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  1. Himes got fired because he didn't get along with JR.
  2. I've written JR a number of letters the last few years where I recommended things that have nothing to do with me being the GM. He use to respond to me years ago, not anymore. Its a shame because I've had some real good ideas that he won't even consider.
  3. There have been rumors for years that JR reads this website. He knows who I am. I want to keep reminding him that I still would like to be interviewed for the GM job.
  4. Hahn should have been fired years ago. The franchise needs a new GM. I've requested to be interviewed for the job a number of times with JR. I still haven't received a response from him. I would give JR the most unforgettable interview he ever witnessed in his life.
  5. JR is loyal to his employees if he likes them.
  6. WBWSF

    Rick Hahn's Resume as GM

    Larry Himes did one thing wrong. He didn't get along with JR. If JR doesn't like you, you're gone. I always thought it was lousy on JR s part when he badmouthed Himes relentlessly after he fired Himes. JR went on TV and radio and dumped all over Himes.
  7. WBWSF

    Rick Hahn's Resume as GM

    Your heart is in the right place about wishing JR should sell the White Sox but realistically its not going to happen. He's making nothing but money with this team. If there is one thing JR is good at, its making money. Believe me he's not going to sell a goldmine. If this team was losing money he would sell ASAP but that's not the case.
  8. WBWSF

    Rick Hahn's Resume as GM

    What posters seem to forget is that the White Sox under Hahn have been one of the most profitable teams in MLB. Forbes magazine said that the 2018 CWS were the 6th most profitable team in MLB. I would make a guess that the 2019 CWS were just as profitable. Low payrolls equal huge profits for JR and his investors. With the new local TV contract the team will be more profitable. I don't expect Hahn spending a lot of money this off season on free agents. Hope I'm wrong, but we'll have to wait and see. I've said it before and I'll say it again the franchise would be better off if I was the GM. I write JR a letter every year requesting to be interviewed for the White Sox GM job. So far I have not received a response from him.
  9. WBWSF

    Hawk in the Hall!

    Drysdale and Hawk were both real good announcers but Harry belonged on the Southside of Chicago. Problem was both JR and Einhorn hated Harry. I've always thought that both JR and Einhorn were jealous of Harrys popularity with White Sox fans. JR bad mouthed Harry for years. JR called Harry "scum" a number of times. He even said that he regretted not firing Harry the first year he owned the team in the middle of the 1981 season. Say what you want about the situation but Harry came out smelling like a rose when he went with the Cubs and wound up on the WGN superstation. Letting Harry go the northside was another one of the major mistakes that JR has done in his years of ownership.
  10. WBWSF

    A Realistic Offseason

    I wouldn't be surprised if they went "The kids can play" route. We shall see.
  11. WBWSF

    A Realistic Offseason

    Your optimism overwhelms me. A payroll of $153 million is something that I will believe when I see it.
  12. WBWSF

    Steve Stone not returning to the booth next season???

    Stone is smart enough to know that the White Sox are his last stop in his broadcasting career. At his age he wouldn't be hired by anybody else.
  13. WBWSF

    A Realistic Offseason

    JR is going to come to his senses and fire Hahn and make me the White Sox GM.
  14. WBWSF

    Rumor: Reinsdorf aims to build second place teams

    Does anybody know how much more the TV deal is paying the White Sox? I haven't read anything as too how much the new deal is worth.
  15. WBWSF

    Rumor: Reinsdorf aims to build second place teams

    JR has said for many years that a winning team is expensive. Keep in mind that Forbes magazine said that the 2018 white Sox (which lost 100 games) were the 6th most profitable team in MLB. As long as the team payroll is low the white Sox franchise is a goldmine for JR and his investors.