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  1. Wasn't it his left thumb that was hurt last year? I'll only be fully relieved once he's back in the lineup.
  2. Timmy U

    The Anderson Saga (continued from game thread)

    I think the solution is simple: make a rule. Clearly define what is and is not acceptable behavior. Then, if, in the judgment of the umpire, a player has acted in an unsportsmanlike manner, they should receive something akin to a technical foul. Maybe they get tossed from the game or fined or something. The other team should not be the arbiter and the punishment should not be a projectile hurled at them. That’s like if, instead of a free throw, in basketball the other team got to whip the ball at a guy. It’s barbaric.
  3. Timmy U

    2019 MLB draft thread

    The thing that is appealing about Bleday is the high floor. He has a long track record of hitting for average. If the power is real, he’s an above average regular, maybe occasional all star. And he has the arm for right. If it’s average power, he’s still probably a major leaguer. Harder to imagine him busting than Bishop. Also, he’s faced better pitching. But, yeah, I would still prefer Witt.
  4. Timmy U

    4/20 #CeaseDayPt2

    Cease walked first two guys of the inning. Both score. God, is Collins bad at framing.
  5. Timmy U

    2019 MLB draft thread

    If they have to go college, I am okay with Lodolo or Manoah or Bleday. Bishop worries me because of track record and left field profile. That said, I would prefer Witt.
  6. Allegedly, he insulted the pitcher, not the ump.
  7. Technically, I believe “weak ass” was intended to be the insult.
  8. Yes, they’re taking his bat and sending it to Cooperstown. Will not effect his ability to hit.
  9. Timmy U

    4/18 Games

    As other posters have said, it is pretty hard to work on taking walks when you’re hitting close to .500 with a 1.400 ops. Every time you walk, you are literally hurting the team. I think he needs to face more experienced pitchers before that skill is needed. Which is not to say he will ever develop it. Look at guys like TA and Avi Garcia. Learning to walk more is not a given.
  10. Timmy U

    Palka demoted

    I would just like to point out that Engel’s incredible luck continues. He’s hitting a robust .120 but someone else was even worse, so he gets to stay up. At this rate, he’s going to have a 15 year career.
  11. Timmy U

    4/16 Games

    We're complaining about a 20% K-rate now for a guy slugging 1000? What exactly are the standards around here? Joe DiMaggio? I mean, Trout's K-rate is usually around 25%. Is he bad?
  12. Oh, I saw it coming, too. It is just more painful than I imagined.
  13. I thought I couldn’t hate the Santana signing more than I already did. I was wrong.
  14. Yankee announcers are morons. They think Fry was pulled cuz he can't get out righties. Truth is, he was tough on everyone last year. Ricky just overthinks frickin' everything. Also, he doesn't realize Nate is a shell of his former self.
  15. Watching Ricky micro/overmanage is so depressing. Can't wait for the 2 batter rule.
  16. Also, why have him run with one of your best hitters on deck?
  17. I have never seen anything like that in my life. Wtf, Yolmer?
  18. Yolmer has something wrong. Dropping that relay looked exactly like the two botched double plays. It's his hand eye coordination.
  19. Timmy U

    4/13 Games

    Not sure I would go that far. How about a bigger, stronger, faster Adam Jones?
  20. Timmy U

    4/13 Games

    Good lord, Spencer Adams is not good and The Knights have made 5 errors so far. 2 throws by Seby.
  21. Timmy U

    4/13 Games

    Robert hit a triple.
  22. Timmy U

    4/13 Games

    Just watched Madrigal’s double. Basically a solid single against a huge shift betting he wouldn’t pull the ball.
  23. Timmy U

    4/13 Games

    Double for Madrigal. First xbh of the year!
  24. Timmy U

    4/13 Games

    Exciting. If he ends up hitting like originally projected he would be real valuable even as a part time catcher.
  25. Timmy U

    4.11 games

    The advantage these days of playing in AAA is they use the same ball as MLB. Players can get used to it for both pitching and hitting. For Sox hitters, obviously, Birmingham is such a bad place to hit you worry it will mess them up. That said, Robert needs games. Skipping levels is beside the point.