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  1. Winning the Division is important because you get a home 3-game series to start the playoffs. Winning the top seed is very different, and may be detrimental to the Sox hopes of advancing. At the moment, the Sox are the #2 seed, 1/2 game behind the Rays and a game ahead of Oakland. The Rays are likely to maintain their lead against the Yankees, and Oakland's lead over Houston isn't at risk. Plus the Sox have a lead of 4 games in the loss column over the Twins, plus the tiebreaker. So if the Sox win 5 of 9 to finish the season, they will win the Division. If only 4 of 9, we will win if the Twins lose 1 game of 7 left, etc. The ideal scenario may be for the Sox to fall to the 3rd seed, with the Rays staying #1, and Oakland #2. That would mean Houston would be the opening opponent. Maybe they'll be better in a week, but they have the worst record among the playoff teams at the moment. And by skipping Cleveland, we don't get Shane Bieber in a 3-game set. The second round would then be against the Oakland/Cleveland, or Oakland/Toronto winner. But if we get the #1 seed, we'll be looking at the potential for the Yankees in round two.
  2. Here's the link. https://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/29900872/2020-world-series-matchups-love-hate-see I'd have to agree with this choice.
  3. VAfan

    Playoff Pairings Are A Joke!!!

    The problem with ranking them by record, to some extent, is they didn't play common opponents this year. The Sox toughest opponents this year were likely Minnesota and Cleveland. We didn't have to play the Dodgers or San Diego. Of course we played 20 games against Twins and Tribe, but the point is the schedule is no balanced so it's hard to draw conclusions just on W-L record.
  4. VAfan

    Playoff Pairings Are A Joke!!!

    I was going to start a post, but this one, while not perfect, is close enough to the topic. Do the Sox want the #1 seed in the AL? It is possible it could draw the Blue Jays, who are seeded 7th right now, but only 1/2 game ahead of Cleveland. The Blue Jays would be a welcome first round opponent. But the weakest 1st round opponent in terms of record is Houston, who is 24-25. To slide to the 3rd spot and draw Houston, which is pretty locked into the 6th seed, would require the Sox to drop behind the Rays, who we lead by 1 game, and the A's, who we lead by 1.5 games, 2 in the loss column. If we fall to the 3rd seed, we not only get Houston, we then likely get Oakland, if the Rays end up with the #1 seed. What we avoid in the first two rounds are the potential to get Cleveland, not Toronto, and the Yankees, if they don't gain 4 games on the Rays in 11 games. Since the other seeds all might change, for now we have to root for the Sox to win enough to stay ahead of Minnesota for the division so we at least get 2-3 home games in the first round. But as we get closer to the playoffs, we're all going to start hoping things line up well for the Sox.
  5. VAfan

    Tim Anderson's Don't Come Along Often

    I've come around on Tim Anderson. So glad he's on the White Sox. I love how he moves around in the box to put himself in position to beat the pitcher. Wish more guys would do the same. Love his growing power, which may be his next level. Love how when he gets one hit, especially in his first at bat, it usually leads to several. Love his improving defense, which will continue to get better. Love his rah-rah leadership, and how he makes the game fun. Clearly this is a team of guys who love to have fun together while beating up their opponents. Love how he supports his community and gives back. I don't know how many posts I put up pining away for Fernando Tatis, Jr. No more!! I'm thrilled we have Tim Anderson, who just keeps getting better.
  6. With Dyson, Goins is no longer needed as a pinch runner.
  7. VAfan

    The Next 12 Games

    It is the next 17 games, not the next 12, that are against the dregs, except for 3 against Minnesota. Need to go 12-5. That would lock us up for a playoff spot of some kind.
  8. VAfan

    Jose Abreu Appreciation Thread

    Let's not forget that we owe Luis Robert being here and playing so well to Jose Abreu. From this article.
  9. VAfan

    Fernando Tatis Jr. thread

    As of yesterday, here are Fernando Tatis, Jr's stats. 17 games, 76 PA, 67 AB, 15 R, 22 H, 4 2b, 1 3b, 8 HR (leading baseball), 18 RBI, 4 SB, 0 CS, .328 BA, .408 OBP, .776 SLG (leading baseball), 1.184 OPS, 229 OPS+ (leading baseball), 52 TB (leading baseball), 1.4 WAR. He also has no errors so far at SS. He's 21 years old. One could argue that Tatis Jr. is the BEST PLAYER IN BASEBALL right now. As my son said, if instead the question was - who would you pick first if you were starting a new franchise? - then Tatis Jr. would almost certainly be the guy. So, I apologize in posting this little rant, but every time I see this guy perform it just totally bums me out. And it keeps getting worse as he gets better. Because while the White Sox have some exciting young players and are on the upswing, the fact they don't ALSO have this guy may well leave us short. I would be better if any of our young guys were BETTER than Tatis Jr. But they aren't, and because Tatis Jr is still YOUNGER than all of them, they aren't ever likely to be. FFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU*******************************!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. VAfan


    The bullpen has been very good.
  11. VAfan

    Predict the White Sox 30 man opening roster

    Robert should not be hitting 8th. It's possible he could be the best hitter on the team. Maybe he's not there yet, but burying him at the bottom would be a mistake.
  12. VAfan

    Which Team Was Better? 94 or 05 White Sox?

    2005. They won it all, going 16-1 to finish the season and playoffs. Two 8-game winning streaks broken up by a 3-2 loss. Their starters threw 4 complete game wins in a row against the Angels in the ALCS. That will never be done again, or ever be approached. The bullpen pitched only 2/3 of an inning (Neal Cotts) in a five-game ALCS. Preposterous! Those 4 starters all pitched over 200 innings on the season. Twice they rallied from 4-0 deficits in the playoffs by scoring 5 runs in the 5th inning. Scott Podsednik, who had zero HRs in the regular season, hit two in the postseason, including a walk-off against Brad Lidge in game 2. Who can forget the dropped third strike controversy that helped the Sox win game 2 of the ALCS? Or El Duque getting out of a bases loaded no-out jamb in game 3 in Boston? Or Freddie Garcia, Mr. Road Warrior, winning the division clinching game in Detroit, the ALDS clinching game in Boston, and the World Series clinching game in Houston? Or Frank Thomas, who played in only 34 games and couldn't run, hitting 12 HRs and a .905 OPS despite a .219 batting average. Or guys like Juan Uribe and Joe Crede, who were great defenders but not great offensively, were money in the postseason. Uribe made the diving catch in the stands for the penultimate out in the WS clinching game, then charged a dribbler for the final out. Crede stopped hot smash after hot smash in that 1-0 victory. They went wire to wire. Won the first game of the year 1-0. First game after the All-Star break 1-0. Last game of the World Series 1-0. They are tied for 5th best winning percentage in Sox history, at .611. Tied with the 1983 club. But their pythgorean projection based on run differential was .563, (91-71, out of the playoffs) proving how money they were in close games. Swept the Astros in the World Series but outscored them by only 6 runs. They were relentless. They had Ozzie Guillen as manager. He got the team to believe it could win. He also managed his pitching staff very well. He built up his starters and saved his bullpen by using them for 100 pitches win or lose. It probably hurt them in 2006, but to win the WS was worth it. I could go on. The most magical season in Sox history, by far.
  13. VAfan

    Will There Be a 2020 Season?

    Testing, masks, contact tracing, and social distancing, all while working feverishly on potential treatments and a vaccine. We should know from the mortality rate in the US - currently around 6% (90,000 deaths and 1,500,000 confirmed cases) - that there are still a lot of people with Covid who have not been diagnosed. The real mortality rate should be much lower. If it were 3%, that would be 3,000,000 infected. If 2%, 4,500,000 infected, and so on. Now many of those infected have gotten through the infection and are no longer contagious. But you can see from those numbers that there could be a lot of contagious people still out and about. Through the measures above, the goal is to get the contagion rate well below 1. So that contagious people spread it, on average, to less than 1 other person. If you can keep the rate there, the number of contagious people will continue going down. The risk is that even if you get the contagious numbers down into the thousands, recall that this whole thing started from ZERO in the US. So if you ever completely relax the things that keep the contagion rate under 1, you can very quickly see an rapid expansion of contagion. This is why we aren't likely to see stadiums full of fans any time this year. If you can get a handle through testing on the number of contagious people in a defined group - e.g., a baseball team - then you can manage that group to try to keep them Covid-free. If someone slips through the cracks, the hope is they are caught quickly and are unable to infect many others. Seems possible with baseball because of the distance between players. Lastly, no one should be thinking - "I can get Covid and survive, so I don't need to worry." It's not about YOU. It's about who you might infect. Because for them it might be a death sentence.
  14. I agree that teams will not want to line up lefties against us. But when they do, it is still foolish to go with a player with such significant splits when you have a better defensive player on the bench who has shown he hits lefties better. The idea that he can hit his way out of it just means you are giving MORE ABs to someone who is hurting you at the plate, so the more he struggles, the worse off you are. Plus, even if he improves upon his horrible record so far, what will those numbers be? They are unlikely to be better than the alternative. If Engel is on the roster, there is no harm in using him when he's a better choice. He's always going to be a better defensive choice.
  15. VAfan

    Is EE toast?

    The good news is that if EE doesn't pan out like he has for the last 8 YEARS and hit 30+ HRs, the Sox have several options. 1. Yermin. I would make him the 26th man because he can cover for EE on days he needs rest, while I'd want Collins and Vaughn to be getting regular AAA ABs. 2. Grandal/McCann. With Yermin as the 26th man, Ricky might be more willing to DH one of his catchers if EE has to sit. 3. Vaughn. He looks major league ready right now. I'd only use him if EE went out for an extended period and Yermin turned out to be fool's gold. Otherwise, I want to extend his service time window. 4. Collins. If he's raking in AAA and looks as good or better than Vaughn, he's another option.