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  1. Tony

    Trust the process

    Yet you went to the game yesterday. Jokes on you.
  2. Tony

    Trust the process

    He also isn’t wrong. I’m fairly positive when it comes to the Sox I’m 2018 and beyond, but it’s 100% fair to NOT trust the front office. If we are going by track record, the results are ugly. Now, there is a big difference between supporting the decision for a rebuild (which I was very much for) but still questioning the architects behind it. It’s been an entire decade of bad organizational baseball on the South Side. Now it’s by design, but Rick Hahn and his crew really have no previous history of showing us they can put together a winning ballclub. Now we wait and see.
  3. I liked Melky, but have no interest in watching a 34 year old Cabrera collect a paycheck on the 2018 White Sox
  4. I just like NOTHING about Engel’s game.
  5. That’s a Sox play right there...
  6. Good call pulling Fulmer, let Carson leave on a high note.
  7. Would love to start seeing Abreu and Moncada develop a little competitive, friendly rivalry.
  8. It’s almost...ALMOST like some of us saw the exit velocities Moncada was hitting early in the year, and we knew this was coming Almost. Haha.
  9. Just went from 6 to midnight
  10. He actually looks semi OK