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  1. Tony

    Optimistic Fan Thread

    There will be a decent amount of nights this summer where either Gio-Rodon-Lopez is on the mound, and Eloy and Yoan are in the lineup. That will keep me entertained here and there. Would be really nice if Kopech was healthy, but such is life. This team is going to be bad, but hopefully there is some fun to be had.
  2. I mean now they are just trolling me/us. Sign that man!
  3. Tony

    Sox vs. Ariz. 03/17

    You aren’t going to find it on 35th and Shields anytime soon. I suggest fly fishing.
  4. Tony

    Zack Collins at First Base

    Please stop quoting posters many of us have on ignore. It really lowers the quality of Soxtalk for all of us. Thx
  5. Tony

    The Case for Dalllas Keuchel

    So.......What is the real story? What have we been missing this whole time?
  6. Yup, the way I read it is Bryce was asking for a lot more otherwise the Bears bring him back for this. It’s not that much more than they signed Buster Scruggs for, haha. But considering this is Day 5 of FA, this is less than Bryce was expecting. The Bears didn’t want to get left out in the cold, so they signed Buster.
  7. Devin Singletary was confirmed as a visit as well.
  8. I'd have no problem with them spending a 7th on a kicker either. If you don't want to deal with the UDFA process, get the guy you want and call it a draft.
  9. Hector needs to go away
  10. I saw last night Miles Sanders of Penn State had an IG Live of him at O'Hare, but took it down pretty quick. The Bears have also had a few other guys in the building this week, I think they are going to target a RB in the 3rd round, maybe even move up if the guy they want is there for the taking. Trade Howard, and go with Davis-Cohen-Draft Pick combo.
  11. I'm somewhat surprised Bryce wasn't signed during the initial flurry of moves. They might be able to get him back now, which I agree, would be really nice. Still want that pass rusher.
  12. Yeah, the one year deal part is probably the best part. I want to see the terms and see what else they can do this offseason, but this should be an OK stopgap.