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  1. You know what? Fuck it. I'm going back out. Anyone else in the south suburbs want a drink? Lol
  2. Been out all night. what did I miss?
  3. Yeah it really isn't that crazy.
  4. Yeah he might age ok in the NL. I don't want him though.
  5. No one else is really a threat to sign any of those players. If they want to pay them what they want, they can. Back to the stupid money comment.
  6. Do that and try to grab Moose on a cheap deal and boom. Great off-season.
  7. soxfan2014

    I got white sox stuff to sell.

    And apparently an un-banned account.
  8. soxfan2014

    Harper: Nightengale suggests Phillies are favored

    Hey, I'll take that too. I just want one of them.
  9. Was going to respond to this but didn't want this to be the post that got to 300 lol
  10. Where were you when Manny's Panic Room hit 300 pages?
  11. Who's post will get us to 300? Edit: damn, wanted this to be the one
  12. Almost 300 and he hasn't even signed.
  13. soxfan2014

    Rays to Sign Avi

    Weird. Is Beckham one of your all-time favorites as well?