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  1. harkness99

    GT - (9/21) White Sox at Tigers, 5:10 pm, NBCSC

    I sit him after that.
  2. harkness99

    Gio out for remainder of 2019

    Yeah good... save him for the pipe dream when it matters.
  3. harkness99

    I don't think we can dump all this in Renteria's lap

    of course its not all in Renteria. But that doesn't mean he isn't terrible.. because he is.
  4. harkness99

    9/15- Sox at Mariners, 3:10

    Jose been great lately.. but still swings at some of the worst pitches.
  5. The "Dude" now.. that guy was funny.
  6. Benetti is not funny. He gets lucky and says something funny 1 out of 50 times.
  7. man umpires are so shitty.. robots please.. Seen enough of this bullshit
  8. harkness99

    Official Game Thread Sox @ CLE - 09/04/19

    Our team is filled with unsmart baseball players.. lets be honest.
  9. harkness99

    Tim Anderson's WAR

    He has the physical tools.. but the Cabeza needs to get a lot calmer.
  10. harkness99

    Tim Anderson's WAR

    Anderson still has a long way to go.
  11. harkness99

    Sox @ Braves 6:05 CDT NBCSN-CHI Lopez vs Keuchel

    lol osich so bad couldn't even hit the batter... looked to me like they were trying
  12. harkness99

    Sox @ Braves 6:05 CDT NBCSN-CHI Lopez vs Keuchel

    someone better be getting pegged this game... I don't give a fuck if it was on purpose or not.. up 7-2 and hitting our guy twice. Can't have it.
  13. harkness99

    Sox @ Braves 6:05 CDT NBCSN-CHI Lopez vs Keuchel

    cant be an mlb pitcher with just one pitch... and one that doesn't move.
  14. harkness99

    Sox @ Braves Nova vs Fried

    Leury is a decent bench player and that's it.... like 672 ops or something.
  15. harkness99

    8/28 White Sox vs Twins GT

    yoan been cold lately.