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  1. South Sider

    White Sox @ Astros: a game thread

    Houston deserves those 2 popouts for that horse shit catchers interference.
  2. South Sider

    White Sox @ Astros: a game thread

    Oh, are they their best pitchers?
  3. South Sider

    2019 MLB Catch All thread

    What would we have had to trade to land Yelich? And would you have done it?
  4. South Sider

    I really miss this.

    I dunno, I feel like Avi has been finding his way in this game and injuries aside, will be a contributor wherever he goes. I don't think stardom is in his future though, which makes letting him go somewhat forgivable. I'd have given him one more year though, to avoid the likes of Nicky Delmonico who probably won't be a regular MLB contributor being on this team. At least Avi being gone allows us to see what we have in Cordell. He could become equal to Avi offensively and his superior defensively. So I'm okay with that.
  5. South Sider

    And that's a White Sox winner!

    Lost in all this is that it was really nice to finally beat Bieber. Guy needs to know that he is human.
  6. South Sider

    Game of Thrones

    This may have already been covered, but this is my theory. She chose fear. What better way to inspire fear across all of Westeros than tales of what happened at Kings Landing? Nobody will want to be on her bad side as long as a dragon is alive. She stopped caring about love, and to inspire fear knew what she needed to do.
  7. South Sider

    Game of Thrones

    Meh, your whole argument is lazy. Just like the writers, I guess. Have fun not having fun. I've enjoyed the ride. As for the bolded... really, you can stop beating us with your hyperbole stick. I yield!
  8. South Sider

    Game of Thrones

    So whose fault is it then? GRRM? Cause earlier you seemed convinced D&D are killing the show like all the other sheeple who love to be cool and find ways to hate popular things.
  9. South Sider

    Game of Thrones

    Developed story arcs and how we think everything should be was never the point of GoT. Ned, Robb, and Catelyn Stark would have lasted much longer if that was the case. You may have thought her character arc was finished, but it's not. We've seen signs of her ruthlessness before. Now we got to see how she really acts after several very emotional losses (Missandei, Jons lack of affection, Varys' treachery). Ruined my ass. All Time bad my ass. You can take that garbage and keep that opinion if you want, but after all is said and done I don't think many will be buying the "all time bad' and "worse than walking dead" stuff people like you are pandering.
  10. South Sider

    Game of Thrones

    This has never been the point of Game of Thrones.
  11. South Sider

    Game of Thrones

    Yeah, well.. that's just like, your opinion, man.
  12. South Sider

    Game of Thrones

    It appears he may have gotten some ravens out before he got killed too. It'll be interesting to see if that means anything in the last episode. I couldn't believe that after basically securing the city, she went on the rampage. I figured she would need to rampage to secure the city, but the battle was a complete joke. 20k Golden Company? Yeah whatever. Perimeter ballistas? Yeah just outflank them. This episode was amazing and even though we all saw Mad Queen coming, it still left me with that weird anxious feeling like after Neds death, the Red Wedding, Jons death, etc.
  13. South Sider

    Sox @ Jays: 6:07pm CT

    No fight in those at bats. Gotta get these easy outs out of the lineup. Yonder does not deserve the at bats it will take for his extension to kick in.
  14. South Sider

    Sox @ Jays: 6:07pm CT

    I mean i guess id rather take my chances on a leury or yoan base hit than the double play potential.
  15. South Sider

    Sox @ Jays: 6:07pm CT

    McCann could be day to day and we dont even know it. I dont think Ricky is that dumb to where hed bench one of his best hitters for more than 1 game.