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  1. South Sider

    Rendon Thread

    Itd be cool if Rendon was actually gettable. If your due diligence brings you to that conclusion, you sign him and worry about positions later. That bat is special.
  2. South Sider

    Sox in on MadBum

    I mean, I guess I don't blame the Sox if they are out... but who else are you going to go after? He's riskier than Wheeler, but there's a good chance Bum has a lot left in the tank. Are they really gonna sign a Boras client? (Ryu) Who else is there that could legitimately be a difference maker? It would be awesome if the unexpected spurn by their target, Wheeler, made them say screw it and be determined to not be outbid for Cole. One thing I think I know is that a Boras client will always take the most money, even if he "prefers the west".
  3. I mean, offer 5/120 and see what happens? WTF? This is the guy you zoned in on and your max was like 5/110 or something? For a starting pitcher in a sellers market? Blow off. Grandal is nice and all but how are you going to fulfill your shopping list for 2 SPs now when this is the guy you zoned in on?
  4. Tier D and F pitchers, or a trade.
  5. When you ask the question "what now"? That's about all that is left. Out on Cole. Out on Strasburg. Probably out on Ryu. Probably out on Bumgarner. And Hahn still has to fulfill his 2 SP shopping list. Looks like we'll be dumpster diving and trading away assets now.
  6. No fucking shit. Getting really tired of this garbage.
  7. Gotta agree with this. If Sox balked at a bump above that price, then they really suck. Hot take or not, this was the guy they zoned in on.
  8. If only the Sox agreed with us... they know their internal valuations will never exceed what the Angels or Yankees will pay for Cole.
  9. Actually, I disagree too. I meant to mention that in the Sox likely frame of mind, that is probably what they are thinking, which is why it already seems like a foregone conclusion that they will not be players for Strasburg or Cole.