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  1. Tony

    **2019 Water-cooler Thread**

    Yeah, I guess I can get the complaints, but I thought it worked. I bought it. Doesn't mean wizards are going to be in next week's episode, but I was willing to suspend some disbelief a little bit with this girl. It was the right amount of insane.
  2. Tony

    **2019 Water-cooler Thread**

    This weeks episode of Barry was incredible. Give it a run. I need to check out I think you should leave, it looks really funny.
  3. Tony

    **2019 Water-cooler Thread**

    Barry is the best show on TV.
  4. Tony

    2019 NFL Draft Thread

    Yeah, seems like camp could be interesting, maybe a few of the UDFA’s push some vets, maybe steal a few jobs. Schedule is tough next year, but should be a fun season regardless, lotta talent on this roster.
  5. Tony

    2019 NFL Draft Thread

    NFL Draft Twitter is just in love with Hall, saying the Bears got an absolute steal.
  6. Tony

    2019 NFL Draft Thread

    Right now, I trust Matt Nagy and Ryan Pace. If this is a guy they wanted, I’m good with it. This is their window, be aggressive. Build the roster you want, see what happens. heads, great info
  7. Tony

    2019 NFL Draft Thread

    Kiper had him at #32....
  8. Tony

    Better Late Than Never Gamethread

    I don’t want to even commit time to the product. Why should I? Sorry, I hate to be “that guy” tonight, but I’m not even mad. It’s not about this lose, or even the series. I’m just tired of the franchise. So Eloy turns out to be good? So what? What the hell has this front office shown us to make us believe they can put a team around him? Around them? Do you? Sorry, again hate being that guy.
  9. Tony

    Better Late Than Never Gamethread

    Think I’m finally done for a while. Just don’t need them in my life for any reason right now.
  10. They are hitting the hell out the ball, lol
  11. lol, this made me actually laugh, so well done.
  12. Oh it’s going to be one of those kind of nights
  13. He just doesn’t belong on an ML roster