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  1. Blackout Friday

    9/10 | Royals @ White Sox | Junis vs Nova | 7:10pm

    Living through two world wars will really give a guy perspective.
  2. Blackout Friday

    9/10 | Royals @ White Sox | Junis vs Nova | 7:10pm

    Andrew Vaughn looks like he’s ready to watch an episode of Murder She Wrote, have a glass of Ensure, and hit the hay. Kid looks 90 years old.
  3. Blackout Friday

    The Free Agent I want to sign more than any other

    You quoted his words without consent. That’s unethical. ...oops
  4. Blackout Friday

    September Call Ups - Who gets the Nod?

    Teflon Rick Hahn is a pretty good handle. I’m partial to Rick Yawn myself. Short and to the point.
  5. Blackout Friday

    8/27- Sox vs Twins, 7:10, NBCSC+

    Nice little dig at Joe West by Stoney.
  6. Blackout Friday

    8/27 Games

    Collins has passed Robert and Yermin for team lead in OPS. Impressive for him.
  7. Do you remember when Garland was struggling before he got good? I want to say Contreras too but he was kind of a vet already. He doesn’t jump out at the first sight of danger. He never has.
  8. Is the new narrative on Coop that he’s lazy? Jesus. I get if you think he’s out of touch, but lazy? Should he do a mound visit every batter?
  9. That was bad game calling by McCann.
  10. Stone’s eyes look red as hell and he’s praising the bunting... *he’s part of the program now*
  11. Blackout Friday

    The game thread

    Wow...Stone was pretty critical o the bunt decision. Laying on the sarcasm thick with “you have to love the bunt from a left handed batter against a right handed pitcher in the second inning.”
  12. Guys, calm down. It’s probably just a death threat.
  13. Blackout Friday

    Renteria goes on pregame anti-analytics rant

    Yes, other than all the weaker links he is the weakest.
  14. Dotel didn’t close any deals, he was setup, man. Castillo was caught stealing, but luckily has a pretty good defense. I’ll see myself out.
  15. Blackout Friday

    White Sox vs Twins

    Nova’s at 1.4 WAR this season which is fine for a 5th starter on a contender. My issue is that the Sox would probably market his strong second half as evidence that he can be more than that.