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  1. Tony

    Tim annoys Verlander

    So sick of all the “unwritten rules” of baseball. All these players and managers get upset when anyone celebrates, and everyone wonders why the baseball can’t market any stars and the game has no personality. Keep doing your thing, Tim.
  2. Tony

    04-20-18 Games (Kopech, Clarkin, Lambert, Rigler)

    The farm has been mostly positive this year, but Collins...man.
  3. What does the +1 next to the username mean?
  4. Tony

    Rodon/Hansen/Fulmer news

    Yeah, I honestly don’t even remember the Hansen injury. In terms of Fulmer, no reason not to let him go out there for 8-10 more starts, at least. Only way you make a move at this point if he is screwing your bullpen game after game.
  5. According to Merk, Rodon is going to start throwing in Extended Spring, plan is for him to pitch in the majors by the end of May. Hansen doesn’t sound great, waiting on him to be 100% healthy to start doing anything, sounds like it may be a while. Also, Hahn on Fulmer: "As we sit here right now, I think Carson is best served by getting the ball every fifth day and trying to learn at the big league level how to get through the struggles he’s encountering."
  6. Tony

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