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  1. YouCanPutItOnTheBoardYES!

    Abreu Accepts 1 YR Qualifying Offer

    2 years + a team option for the 3rd year is what I’m hoping for.
  2. YouCanPutItOnTheBoardYES!

    Zack Wheeler Thread

    Thank god. I wanted nothing to do with Odorizzi.
  3. YouCanPutItOnTheBoardYES!

    A Realistic Offseason

    There is better chance of a supermodel falling in love with me than Jake Odorizzi getting 4/80.
  4. YouCanPutItOnTheBoardYES!

    A Realistic Offseason

    Don’t get your hopes up. You’re setting yourself up to be disappointed again. I learned my lesson.
  5. YouCanPutItOnTheBoardYES!

    Sox issue qualifying offer to Abreu

    So is the Sox.
  6. YouCanPutItOnTheBoardYES!

    Sox issue qualifying offer to Abreu

    Why would Abreu want to go to the Marlins? They aren't winning anything any time soon. Only thing I can think of is that their offer is a lot better than the Sox.
  7. YouCanPutItOnTheBoardYES!

    A Realistic Offseason

    If Rodon becomes a reliever and is really good at it, he could make more money than he would as a mediocre starting pitcher. But I think he still has the stuff to be a starter, he just has to stay healthy.
  8. YouCanPutItOnTheBoardYES!

    A Realistic Offseason

    Talk doesn’t mean anything. Action does.
  9. YouCanPutItOnTheBoardYES!

    Trade Candidates: SP

    Smith is controlled through the 2023 season, left handed, and has good stuff. Not to mention that he’s on the Marlins. I’d definitely inquire about him to see what the cost is.
  10. YouCanPutItOnTheBoardYES!

    Trade Candidates: SP

    Caleb Smith
  11. YouCanPutItOnTheBoardYES!

    A Realistic Offseason

    These rumors are going to keep swirling for at least another month without anything happening and it is going to be miserable
  12. YouCanPutItOnTheBoardYES!

    Astros stole signs electronically in 2017 -- and the White Sox noticed

    Farquhar seems like a really smart guy. I hope he becomes the pitching coach whenever Cooper hangs it up.
  13. YouCanPutItOnTheBoardYES!

    Rendon Thread

    Nightengale is wrong about almost everything...lol
  14. YouCanPutItOnTheBoardYES!

    Rendon Thread

    I think moving Moncada again would be insanely dumb. But that’s just my opinion.
  15. YouCanPutItOnTheBoardYES!

    A Realistic Offseason

    Jim Bowden is a clown. His opinion doesn’t mean anything.