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  1. Whitesox27

    3/16 vs Dodgers, 3pm, NBCSC

    Nova is so bad.
  2. Moncada walked but took 2 close pitches that could have been strikes. Wish he would be more aggressive.
  3. He's such an enigma. He looks fantastic one inning and awful the next.
  4. Whitesox27

    New Banner

    Peavy44, Caulfield, and Greg
  5. Whitesox27

    Gomez: Sox, Eloy nearing $100 million extension

    I've been thinking about this all day and I'm torn. On one hand, I'd rather have the Sox spend money on a potential star rather than blowing it all on more mediocre players (like they did this offseason), but the terms Hector mentioned don't make a lot of sense to me. Spending that much just to get one additional year of control seems like a questionable move. I'd have to hope there would be 2 or 3 team options tacked onto the end of it. That would make more sense from the Sox perspective.
  6. Whitesox27

    Gomez: Sox, Eloy nearing $100 million extension

    This place is going to be unbearable god forbid Eloy struggles out of the gate
  7. Whitesox27

    Gomez: Sox, Eloy nearing $100 million extension

    This forum is something else
  8. Whitesox27

    Gomez: Sox, Eloy nearing $100 million extension

    I love Eloy and think he is going to be great, but why give a guy 100 million when they weren't willing to give a superstar in Manny Machado an extra 50 million to get him to sign here? It makes no sense.
  9. Another thread where Ron trashes Abreu. Shocking.
  10. Whitesox27

    Spring Training Thread

    This is by far the least excited I have seen the fanbase in the several years I have been on Twitter. Sad but not surprising.
  11. Whitesox27

    Have we hit bottom?

    You know it's bad when the Browns are more relevant than the Sox.
  12. Whitesox27

    Spring Training Thread

    Brad Keller? Wow, things turned south quickly in Kansas City.
  13. Whitesox27

    3/11 @ Brewers?

    I bet Nova doesn't even make it to July with the Sox. He's going to be worse than Giolito.
  14. Whitesox27

    3/11 @ Brewers?

    Ivan Nova is a bum
  15. Whitesox27

    3/8 vs Angels, 2pm

    Jace Fry has pitched like shit all spring.