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  1. soxfan2014

    How about Dallas Keuchel in a White Sox uniform?

    Cole: likely out of price range, Wheeler...meh. I do agree on Bumgarner though.
  2. soxfan2014

    McCann Extension

    I mean hes got like one solid year and 2 great months (albeit not playing every day) to his career. He may take a little guaranteed money now. Guy was just non-tendered last year. I still vote to wait unless its for peanuts (less than 4/25 for sure).
  3. soxfan2014

    Ricky Renteria Has Made Me a Lineup Scold

    Look...I get it. He wants Castillo to catch Lopez. I know it's not normal, but put McCann at DH or give him at 1B glove or something.
  4. soxfan2014

    Giolito's latest tweaks

    LOL all good.
  5. soxfan2014

    2019 MLB draft thread

    Adley, Witt, or Abrams. One of those 3 will be there for the taking.
  6. soxfan2014

    Giolito's latest tweaks

    Uhhhh have you noticed the date that this thread and most of the posts started? On the previous page, it literally jumps from "March 1" to "5 hours ago" (earlier today almost 3 months later).
  7. soxfan2014

    Sox @ Astros 5/23 Gamethread

    There was an article that talked about how he could be the Sox version of Lester with the Cubs or Verlander with the Astros. I feel like they can either grab him in the off-season or go with Keuchel in a couple of weeks. Of course that only makes sense on a mutl-year deal.
  8. soxfan2014

    McCann Extension

    Phew. I'm thankful that you're a baseball scout.
  9. soxfan2014

    McCann Extension

    Ah gotcha. Sorry about that.
  10. soxfan2014

    McCann Extension

    Or they wait a year and it turns out this season was a fluke.
  11. soxfan2014

    McCann Extension

    You'd wait 3 days? Lol that's like saying you might as well do it now.
  12. soxfan2014

    That's a big ol' CGSO winner!

    Yeah he said getting traded to the Sox was the best day of his life. Now that hes feeling fully healthy, hopefulling he can stick somewhere on the team long-term.
  13. soxfan2014

    That's a big ol' CGSO winner!

    Why would we talk about it?
  14. soxfan2014

    5/23 Games

    Bit of both.
  15. soxfan2014

    McCann Extension

    Yeah there's definitely plenty of teams with catcher injuries that would take him for league minimum.