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  1. Paul Sullivan has said that the Dodgers are going to sing Kris Bryant.
  2. WBWSF

    Offseason predictions thread

    I never liked the trade of Madrigal. Its done and over with, what now? Maybe Hahn thought Hernandez would do well here and his 2022 option would be picked up. He didn't do well here and I would think his option won't be picked up. Wil Hahn sign a free agent or trade for a second baseman? All I know is the team has a big hole at second base and something has to be done about it. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.
  3. Nobody seems to mention that Eloy was bad offensively the last month of the season. I don't know what happened. He seemed to have lost his power. Was he hurt? I hope he regains his power in 2022. If not, he's not going to help the team much.
  4. WBWSF

    Rick Hahn 2021 End of Season Press Conference

    If Hahn leaves I'll write JR another letter requesting to be interviewed for the GM job.
  5. Ill never forget how JR spoke about Larry Himes after he was fired. JR went on all the TV and Radio shows and dumped all over Himes relentlessly.
  6. WBWSF


    If they bring back Kimbrel his option would be $16 million.If they let him walk theres a $1 million buyout.
  7. WBWSF


    I would think that the White Sox won't pickup Kimbrels option. They also won't pickup Ceasars option. That being said, who will be the second baseman for the White Sox in 2022?
  8. I think its fair to assume that Cesars option won't be picked up by the White Sox.
  9. WBWSF

    PhilRog bein PhilRog

    Its much more affordable as compared to the team on the Northside. I just hope they keep it affordable and I hope they don't keep raising the prices in the future.
  10. WBWSF

    PhilRog bein PhilRog

    Rogers didn't mention that the cost of a White Sox game went up 24% this season.
  11. WBWSF

    Today is Clinch Day… Date Yourself

    Is it run by the same morons who ran the last WSI?
  12. WBWSF

    Today is Clinch Day… Date Yourself

    I forgot about WSI. Last i heard,they were out of business. Glad to see it, the site was awful.
  13. The present lease expires in 2028.
  14. I doubt that the White Sox would ever move. Where would they move to? The franchise is making money, big time. They would never make as much money or more money by moving the team. I thought the Indians/Guardians were going to move out of Cleveland and they just resigned to stay in Cleveland for another 30 years.
  15. Sometime between 5-6am.