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  1. AlSoxfan

    Juan Soto/Josh Bell to Padres official

    I can't agree more
  2. These are good thanks for posting
  3. You very well could be right. I see no hustle, desire. This team is better than what we're seeing.
  4. AlSoxfan

    Do the White Sox Make the Playoffs?

    I'd like to say yes because we have a lot of talent on this team but it's not looking so good right now. I don't believe even if we make the playoffs we're not going to the WS...So I'll say No in the hopes it'll be a wakeup call
  5. AlSoxfan

    Dallas Keuchel DFA

    Yes I know who you meant and you're probably right about Keuchel, he seems to like pointing his finger at everyone. It'll be interesting to see what he says. Jerry has given Hahn/KW plenty of money to build and better this team, but they've wasted to much of it. I'm sure Jerrys talking to his buddy and wouldn't be to surprised to see TLR as our next GM. and that really scares me
  6. AlSoxfan

    Dallas Keuchel DFA

    Well in this case maybe he shouldn't
  7. AlSoxfan

    Dallas Keuchel DFA

    Yes and you got to think sooner or later Jerry's got to say hey you're costing me a lot of money and we're not getting better.
  8. AlSoxfan

    2022 White Sox wins prediction thread

    I'm guessing between 89-91 wins. I think we'll win a playoff series but not make the WS, but you never know. We have a really good bullpen and thats what it takes to win it all.
  9. AlSoxfan

    Who are the worst players in White Sox history?

    QUOTE (Al Lopez's Ghost @ Dec 10, 2015 -> 08:10 PM) Nope. Steve Lyons. I'm sorry you're right..my memory fades
  10. AlSoxfan

    Who are the worst players in White Sox history?

    QUOTE (BigEdWalsh @ Dec 10, 2015 -> 06:59 PM) To be fair, Mike Squires was a very good fielding first baseman. Rich Morales was more or less a utility player. I don't have too much problem with those kind of guys. Yes you're right Squires was one of the best fielding 1'st baseman I've ever seen. I'll never forget the time he pulled down his pants brushing out the dirt while standing at first base...lmao.. to funny. For me an in the modern day it would be Dunn, his first yr. He was so bad they sent him home early.
  11. AlSoxfan

    Jason Heyward to Cubs (8 yrs 184M)

    I for one would still love to see the Sox sign him. Give me Heyward and a power bat an I'll see you in the playoffs.
  12. AlSoxfan

    Thoughts On The Upcoming Season

    QUOTE (LDF @ Dec 10, 2015 -> 12:30 AM) b/c of my stupid arse prediction of 90 + last yr, i really would like to see how the rest of the off season plays out. i am still eating the crow pie. I got a little over excited myself last yr. so I've eaten half of that pie. My hopes are they can get me as excited again with a different outcome. So far so good but we're still a ways away.
  13. AlSoxfan

    Whats the beef...here's mine

    QUOTE (Chisoxfn @ Dec 7, 2015 -> 02:28 PM) So I'm not going to make some big winded post as what I am posting is purely based upon conjecture (along with some of Hahn's quotes) but I've heard Hahn talk a lot about working to fix our offense, but like last off-season, I've heard so little about our defense? It just makes me go hmmm, have we learned nothing from our struggles the past few years. I realize that good defensive, OBP guys don't grow on trees (and to be frank, OBP and good defense are the Sox two biggest achiles heels) but for us to consistently talk about offense just strikes the wrong chord to me. I have watched a team that has been fundamentally bad for the past few years and last off-season we tried to fix the offense while ignoring defense. Sox deserve the benefit of the doubt cause they have yet to make a move this off-season that made the defense worse, but they also haven't upgraded the defense either (which is fine...only position they addressed was catcher and net net I'd say that move was defensively neutral to slightly positive while offensively having the upside to be positive). I agree 100%. I'm a little old school in my thinking in that I believe good pitching good defense an the 3 run home run wins. Problem is we have only 1 Home run hitter an rarely have anyone on base. Saying that I still believe we need to improve our defense at almost every position.
  14. AlSoxfan

    Sox Fire Mark Parent

    I wonder if the FO has given any thoughts to Ozzie being the bench coach? Then I had a funny thought. What if they signed MB, AJ an Uribe? Maybe the old farts can show the team how to win. The thought does make me grin even though it's completely ridiculous.
  15. AlSoxfan

    Mark Buehrle to retire?

    QUOTE (Harry Chappas @ Oct 18, 2015 -> 09:06 AM) He was ejected in Baltimore when had that quality start streak ended. Complete BS ejection. Thanks, I remember now...still think he was trying to get ejected in Toronto, just seems like something he'd do for the fun of it.