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  1. South Sider

    Rodon hit on head by liner

    I hope all this injury and freak injury variance is behind us when we're ready to compete. This is another gut punch to the fans and Carlos Rodon if it turns out he is concussed.
  2. South Sider

    Leury to DL, Gonzalez and Tilson up

    You kiddin? Ricky's probably gonna play Gonzalez this afternoon.
  3. That bunt was just an awful decision, even if it would have worked. The potential for disaster with that bunt is too real, and the worst case scenario indeed played out. Yolmer bunted at ball 1. Yolmer couldn't dig himself out of the 0-2 hole. Abreu got walked, and then it was left to one of our worst hitters. The fans last night deserved better, they deserved to see their team go down swinging instead of giving pitches away. I've gone from neutral on Rick, to now not a very big fan. All I ask from Rick now is get these kids playing hard, playing the right way, and striving for the W every day. At that point hopefully we will have found a new manager.
  4. South Sider

    Fulmer sent to Charlotte

    Despite his command issues, I am pleased to hear that his stuff is good and/or back. I feel like you have a harder time fixing a guy with bad stuff then a guy with bad command. He still has a chance in this league.
  5. South Sider

    Fulmer sent to Charlotte

    Hopefully he can go figure out his command in lesser pressure situations, but baseball is still baseball even in AAA and you are trying to win ballgames. I'm rooting for him to come back sooner than later.
  6. South Sider

    Race for the worst 2018 record (Top 5 pick) again

    I bet the Sox will be a good spoiler team later in the season. For now, this is just a bumpy ride.
  7. For you statheads (requires an Athletic sub): Article by James Fegan https://theathletic.com/348073/2018/05/09/double-a-birmingham-pitchers-are-embracing-pitch-data-as-they-try-to-move-up-the-white-sox-ladder/ Talks about how Chris Getz has brought in Trackman data such as spin efficiency, vertical drop, and carry for our young pitchers to use and learn from. Features quotes from Jordan Stephens, Spencer Adams, Ryan Burr and Ian Hamilton. One notable quote from a player suggests that our pitchers are competing with each other based on data being given to them by the coaches. Pretty cool article.
  8. South Sider

    Verlander tells Sox fans they suck

    Gotta do something to entertain yourselves when at a game like that, I guess. It's not the Sox fans who suck, it's the team.
  9. South Sider


    Why does this thread get bumped every time Moncada gets a hit? Anyways, he has easily looked like the best hitter on the Sox in the Oakland series.
  10. Moncada has had a great night. Wow!
  11. Cahill isn't this kind of pitcher anymore, our guys are just mentally f***ed.
  12. I think even the Oakland crowd is bored of this game. Too bad our team couldn't make it a little more exciting for them.
  13. QUOTE (Jose Abreu @ Apr 17, 2018 -> 09:30 PM) That's a good idea, especially since the rainouts would mean that Fulmer or Giolito would've been good to go Maybe they would have been blasted too, but this experience would be much better served with one of them.
  14. Lopez, Giolito, or Fulmer should be pitching this game... just to get a taste of playoff atmosphere.
  15. South Sider

    Adam Engel -- how much longer does he have as a regular?

    For my money, Adam Engel has at least a half of a season. I want to see if he can make the adjustments that he needs to make to be a MLB regular. In all likelihood, he probably won't, but before giving up on him I think he should be given an extended look. If he's been in a slump for the entire season at the halfway point, then yeah let's go ahead and try another option. These are the luxuries a rebuilding team can have. Give Adam the time he needs to make the necessary adjustments, see if he does it, and if not, sucks for us and Adam but we can then give Cordell or Tilson a shot. My half season suggestion may be too much for some around here, I understand. 1/3 of the season should be ample amount of time as well.