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  1. did you see Tony waiting for leury? He looked at him like it was a combination of him walking off the world series or just saved the earth from imminent destruction.
  2. harkness99

    Fire Tony Chant

    Tony is garbage but there is an overall lack of fundamentals and winning baseball structure in the organization as a whole it seams. How does Burger reach MLB with that horrible back hand technique at 3rd base? The total lack of patience and quality at bats has also been a staple of this organization for the last 10 years.
  3. most swing at everything shitty plate discipline team consistently for the last decade must be an organizational philosophy.
  4. i was fine leaving him out there to start.. but should have pulled him after 1st base runner.
  5. win 1 game per series per month - that will get us right where we need to be
  6. Tony out to prove that leury is his guy rather than try to win a baseball game. worthless piece of shit manager... makes ricky look like Einstein
  7. harkness99

    Luis' Swing

    his swing is fine... the issue he has is seeing the ball if he just was 10-15% more selective he would be devastating.
  8. andrew doing the let the 1st pitch go down the middle - then swing at everything after approach typically doesnt work out well 2 for his last 18
  9. i saw bo bichette hit a grand slam ive seen anderson hit into 3 double plays with bases loaded think the voters have it right
  10. i like how every semi-routing play by the other team is a breath taking defensive display to our announcers. the vaughn flyball and the grounder from sheets should be gobbled up by any competent defense.
  11. that was straight bullshit and we knew it Stone starting to get on my nerves with his bullshit excuses about everything.
  12. the visiblity must have suddenly cleared up!
  13. must be twlight for half of luis at bats this year. Think he might need glasses with the bullshit he swings at.
  14. didnt agree with pulling gio when he was rolling.... not much this old shit stain does makes a ton of sense to me.