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  1. soxfan2014

    2018-9 MLB off season free agency thread

    Pretty good platoon between him and Moreland. And it's not like he's just a 1B.
  2. I wouldn't be shocked at all if the Cubs are discussing a deal with Harper.
  3. How many contracts do the Cubs have coming off the books in the next few years? Off the top of my head 1 more year of Zobrist and Q, 2 more years of Lester and Chatwood for sure. I think they move on from Russell personally saving a few million. Schwarber I also think is a trade candidate that will save a few mill. They may be willing to go over for a couple of years. Who knows.
  4. Agreed. We should already expect them to sign for a fuckload of money anyway.
  5. And yes, it does seem like the biggest threats are the Yankees for Machado and the Phillies for Harper. But who knows, it's still early and different teams can and likely will emerge as favorites.
  6. There's been speculation that the Phillies could attempt to sign both. While I doubt any team would spend that amount on both, it was brought up to someone who works in the Phillies front office and he didn't shoot down the idea of landing both of them.
  7. soxfan2014

    Creative Trades

    The Phillies payroll right now is $114.6m for 2019. So they have plenty of room to add a big name. Luxury tax number is $206m and are a team in the past that has one of the top payrolls in the league. They definitely don't need to deal Santana to spend.
  8. Yep. Exactly what I tried explaining below your post.
  9. I mean, the winning offer is likely to be considered "stupid money" regardless since it will be such a high, record breaking amount. The amount of people on this board that want either Harper or Machado are going to flip sides to the "good thing we didn't spend that amount of money on either" side after they sign with another team.
  10. soxfan2014

    Creative Trades

    Just offer the most money. Likely the Phillies game plan regardless if they deal Santana or not. They can worry about moving him or other money after.
  11. soxfan2014

    Creative Trades

    I like Santana's OBP skills. Honestly, if we ended up non-tendering or trading Garcia, and decided we can just roll with Palka in RF in a platoon next year, I wouldn't mind Santana as the DH.
  12. soxfan2014

    Creative Trades

    Senzel isn't getting dealt for lesser prospects. A young established starter in the MLB with some control? Sure.
  13. soxfan2014

    2018-9 MLB off season free agency thread

    What is Passan "on to?" He just said it's the first signing with his comment and not suggesting things will heat up.