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  1. Timmy U

    Sunday Game Thread

    Here’s a little brighter side. We lost three games with our three worst pitchers. The guy who we still have hope for pitched well. Now, Gio and Cease get a crack at KC. Hopefully Reynaldo has started a second half resurgence. Going to Oakland sucks. We don’t have to do it again this season.
  2. Timmy U

    7/13 Games

    Folty started for Gwinnett. He’s MLB quality. Double was an absolute bullet. Then he tagged up and advanced on medium fly by Palka and scored on weak single by Welington Castillo
  3. Timmy U

    7/13 GT - Sox @ OAK - 3:07 PM CST

    Actually Collins came into the year with a second round grade almost everywhere, but like a lot of college bats, he was a late riser. By no means did everyone love him. I think Law was not a fan. He's like Bishop this year or Haseley a few years ago, and the history of late-rising college bats is mixed at best.
  4. Timmy U

    Rockies sign Yonder Alonso

    I think there's some positive regression to be had here as well as hitting at Coors. I wish him luck, but don't regret him being gone.
  5. Timmy U

    7/11 Games

    Robert jammed. Hits a nubber to the pitcher. They have to pitch him inside imho.
  6. Timmy U

    7/11 Games

    Law was not wrong when he said his challenge is going to be inner half. That ball up and away is do not disturb territory for him.
  7. Timmy U

    Mid-Year Top 10 Prospects

    That’s interesting to me cuz clearly Law has Kopech>>>Cease. BP obviously disagrees. Cease of last year with more fastball command was at least Kopech’s equal. Hopefully he gets it straightened out the way Kopech did the second half of last year.
  8. Timmy U

    Mid-Year Top 10 Prospects

    My bad. Cease not eligible cuz currently in the bigs. Law has an unusual criterion there.
  9. Timmy U

    Mid-Year Top 10 Prospects

    Robert is 9, Vaughn is 12, Kopech 25, no Madrigal, no Cease. Very, very high on Kopech, just waiting out the injury. Believes Robert’s ability to handle inside heat is going to be deciding factor between tantalizing regular and star.
  10. Timmy U

    7/9 Games

    Neither Thomas nor Ventura played in low A. I believe both started at Sarasota in the FSL.
  11. Timmy U

    Crowded at 1B

    Zangari also stinging the ball lately. Still, hard to imagine Sheets, Burger, or Zangari beating out Vaughn.
  12. Walked a guy hitting.120. Boy, the Tigers have a lot of guys having bad years.
  13. A hit to a guy hitting .184. Sigh.
  14. Timmy U

    The $$$$ will be spent!

    He is a right handed hitter who is horrific defensively. Might as well just put Andrew Vaughn out there. At least he would hit. Not to sound like Lillian, but Sox need a LH hitter out there, which is why I suggested a flyer on Polanco.