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    7/23 Sox @ Indians 6:10 CT CSN

    I'll tell you what. In my 56 years of baseball experience I have never seen a team that has the ability to get hot and win their next 50 games like these 2015 White Sox do. I'm calling 21 K's for Shark. Sox win 15-0
  2. he gone.

    De Aza Traded to Orioles

    Saladino is a nobody. I'm no casual baseball fan. I can go statistics. I can go eye test. I can go whatever you like. I think you sit down with Rick Hahn face to face and tell him you think that Soto is our best hitter outside of Abreu and keep a straight face I'll give you $50. Shysocks: " I said right now, look at my post, I said right now" Like I said if this is the bottom 9 tie game -- You go ahead and take Soto. I'll take the following people: No brainer category: Alexei, LaRoche, Eaton, Melky To a lesser extent: Garcia, Saladino (right now) The leftovers: Rest of the team De Aza would be in the lesser extent category.
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    De Aza Traded to Orioles

    QUOTE (shysocks @ Jul 23, 2015 -> 02:02 PM) I literally used the words "he's a better hitter than..." Exactly. That's why I followed it up with the bats part. But why don't you defend you asinine comment. Do you stand by your statement then? The only hitter better than him is Abreu? Bottom 9, Abreu just hit a triple, tie ball game, on deck ..... and you want .... De Aza over everybody on our team. That's essentially what you just said.
  4. he gone.

    Attendance 2015

    QUOTE (Thad Bosley @ Jul 23, 2015 -> 01:11 PM) Winning team + interesting area surrounding the ballpark = people showing up Losing team + interesting area surrounding the ballpark = people showing up (see Cubs) Winning team + non-interesting area surrounding the ballpark = people showing up Losing team + non-interesting area surrounding the ballpark = people NOT showing up (see most of past half century with the White Sox) Exactly. Even the Cubs had some trouble over the past few years if you look at their attendance. (struggles meaning relative to their numbers). You throw up a few (couple dozen) restaurants and bars up and down and around Comiskey and make it a "bubble" of entertainment nobody would care about the perceived crime outside that bubble. Just make sure you keep the riff-raff out. Only problem is making those bars viable outside the 81 games a year for those business owners. Hence why it wont happen. We can just sit back, wait until Reinsdorf is gone or about 15-20 years, and then press for a stadium in the burbs. Until then nothing is changing.
  5. he gone.

    De Aza Traded to Orioles

    QUOTE (shysocks @ Jul 23, 2015 -> 01:09 PM) Still hyperbolic and wrong. For starters he's a better hitter than 90% of our team right now and no amount of baserunning mistakes changes that. Okay, better than 90%. That means he's better than everybody except 2.5 players. Off the top of my head Abreu and Sale. Oh wait, you are going to say you were only talking bats. So he's better than everybody than 1.3 players. So Abreu. Yep. That makes sense. I am about done with this board. I'm going to go back to just reading and rolling my eyes. De Aza is GARBAGE! There's a reason he was traded. There is a reason he was DFA'ed --- by the Marlins and the Orioles. There's a reason he won't be on the Red Sox next year. There's a reason why next year if he makes a team he'll be released, DFA'ed, or not be resigned. And there's a reason he won't be in the MLB within 2-3 years.
  6. he gone.

    De Aza Traded to Orioles

    QUOTE (shysocks @ Jul 23, 2015 -> 12:56 PM) wut who is saying De Aza would be the savior Fine. Not savior. Talk about nitpicking a post. It's sunny out. "Who said it's sunny out -- there's a cloud over there" Any argument for De Aza is a dumb argument. How about that?
  7. he gone.

    Attendance 2015

    Location doesn't matter. Sorry. This team wins -- they show up. They lose, they don't. No matter how you try to slice the pie it's the same. I'd like to hear the argument how its easier to get to Wrigley than Comiskey. If I'm coming from the suburbs and driving, I'd rather go to Comiskey. If I'm taking the Metra? Sox Win. If I'm taking the El it's a wash. If we are complaining about the area of the ballpark the only thing that's true is that there hasn't been enough development to the IMMEDIATE surrounding areas of the park. Bars/shops/etc. I'm not talking a few blocks away, I'm talking like within a quarter mile. I just recently got the chance to start going to a few other ballparks and all that I've gone too have a nice feel around the ballpark. Minus the Royals.
  8. he gone.

    De Aza Traded to Orioles

    When the Sox lose this board gets fun! De Aza would be the savior to this team?? The same one that got DFA'ed?? The same player I've watched over the past 3-4 years?? He was the epitome of this team -- bad defense, bad base running, selfish hitter who went for power and struck out a ton, was very hot and cold at the plate ... am I missing something? He's an older version of what Viciedo and Garcia are. The only difference is Garcia is cheaper, younger, and hopefully, with some right direction may be able to turn himself into something good. Or may turn into Viciedo or De Aza.
  9. he gone.

    SoxNet: What To Do With Alexei Ramirez

    QUOTE (chitownsportsfan @ Jul 22, 2015 -> 02:36 PM) Hey fun with selective endpoints and meaningless stats in isolation like HR/year! Goodness. Anyone that watches the Sox realizes the guy has lost not just a step, but a couple steps the last few seasons. He's toast. If anything he gets a dead cat bounce back to 1 WAR next season. Trade him for a bag of balls literally anyone except Tim Anderson would be better to play there the next 60 odd games including Saladino and Sanchez. Did you read the article, the whole reason this thread was created, on page 1? The whole thing shows statistically what you said is wrong. I forgot why I held out posting on this site for years. It's like listening to the post game radio call ins! There's a reason micah and Anderson are in the minors. There's a reason we'd all want to poke our eyes out If Semien was on our team. Defense. Trading Alexei makes zero sense because we don't have an option to fill in!
  10. he gone.

    SoxNet: What To Do With Alexei Ramirez

    good point. carry on. 7 days/7games.
  11. he gone.

    SoxNet: What To Do With Alexei Ramirez

    QUOTE (Balta1701 @ Jul 22, 2015 -> 11:14 AM) To be clear..."he has hit slightly better lately" = Hit .186 during June Hit .214 (3/14) since the AS Break Hit .160 over his last 7 games. He had 1 7 game hit streak where he went 10/23. Otherwise, he's been terrible recently. Don't want to nitpick here, but your stats are off. I picked him up on fantasy baseball a few weeks back ... only reason I know.... July 48 5 14 2 0 1 3 4 0 2 2 1 .292 .340 .396 .736 Last 7 Days 14 2 3 0 0 1 2 2 0 1 0 0 .214 .294 .429 .723
  12. he gone.

    Geovany Soto

    Disclaimer: Don't read if you don't want the game ruined for you when Soto is catching... Has anybody ever noticed how he throws the ball back to the pitcher?? It's so uncoordinated. He pushes off the wrong knee. It's one of those things that you dont notice, but when you do, you can't un-notice and becomes extremely annoying..
  13. he gone.

    Bobbleheads - SGAs and Others

    What I wouldn't do for an Esteban Loiza or Adruw Jones bobble!!! Man those would look good next to my Nancy Faust, Juan Pierre, and Miller Lite Vendor. I will say though, they do make good office paper weights/trinkets. I used to just always give mine away, kept a few over the past year on my desk. Always get the most attention from people visiting the office.
  14. he gone.

    Future of the Middle IF

    See my thoughts in the Alexei thread. However I believe the only way you can start a Saladino or Sanchez in our lineup in the future and sacrifice defense for offense is if all other positions are holding their own offensively. Or at least 6 of the 8. When you are sporting the worst offense in baseball I dont think its possible to do. Both Saladino and Sanchez would make fine utility men for a few years.
  15. he gone.

    SoxNet: What To Do With Alexei Ramirez

    QUOTE (Eminor3rd @ Jul 22, 2015 -> 09:13 AM) Ok, but all of that begs the following questions: - Where do you put that $9m that will make a difference? - Who plays SS that is likely to produce more? - What do you gain by selling now (at the lowest possible value) versus later (at potentially higher value)? Exactly. I'm not running around saying Alexei is great. He is declining. He isn't going to put up amazing numbers. I'd argue though to quit looking at his "power/HR" numbers and focus on this doubles, SB and defense. That's where his real value is. Also as stated above -- who fills his spot then? Again, remember this is for hopefully one year between somebody and Anderson in an ideal world. So see the list below, see who would sign a year deal, and then guess how much money you save vs. where you'd apply that money and on who? Just don't see how buying him out improves the team next year. Joaquin Arias (31) Mike Aviles (35) Willie Bloomquist (38) Asdrubal Cabrera (30) Ian Desmond (30) Stephen Drew (33) Alcides Escobar (29) – $5.25MM club option with a $500K buyout Maicer Izturis (35) – $3MM club option with a $1MM buyout Cliff Pennington (32) Alexei Ramirez (34) – $10MM club option with a $1MM buyout Sean Rodriguez (31) Jimmy Rollins (37) Brendan Ryan (34) – $1MM player option Again, not running around saying Alexei is a savior -- saying other holes to fill, let's not create one and lets not trade him at his lowest value. Ideally I'd like to buy him out and then sign him on a $6mm deal, but not against just giving him his $10mm
  16. he gone.

    Cards @ Sox

    ASB couldn't have come at a worse time ... but then again. Really we were playing the same baseball in the Royals series as we did during our mini-run. Pitching has been terrific. Bullpen has been terrific. Defense has been improved. And offense is a ghost. Even when it was 95 degrees and playing at the Cell .... Let's go Rodon! Calling a 5-2 loss. Probably a strike three called no swing somewhere in there for LaRoche. A hang wiff em out or two for Melky. Abreu swining strike three on a low and away pitch. Probably a couple two on, one out disasters that end in no runs. A solo shot when the game is out of reach. A base running mistake by someone. Good amount of strikeouts for Rodon but an inning where he walks 2-3 and lets in runs. Hawk complaining about the strike zone not being consistent. Stoney getting cut off on a point by Hawk. Robin just staring. Robin making a trip out to the mound, only to be talked back into the dugout by the pitcher, then the pitcher letting up a run and Robin calling to the pen a batter later, Robin calling for Dan Jennings in a pivotal point in the game for no reason, Dan Jennings letting up a hit ... you know, the normal.
  17. he gone.

    SoxNet: What To Do With Alexei Ramirez

    QUOTE (GreenSox @ Jul 21, 2015 -> 09:49 AM) The Sox have been loading up with old guys or the last 6+ years....where has that gotten them? Using career stats to project future production of a 35 year old is madness. Selling now (low) may not be the right idea; on the other hand, neither is bringing him back for $10 million. Is it madness? Or is it madness to create another hole where there isn't one currently? Career stats are an indicator. Unless someone can tell me who we are putting at SS that has a better chance to produce, will sign a 1 year deal as a stop gap to Anderson, and will cost less money??? And don't say Saladino. Saladino is a nobody. NOBODY. Might sound harsh, but he is a utility player --- just like the dozens that come and go each year in the majors. He won't be in the majors in 2-3 years. He's Brett Morel. He's Leury Garcia. He's Emilio Bonaficio, Darwin Barney, etc. Starting him for 162 games??? Sure, if you are loaded at 3B, 2B, C, DH and he's your only hole and batting 9th with good defense. Unfortunately the Sox have a million other holes. He's laid down a few bunts in his first call up to the bigs -- so what. Just because our team sucks at fundamentals and its refreshing to see doesn't mean hes a MLB caliber starter or player. Also I'd be willing to bet that Alexei finishes with a higher BA than Saladino in the majors this year. Or even combined MilB and majors to Alexei. Tyler was batting .255 ..... against people like Scott Carroll, Brad Penny type talent .....
  18. he gone.

    SoxNet: What To Do With Alexei Ramirez

    All these people jumping on the Saladino bandwagon scare me. Also all the people jumping off the Alexei bandwagon scare me. The Sox said they have a 3 year window. They aren't trading Alexei, and especially at a low point. Tell me this: Who is more likely to hit .260, have 30 doubles, 20SB, and 65 RBI's while playing solid D? And who is more likely to hit .240, have 3HR, 10 Doubles, 20SB and 40RBIS? Look at their career stats guys! Just because Saladino put down some successful bunts in his first 10 games doesn't mean he's going to hit .300 and be a savior!! He's just a bright spot on a team that has hit historically bad!! Saladino is 26 years old. In his time in the MINORS his career averages are .261 avg, 9HR, 20 doubles, 22SB Ramirez will be 35 years old. In his MAJOR league career his averages are .273 avg, 12 or so HR, 30 Doubles, 20SB *** these numbers are rounded and not exact ... half seasons into account, etc. This board is full of too many Hawks. Super excited when we win a few or a person like Saladino bats .300 over 10 games, and super depressed and fire sale when bad things happen. Alexei's trade value is too low to sell. His $10mm contract is not crazy for his production. He is not a hole on this team. A stop gap signed at $6mm does not give us a better opportunity to win next year. Saladino does not give us a better chance to win next year. Focus on 3B, C, and finding a better option in RF/moving Garcia to DH SHEESH.
  19. he gone.

    SoxNet: What To Do With Alexei Ramirez

    Orrr.. crazy thought in my head... why not try Saladino at SS and Alexei at 3B? Sounds crazy. Or Saladino at SS and Ramirez at 2B? 3B probably makes more sense because of Michah/Sanchez.
  20. he gone.

    SoxNet: What To Do With Alexei Ramirez

    QUOTE (Chisoxfn @ Jul 20, 2015 -> 02:41 PM) If you wanted to go another direction, you maybe see if you get lucky and Sanchez or Saladino hits enough and prove their glove plays at shortstop. To do that, you'd have to move Ramirez and basically ensure that Micah / Saladino / Sanchez all get significant playing time and at bats to get better intel on where you project everyone. I would be perfectly fine with that, as long as the Sox understand that if they tend to contend and they don't see something they like, they have to either make a FA signing (could very well bring Alexei back at that point or someone else as a stop gap to Tim Anderson) or they need to use chips to acquire someone (or to be frank, they could acquire that person in the Shark deal). My thing would be, since the Sox want to compete over the next two years -- what/who gives you the best chance to win and what is the most viable option going forward. If we believe that Anderson can be our SS of the future (I have my doubts because of defense) then we are really looking for a stop gap as you said. I think Ramirez is the best option at that point. We dont need to recreate the wheel when we have one on our team. This is a sinking ship and that hole is plugged for now, go plug other holes. for isntance ... 3b. We 1,000% need to find a 3B. That's hopefully the shark trade. We also need to find a catcher. I realize generally this isn't an offensive position -- so I dont think we need to get caught up in that. We need a catcher that can call a game and doesn't strikeout/can put the ball in play as necessary. My final piece to help us compete, is trading LaRoche, shifting Garcia to DH, and signing a toolsy type OF. Think Lorenzo Cain like (I realize he's an AS and were not gonna get that caliber). Try resigning Shark, shift Danks to long bullpen guy role. 5th spot to Montas, Johnson, Fulmer, or stop gap FA. Bingo bango bongo -- World Series!!
  21. he gone.

    More evidence of Chicago media turning on Ventura

    It's a shame Robin over achieved in his first year as manager ... He wouldn't be around this year if he didn't. No real point of bringing in someone new/giving Coop or someone else the reigns for the rest of year. Not going to right the ship or fix anything. This year is what it is at this point. Trade Shark, bring up Johnson and Montas and see what you have. Bring back up Micah and see what he's got. Play Tyler and see if he can't be successful. Get rid of people who aren't going to be around next year. Flowers, Beckham, etc
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    SoxNet: What To Do With Alexei Ramirez

    Who else is going to play SS next year? That's my thoughts. I don't think there is a viable option. Like the article said, he will end closer to his career averages. I would assume he finished in the .250-.260 range and with 10HR's and 60RBI. Still somewhat solid defense. If you can find me someone who can do that next year I'll take it. I guess you can make the argument maybe Saladino .... but he will not hit for doubles like Alexei does. People forget that stat. He had 35 doubles last year. Top 10 in baseball was 39. Also has had over 20SB over the past 3 years. Alexei is not our problem. Sure he's been bad this year. But he should be penciled in as our SS next year. Maybe give a few extra starts to Saladino who plays our Utililty role next year. Fill 3B and Catcher. Those are our black holes. 2B too ... but lets be honest .... they're gonna keep trying with Johnson and Sanchez.
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    Gillaspie DFA'd; Albers called up

    Well, Beckham is up because of his ability to play around the diamond more. Gillaspie was strictly a 3b, and one with poor defense. Gillaspie has been a non factor all year. Won't miss him. Rather see Saladino up in his spot any day of the week.
  24. he gone.

    JB Shuck

    I think so. At least seeing some more at bats. Garcia and LaRoche haven't necessarily earned their AB's and have been cold. I wouldn't mind seeing Garcia DH maybe 2 times a week and sit once. Get Shuck in there 2-3 times a week while he's playing well. He seems to know how to play the game right.