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  1. It's laughable that this guy thinks Boras would let his client sign somewhere for $50 million less dollars. Boras is in it for his big payday too, not just Harper's.
  2. South Sider

    Am I only the only 1 uneasy about this off season?

    If the Sox sign Bryce Harper and Bryce Harper doesn't live up to expectations (assuming good health), it will be Bryce Harper's fault, not Rick Hahn's. This isn't really a case where bad free agent scouting can be your downfall. These guys are elite MLB free agents, potential Hall of Famers.
  3. South Sider

    White Sox Bryce Harper FA pitch spoiler?

    Now that is something I forgot about. At least it seems he will still be giving the Sox the time of day to discuss a deal.
  4. I am an optimist but at this early juncture I can't help but look at the Sox from 11-20% given how many other potential suitors there still are.
  5. South Sider

    White Sox Bryce Harper FA pitch spoiler?

    If Duensing chose a 7M contract over an 8M contract, that is a LOT of money for him to forfeit given his earning power is less than a guy like Harper. Harper likely won't, but he could choose a contract with say 10 million less dollars and not even worry about batting an eye at it because it's still 300+ million dollars. 1 extra million means a lot more to a guy making 7 million than 10 million to a guy making 350 million. I hope that made sense. EDIT: To remove 10 million "per year" error.
  6. South Sider

    White Sox Bryce Harper FA pitch spoiler?

    Yeah I honestly don't see the appeal of a pitch that includes putting his jersey on the Jordan statue and his name on the digital banners. I mean, I guess it would be kind of cool if I was Bryce, but a little over the top. Sox looking for that wow factor? Or are they filming an introduction video? A fan can dream.. 😂
  7. I dare to dream. Nothing about the last couple of years has been status quo. The White Sox have deliberately shed payroll in order to be ready for this offseason in particular. Term and dollars should not be an obstacle. Indeed, the timing of the first opt-out and the players willingness to play here will be the primary obstacles. I have no doubt that the Sox have created the best strategy they can to sell their team to Bryce or Manny. Whether it works or not remains to be seen. Hopefully we can secure an opt-out after year 5. A significantly front loaded contract could be more appealing with a 5 year opt out instead of a team that offers a 3 or 4 year opt out. Rick Hahn is a great negotiator, I have faith that if he's getting close to the finish line, he will find a way to seal the deal. More importantly, I don't think the White Sox would have went this far just to come up a little short in the bidding war and then cry poor. While KW is indeed still a figure in this organization, I think he's fully onboard with this new strategy. Additionally, the 'crying poor' usually happened when the Sox already had a somewhat robust payroll, relatively speaking. Not the minuscule payroll the Sox are currently enjoying.
  8. A lot of smoke around the White Sox lately. I like it. Let's get this offseason underway already!
  9. Yeah, you're doing yourself no good by fudding your way into these opinions. If it happens the way you predict, it happens, and sure it sucks but it just means I will have a little more free time because I won't be watching as many Sox games.
  10. South Sider

    Kevan Smith claimed off Waivers by Angels

    Not the most likely of scenarios, but there was discussion that Castillo is one of Machado's best friends, and could potentially help with recruitment of Manny. Maybe they will keep him around for this purpose.
  11. South Sider

    Young graduates: who can step forward in 2019?

    I honestly think you will see some marked improvement from all 3 players. I know, it's optimistic as hell, but I would not be surprised to see it. All 3 had to have learned a lot this year, and maybe they won't reach their ceilings, but there will be improvements across the board. Anderson is a guy who may yet become better with the bat, but it is also as likely that he has hit his limit with the bat.
  12. South Sider

    Filibuster - Closed

    This is the right move. I applaud the staff for coming to this decision. I have never been interested in talking politics with people, it is literally the most toxic subject you can ever talk about. Until Americans can get over their stupid political opinions and ideals, it is 99.9% of the time a pointless exercise to even undertake such conversations. I will never understand people who actually enjoy shoving their political garbage down others throats. There's so many better things they could be doing with their time.
  13. Any thoughts/opinions regarding the Machado hustle drama of the NLCS? Right off the bat, we know how Ricky is. Machado claims himself to not be a "Johnny Hustle" type of player. It seems signing Machado would be putting Ricky in a tough spot, with his quick trigger on pulling players who aren't perceived to be hustling. If this is how Machado is, Ricky's gonna have to either loosen it up a bit, give preferential treatment to Machado, or treat him the same as everyone else. With how Machado sees himself, Rick Renteria himself could be an obstacle towards signing Machado. He might not want to sign somewhere where he is going to be benched for playing how he has played for his entire career.
  14. The team offers the contract not because they would want to, but because they have to. From a negotiation standpoint, you 100% lose on signing the player if your offer has no opt-out. If you really want the player, for even just a few years, you're gonna have to include the opt-out. The rub is going to be, what year(s) will there be an opt-out? I hope that no team offers it in year 3, and the earliest I hope any team offers an opt out is after year 4. That would be ideal for the Sox. I really hope that, if the Sox are serious about signing one of these guys, they have a very strong argument on selling the Sox to them. I could see many of the teams involved being in the same ballpark in terms of money/years/opt out on a contract, so the ultimate decision will be on where does the player want to go? Of course, if the money doesn't get into an unprecedented yearly amount in the bidding war, the Sox could just decide to blow everyone away to show the player how badly they really want them there. That would be a fun one. This will be a very interesting offseason. Been looking forward to this for awhile. Now get these stupid playoffs over with so we can get started.
  15. South Sider

    White Sox will pick 3rd in 2019

    Grab 1 more elite talent and let's start improving our W-L record next year.