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  1. WBWSF

    the TLR managing thread

    The best hitter on the team (Mercedes) hasn't been in the starting lineup every day. I find it crazy. Maybe TLR is starting to lose it upstairs in his head.
  2. WBWSF

    We Thought We Have A Good Bullpen?

    I couldn't understand it either.
  3. WBWSF

    Gonna be a game today?

    I hope they postpone it this morning. Having fans go there only to be rained out is wrong.
  4. WBWSF

    White Sox 16th in attendance

    JR stopped responding to my letters a few years ago. Its really a shame because I would have made a better GM than Hahn.
  5. I don't believe the White Sox lost $40 million. JR would sell the team if that was the case.
  6. WBWSF

    4/4 GT- 7:37 CT- Sox vs Halos

    Perhaps the Angels simply have a better team than the White Sox.
  7. WBWSF

    White Sox were expected to sign Juan Soto

    JR could care less about his legacy. He has made more money owning the White Sox than any of the previous White Sox owners. The franchise is a goldmine for him and his investors. I wasn't surprised to read a few weeks ago that JRs 2 sons want to buy out the other investors.
  8. The White Sox had some of there games on WFLD Tv, Channel 32 in addition to most of there games on Sportsvision. I always thought that Sportsvision failed because the Chicagoland area was not wired for cable at the time. The White Sox should have introduced Sportsvision after the area was wired for cable.
  9. DeBartolo said he was going to build a baseball stadium for the White Sox in the western suburbs with his own money. I was under the impression it would be built along side a shopping center. He built shopping centers all over the USA.
  10. I never knew that Caray tried buying the White Sox I wonder who his local investors were. There was nothing but hostility between Caray and the JR ownership. Did it stem because Carays group didn't get the White Sox ownership and JR did?
  11. WBWSF

    The POD process for first homestand

    It was somewhat of a pain but I bought it anyways. I doubt that I make all 7 games but I had to buy it because of Opening Day.
  12. I agree with every word that you have said.
  13. Being a Season Ticket holder I received an extensive email yesterday regarding acquiring tickets for the opening homestand and the rules once you're in the stadium. You can't bring in any type of bag including a bottle of water. You have to wear a mask at all times. You will be required to stay within pre-assigned zones, which include designated concession and restroom areas. In other words you can't walk around the park. There are numerous other rules and i can't help but wonder, how many fans are actually going to go to the first homestand? I realize adjustments have to be made but it rubs me as if the overall enjoyment of going to the game is being taken away.
  14. WBWSF

    Just Wondering

    I realize that the players union rejected a 154 game schedule starting on May 1. Since then I have heard nothing. Evidently there is going to be a 162 game season. Does anybody have any idea as to when fans will be allowed inside the stadiums?
  15. WBWSF

    Jerry Reinsdorf is cheap

    A later offer was made to JR. South Side Sox had an article written by Rob Hart (November 9, 2012) which went into greater detail on the subject. Bruce levine had a similar article on the subject also. It really didn't matter because JR had no interest in the South Loop location. He wanted the stadium built in Addison/ Dupage county simply because he owned the land where the stadium was going to be built. I have no doubt in my mind that JR would have taken the South Loop offer if he hadn't owned the land in Addison.