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  1. harkness99

    Your Walk Up Song

    If you are an OBP guy The chorus
  2. harkness99

    Delmonico is not yet done

    Don't know dude... I lived with some division 1 football players. Some that went to the NFL. Loved those guys but they litterally are gods to everyone - children look up to them, the public worships them, they have awesome opportunities. Attacks on families, health issues, some things are out of line. But insinuating that someone isn't good - couldn't give a flying fuck. Waste of time feeling sorry for pro athletes in that vein.
  3. harkness99

    Delmonico is not yet done

    People feeling sorry for people who they really don't know, who have more money, get laid more, in general are 100 x cooler than we can ever be. Always a good laugh.
  4. whoever they bring in needs to convince some of these fucksticks to take a walk.
  5. harkness99

    Rumor: Reinsdorf aims to build second place teams

    This thread is pure comedy gold... if The article was about wanting to finish last every year it would be closer to accurate.
  6. harkness99

    Who would still want Maddon?

    Yeah why would we want a manger who averages 90+ wins or so since the early 2000's
  7. harkness99

    2020 Coaching Changes

    people hating on Maddon cracking me up.. https://www.baseball-reference.com/managers/maddojo99.shtml
  8. harkness99

    2020 Coaching Changes

    yeah what was I thinking.. the dude only averages about 90 wins a season going back to the early 2000's
  9. harkness99

    2020 Coaching Changes

    Maddon available
  10. I wonder how good Abreu could really be if he didn't swing at every piece of shit pitch that was thrown his way. The graphic earlier about how we refuse to walk is a recipe for how to never be a good team also.
  11. harkness99

    Gio out for remainder of 2019

    Yeah good... save him for the pipe dream when it matters.
  12. harkness99

    I don't think we can dump all this in Renteria's lap

    of course its not all in Renteria. But that doesn't mean he isn't terrible.. because he is.
  13. harkness99

    9/15- Sox at Mariners, 3:10

    Jose been great lately.. but still swings at some of the worst pitches.
  14. The "Dude" now.. that guy was funny.