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  1. soxfan2014

    Gerrit Cole - The Rebuild’s Fulcrum

    They have to sign Cole. The payroll is so low. No more of these Santana, Nova, Shields, Detwiler, Banuelos types. Sign Cole and a back-end starter.
  2. soxfan2014

    7/21- Sox at Rays, 12:10, NBCSC

    Looking like 0.
  3. soxfan2014

    2019 Trade Deadline Predictions

    For 2020? Abreu definitely fits. After that and long-term? Not really. I do think they should roll with Abreu/Collins at 1B/DH (with Collins getting a start or 2 behind the plate each week) and carrying a versatile 3rd catcher like Swihart on the bench next year.
  4. soxfan2014

    Is Giolito an ace?

    Soxtalk for ya.
  5. soxfan2014

    7/20- Sox at Rays, 5:10, WGN

    They're already pretty familiar with him.
  6. soxfan2014

    7/20- Sox at Rays, 5:10, WGN

    It's all I care about, along with Cease, Anderson, Eloy, Moncada.
  7. soxfan2014

    7/20- Sox at Rays, 5:10, WGN

    Yep. We need Tim and Eloy back.
  8. soxfan2014

    7/20- Sox at Rays, 5:10, WGN

    How many teams pull one of their best hitters, in a lineup not that deep I have to add, for pinch runners in the 7th?
  9. soxfan2014

    2019 Trade Deadline Predictions

    I'm also guessing nothing.
  10. soxfan2014

    To Sell or Not to Sell?

    I've been on the Leake bandwagon for a while. Believe he has a NTC though. Plug him into the back of the rotation. Sign Cole in the off-season and go with Cole, Giolito, Cease, Leake, Lopez to open the year while Kopech rehabs in the minors. Evaluate if Lopez needs to go start in Triple-A or see how he does out of the pen when Kopech comes up.
  11. soxfan2014

    Charlie Tilson Optioned to Charlotte

    They've played with 12 position players majority of the past like 5 years. Its fine.
  12. All that matters is that Giolito, Moncada, Anderson, and Eloy are having nice seasons. Cease is up finally getting experience and unfortunately, Lopez took a few steps back. All we are looking for this year is improvements from the guys expected to be here in the future and see if anyone else can surprise us and join them.
  13. soxfan2014

    Eloy going on IL

    Lol nope. People literally said he could play his way into a backup role. Doesn't appear to be the case. I'll find the Tilson thread later when I have time.
  14. soxfan2014

    Colome drawing "ample" trade interest

    Let them come calling.
  15. soxfan2014

    Eloy going on IL

    Yeah I think I'd prefer to see Mendick take his spot filling in at SS with Garcia moving back to the OF but it's probably Engel.