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  1. Blackout Friday

    2018 MLB Draft

    Interesting the game power is higher than the raw power. Don’t see that very often.
  2. Blackout Friday

    Dylan Covey

    That’s by far the best he’s looked, not just in terms of results, but also his stuff. His fastball was harder than I’d seen before and like you said had a ton of movement. It looked like he was cutting, running, and sinking with ease. Very encouraging. Good for him.
  3. It’s among the dumbest things I’ve read here.
  4. Future HOFer to future DFAer in about one month.
  5. Blackout Friday

    2018 MLB Draft

    Oh, I could sense the sarcasm. Was just kind of continuing your thought. I Should have made that more clear.
  6. Blackout Friday


    His opt-out date is June 1st
  7. Blackout Friday

    2018 MLB Draft

    Law gets bad info because people in the industry generally don’t like him. Was told this by a Blue Jays crosschecker. I take him with a grain of salt.
  8. Blackout Friday

    Jose Rondon being recalled

    Yeah, great for his development to not play.
  9. Blackout Friday

    2018 White Sox catch-all thread

    Yeah, he’s doing well so far.
  10. Blackout Friday

    Delmonico Out 4-6 Weeks w Fractured Metacarpal

    Thanks for checking on this. Elmore was replaced late in a 1-0 game, so could have been a defensive replacement move. I don’t think Elmore plays much LF.
  11. Blackout Friday

    Eloy Jimenez

    Are you for real? He should be in the minors unless he’s immediately an ace. Think before you type
  12. Blackout Friday

    10 Market inefficiencies for White Sox to exploit

    Yeah, maybe I’m not giving players enough credit. A lot of the time though they just give perameters and the agent finds the team. But I know players too. That was my job. They’re often stupid competitive. They want to be the most, be the best, or make the most. It drives them. Free agency is already a fragile system for a team like ours. Not much room for error. I just hope they get it right.
  13. Blackout Friday

    10 Market inefficiencies for White Sox to exploit

    The primary downside to being so awful thus far, in my opinion, is who the hell would sign here?
  14. Blackout Friday

    5/9 1:10, Pirates vs White Sox

    Rondon fighting off that 0-2 fastball and then keeping his hands back to pull that double was impressive.
  15. Blackout Friday

    5/9 Games

    Jimenez might be the same, unfortunately.