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  1. Tony

    Trevor Bauer Thread

    I would think there are about 4-5 franchises that wouldn't swap rosters with the Sox right now. I agree there are things to be frustrated about, but if you can't "be into it" with the Sox current roster........My advice is find a new hobby.
  2. He's basing his belief off of what usually happens in MLB The Show.
  3. Tony

    the Corbin Burnes thread **on ice***

    I don’t think that takes the Angles out...I also think the Giants could be players for Bauer.
  4. Tony

    Jose Quintana...Signs with Angels (1YR 8M)

    1 for 8 is less than many thought......they better not be done.
  5. Tony

    the Corbin Burnes thread **on ice***

    Lol, unless the “prospect” Andrew Vaughn, I do that deal alllll day. Which means it’s not happening.
  6. Tony

    the Corbin Burnes thread **on ice***

    If Lynn has a decent April/May, I’ll be somewhat surprised if he isn’t signed to an extension mid season.
  7. Tony

    the Corbin Burnes thread **on ice***

    IF...the Sox feel like 2020 Burnes is the real Burnes...I’d be totally fine with Kopech and Kelly. I’m down on Kopech more than most just because I feel like there is a ton of risk involved with him at this point...but if Burnes is 2020 Burnes the Sox are an incredibly dangerous, and he’s part of the core for 3-4 years.
  8. Tony

    $15m and two moves to finish the roster

    I'd be good with those as well.
  9. Tony

    Mets GM Jared Porter fired

    I seriously don’t understand it. Who are these people? In what world is it OK to do that, or better yet...in what world has that EVER worked for a guy? “I know what I’ll do...I’ll just keep sending her texts, I know she isn’t responding, but I mean, she has to respond after text 45, right? 50? No? Alright, I’ll keep going..” This guy has a great job, would think he’s somewhat smart to be able to move up the ranks like he has.....how can you be this big of an idiot? It’s just shocking how you would throw your career away on being so horny you can’t stop texting someone that clearly isn’t interested.
  10. Tony

    2021 NHL Thread

    Yeah, that stuff can’t happen and if he’s hurting the club, get him out.
  11. Tony

    Musgrove to Padres

    I’m not impressed by their lineup as it currently stands. Great 3-4, after that? Lot of meh.
  12. Tony

    2021 NHL Thread

    The way the team looks like right isn't changing anytime soon. If anything, it gets worse before it gets better. If he is hurting development get him out of here, but if he's just a "guy" I'm fine with him being the punching bag for 2-3 years until the arrow starts pointing up again.....which is going to be a while.
  13. Tony

    Musgrove to Padres

    Go sign Q and La Stella, you're now one of the best teams in the AL, call it a successful offseason.
  14. Tony

    Musgrove to Padres

    The meltdown from Sox fans that is about to happen over Joe Musgrove is going to be epic 😂