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  1. I read elsewhere that the White Sox play 5 games this weekend at KC, there is speculation that Kopech will be brought up to pitch in one of the games.
  2. WBWSF

    Trust the process

    I know what a nightmare is and this present White Sox team is a nightmare. And I see this nightmare going on for many years. If some people are happy with that, so be it. I'm not happy with a team that is worse than a MLB expansion team.
  3. WBWSF

    Trust the process

    I went to the game yesterday. The atmosphere was depressing. The upper deck was closed. Most of the food stands on the lower level were closed also. I don't think they had a 1,000 fans at the game. I was acquainted with former sports writer Bill Gleason. Some older fans will remember him as a lifelong White Sox fan. He told me once how lousy it was growing up a White Sox fan in the 1930s. On year they finished 56 games out of first place. He said it was hopeless year after year. Looking at the lineup in yesterdays game, the White Sox now have 4 players in there lineup hitting less than .200. If they start Navarez behind the plate today they will have 5 players hitting less than .200. I wonder if any MLB team has ever been as bad as the present White Sox lineup. Having 5 players in the lineup hitting less than .200 is pathetic. It seems like history is repeating itself. This appears to be a hopeless situation that will go on for years.
  4. WBWSF

    White sox could be dark horse for machado

    David Kaplan has said that the White Sox are not going to sign any big free agents this coming off season. Bruce Levine has said the White Sox are going to sign some big free agents this off season. We shall see who is right.
  5. WBWSF

    Trust the process

    Trust The Process? I honestly thought this team would be bad but still somewhat entertaining. I hoped the team would have 3 good starting pitchers. Lopez, Fulmer and Giolito. Turns out that Lopez has been the only good starter on the staff. The rest of the starting pitching has been BAD. The rest of the team has collapsed. The hitting and defense hasn't been good. I really think this team can lose as many games as the 1962 Mets did when they lost 120 games. If people want to trust the process, so be it. I don't.
  6. WBWSF

    What Can Be Done to Fix this Mess?

    caulfield12; When JR bought the team from Bill Veeck, White Sox fans were overjoyed. The new owners were welcomed by virtually every White Sox fan. They actually had walkup crowds of 20,000 fans for some games. The Baseball strike of 1981 prevented the White Sox from drawing over 2 million fans for the first time. Here it is in the year 2018, JR is still owns the team and the entire team is a train wreck. Sometime, somewhere, someday, (hopefully soon) JR will sell the team and believe me no tears will be shed by White Sox fans when JR is no longer the owner. This team is bad and I don't see any light at the end of the tunnel as long as JR owns the team. I knew this was going to be a bad team this year but I didn't think it would be this bad. I wish he would sell the team and give somebody else a shot at running this franchise.
  7. WBWSF

    What Can Be Done to Fix this Mess?

    greg775; I agree with your thoughts. From what I can tell, we are in the minority amongst White Sox fans. This lovefest White Sox fans have for Hahn and this rebuild/tanking baffles me. This team is bad, maybe even historically bad and people seem to be buying into this. Bruce Levine has said numerous times that the only thing JR cares about more than the White Sox is his family. That has to be BS because if he cared that much about this team this team wouldn't be this bad.
  8. He'll be long gone before 2020. The manager is always the first to go. I will be surprised if he makes it thru the 2019 season.
  9. WBWSF

    What Can Be Done to Fix this Mess?

    I keep hearing that losing/development is part of the process. For this rebuild/tanking to work both Fulmer and Giolito have to be good. So far they have not been good. If they keep this up in the month of May wouldn't it be better for everybody concerned if they both went back down to the minor leagues? I was at the game last night and it was another depressing performance by Giolito. Most of the 24,000 in attendance left the stadium after the 5th inning.
  10. I thought signing Moustakas on the cheap would have been the right thing to do. The thing that bothers me about not signing him is that the White Sox are paying more money on a bum like Joakim Soria ($8 million) than what Moustakas is making this year ($6 million). Losing 100 games this 2018 season will not attract any quality free agents this coming off season. David Kaplan has already reported that the White Sox have no intentions of signing any big free agents this coming off season. I happen to believe it. I've felt right from the start that this so called rebuild/tanking will be done as cheaply as possible.
  11. WBWSF

    2018 White Sox catch-all thread

    I realize at his age that this is the final stage of Steve Stones broadcasting career. I'm still surprised as to how he has become a total houseman for the White Sox organization and this rebuild/tanking. His constant comments about James Shields have become really tough to listen to. Repeating over and over as to how Shields is adding so much to the team borders on insanity.
  12. WBWSF

    How awful is this team?

    I remember the 1970 team that lost 106 games. Unless things change I can see this 2018 team losing more games than the 1970 team. Some of the things done by this organization the last few years gives me the impression that they not interested in winning anytime soon. This is being done all in the name of rebuilding. I still think we're going to have a new owner here in the next 2 years. At least I hope so. This present situation looks absolutely hopeless and it looks like this can go on for years.
  13. WBWSF

    2018 White Sox catch-all thread

    QUOTE (knightni @ Apr 18, 2018 -> 08:57 AM) Good for them. I wish that my investments were as successful. Imagine the profits if fans actually showed up on a regular basis. JR has said numerous times that the franchise has always been more profitable with low payrolls/losing teams.