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  1. manbearpuig

    Rodon may need extra rest in the postseason

    There you go. Makes it easier to decide who goes game 1.
  2. manbearpuig

    9/17 GT: White Sox @ Rangers 7:05 PM

    I think most of would rather play the Red Sox than the Yankees so I feel most here would be rooting for the Indians.
  3. manbearpuig

    Marshall pushing to get back

    Right. And with a 9-man pen (most likely) and days off, they should be fine.
  4. Don’t see how they won’t be afternoon games to be honest. Especially if New York or Boston advances past wild card game.
  5. manbearpuig

    9/15 GT: Angels @ White Sox, 7:10

    Damn really? Last I saw he was going Thursday but I also thought they had a 6-man rotation as well (which seems to be correct).
  6. manbearpuig

    9/15 GT: Angels @ White Sox, 7:10

    Imagine if he had the starter from yesterday’s first name: Packy Junk.
  7. manbearpuig

    9/15 GT: Angels @ White Sox, 7:10

    Yeah they are apparently. I was looking forward to seeing Ohtani Rodon tomorrow afternoon live at the game but it says Lopez, even though Rodon would be on track if it was a 5-man rotation.
  8. manbearpuig

    9/15 GT: Angels @ White Sox, 7:10

    I agree. If he sucks next year then they will release him well before he has a chance of reaching the innings he needs.
  9. manbearpuig

    Dear Tony (regarding Cesar)

    Just checked Escobar’s numbers. Good pick up by the crew.
  10. manbearpuig

    Minor League Catch-All 2021

    It's not an Ohtani situation so expected. Also announced around the time it was announced they had an agreement for next period.
  11. manbearpuig

    Anderson activated, Vaughn to DL

    They still get paid and service time going on the IL so I doubt a grievance is in anyone's mind at all.
  12. manbearpuig

    Dear Tony (regarding Cesar)

    I think they can decline the option, try to sign or trade for someone, and re-sign Cesar for less money later in the off-season if they can't replace him and want to bring him back.
  13. manbearpuig

    Gio back, Collins up, Mendick and Seby down

    It may not be a lot but he can still get more playing time somewhere else.
  14. manbearpuig

    Gio back, Collins up, Mendick and Seby down

    Depending on what what they spend replacing Kopech's spot in the pen (Kopech slides into rotation), the hole in RF, and hole at 2B, I think it may be Carlos Perez.
  15. Keuchel vs Junk Let's keep this winning streak going!