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  1. Chris Sale

    Sox @ A’s - Wildcard Game 3 - 2:10

    robot umps now plz i can't believe i think this - me 5 years ago would be shocked that i'd ever consider a proposal like that but it's getting so ridiculous
  2. Chris Sale

    Sox @ A’s - Wildcard Game 3 - 2:10

    jesus christ, i can't believe after 3 we are up 3. this is the playoffs boys. TA is hitting a casual .727 in the series rn btw
  3. Ya would have liked TA to hold on to that one. Good job by Abreu
  4. Moncada has fielded the hot corner exceptionally well today
  5. TA follows it up with a sweet catch in the field
  6. renteria sucks. everyone knows it. the cubs knew it. but we're not fucked right now - TA made the right play. we're up 3- grandal's hr was huge imo.
  7. Definitely. Is it crazy that I would maybe prefer Crochet at this point, given that Bummer and Marshall are both recently returning from injury and Crochet seems unhittable?
  8. Wow it could have been 0-2 to La Stella, it should be if Moncada's strike 3 call was legit.
  9. It is strange how this happens to Moncada over and over again. I don't get it - he doesn't make a big fuss of it and try to show the umps up, he's not a rookie anymore. What gives?
  10. Really tough strike 3 call. This guy's better than Angel Hernandez but pretty inconsistent and annnoying. Not gonna blame Yoan for that one, although it's annoying wasting opportunities with RISP
  11. TA heard you! 3 for 4, safe to say he's out of his slump lol
  12. sometimes I think Madrigal needs to walk more if he's gonna be a sustainable playoff starter moving forward. 1/3 of his ABs ended in hard-hit solid contact but he's been ahead in multiple counts and probs could have walked in one of those if he worked the count. that inside fastball on 2-0 was such a pitcher's pitch.
  13. Deep, insightful analysis by Rick Renteria
  14. Giolito, Engel, TA, and Abreu carrying this team in the playoffs. Turns out the 2018 White Sox were a dynasty.