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  1. Tony

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    We're still using "probably" at this point? Really?
  2. Tony

    Official NHL COVID season thread

    Keep digging the hole, Jack.
  3. Tony

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    Rush and Hannity told greg CNN is fake news, and those guys don’t lie...so it must be true.
  4. Tony

    Official NHL COVID season thread

    I mean, the guy had the lowest ice time of any player last night, and was still a -2.....
  5. Tony

    Official NHL COVID season thread

    Which player is he wrong about?
  6. What are the years and money you would offer...as GM?
  7. I know he had the HR in the 1st......but Eloy just isn't a dangerous hitter at all right now. His cuts look so weak up there.
  8. Tony

    Official NHL COVID season thread

    Total domination by Vegas. Not a huge surprise, but haven’t seen a lopsided game like that in a long time.
  9. Tony

    8/11 Sox at Detroit game thread

    I’ve always thought of Moncada like a high end sports car, if one thing is wrong, the whole thing breaks down. But when everything is working, it’s a monster
  10. Tony

    8/10 Sox vs Tigers GT

    Dude is in a slump. I think we all knew it would happen too. It had to. He was Mike Trout the first week or so, but every young player is going to get exposed, then it’s on the player to make the next adjustment. It would be silly to think Robert isn’t going to be an absolute star, but as it relates to Keuchle’s comment about “going through the motions..” it seems like Robert might fit that bill right now. Just frustrating, we’re all frustrated as fans. So much hype coming into this season, and we actually saw glimpses of what this team could be like a week ago! The talent is still there, and they can absolutely turn this around and get hot again against some lackluster teams. But the fact is they don’t have the history to lean on. We’re all so used to this as Sox fans, it’s a history you simply can’t escape or ignore. The results the last decade speak for themselves. We all have a right to jump the gun so to speak. We’ve seen this movie far too many times. Prove us wrong, White Sox. We’ll be thrilled.
  11. Tony

    8/10 Sox vs Tigers GT

    Honestly, my guess is Eloy and Robert aren’t high on Keuchle’s effort list right now. Total guess on my part, but even with the start Robert had, he seems to be a very easy out the last 7-10 days, with some QUICK AB’s that result in K’s.
  12. Tony

    8/10 Sox vs Tigers GT

    More Dallas. Needs to be said...