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  1. Tony

    Twins Sign Donaldson

    I meant walk away from the topic. The original poster was wrong, he was called out by a handful of people (myself included) and you doubled downed on that incorrect assessment. Nothing more. All good
  2. Tony

    MLB cheating scandal

    So again, I'm like the sixth person to ask you this without you answering.......WHAT DO YOU WANT PEOPLE TO DO ABOUT IT? Not watch his starts? After every start, he needs to be asked about his time in Houston? Boycott the 2020 season? What do you want here? Don't answer it with another question. What do you want.
  3. Tony

    MLB cheating scandal

    Dallas Keuchel was a member of a team that cheated. There is no evidence he himself cheated. He will absolutely be asked about in Spring Training. He will give an answer that some people are OK with, and some people probably won't like. After that, the story should and will end. I don't know why you are trying to make this more complicated, or turn it into something way more than it is.
  4. Tony

    New Chisox Motto

    “Sox Pride” should be considered a pretty big success from Brooks, that one lasted a few seasons.
  5. Tony

    Official 2018-2019 NHL thread

    So what are you even arguing at this point? That it wasn’t a bad trade? Scott Powers reported TODAY that the Hawks are looking to add a Dman from outside the organization: One league source said the Blackhawks have been trying to add defense depth since early in the season, but they’ve struck out since teams want prospects the Blackhawks aren’t willing to give up. The source said, “Teams with defenseman depth are using it or are unwilling to move it for even money. It’s the toughest thing to buy right now.” Your “argument” that Joki wouldn’t have been used this season isn’t based on any sort of fact other than your opinion, so we can wipe that out right now. If any thing, it shows the bad judgment used by both Colliton and Bowman, which also went into this trade. I love your line as well about the Sabres, “Jokiharju might be playing well, but it's not like he's helping the Sabres win games either.” Do you really think that helps your argument here? Simply put, Alex Nylander is not helping the Chicago Blackhawks. He’s incredibly young, but he has already established a negative reputation around the league. Meanwhile, the Hawks are desperate to established some consistency on their blue line, but traded away a 20 year old Dman who is playing quality NHL minutes for Buffalo right now. Nylander has 5 goals right now. Joki has 4 These are all facts, not any sort of opinion. I’m out. Already spent way more time debating something that isn’t really a debate.
  6. Tony

    Official 2018-2019 NHL thread

    There are legitimately too many bad takes here, it would be impossible to address them all. So much for that New Years resolution, Jack. Keep being you...
  7. Tony

    Official 2018-2019 NHL thread

    But like always, you get tunnel vision and only can look at one thing and it’s all you focus on. The Blackhawks were built to compete for a playoff spot this year. There is no questions about it. Jokiharju could have help get there, considering he is NHL ready and the Hawks D corps is one of the worst in the league. He clearly was in some sort of doghouse here in Chicago, but that doesn’t give the FO a pass. They used him in a 1-1 deal for a guy that already lost his luster in his first stop, and has shown almost NOTHING in Chicago to show he deserves important minutes. Jokiharju and where he ranks within the Hawks prospect rankings doesn’t matter. They need all the help they can get back there, and they had a guy that could do that. They traded him for a guy that seems disinterested in playing hockey, and it was a totally unnecessary move to make.
  8. Tony

    Official 2018-2019 NHL thread

    You’re wrong. You know it, but it’s impossible for you to admit. Unrelated, Gordon Wittenmyer’s twitter handle is @GdubCub. It’s ok to be wrong sometimes.
  9. Tony

    Official 2018-2019 NHL thread

    And yet you make no mention of Jokiharju absolutely flourishing in Buffalo when the Hawks have one of the worst D corps in the league. The trade made zero sense when it happened, makes zero sense now, and won’t make any sense in two years when Jokiharju is an established NHL D-Man at age 23, and Nylander is playing for his 3rd NHL franchise.
  10. Tony

    Official 2018-2019 NHL thread

    The trade was a disaster then, and it’s a disaster now.
  11. Tony

    Official 2018-2019 NHL thread

    Care to revise your statement, Jack?
  12. What a job by the front office this offseason. They need 1-2 more small additions, but they’ve put this team in a position to contend for the division in 2020. It’s time to go.
  13. Tony

    STAR WARS Everything

    World building is probably George’s biggest strength, he was unreal at it. I agree with you about the new worlds, they just don’t stand out very much in the sequels.