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  1. soxfan2014

    Offseason 2019-2020 MLB Catch All Thread

    How is Souza getting an MLB deal not even playing last year? That seems crazy to me.
  2. soxfan2014

    Goose Island Sox Golden Ale

    I love Goose Island and am actually going to the Brewery tonight. Never been before.
  3. soxfan2014

    One Last Spot

    Hunter Pence to platoon in RF and get at bats in LF or DH if Eloy, Abreu, or EE goes down for any amount of time.
  4. Dude would have to sign dirt cheap and give up a few years of free agency to be worth it. They only got one year for Eloy and Robert. For the risk to be worth it, hes gotta give up 2 or 3.
  5. soxfan2014


    It's easy to hide Kopech for sure when you have 5 other starters at least (and not referring to Covey/Santiago types). So if he were to file a grievance, the Sox at least are protected (unless there is an injury).
  6. soxfan2014


    My friend was able to score tickets to the season holder meeting tonight. Sounds interesting. Basically and meet and greet with players and coaches and getting autographs I guess.
  7. It's my least favorite move of the off-season honestly. Pay him the $18 mill for one year and then re-evaluate next off-season.
  8. Yeah and hes not a guy that will kill you if he needs to start for a stretch of time.
  9. soxfan2014

    2019 Video Game Thread

    Man I'm right there with you. So many cool games come out nowadays that I know I shouldn't buy due to new games from the last couple years still being unopened in my collection lol I basically can only do story games that only really require one play through (or eventually, play again). Resident Evil 3 Remake and Last of Us 2 are probably the next games I buy and that will be it for a while.
  10. If Mendick doesn't make the MLB team out of Spring Training, I let him start at SS until Madrigal gets called up. Then, depending on how he is handling SS, move him to 2B when Madrigal gets called up.
  11. What is this, the National League? 8 position players + DH = 9 starting players in lineup.
  12. 9 starting players 5 starting pitchers 8 relievers 22 players So 4 spots left for bench for a 26-man roster.
  13. You can't carry 14. 13 max. But I agree with the premise. I think a 7 man bp would even be fine. I actually miss the days of 6 man BPs.
  14. Eh you can go with 2 OF on the bench. One for defensive purposes for CF and more of a bat first corner piece.