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  1. South Sider

    Colome to Twins, 1YR 5M plus option

    1 for 5 is a GREAT deal... how did he not get more????
  2. South Sider

    Market/Financial Thread

    Interesting. Mark Cuban did an AMA on WSB and said he had any GME, he'd be holding still.
  3. South Sider

    Market/Financial Thread

    Doesnt he hate Steve Cohen? I could see it. Lmao. But none of the winnings would be put into the Sox.
  4. South Sider

    Market/Financial Thread

    I didn't even realize this.... that would be insane.
  5. South Sider

    Hector wrong. Again. - Cruz back with Min

    Garfien says he heard that Nelson prefers to stay in Minnesota, wants a multiyear contract, and wants to wait until the resolution of the NL DH situation.
  6. South Sider

    Hector wrong. Again. - Cruz back with Min

    Yes we absolutely should, especially if the Sox are remotely serious about Cruz. You make the Twins pay a few million more to keep him and that is a win in my book as they also do not have unlimited money.
  7. South Sider

    Adam Ottavino traded to Red Sox

    What happened to Ottavino? Wasn't he one of the best relievers for a bit?
  8. Playin Warzone! Check him out and say hey! https://www.twitch.tv/generalgio
  9. South Sider

    the Corbin Burnes thread **on ice***

    There's a lot of upside to the proposed package. I guess I can see why Milwaukee would want Crochet, but at the same time they are getting a 4 players with pretty high ceilings. Stiever and Thompson are two of our better SP prospects, Heuer could be a closer, and obviously Madrigal could lead the league in batting average. All for a guy who, yes looks pretty good but also hasn't really proven it long term yet.
  10. South Sider

    J.A. Happ to the Twins

    Dominoes keep falling.
  11. South Sider

    Dodgers sign Bauer (3/102, opt-outs, 40-45-17)

    Seeing as how this is likely Trevor Bauer and he is likely to make some YouTube video about going to various fan forums and making posts like this, here are some reasons: 1) From the fans perspective, the team appears to have a lot of fun playing the game of baseball. 2) I would hope that any offers received from CWS are offers that are fair and reasonable to you. If so, that is a reason. 3) Hungry, "prove it" fanbase. We will come watch you if you don't waste our time. 4) Collaboration vids with TA7 5) Chicago is a cool city, obviously a lot of good food. 6) You already know this, but The Rate is actually a really cool/nice park and massively underrated due to how crappy it looked when it was first built and because it's in the same city as Wrigley. 7) Division is competitive, even if Twins make no upgrades they will STILL be a pain. Us fans are licking our chops to keep them in 2nd/3rd place. You would be a great help to this. 😎 As annoying as Minnesota and Cleveland might be, the road to divisional victory is not insanely competitive and you can expect to make the playoffs in some fashion because the team around you is pretty good too. 9) Chance to stick it to your old team (if that is something that interests you) 10) If you sign here, we can keep Nick Madrigal and Codi Heuer. I guess if you don't sign here, that doesn't even matter to you. But if you do sign here, it is likely that the bullpen is better and that you have a 2B hitting .360 in your teams lineup. 11) This is a cool one.... a chance to help the White Sox earn a fairer share of Chicago baseball fanship. The Cubs have dominated this town for a long time, but now they are alienating their fanbase. You will never "convert" Cubs fans to Sox fans, but there are always generations of new fans to earn. Win a few generations and all of a sudden it's a Sox city again. Obviously, you won't be around long enough to win a few generations, but you can help get that ball rolling. (If you are not Trevor Bauer, well played)
  12. South Sider

    the Corbin Burnes thread **on ice***

    Quintana signing with the Angel's is the most underrated news in this thread.
  13. South Sider

    Jose Quintana...Signs with Angels (1YR 8M)

    This has to be it. By all accounts, Quintana enjoyed being a White Sox and at this point would probably have loved to stay in Chicago. He might have been waiting for a final word from the Sox. And they might have just told him no because of something else about to happen....
  14. South Sider

    the Corbin Burnes thread **on ice***

    I love the potential of Nick Madrigal but I'm in for trading him for potentially one of the best SP in baseball. We'll get to watch him hit .360 against the Cubs. Nick's gonna hit. A lot.
  15. South Sider

    Hector wrong. Again. - Cruz back with Min

    Please sign Nelson Cruz. I'm willing to roll the dice on him continuing to be extremely productive vs. his potential future fall off. Age has only made Nelson better. As long as his body holds up, the dude has a brilliant hitting mind that should not regress.