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    Hahn on 670 Tonight

    They've also been extremely unlucky/too good in September. With those records, they've picked first zero times, second zero times. They've even sucked at sucking.
  2. This might be the most depressing post of the year. Reading that is about a cheery as reading my own obit.
  3. Timmy U

    Goodbye Soxtalk

    I’ll miss everybody who leaves, but I want to watch Eloy and the other young guys when they arrive. Frankly, I am still way madder about Tatis than Manny anyhow. I agree with all the other posters that watching Alonso and especially Jay while they waste roster spots for a year is going to suck.
  4. Timmy U

    Machado signs with Padres 10/300

    They are two very different hitters. Moncada’s strength in the minors was he took a lot of pitches and was very good on balls away, with pop and speed. Problem is maybe he takes too many pitches and has holes especially just inside out of the strike zone. Eloy is way more aggressive with fewer/no glaring holes, but he doesn’t walk all that much. Nothing similar about them at all, really.
  5. Timmy U

    Machado signs with Padres 10/300

    I agree. 9 years until he signs, 275 million page thread.
  6. Timmy U

    Prospects I'm Following

    Man, I wish I had your confidence. To me, he is a player to watch because, if he is all bat to ball grounders — no walks, no power, then he is barely a major league regular let alone a guy you take with a top 5 pick. Fingers crossed.
  7. Timmy U

    Prospects I'm Following

    I’d add Amado Nunez to that. Kenny is going to be interesting.
  8. Timmy U

    Machado signs with Padres 10/300

    I guarantee the Mets are not involved. They're still paying for their owner's Madoff mistake. NYC prices for a mid-tier payroll. League should have made them sell.
  9. Timmy U

    Machado signs with Padres 10/300

    Well, yeah, but I used to live in California and the issue there is that property taxes were capped an insanely low level in the seventies, so, to make of for it, their income tax is very high. In Illinois, it’s the reverse. Solution: don’t buy property in Illinois. No way to avoid Cali’s income tax.
  10. Timmy U

    White Sox announce Spring Training invites

    No worries. Nolan is only going to be there because, with all the pitchers in camp, you need a lot of catchers and minor league guys don't show up right away. Nolan's an org guy in all probability, so don't read too much into this.
  11. Sadly, the one I remember taking forever was the Shields trade. It was rumored for like week. There was enough time before the trade for Keith Law to write a whole column advising the White Sox not to do it. In that column, a scout said, if he were eligible, He Who Shall Not Be Named would be 1-1 in the draft. So, some trades are rumored for a while and still happen. I also would not put Bush in this trade.
  12. Timmy U

    Machado signs with Padres 10/300

    Didn’t they get Bregman with the pick they got for not signing Aiken? That worked out pretty well.
  13. Timmy U

    Machado signs with Padres 10/300

    Well done, but that’s Macbeth. Hie, get thee to a nunnery!
  14. Timmy U

    KLaw chat

    I was strongly anti-Madrigal. (I hope I am wrong.). I wanted Kelenic. Therefore, the Mets trade really puzzled me. My deepest fear is that Madrigal may maximize the skill set of and be the absolute best version of Darwin Barney. But, with golf ball they use these days and his bat to ball skills, maybe he’s a 15 homer guy.
  15. Timmy U

    Machado: Update - Manny, do you officially like us?

    Interesting lineup. Gotta say, though, if Robert isn’t up in 2020, something has gone seriously wrong.
  16. Timmy U

    Machado: Update - Manny, do you officially like us?

    Not me. Doesn’t strike anyone out. Big contract for a non TOS, seems like huge potential for a lefty James Shields signing and we probably would not be lucky enough to get another team to bail us out of it the way Rick and Kenny bailed out the Padres.
  17. Timmy U

    Where do they start the season?

    The AA outfield situation is interesting. Here's a reason to move Basabe to AAA: Charlotte's a much, much better place to hit. So while Basabe will be seeing a lot of breaking stuff and people pitching him backwards more, he'd at least be rewarded when he did hit the ball hard. Results in Birmingham sometimes don't reflect how well a guy's swinging it. That said, Robert, Basabe, Gonzalez, and Adolfo are the key guys here. Pick what's best for them and fill guys like Booker in as needed.
  18. Timmy U

    Ricketts considered moving the Cubs

    I think I have reached a point where I dislike the Ricketts family more than I dislike the Cubs. I call that maturity.
  19. Timmy U

    Alex Call vs. Steele Walker

    Steele Walker has nothing to do with Call. He’s not the reason the Sox thought Call was expendable. Call’s behind Luis Robert, Luis Alexander Basabe, and Luis Gonzalez both offensively and defensively in CF. And that’s just the guys named Luis. If you add in everyone else, Call was going to struggle to find AB’s in AA. That said, I think he has a decent chance to play in the majors and is a nice pick up on a salary dump for Cleveland.
  20. Timmy U

    Avi Garcia non-tendered

    Huh, I always heard the Ryno in that case was Prince Fielder. https://247sports.com/mlb/tigers/Board/103351/Contents/A-Rumor-Ill-Print-about-Prince-Fielders-Wife-Avasail-Garcia-70637487/
  21. Timmy U

    Cano to Mets deal official

    Good point. It also reminds me of the Shields trade. The only reason you trade your top 2 prospects for a reliever is cuz you think you're going to win now. No one thinks the Mets are going to win now except the Mets' front office. If they win the division, probably a good trade. If they don't, it's a potential disaster like the Shields trade. I'm thinking closer to the second outcome than the first.
  22. Timmy U

    Sox acquire Alex Colome For Narvaez

    Am I crazy or was Kevan Smith the Sox best pitch-caller? It seems like the rotation collapse coincided with Castillo’s return and that they pitched MUCH better when he was suspended.
  23. Timmy U

    Eloy playing winter ball

    That is what elite power looks like. Crushed it, but easy swing.
  24. Timmy U

    Cubs claim Ian Clarkin

    I think Cashman gets good value generally and this trade was no exception. I’d point out that the Sox all but had Jesus Lazardo for Robertson alone prior to the season, so dumping his salary and including Kahnle for Rutherford has to be considered somewhat disappointing. That said, Hahn got so much for Quintana that overall he had a good year.
  25. Timmy U

    SP Target - J.A. Happ?

    Where the Sox are in the rebuild, it seems to me that signing Machado or Harper as a building block makes sense, but older guys like Happ or even Corbin seem like mistakes. There's a lot of downside on older pitchers and unless the Sox are somehow going for it this year, the upside would come in non-competitive years.