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  1. As much as Tatis stings - I'll say this .... he's going to be a bit of a bust through his first 2 years or so. His power is undeniable and he may be able to field. However you're going to have a Sano or Joey Gallo like player on your hands for a bit. That being said .... he's ridiculously young. So it's really not a big deal or a precursor for a bad career.. I just think we as Sox fans won't be too disappointed in the trade until like 2022.
  2. BrianAnderson

    Predict the White Sox Record After 30 Games

    Hopefully something like 19-11 so that Hahn can go out there and trade Madrigal or Cease for someone like James Shields. Who's that in todays game --- Julio Teheran? Alex Cobb? Jordan Zimmeran? Giddy up. Can't wait for this season to start. In my whole life I've never been more nonchalant about a season's start. I've either worked from home or taken the day off my whole career -- this year I doubt I'll even flip the game on. I'll probably watch the Astros/Rays over the garbage they're dumping out to us fans.
  3. BrianAnderson

    Eloy officially got paid

    This is correct. It's a cost benefit analysis for both sides. It's just ridiculously in favor of JR and the Sox as they are the ones with the money, the current broken system in place, the control, the power, etc. Eloy on the other hand is negotiating from weakness. What if I blow out a leg, an arm, a bicep, etc. etc. He has a lot more to lose. So because of that he can be taken advantage of. It's a business decision for all parties involved.
  4. BrianAnderson

    Eloy officially got paid

    True, but that's why it's a hedge. Let's say Eloy earns $80mm through his arb years. JR paying $20mm for peace of mind in case all of a sudden the system flips on him? What if the system flips and Eloy is worth $150mm. Then it just become a cost benefit analysis.
  5. BrianAnderson

    Eloy officially got paid

    The point being missed, or that I haven't seen talked about is the new CBA agreement. It's been made clear that the players are going to push being given more guaranteed money earlier in their careers. I think JR knows this and knows the gravy train of paying rookies and young arb guys almost nothing is about to end. Giving Eloy $100mm isn't so much about him believing in Eloy or being a nice owner. It's a calculated hedge to lock in a (hopefully) budding superstar at below market cost if the players association successfully negotiates a new agreement. Jerry Reinsdorf is Old Man Potter from It's a Wonderful Life. He doesn't miss a trick. He's offering 50 cents on the dollar.
  6. BrianAnderson

    Trade Proposal

    Teams like the White Sox, who don't stretch an extra $50mm over $10 years for generational talents don't trade for $18mm contracts to acquire maybe prospects. That being said I think the Sox would have benefited a lot from this mindset over the past 2-3 years. If you're tanking you should be tanking like NBA does, just stacking draft picks/prospects (understand you can't really stack draft picks in MLB). That being said I'm sure JR has better use for $18mm than giving it to one-year bad vet contracts. Also is an expensive way to acquire fringe talent.
  7. BrianAnderson

    2019 fan engagement poll

    I plan on hitting up Kimski more than ever. Love that bar/food. I'll still hit up Cork and Kerry. I'll hit up basically everything around the park and drink beforehand. I will not be purchasing food inside the park. And VERY limited beer. No need to support the machine.
  8. BrianAnderson

    2019 fan engagement poll

    I'll take those scout seats! haha. You brought up a good point.. I don't think I can sit through three hours of Benetti stand up each night trying to be upbeat about the team. I'll lose my mind.
  9. BrianAnderson

    Scout Seats

    Admins can move this over to Ticket Exchange. I selfishly put it here just because that forum gets like zero views. So I apologize for intentionally putting this in the wrong spot. This group of Sox fans are the diehards, so I just wanted to ask does anybody have any Scout Seat contacts? I like to pick a few games a year and do Scout Seats and generally if you pick the right game you can get tickets for $125-140. Specifically there are people who either eat their seats through companies, or sell on StubHub. I'd like to cut out the StubHub fees. For instance for a bunch of games there's an individual in Section 133 Row 7 who always sells April games for $149. Rather than give StubHub 10% from my end and 10% on their end, I'd love to establish a direct contact and purchase like 3-4 games for the season directly.
  10. BrianAnderson

    2019 fan engagement poll

    I voted for buy less tickets and merchandise. I know this is the most emotional time - right after we were lied to. After we were insulted by our front office. The fact that this franchise puts out a terrible product and then lies to us with a straight face acting like we're the dumb ones ... that's an issue. At the end of the day the Sox are just a product, and I as consumer have a choice. There are 30 teams, no reason I have to purchase this product. Unfortunately we are in a position where going to the Northside for a baseball game costs $100+ a ticket. So I will be showing up for Sox games. I likely will just buy $6 ticket and move around throughout the game. I will also support the local businesses around the park. It sucks for them that they're livelihoods are going to hurt while the Sox continue to mock our intelligence. But that's it for me. No season tickets. And to be honest this stings so much because until now I looked at baseball as a mental getaway. Sox games still had a boyish charm to them. They reminded me of fun. Of grilled onions. Of cold beer. Crack of a bat. But now? All I see is $$ signs. I see JR sitting on his yacht or in some mansion just smoking a fancy cigar. He's no fan of the Sox. He's a fan of a balance sheet and income statement. And realizing that the Sox are just a business is just sad. Deep down I knew it, but my true mental getaway for 162 times during the summer has now become a business to me. And for that reason I'm sad.
  11. BrianAnderson

    Harper to Phillies 13yr/330 mil

    I know we are the diehards and we take this harder than most, but I do truly wonder if the sox realize the blowback they will receive. like will it show up in the turnstyles? Will it matter? Or is this just a small group of over excited fans like us that are pissed, but still will go to 5-10 games because we love baseball in general? All I can say is that it truly sucks. baseball is basically the only sport I follow balls to the wall.. and now taking my team away from me? it hurts. I know for me, if they landed one of the two big fish I was looking at a partial season ticket plan again.. now I'm just going to pick 2-3 Scout Seats games and enjoy my time, but can't say I care at all about the outcome of the game or even the sox at all. i'll be there for baseball, not the sox.
  12. BrianAnderson

    Dane Dunning: No TJS just yet, rest and monitor

    This is why I don't care how many times I say it & get roasted for it as being a negative nancy .. we will not be seriously competing for a WS title until at least 2022. I don't care if that is 7 years into a rebuild and that's too long.. it's just the truth. I follow enough baseball and enough prospects to know that the Astros and Cubs were the major exception to the rule. Most of the time you run into situations like this.. where Giolito and Moncada don't hit. Look back at top 100 prospects lists from 2014 and just see how many of those guys are making a championship impact. Take a step back... here's the recipe for success. 3-4 MAJOR PROSPECT HITS. This is hitting on Bregman, Bryant, Rizzo, Altuve, Springer, Correa. You need these guys and you need 3-4 of them on your team. 5-7 MAJOR PROSPECTS that turn into everyday contributing players: This is the Schwarbers, Happs, Tyler White, Lance McCullers of the world. In our case this is Lopez, Moncada, Anderson. I think we actually are trending fine in this direction. We have guys who can play baseball fine. The guys who do things right, but have warts. 2-3 MAJOR FREE AGENT OR TRADE GUYS: for the cubs this was Lester. This is Verlander. Cole. Chapman. Brantley. 2-3 MAJOR FREE AGENTS that turn out to be contributing players: Darvish, Heyward, Reddick, Gattis, Gurriel 3-5 MAJOR PROSPECTS at the ready so that you can either trade for your last pieces or fill in injuries: Kyle Tucker, Forest Whitley, Josh James. Cubs? They are a little barron - but this was Eloy in the past, Torres, etc. Hence, I think the Astros did their rebuild a bit better. So if you go down that list, and we're a bit early. 3-4 MAJOR PROSPECT HITS: we're confident or hopeful in Eloy. I'd say the same with Kopech. Outside of that? I'd say Madrigal or Moncada have the best shot, but think we're on the outside looking in on actual MAJOR SUPERSTAR hits. Robert? 5-7 MAJOR PROSPECTS that turn into every day guys. I think we are more than set with a pipeline of these guys. I think Robert will be Jorge Soler. just my opinion. I think Rutherford can be a nice 4 OF. I think Adolfo can be a nice UTIL of OF, 1B, DH, but not necessarily a starter. Lopez a nice #4 starter. Madrigal and Moncada should be able to man the IF. Anderson likewise. We have a plethora of just above replacement level players on the horizon that should give us 80 win seasons. 2-3 MAJOR FA or TRADES: Well.. we struck out on Machado, not going after Harper. No Arenado. I think it's pretty obvious we are not going to do well here. So it'd have to be trades. which means we need evne more depth 3-5 MAJOR PROSPECTS: to use as trade bait or keep the system going. We may think we have good depth now, but I don't think we're even close. If we were to be good in 2-3 years I don't think people would be knocking down the door for Steele Walker or Hansen or Burger. So as I see it... we have a TON of holes, a FO that doesn't and won't sign FA for the proper market value, and a FO that still doesn't have the depth to trade for star players when necessary. I see a bunch of 75-84 win seasons in our future ... I see something like 68 wins this year.... 74 next year .... 80 in 2021 ..... 85 in 2022. And frankly I don't have the faith in Hahn, JR, or Kenny to go out there and spend CORRECTLY on FA or make trades when necessary. or to draft well.
  13. BrianAnderson

    Nolan Arenado to sign extension with the Rockies

    Don't worry guys, Hahn said the money would be spent! We just have to trust him. They seem to have a very good read on the market and what players are worth. That was all sarcasm fyi. Sox have no idea what's going on and are so out of tune that it's crazy. Brewers are out there paying Braun. Rockies Blackmon and Arenado. Padres Hosmer and Machado. Diamondbacks with Greinke. Royals with Duffy and Gordon. Tigers with Miggy. Baltimore with Chris Davis. Cinci with Votto. Hell, Miami paid Stanton even if Jeter traded him. Twins with Mauer. Seattle with Cano... and now Mets with Cano.. We're really just the Rays, A's and Pirates of the world. Don't forget though that the Rays even went to $100mm with Longoria. We are a BOTTOM OF THE BARREL TEAM. Mired in BOTTOM OF THE BARREL.
  14. BrianAnderson

    Nolan Arenado to sign extension with the Rockies

    Oh look JR and Hahn waited around too long and now Machado at $30mm looks like a good deal & the price on Harper just went up to $36mm per year instead of maybe being able to get him at 10/320. Clowns. We're mired in mediocrity.
  15. BrianAnderson

    Nolan Arenado to sign extension with the Rockies

    I mean, it took what, a week? for the Machado deal to look pretty darn good. Once these MLB redoes their players association deal you better believe they'll get a bigger piece of the pie earlier in their careers. Owners are making more than ever and players aren't going to stand by. We'll look back at Machado for $30mm and laugh at ourselves even harder while we have Mark Teahen or Brent Morel manning the 2025 hot corner. The Sox FO is just terrible & isn't going to change.