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  1. Chris Sale

    8/14- Sox vs Astros, 1:10, WGN

    Colome is just dealing though.
  2. Chris Sale

    8/14- Sox vs Astros, 1:10, WGN

    An idiotic replay system that finds new and exciting ways to screw up games
  3. Really irritating, ruined that whole AB
  4. Chris Sale

    Sunday Game Thread

    He was not getting that ball 4 call last year
  5. I feel a bit for Eloy because of the sun but come the fuck on
  6. McCann is such a beast this year wow
  7. Wow what an AB Abreu
  8. When it's 2019 and Gordon Beckham hits an RBI double off of you in the 9th inning.... that says it all (about Herrara) lol
  9. Chris Sale

    White Sox vs Twins 3:12 PM Nova vs Pineda

    That inning was pathetic. Guy has an ERA over 5 and he strikes out the side swinging.
  10. Yea we just had a day off yesterday Bummer is sick
  11. Sigh. New ballgame lol
  12. Chris Sale

    ChiSox @ BoSox, 6/26, 12:05 CT

    This half inning has been... suboptimal
  13. Chris Sale

    ChiSox @ BoSox, 6/25, 6:10 CT, NSCH

    Not at all. It was a result of contact with the ground and twisting the wrong way
  14. Chris Sale

    ChiSox @ BoSox, 6/25, 6:10 CT, NSCH

    Looked like he rolled his ankle. Painful. But will be our for a week or two at most and fully recover quickly.
  15. Chris Sale

    Sox @ Boston, 6:10

    Pretty awful AB for Leury but oh well