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  1. I really believe that if the Sox sign Manny, they will circle back to Harper and attempt to make a deal. Whether or not it actually happens is another thing, but I don't expect the hot stove insanity to be over when/if Manny signs here. Adding one is a huge win for the franchise, adding two puts you in a much better spot competitively down the road. You get to rely less on the volatility of prospects with 2 known quantities. Sure, it's possible these guys flame out, but the odds of that happening are worse than the odds of them being productive players IMO. Think of the possibilities... the Sox's if/then scenarios become a lot less volatile, and opens the door for many many possibilities when inevitably we hit on some prospects and miss on others. Now to put down the pipe. I seriously doubt we get both. Machado to the Sox probably pushes Philly into finally putting their crazy money where their mouth is. It could get out of control quickly, and it would be tough for the Sox to keep up, IMO.
  2. Yesterday was D-Day in the sense that the social media negotiation wars hit an apex.
  3. Good podcast. I felt like it was pretty sobering, however. Cooper details how our farm really doesn't have a ton of impact talent compared to the very best farms. He still loves our farm, but we do require Eloy to be a cornerstone and several of our best prospects to 'hit' for this to be success. To me, this clearly highlights how badly we do need to add a player like Machado, especially if we want to reach Rick Hahns goal of critical mass of talent.
  4. It's a small sample, but I was at O'hare New Years Eve and easily saw way more people wearing Sox stuff than Cubs stuff. Moments like that help me to remember that there is a sleeping giant of a fanbase here.
  5. There's been some cryptic hints towards that by some. I forgot exactly who. I'll say this though. Personally, I believe that if the Sox sign Machado, we will soon get some news saying that "now the Sox will be focusing on Harper", and I believe it won't be altogether untrue (like an agent plant).
  6. Negotiations could have been nearing an apex at the end of this week and it may be believed that real, final progress may be made after the weekend. In other words, if they all took the weekend off of negotiations, they all have a critical point in negotiations to begin or finish on Monday.
  7. notHahn, sadly I believe that at this point you should no longer try to get info from this source. If he voluntarily offers it, great, but it seems what with his irritation with whale questions that he may have gotten yelled at/talked to about the leak. Honestly, he was probably feeding you some fake info at this point. I'd bet money that the Sox monitor this forum, especially when there is info that they are annoyed with leaks. Good luck.
  8. Assuming you're referring to NotHahn's latest... I was wondering if his source would start giving him some fake news sooner or later. 😂
  9. Most people aren't driving faster than 35 mph right now so I wouldn't be surprised if he was stuck driving for awhile. Everyone chill, grab your drink of choice, and listen to some music, come back in a bit and he probably will have posted. Why so eager for "bad news" anyway?
  10. That's disheartening. I wonder if other insiders will be getting info like this soon.
  11. Just out of curiosity, do you disclose to your source that you share the info you get? It's pretty neat to have that kind of connection. I'm fairly certain he naturally witholds any info that could hurt negotations or cause huge uproars anyway. But i do get a funny picture in my head of you (however you look) talking to a guy saying "yeah my sox fan buddies on soxtalk are dying for a nugget, you got anything?".
  12. Quoted for emphasis. I highly doubt Jay and Alonso are the kind of guys who would come in and shut off their clique to everyone else. What mystifies me the most is that while Machado is seemingly so hated by other players around the league, he also seems to have a TON of friends. If Manny signs, I look forward to Yolmer becoming one of his new besties. I think Jay and Alonso know that part of the deal with them is not just to play baseball, but to develop a positive clubhouse culture through a losing season. There can be no BS and fingerpointing when the team loses 8 of the last 10, just picking each other up and playing baseball.
  13. Its for the goose island field goal challenge.
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  15. Post limits would be amazing. Then he can only repeat himself a couple times per day instead of ruining threads.