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  1. It's been real. Go Go Sox. 

  2. he gone.

    COVID Thread Part Deux

    no offense to any of you - but i've been going back and forth about this for a while. i'm going to be deleting my account. i used to have fun on this board, but lately its more anxiety than anything because of this stupid topic. i don't even go onto pale hose anymore ... just straight to this. and i waste entirely too much time trying to make points. im sure some of you are really good people. we all have our disagreements naturally about how we see the world which are driven by personal experiences that others on this board are not privvy to. take the response above ... I mean? This your moderator? i could say the sun is shining and he'd come back with "there's some clouds up there". what's the point of going back and forth with someone like that? it's not even a normal, reasoned response. how is that productive conversation? it's just attack. 33,551 posts. im gonna stop wasting my time... have fun on your next 33,551 posts tony.
  3. he gone.

    COVID Thread Part Deux

    you may want to look into the practices of factory farming and mono farming. it's a good topic to learn about. i subscribe to butcher box, some of the best free range and all natural meat you'll ever have. very good company if anybody is looking for alternatives. not sure why you'd be so serious about health and covid, but so flippant about obesity. obesity rates are growing at very high rates and is a very serious issue. Or are you just picking and choosing which health issues are important as it fits to your narrative?
  4. he gone.

    COVID Thread Part Deux

    nope, not living in fear. it's a cost benefit analysis. upside/downside risk. makes sense for me, it also makes sense for the large, large majority. doesn't mean it should be mandated. And ya i'd question my doctor. i question my mechanic. i question my contractors. i question everybody. being curious about life and not just following is a good thing. I had a surgery in july ... they sent me home with some very strong pain killers. I took zero. you want to know how many questions they asked before giving those to me? ZERO. what if addiction ran in my family? i happen to know two very close people who struggled with pain meds for years who are luckily clean now and raising beautiful families. they had addiction issues that run in their family ... maybe doctors should be asking more questions too. I take my health very seriously. i have very close family members who are obese and its not a life i choose or want to live.
  5. he gone.

    COVID Thread Part Deux

    if you could put your hand on a bible, or take a lie detector test ... etc. and I asked you that question. 60 years old, 5'9, 150lbs and 60 years old 5'9 and 300lbs you and i both know you're choosing the guy at 150lbs. it's a contributing factor and we all know it. being fit is hard. people are lazy. aka, the deflection is large. No, I am generally for less involvement. i don't want the government involved in my life. if you stuff yourself full of krispy kreme and applebee's more power to you. just be accountable for it. The one I'd be most in favor for would be health insurance changes. they're businesses and can do whatever they think betters their business. So providing different rates for different weights and lifestyles? I'd love a plan like that. I put in a lot of work between my diet and workout routines. i get bloodwork done each year. outside of that? i've been to the doctor once in the past 15 years. but in terms of government? god no, they don't need to be involved in taxing or restricting what people eat. the most, most, most, i'd want the government involved is a bigger focus on health in schools and then subsidies for gyms. we subsidize corn and wheat and oil and so much ... having a free gym in each community not only could drive community, but also health. even that's a reach to me, but if there was going to be any government, free gyms.
  6. he gone.

    COVID Thread Part Deux

    Mature. Unfortunate that you think this way, but is what it is. I spend a lot of time reading, researching, learning and bettering myself on a day to day basis and it's reflected in my overall success, friendships, relationships, and my overall health. It's fun to watch this board. It's like Modest Mouse album "good news for those who like bad news". Fear porn. fear drives people to do weird things. unfortunately a lot of you are caught up in fear.
  7. he gone.

    COVID Thread Part Deux

  8. he gone.

    COVID Thread Part Deux

    Like I said, people will quote select one sentence & be like “I won” No obesity isn’t like covid. Yes obesity matters. Three people get covid, all 60 years old. 5’9. One weighs 150lb. One weighs 225lb one weighs 300lb. which do you want to be? if there was magic wand and I could turn everybody into a CrossFit athlete for the past 2 years since covid - do you think the hospitals would be full? ICU overrun? Obesity matters.
  9. he gone.

    COVID Thread Part Deux

    haha it worked. i knew this would be the response and didn't even have to think twice about it. no shit you catch being fat. my response is a response that is meant to have you take a step back and think .... covid response ... vs. obesity response ... one kills 2:1 .... the response is 100:1, or maybe 1,000:1. or maybe 10,000:1 (and thats not considering those who have died of covid with comorbidities like obesity). That's all. the world has lost their mind. if you don't think obesity has a factor in not only regular every day deaths, but also in covid? i dunno man. i can tell you i have family members that are obese and family members who are not obese ... you know who i worry about with covid? and you're lying to yourself if you aren't thinking the same. you know damn well you have fat friends and family v. those in shape ... who do you worry more about? That chart doesn't look pretty. and BMI is bullshit. BMI is the simplest, reduction test of obesity. michael jordan is obese by this standard.. but obese people do clog up the hospitals.. and they love it. they love the revenue and the money that comes from it. the insurance companies love it. they love making the money off it. why? because it's predictable. they can know through actuary and math the controlled rate of sickness coming in. With that they can model response and make money off of it. ultimately this board goes back and forth and back and forth and back and forth page after page. the bell curve on covid is the same as every single bell curve in the world. the standard deviation is the same. just try and be in the bell. if you're not in the bell you're just going to be an angry irrational human being fighting for whatever you're fighting for without seeing other sides. if you can't see that (and not you whoever im quote responding to, the board) there are other angles, sides, and incentives in a story this world wide? then you're not considering enough. I'll gladly be the person who takes shit on this board. you can bold and quote select anything you want. at least im driving discussion instead of just parroting stats. just cause i have a vaccine doesn't mean i have to fall in line with whatever the vaccine crowd wants to hear.
  10. he gone.

    COVID Thread Part Deux

    1 in 1000 die from obesity every year. How many of you want to stand up and take your shirt off and look in the mirror? Or talk about it ad nauseum consistently?
  11. he gone.

    COVID Thread Part Deux

    i'll agree with that. if a normal joe blow got covid we can't just go to our doctors and say/pay for those treatments. he also has a huge platform which, alhtough he may not like it, does kind of box him sometimes. he has a social responsibility because people are always going to pick and choose. and in this case, the population isn't very smart and some (very few) are running with ivermectin as a saving grace. in the end these shots cost about $40 and should be the go-to solution.
  12. he gone.

    COVID Thread Part Deux

    When Joe Rogan is considered controversial then color me puzzled. Honest question, have you listened to him? Have you heard him talk in long form? Or are you just going by snippets? Because he brings on everybody from both sides, he brings in authors and doctors and political people across the board. He's a very reasoned individual. You may not agree with him on everything, but if someone like him is controversial than help us all.
  13. he gone.

    COVID Thread Part Deux

    I mean, regardless of affiliations, i do think we can agree that media is skewed. I'm not sure why anybody would trust media on either end. The same reasons people who watch CNN don't believe/trust Fox News is the same exact reasons they shouldn't trust CNN. And vice versa. The model of news is clicks. that's how they get paid. Not many people want to read objective news. if they did, then naturally that model would be the most prevalent because people would read those articles. They dont, and we're left with what we have and left to dissect the nuggets we get. There are those who are more gullible, lazy, intuitive, naive, paranoid, better critical thinkers etc. than others which results in a message board like this and others across the internet. In the case of Covid it's pretty clear the narrative that is being driven, and anybody who questions or tries to think outside of the "norm" gets lambasted. there's not just one path to immunity and or/or staying healthy and out of the hospital, but based on the everyday news, one would be lead to believe that. Regardless if you are pro vaccine, pro natural immunity, or indifferent the science would indicate at this time that masks (real ones) and testing are the safest measure if you're trying to avoid spread. vaccinations are the safest if you're trying to avoid hospital. But if you listen to just the tv? It makes absolutely no sense, and does not do well for anybody when you have Fauci ignore or skate natural immunity questions. Same with ridiculous rules like being able to go to a Bulls game with a vaccine, no testing, but need a test if unvaccinated. In theory that "reduces" the chances of spread to various degrees, but by no means is it the solution they'd lead you to believe. Putting on masks at restaurants? the safest person is the hostess, after that? its theatrics to make people feel good about themselves. all those sanitation wipes everywhere nowadays? good for other diseases and viruses, Covid? ha. The world needs more people questioning things. That's science. Science is questioning things - aka hypothesizing and then testing and trying to determine the results. If you're not questioning the media, the government, those in power, etc then you're not being very smart. The world has always consolidated to a few, the history of freedom and democracy is very light. We've been around for a long, long time. Freedom hasn't been. Hoping this copys and pastes below. If not i provided the link ... that only goes back to 1816 in the chart ... i don't want to alarm anybody but prior to 1816 democracy wasn't a larger portion, it was even smaller. So really, we're talking about something new in the last 70 years. That's about as fragile as that gets, and STILL only 50% of the world .... so yah, covid? bad. but there may be bigger fish to fry, like the fragility of power and democracy. we're the exception, not the rule. and you see these places like australia falling apart, hong kong, etc. so forgive people like myself or rabbit for maybe questioning things ... because historically humans are bad at not letting power, money, etc. corrupt and consolidate to a few. <iframe src="https://ourworldindata.org/grapher/world-pop-by-political-regime?stackMode=relative&country=~OWID_WRL" loading="lazy" style="width: 100%; height: 600px; border: 0px none;"></iframe> https://ourworldindata.org/grapher/world-pop-by-political-regime?stackMode=relative&country=~OWID_WRL if you're not questioning autocracys like china ... and where Covid came from ... how it was first reported that no way it was out of a lab .... and how they silenced those who questioned it ... deplatformed for asking the question ... to where we are now ... to how bio warfare as a very effective tool ... to cheap goods in china ... to everything, then frankly, you're not thinking enough. and maybe that suits you well, but it doesn't suit your children or your children's children very well and if our ancestors didn't do that critical thinking, then guess what? you wouldn't be so blessed to wake up on American soil, because they took a look at their lives and said, i gotta get out. this isn't right. And more poeple around here need to look at life through that lense than just simple jab = good and if not, toss the others aside.
  14. he gone.

    Anderson activated, Vaughn to DL

    Good to see Vaughn sitting. Give the kid some rest and let's get him ready to rock in a week or so. Engel should be back pretty soon anyways, guessing by weekend.
  15. he gone.

    Gio back, Collins up, Mendick and Seby down

    thank god playoffs are returning to all their travel/off days with this team. i have squarely been in the "it's only a backup catcher" camp all season. and i was wrong. those extra off days really tip the scales to our type of team ... we have three really top SP who should benefit, and we have Yasmani who now only has to basically play 2 days in a row, at least through the first series.