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  1. Sox should extend Rodon, as he's entering his prime years as a pitcher. He may be represented by Boras, but Rodon will want to play for the Sox, believing they will be contenders for all of the years in any extension. I think they should also extend Lynn for a couple of years to negate the years imbalance of the trade of Dunning, and because the Sox can use an innings eater like Lynn. But if you keep Rodon and Lynn, and Kopech moves into the rotation, who gets squeezed? Dylan Cease or Dallas Keuchel?
  2. Just need the offense and the bullpen sharpness to be there. The Sox have been in every single game.
  3. I thought off of spring training that Rodon should have been ahead of Cease in the rotation. If this is the new Carlos Rodon, he'd have to be in the top 3. I hope he's going to be fine all year, because what he's throwing will play very well. I think the Sox should even extend him.
  4. VAfan

    We Thought We Have A Good Bullpen?

    I'm as frustrated as anyone over the bullpens performance so far, but I think they will be fine as they get more use.
  5. A quick look at baseball reference gives a snapshot after 8 games. Here's the rank of hitters in OPS+ Mercedes - 308 Grandal - 148 Collins - 121 Robert - 113 Abreu - 100 Eaton - 100 Moncada - 97 Madrigal - 95 Hamilton - 91 Vaughn - 71 Anderson - 66 Garcia - negative 43 Here are the starters by ERA Lynn - zero Rodon - zero Giolito - 4.22 Cease - 5.79 Keuchel - 7 Bullpen by ERA Kopech - zero Crochet - zero Bummer - zero (first game meltdown was unearned runs) Heuer - 2.45 Ruiz - 2.7 Hendriks - 7.71 Marshall - 9.82 Foster - 27 What conclusions can you draw from this? Hitting - Mercedes is carrying the offense at the moment. - Grandal and Collins are hitting quite will - Grandal with the high OBP, Collins with more power - Abreu isn't warmed up yet - Eaton is league average, which is an improvement over Mazara. - Moncada looks much worse than this number, because he's picked it up in the last couple of games. - Madrigal isn't hitting as well, but his OBP is very high. - Vaughn is getting acclimated to MLB. - Anderson is off to a slow start. Getting normal Anderson back will jump start this offense. - Garcia is having an awful start, but isn't really this bad. TLR should look for every opportunity not to play him. Mendick is a better choice until Anderson returns. Starters - They need to go deeper into games. - Only Keuchel is off, but he did pretty well in his second start until the 6th. - Rodon's first start looks very promising - Cease still has a lot of work to do - Giolito will be better than this Bullpen - TLR hasn't figured out the rhythm to get Hendriks into the right situations yet. - Kopech and Crochet look awesome and are real weapons - Sox need Bummer to settle in and be a force in the 8th - Heuer as the 3rd guy (outside future starters Kopech and Crochet) is solid - Foster and Marshall aren't this bad - Ruiz might pitch his way into a bigger role, reprising Cordero's job from last year. Overall The Sox are a work in progress. Defense has been bad. Starters are getting stretched out. Hitting has been streaky. The team needs to be healthy - Anderson and Engel's return will improve the team a lot. The bullpen and TLR haven't been in synch. but they will get there.
  6. VAfan

    The Yermin-Vaughn-Abreu Conundrum

    No. Mendick got 114 plate appearances last year. .243/281/343 was his line. He's may have a game or two where he looks like he can hit. Don't let it deceive you. He can't. That's why the Sox picked up Lamb, because they didn't want Mendick subbing for Moncada when he needs a break. Mendick is the guy you bring up when someone goes on the IL, and even then you hope you don't have to play him too much.
  7. VAfan

    What if Yermin Mercedes keeps hitting?

    The question is not whether Vaughn can hit better than Mercedes, but whether he can hit better than the outfielders the Sox have healthy right now. I would take him now over Williams and Hamilton (before he got hurt). The only place to develop his hitting is in LF because he's not outhitting Mercedes at the moment.
  8. Of course everyone is accountable. If they don't fix it, then the team will end up where many predicted, with wins in the 80s and possibly missing the playoffs. Long way to go before we'll know. I just want to add here that on the offensive side, the White Sox most need Yoan Moncada to hit like he did in 2019, or better. Whether he's hitting cleanup or #2 or wherever, he's the one player that can help counterbalance the loss of Eloy. So far, he looks pretty lost. Last night he took his walks, but he hasn't come close to hitting the baseball with any authority.
  9. So far, the Sox have played terribly. The only pitchers in their vaunted bullpen doing their jobs have been Crochet and Kopech. Every other bullpen pitcher has pitched poorly or helped blow a lead. The only hitter doing really well is Yermin Mercedes. Anderson has been bad. Grandal marginal. Abreu okay, but not usual Abreu. Robert better than last September, but not where he needs to be. And Moncada has been awful. Eaton has been okay, but he can't carry the ballclub. Nor can Madrigal or Garcia or Billy Hamilton. Vaughn hasn't done anything yet in limited action, nor has Collins. The starting pitchers have done decently, except for Keuchel, and that's the only game we've won. I could second guess several of LaRussa's moves, especially some of his bullpen choices. And yet, if we were playing to the norms we expect from this team, we could be 4-0 instead of 1-3. I'm not sugarcoating things. This is not how I expected the Sox to play to start the season. And, without Eloy, the team is going to be challenged. It's not going to cruise to as many easy victories as we had last year. But I do expect the Sox to sharpen up. No one picked the Angels for the West. But that lineup looks very dangerous to me. It's going to come down to their pitching. The point is, we didn't lose these games to a patsie.
  10. VAfan

    What if Yermin Mercedes keeps hitting?

    Not our best hitter, but definitely worthy of consistent playing time, and he should get it.
  11. VAfan

    What if Yermin Mercedes keeps hitting?

    I think Tony LaRussa can recognize a hitter when he sees one. On that basis, I think Mercedes is going to continue to receive playing time. What he does with it will be up to him. But it's crazy for the response to Mercedes doing well would be for some Sox fans to just want to dump Zack Collins, who hit the best of any Sox player in spring training. He has a role on this team as a lefty catcher with a good eye for the strike zone and some power. He's a better catcher than Mercedes, whose best role is DH. Let's enjoy Yermin for the bubbling ball of enthusiasm he is. I personally wouldn't hesistate to use him as cleanup hitter, moving Moncada back to the 2 hole, with Grandal 5th and Vaughn in left field hitting 6th. And when he's not starting, he'd be my #1 pinch hitter. The question will be what to do when Eloy returns. It's going to be a 3-way battle between Mercedes, Vaughn, and Collins for playing time. Collins can always get backup catcher ABs, but if Jimenez is back, only one of Vaughn and Mercedes can start on any given day.
  12. What an amazing night for Yermin Mercedes. He eclipsed an Abreu grand slam, and two electric perfect innings from Michael Kopech. 5 for 5 - four singles and a double, 4 RBIs, at least a couple hits with two strikes, off lefties and righties. You have to feel great for the guy, who once toiled in the Pecos League!! So what is Tony LaRussa going to do with him? It's entirely possible Yermin will outhit both Vaughn and Collins, who were penciled in ahead of him at DH. Is it possible he could outhit Yasmani Grandal and take some of Grandal's DH ABs away? Someone posted his AAA numbers against Luis Robert from 2019. Yermin was toe-to-toe with Robert. I mean, it's crazy to think Yermin might jump into the majors and hit like a madman, isn't it? But what if he does? If he does, I think TLR has to play him. Vaughn can still play LF, as he did tonight. But Collins would look more like the primary backup catcher. If he starts hitting, he might also play some against righties. But if Yermin keeps hitting, he has to keep playing, doesn't he? Plus, the energy he brings to the team is electric. The kid's a natural. An instant fan favorite. Reminds me of what "Baby Shark" did for the Nationals in 2019. He loosened up that team and helped them to play their best. The Sox are already plenty loose, but without Eloy, Mercedes brings his own enthusiasm. I just think it's a great story, and it's only just beginning.
  13. VAfan

    2021 BOLD predictions thread

    The White Sox win the World Series. That's about as bold as you can get. Don't care too much about how they get there.
  14. VAfan

    Poll - predict the 2021 season records

    I voted 92-94 wins. Before Eloy's injury, I had them playing .600 baseball. I think his loss costs us a few games. 1st place. I love how the Twins lost today - Alex Colome blows a 3-run 9th inning lead and the Twins lose in 10. Hit batter, error, single, second out advances runners, double ties the game.
  15. VAfan

    White Sox are still a World Series Contender

    Thanks for citing me. One thing I don't do as a poster very often is get into back and forth with another poster. I did some with RayRay Sun earlier this offseason, but when you get into parsing what someone said arguments, it's pointless for everyone else reading the site and just clutters things up. I come off here as very optimistic, but mostly I'm just excited to see this Sox team play and get better. The question of the title of this thread cannot be answered about this Sox team yet, because there are too many young and inexperienced pieces. But ask it again in September and we should have a much clearer answer.