.
  10. BrianAnderson

    Gambling Thread (MLB Version)

    Yikes on yesterday. I ended up watching that Dodgers game, and yikes is the only way to describe it. They had 2nd/3rd nobody out, nothing, bases loaded 1 out - DP, 1st and 3rd one out and did a double steal! Thrown out at the plate. Bumgarner served up EIGHT hard hit balls. 9 base runners in 5 ip. fjeoaijfeaiojfweojifa is how i feel. Just terrible luck there. Given the exact same game a day later? I'd do the same bet over again. But that is why gambling is gambling - any given day a perfectly lined up match up runs into a brick wall of bad luck. Didnt help that dustin may was also hit with a comebacker on the first batter of game and it was a bullpen game for dodgers.... eojfaowe 1-5 yesterday.. just awful. how easily though that couldve been 5-1 with a few breaks, but i have to keep the honest total Season record: 11-11 (sad!) Only doing one play today. That game murdered my balance - just want to keep it light and regroup for the weekend. I'm going with the Phillies in the Nola game of the doubleheader. they havent officially announced if it'll be castano or smith, but either or, phillies have a great offense, terrible bullpen, but id think nola should be able to do 6 of the 7 innings and hand it over to workman, or maybe full game. So let's roll & get back on track.
  11. BrianAnderson

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    my thoughts on it all have changed so many times over so who knows? Covid has joined the holy grail of things not to talk about in my opinion - religion, politics and covid. I personally have traveled, but i also very likely had Covid back in early March. (was in and out of Ohare like 10 times in two weeks, in vegas for a conference, etc. and then got sicker than i had for probably a decade, wife then got sick worse than she had ever too and got it officially) So who knows again on the point of if you can get it twice, but my current thoughts are i need to keep my own mental health up. i flew to denver to hike for a week last month. all seemed alright, i understand the risks, etc. a lot more than i did back in April. As more information emerges i just have to calculate the risks of what i am doing, how it effects others, etc. So i traveled and then went home for 10 days and didn't see anybody or do anything. But i'll tell you that week away from home was glorious. Planes probably aren't the best idea, but theyll counter about the air filters. Again, all up to the individual and when you make your choices try to no affect others with your decision.
  12. BrianAnderson

    Will EE ever get going?

    This. relax people. when he's hitting massive, clutch home runs in the playoffs people will be fawning to resign him. The board is so fickle from one day to the next. it's baseball, he's on a one year contract and offers something to the team. find something else to complain about.
  13. BrianAnderson

    Nick Madrigal

    You know who is a perfect complement to our team? Madrigal. We need a guy who isn't all home run or nothing. He is, and will be the mainstay at 2b for the next 10-12 years. mark that down for 2030.
  14. BrianAnderson

    Gambling Thread (MLB Version)

    Overall record: 10-6 Daggum Tribe couldn't get bases loaded in, really didn't cash in at all. Sucks, but still take 2-1 on the day & glad i sat out the dodgers game even if they ended up winning in extras because it was closer than the juice was worth based on stats. Sometimes sitting a bet out is the best bet. Today's Games: Angels/Rangers: Gibson line drive rate bad, walks, etc. – Gibson even worse of late. Angels hot of late. Good discipline, etc. rangers can’t hit the ball. ML -166 seems kind. Punt on the Indians – don’t touch that juice. Will the Indians win? probably, but at -200 and their offense of late? they started ticking up, but then started chasing again. i can't put my hard earned money on this team. Yankees and Orioles: Geritt cole – not just bad luck, his underlying stats are bad. Tough to get behind him. There may be something here for F5 or full game orioles. This is a sharp game. Orioles offense has actually been good, Yankees are all banged up and have not. Hard to trust the Orioles, but the name recognition on Cole is driving the juice, I'll sit on the other side and take those odds on a small play. Give me the reds over cubs. Alozay walks too many. Reds have been just as bad as the Cubs with the sticks -- so i can see them stranding a lot, but give me Sonny Gray against the Cubs. Reds f5 or low scoring. Haven’t seen a line on this, but likely to play Reds F5. Madison bumgarner is bad, really bad – 9% walk, 54% fly ball, 49% hard hit, 20% barrel, EV flyball at 97mph…. hes trash. Trash trash. Ops over .900. his ERA should actually be closer to 10 or 11 …. Dodgers crush lefties. I may just take my paycheck and put it on this game. I’m going to package this game up in many ways. Dodgers TT, dodgers run line, dodgers -2.5 or 3.5 In review: Dodgers 3 different ways, TT, Run Line, juiced run line, Angels over Rangers ML, parlay of both of those? Smaller bets on Reds and Orioles. For the sake of keeping track for overall record that will be 7 bets. Go Dodgers!
  15. BrianAnderson

    Vaughn interview

    Probably doesn't hurt to try him in the OF, 3B, etc. It's a shame Eloy is such a joke in the OF for two reasons: A) he should be a DH but with Vaughn and Abreu its not happening. Also b) bad because it'd be nice for him to fill in at RF and then hide a Vaughn or McCann in LF. But alas those aren't options.