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  1. WBWSF

    6/23- Sox at Rangers, 2:05, WGN

    I wrote JR a letter some time ago wanting to be interviewed for the GM job. I don't know if he read my letter but unfortunately I didn't get a response from him. He use to respond to some of my other letters in the past. I would still like to be interviewed for the White Sox GM job. I would give JR the best interview ever.
  2. WBWSF

    Sox and Rangers Game #2

    1) Pitching Despaigne is basically tanking/losing the game on purpose. Starting him can't be justified unless you're trying to lose on purpose. 2) White Sox FO obviously has no use for Cease. If he hasn't been called up by now he probably won't be called up this season. Maybe they think he's not good enough to succeed in the BIGS.
  3. WBWSF

    Sox sign Hector Santiago

    This probably means that Cease won't be called up this year.
  4. I just read where the Tampa Bay Rays might be playing half of their home games in Montreal. This tells most people that the Rays franchise might not be in St. Pete too much longer. I remember when JR came very close to moving the White Sox to St. Pete. I was acquainted with former Chicago sports writer Bill Gleason. Gleason was the only sports writer in the city who was a life long White Sox fan. He hated both JR and Einhorn and they hated Gleason. Gleason told me that the Tampa Bay/St. Pete market will be a graveyard for MLB. He was right . And to think that JR came very close to moving there. The threatened move to Florida is another stain on the legacy of JRs ownership of the White Sox.
  5. Still haven't heard anything. Are the White Sox going to sign Vaughn? It sure has been quiet about signing him.
  7. WBWSF

    Colome drawing "ample" trade interest

    Trading David Robertson for Blake Rutherford was simply a salary dump. It has to rank as one of the worse trades Hahn has made.
  8. I wonder if Alonso is going to be benched and replaced by Jon Jay.
  9. I'm going to the game tonight and they're giving out a Disco Demolition 40th anniversary T-shirt. I was at that game 40 years ago and it was a nightmare. This seems to be a odd promotion. There was nothing fun about that night. It was another public relations disaster for Bill Veeck and a low point in his 2nd ownerrship. At this past Soxfest one of the fans asked Hahn if there would be a Joe Jackson bobblehead giveaway which would commerate the 100th anniversary of the Black Sox scandal. Hahn didn't answer the question. I would of rather had the Joe Jackson bobblehead than the Disco demolition T-shirt.
  10. WBWSF

    Colome drawing "ample" trade interest

    This perpetual rebuild is for the birds.
  11. WBWSF

    Colome drawing "ample" trade interest

    Todays Sun Times implies that both Colome and McCann might be traded before the deadline. Given Hahns dreadful track record in trades, I'm almost afraid to see what the White Sox will get in return if these 2 are traded.
  12. This July or July 2020?
  13. Would of, could of, should of, would've, should've and could've. All I'm trying to say is BRING UP CEASE!!!!
  14. I've read on this site and elsewhere that 2019 is another rebuild year. ( also known as tanking/losing on purpose) I would rather rebuild/tanking/losing on purpose with Cease as opposed to pitching Nova, Banuelos and Despaigne. You never know how Cease will do up in the Bigs until he's here. I think its already established how Nova, Banuelos and Despaigne are going to produce. I say its time to move on from these 3 bums and pitch Cease. Who knows, he might do well.
  15. How many times has Carson Fulmer been brought up the last few years? How many times has he deserved to be called up? Most of the White Sox starting pitchers haven't been able to get anybody out. What would be the harm in bringing Cease up? Let him get his feet wet up in the bigs now. if he only pitches 4-5 innings each time he starts, so be it. Cease would of been called up by most MLB teams by now. As I stated before, if Cease would of signed the contract extension this past spring, I have no doubt that he would be pitching for the White Sox now.