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  1. soxfan2014

    White Sox release 25 minor leaguers

    This is why. Another team (forgot who) released like 30 minor leaguers the other day.
  2. soxfan2014

    Oscar Colas

    I couldn't find much on his pitching stats when I looked the other day. Baseball Reference shows him throwing 3 innings in a Winter League almost 2 years ago and thats it. If he comes over, I don't think he will be a 2-way player.
  3. soxfan2014

    **Water-Cooler Thread (TV stuff)**

    Great show. Gf and I just finished that one.
  4. soxfan2014

    **Movies that we Watch** Thread

    While working from home during the pandemic, I watch shows and movies all day and I am always looking for stuff to watch. You guys just inspired me to watch all 3 BTTF movies today. Thanks.
  5. soxfan2014

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    According to everyone I know who works in a hospital, this isn't true. You can be on the brink of death from a long battle with cancer but if you test positive for COVID, it's a COVID death.
  6. soxfan2014

    Job Thread

    Congrats, Jack!
  7. soxfan2014

    Will There Be a 2020 Season?

    Oh yeah thats dumb then. No more paycuts.
  8. soxfan2014

    Will There Be a 2020 Season?

    They're not playing a full season so they don't deserve a full season of pay.
  9. soxfan2014

    Your ST#1 Overall Opinions (warmup to ST#2)

    Uhhhhh yeah?
  10. soxfan2014

    Harper actually loved his meeting w/ the Sox

    Well that is a pretty extreme example considering one scenario is illegal activity lol that's not comparable at all to be honest.
  11. soxfan2014

    Harper actually loved his meeting w/ the Sox

    Right. And when you're traveling half the season (which is about a half year) and spending most of your time at the ballpark when you are home anyway, does it really matter which city you are living in? I'd take the most money for sure. Especially when you figure the Phillies offer is likely more significant than what the Sox would potentially have offered (based on their Machado offer).
  12. soxfan2014

    Choose the SoxTalk Adopted KBO Quaran-team

    I'd rather watch KBO games than old games that are being re-aired. I like the exposure to new players.
  13. Uses up a year of....?
  14. soxfan2014

    Will There Be a 2020 Season?

    Don't think there will be any sports until there is a vaccine personally.
  15. If they play in AZ/Fla, they can go another month or two longer. But it would shorten next off-season (which is probably fine for most of us).