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  1. Tony

    Abreu Signs 3/$50M Extension

    I’m not going to continue this because clearly you aren’t understanding, but people comparing the two contracts aren’t just looking at the offensive stats. Their player values are vastly different based on the positions they play. Obviously, I’m not the only one that called you out for it either.
  2. Tony

    Abreu Signs 3/$50M Extension

    Ok.....so then you posted their offensive stats, which are similar, and are now totally taking defense out of the equation? You can’t figure out the difference between arguably the best catcher in baseball (an already thin position) and a 32 year old DH only? This is an incredibly stupid position to take
  3. Tony

    Abreu Signs 3/$50M Extension

    You’re intentionally leaving out key details so they don’t hurt your bad premise, right?
  4. Tony

    Abreu Signs 3/$50M Extension

    Probably the right take in this situation. Not franchise crippling in anyway, but the third year was ABSOLUTELY done with sentiment behind it, which is the part where you start to lose people, myself included. I like Jose a lot and would love to see him part of a winner here, hope it works out.
  5. Tony

    A Realistic Offseason

    Totally my opinion but I feel like unless the Sox get overwhelmed, McCann isn’t going anywhere. Feels like they really like him in the room.
  6. Tony

    WHITE SOX SIGN Grandal 4/$73, Palka DFAd

    Only get some limited nuggets. I know they want to spend money on RF, but that can change in a flash if they didn’t think Grandal was realistic, etc. I know they like Ozuna too, but I don’t see that as a fit in RF, just doesn’t make sense. Things move so quick, plans change on a dime.
  7. Tony

    WHITE SOX SIGN Grandal 4/$73, Palka DFAd

    He’s 100% on their list
  8. Tony

    WHITE SOX SIGN Grandal 4/$73, Palka DFAd

    Hopefully more in the coming months
  9. Tony

    WHITE SOX SIGN Grandal 4/$73, Palka DFAd

    👀👀👀 Fuck I’m excited!
  10. Tony

    WHITE SOX SIGN Grandal 4/$73, Palka DFAd

  11. We have a small sliver of the information available, but from what we do have....it's actually a refreshing move from the Sox.
  12. Tony

    White Sox Offseason Rumors

    Is there a meeting for those in the middle? Feeling left out...
  13. Tony

    STAR WARS Everything

    I think Star Wars brass is SUPER protective of specific characters from the OT, even if they didn't even have any speaking lines, and it takes a lot for them to be used in other material. It becomes cannon forever. It's just easier for them to use "IG-11" and not 88
  14. Tony

    STAR WARS Everything

    But The Mandalorian takes place 5 years after ROTJ....