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  1. he gone.

    2022 AL Central catch all thread

    Carlos Santana traded to Mariners. Vinnie P brought up. Glad to see teams like Mariners still tweaking and trying. or teams like Cubs cutting Villar even though it's a sunk cost on a year deal. Sox continue to be stuck in mud.
  2. he gone.

    Yermin claimed by SFG

    glad to see it. cheering for him
  3. Starts with an S! Swim, Swami, Slippy, Slappy, Swimmon, Sammon, Simmon, Swans, Swenson? Swanson? samsonite. I WAS WAY OFF. fuck this team. i am officially over being optimistic.
  4. My working theory is that Tony got into a drunk driving accident and killed a man and leury helped him bury the body and has the video evidence. Only real plausible scenario at this point.
  5. Think this is my first thread - also, if they win today and I don't have a thread up by like noon? Someone else take it. Voth v. Kopech Voth in his (part of) 5th season. Made it to majors at age 26. He relies mostly (46%) on a fastball which he leaves up more than he should. This is reflected in just some bottom of the barrel xBA, xSLG, xWOBA stats. He can get some K's, but has walked guys at nearly 9% clip in his career. His other two pitches are a cutter and a curve. This year he's increased both of those while quitting his fastball. Believe it or not he was throwing that thing like 60% of the time before this. Basically? He's a reliever that's being forced into this role. His longest outing this year was his last at 2.2ip, so we're likely only going to see him for a few. There's not much here to like if you're an O's fan. It's almost like a video game on rookie setting, but righties are batting .396 against him this year resulting in a 13.09ERA ... that's not a typo. Now ... that's 11ip against righties, so small sample. Nevertheless if there was ever a time that Tony ran out an all righty lineup? This is it. Also, if there was ever a time to let Sosa get his first MLB hit and have an easy matchup .... this is it. Kopech i won't rehash. If you drink a Modelo for every Sox run you may be hammered by the 5th tonight. Go go sox. Let's start a streak and have some fun tonight. If we lose this, god forbid ... because on paper, this is about as good of a matchup youll get.
  6. he gone.

    Mendick, Engel, and (maybe) Robert leave with injuries

    If im correct, and this off top of head, i believe the 60 day IL move expires today. it was just a move to allow an opening on the roster for a day.
  7. he gone.

    O's v. Sox, 6/23/22 GT

    I shit on it, and want to hate it, but i actually don't fully disagree with sitting Sosa tonight seeing as Harrison has been good of late and Sosa hasn't been above AA. I think that's Harrison's job again (unfortunately or fortunately depending on how you slice it) and that he has earned (very light interpretation) to have that be his job while he's playing well. All of that said I do hope to see Sosa get his chance and we obviously desperately need a spark. Right now Harrison is providing a spark, i just think as fans, and maybe even as a team, we need a few more sparks and the "new guy" is generally a good way to do so. , Hopefully we can take 3/4 from the Orioles despite our injuries and by next week this time we're having healthy lineups with fully productive Yaz, Yoan, and Eloy instead of getting upset about Sheets v. Haseley. Next week I'd hope our lineup is: Anderson SS Vaughn DH Robert CF Abreu 1B Eloy DH Pollock LF Yaz C Yoan 3B Whoever is swinging a hot bat (Sosa, Harrison ... puke Leury ...) Bench of Burger/Haseley/McGuire/ ____ God forbid for my mental health Abreu or Robert go to the IL ... that Yaz's back or legs continue to be sore and "day to day" or that Eloy doesn't progress. I'm losing my positive vibes by the hour with this team. i want to stay positive, just not much more I can take. We've won what ... 6 of 9? and 6 of those were against playoff foes. and real ones. really really good teams. even with the shit lineup yesterday afternoon they fought back when TLR pulled everybody and said not too. We can keep this going. Let's grab today, and move on to tomorrow. By the way for tonights game ... Kremer is looking damn good this year. His fastball has been very, very good (small sample size) but his changeup has been suspect and he's throwing more of them this year. Last year he was 14% barrel and terrible exit velocity and xERA, etc. This year, totally different. basically no barrels. Let's hope it's just the small sample size though. The fastball only went up from 92.6 to 93.6 ... so it's not something crazy. Just nobody hitting it thus far through 3 games. Let's hunt early. he's throwing that pitch over 50% of the time. early and often! Go go sox.
  8. he gone.

    O's v. Sox, 6/23/22 GT

    Halesey definitely cannot play today. Sheets must play today since he just flew in. Sosa cannot play today since he just flew in. Robert cannot play today since he's got tired legs. Abreu can play today despite tired legs. Moncada cannot play this week tired legs. I'm starting to think that Tony is projecting his own old ailments upon these players. He wakes up with sore legs? Then Robert must be very sore. Vaughn played on astroturf? Well that's a lot of work for a 77 year old. Day off! Rest up!
  9. he gone.

    Grandal exits game, apparent leg injury

    I thought i read somewhere that he was eligible to come back today ... and then that above blurb about maybe not doing a rehab stint (THANK GOD -- so tired of rehab starts ... let these guys play if they're healthy. that's a luxury ... this team is banged up. let them play) Either way, I wouldn't be shocked to see Yaz activation be parlayed with Jose to the IL. Just my personal guess. He's looked awful gimpy over the past few games.
  10. he gone.

    Mendick, Engel, and (maybe) Robert leave with injuries

    My problem is he used the word "ouchies"
  11. he gone.

    LH Bat Trade Options

    Ask the Braves about how Joc Pederson, Adam Duvall, and Rosario and Jorge Soler worked out.
  12. he gone.

    LH Bat Trade Options

    Errr... none of those guys are happening. Think more ... Robbie Grossman. He fits perfectly. Last year of deal, OBP, Lefty, can be acquired for a Pilkington type.
  13. he gone.


    I'm sure there were people like me staring to get negative after they blew that 2-0 lead ... Focus on those positives! What a job by Anderson/Vaughn/Robert to keep it alive with 2 outs in the 9th. Harrison coming through twice in big situations and making this next roster move a real headache. Going to take some guts today out of Gio. Even if he serves up 5 runs, you need 6ip with a tired bullpen and 5 games in a row ahead without an off day. You only have Banks, Kelly, Lambert ... and maybe Lopez today. Also probably have Abreu sitting, so Vaughn at 1B and Burger at 3B? DH? Haseley? Going to have to be a gritty game. lets get that sweep! go go sox
  14. My take... Jazz would be an absolute electric star with the White Sox and would be a great addition to this team. You're also probably buying at the absolute high so far, which is to say, is his ceiling/tools/profile there to be another level? Yes. I'd put him in the Tim Anderson grouping if he were to click on all cylinders. Miami finally has a buzz and a star in the making and would be stupid to let him go. That team is so damn stubborn and is a managerial change and 2 trades away from being a World Series contender. Yes, World Series. Trading Jazz takes them away from that goal. Also there is nothing at all we can offer them for Jazz that lines up. They don't need pitching and our most tradeable pieces are not good enough to net Jazz or make the Marlins better short or long term.
  15. he gone.

    GT 6/21: TOR @ SOX, 7:10, NBCSC

    there have been many iterations of Gausman in his career. And many iterations of Harrison in his career. That said, in 11ab's Harrison is batting .273 against Gausman. Not too shabby. Given his uptick at the plate over the last 2-3 weeks, homer yesterday? Think you see him in the lineup. Vaughn also homered against him as did Haseley, so have a feeling you see both those guys in today too. Small smaples though... I'd go something like: Anderson, Vaughn DH, Robert, Abreu, Haseley, Pollock, McGuire, Harrison 3b, Mendick. sounds ugly, but gets Haseley an at bat and start ... and not that i care, but, a lefty ... again, not my exact lineup of choice, but my guess.