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  1. Soxfan243312

    New Ballpark Name

    QUOTE (shysocks @ Aug 25, 2016 -> 10:59 AM) Guaranteed 1908 Field Good One!! We could say act like you've been there, but they haven't!! The fan base that celebrates spring training games is one thing, but for the team itself to talk smack, pathetic!!
  2. Soxfan243312

    New Ballpark Name

    Ultimately the name doesn't really matter, but some thought should go into it. Maybe, Comiskey Park at Guaranteed Rate Field. Or Comiskey Park sponsored by Guaranteed Rate. Perhaps they released the name to see what the fans come up with between now and November... As is, embarassing!!
  3. Soxfan243312

    Anybody else having trouble supporting this team?

    I'll have trouble, finding a good parking spot this summer!!