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  1. winninguglyin83

    It’s Time To Put Up or Shut Up, Rick

    Amen on James Fegan. He is miles and miles and miles ahead of the competition. Hope he stays around for awhile. The Tribune and Sun-Times have given up.
  2. winninguglyin83

    Danish & Vieira called up, Volstad DFA'd

    volstad served his purpose, burning all those meaningless innings for a 105-loss team. He was ready to retired last season when the Sox called him in September. Nobody will stop him this time.
  3. winninguglyin83

    Jim Landis passes at 83

    Dude could go get 'em in CF. The Comiskey outfield was spacious.
  4. winninguglyin83

    Another season almost gone and I will miss it.

    The Monday after the regular season ends is like losing a good friend, the saddest day of the year.
  5. winninguglyin83

    Adam Engel

    One excellent tool. but arm is ordinary. can't get on base. hard to justify playing him.
  6. winninguglyin83

    8/21/2017 Twins @ White Sox

    they need to make an honest off-season assessment about whether they can turn him into a reliever. Otherwise, I don't see it.
  7. winninguglyin83

    8/21/2017 Twins @ White Sox

    Good chance to eclipse the 17-7 performance.
  8. winninguglyin83

    8/21/2017 Twins @ White Sox

    Carson Fulmer, we've got a ticket for you to Birmingham on Tuesday morning.
  9. winninguglyin83

    8/19 at Rangers

    QUOTE (fathom @ Aug 20, 2017 -> 02:28 AM) The scout that thought he would be a good fit for the Sox must have been same one who recommended Shields exactly. Holland is even worse than Shields. Holland has nothing left to offer. He needs to fake an injury and finish the season on the DL.
  10. winninguglyin83

    8/19 Games

    Two nights in a row Collins has not played.
  11. winninguglyin83

    8/16 Sox @ Dodgers

    QUOTE (Wanne @ Aug 17, 2017 -> 03:05 AM) Honest question...how did the Sox leave camp with Asche over Delmonico? I know it happens...but geez. Nick was raking in ST too.... probably because he's only played about a half season above AA. But fair question.
  12. winninguglyin83

    8/16 Sox @ Dodgers

    anybody else see Abreu walking around carrying the trash can in the dugout after the Delmonico HR? What was that?
  13. winninguglyin83

    8/16 Sox @ Dodgers

    Delmonico, growing on me.
  14. winninguglyin83

    JR "Ozzie can't come back as Manager"

    QUOTE (southsider2k5 @ Aug 16, 2017 -> 01:33 AM) White Sox Talk‏Verified account @CSNWhiteSox 18m18 minutes ago Reinsdorf: Ozzie Guillen 'can't come back' as White Sox manager - http://ift.tt/2wcKwk5 #WhiteSox JR said this in a story with Nightengale at USA Today. Said he went to bet for Ozzie for other managerial jobs but that he burned bridges on the way out of Chicago and he wouldn't be the Sox manager.
  15. winninguglyin83

    September Call Ups

    Brantley not on the 40-man. Don't expect him to come up. What's the point? I think Liriano has a chance. They need to make a decision on keeping him. Just named IL player of the week. I expect Covey, Giolito, Liriano and maybe Danish or Fulmer.