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  1. WBWSF

    The Hawk Harrelson tribute thread

    I thought his retirement was handled very well by the White Sox this year. I remember when Bob Elson was not renewed after the 1970 season. The White Sox didn't give him anything resembling a thank you after being the radio voice of the team forever.
  2. WBWSF

    Sox vs. Cubs 9/23/18

    I hate to see Hawk leave. I guess the time comes for everybody to retire. I just wish that JR would sell the team and retire.
  3. WBWSF


    Sox Win! Sox Win! Holy Cow, Sox Win!!!!!!!!!!
  4. WBWSF

    New Owner

    It should be pointed out that each MLB franchise is going up 10% in value every year. I find it ironic that the two previous White Sox owners (Veeck and John Allyn) were not making any money with the team and couldn't put a winning product on the field because they were going broke. You have a situation now where the team is making money but yet the ownership can't put out a winning product on the field. I honestly wish that the team wasn't making money because if it wasn't JR would sell the team.
  5. WBWSF

    New Owner

    In the article JR says his only goal is to break even every year. Anybody who believes that statement believes in the Easter Bunny. This franchise is making nothing but money. If it wasn't JR would sell the team in a heartbeat. Always remember the 2018 White Sox are 29th in MLB payroll and according to Forbes Magazine they are 14th in revenue. If anything I'm expecting the White Sox payroll to be very low for the foreseable future.
  6. WBWSF

    New Owner

    Sometime, somewhere, someday the White Sox will have a new owner. I wish it was sooner rather than later. I read recently where Theo Epstein wants to own a baseball team. He has been very successful running both Boston and the Bad Guys on the Northside. Owning a baseball team is on his bucket list. Wouldn't it be something if he bought the White Sox? I don't think any White Sox fan would object to his owning the team.
  7. WBWSF

    Old Farts Only: 50 + Year Sox Fans

    Veecks GM was Hank Greenberg, not Frank Lane. Veeck and his GM traded Callison, Battey, Romano, Mincher and Cash. Veteran White Sox players like Landis, Pierce and Fox couldn't believe Veeck traded all the White Sox young talent for older players. I always found it interesting that the media in Chicago had a high opinion of Veeck. They never mentioned how he traded off the teams young talent after the 1959 season. The September 1965 issue of Baseball Digest had a article "How Veeck Ruined The White Sox". This article pointed out all the bad trades Veeck made after the 1959 season. Everybody else in the media gave Veeck a pass.
  8. WBWSF

    Anderson, Moncada, and the lesson of Joe Crede

    Ted Williams always said you can tell what type of a hitter you have after 1,500 at bats.
  9. WBWSF


    The White Sox drafted Nick Madrigal a few months ago as their #1 draft choice. The White Sox have talked openly about him being the 2020 Opening day second baseman. As bad as I think this White Sox management team is, I don't think they would have drafted him if they had a high opinion of MonKKKKKKKKKada. I don't think anybody thinks the White Sox are going to have a winning season in 2019. I'm just wondering if the White Sox will trade MonKKKKKKKKada this off season and put Madrigal at second base next year. If the White Sox could get something decent for MonKKKKKKKKada this off season I wouldn't be surprised if he was traded.
  10. I try not to be critical of White Sox manager Rick Renteria. The 2018 season has been a lost cause from Opening Day. No manager could get this team into the playoffs. I went to last nights game and Trout hit a HR in the first inning. Trout came up the next time with runners on 2nd and 3rd with first base open. Most managers with any sense would have intentionally walked Trout to load the bases. Instead he was pitched to and he hit another HR. The game was then out of reach. I realize that this is a rebuilding/tanking season but still pitching to Trout in that situation was wrong. I can see why the bad guys on the Northside paid off Renteria not to manage there team .
  11. WBWSF

    Rebuild= Epic Fail

    I wouldn't be surprised to see Rodon packaged with Abreu or Avi Garcia in a trade for more "prospects".
  12. WBWSF

    Rebuild= Epic Fail

    This is certainly a depressing list but it is what it is. There are 2 things that can be done this coming off season. Hahn can make some trades or he can sign some free agents. If you look at Hahns track record most of his trades and free agent signings have turned out bad. This is the 6th year under Hahn as the White Sox GM and the team has yet to have a winning season. Some people who post here keep talking about the White Sox going to the playoffs sometime soon. I'm just hoping the team has a winning season sooner rather than later. To the best of my knowledge Hahn is signed thru the 2019 season. If the 2019 season turns out to be another dreadful year I'm hoping Hahn will be gone.
  13. WBWSF

    Kopech called up

    Always remember, Forbes Magazine says the White Sox are 14th in revenue in MLB. They wouldn't be bringing in that type of revenue if they moved to Charlotte or anywhere else. Also there are at least 3 Chicago potential groups who want to buy the White Sox. I'm sure that if and when the White Sox are sold it will be to somebody from Chicago. That being said I wish he would sell the team ASAP.
  14. WBWSF

    2019 White Sox Starting Rotation

    Looks like I was wrong about Chatwood. It looks like Epstein was wrong about Chatwood also. I've always been 100% for Chicago when it comes to baseball. I want the White Sox to win100% of the time and I want the bad guys from the Northside to lose 100% of their games. That being said I wish the White Sox had the Management team/ownership of the Northside team. Epstein and company have hit on most of their acqusitions. You can't say the same thing for Hahn and company. I also wouldn't be surprised to see Hahn trade Rodon for more prospects.
  15. WBWSF

    2019 White Sox Starting Rotation

    If Hahn trades Rodon and Lopez you might be right. He then might bring back Gonzalez and Shields to round out the pitching staff.