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  1. WBWSF

    New Chisox Motto

    The new White Sox motto for 2020 should be= The White Sox will glow in twenty-twenty-o.
  2. WBWSF

    Jean Shepherd's America - White Sox

    Keep in mind that JR changed the design of the upper deck at the new stadium. He wanted the 2nd level of suites which made the upper deck what it is today. The original design didn't have the miserable upper deck. It was JRs doing.
  3. WBWSF

    Jean Shepherd's America - White Sox

    Former sports writer (and lifelong White Sox fan) Bill Gleason maintained that the Old Comiskey Park should have never been knocked down. He said it should have been rehabbed. He also said that the White Sox could have played at Soldier Field while Comiskey Park was being rehabbed.
  4. WBWSF

    Farewell, Ryan Cordell

    Lip now writes for South Side Hit Pen.
  5. All I can say is The White Sox Are Coming, Tra La, TraLa.
  6. WBWSF

    How good do YOU think we can be next season?

    If Kopech and Cease produce the White Sox will make a shambles of the Central Division in 2020.
  7. WBWSF

    How good do YOU think we can be next season?

    I don't see why the team can't win 117 games this coming 2020 season.
  8. I'm just hoping that if this team starts winning the White Sox fans come out and support the team. I'm hoping for attendance of 2 million people in 2020.
  9. The White Sox are coming. Tra La, Tra La!!!!
  10. Are you doing any road trips this year?

    1. WBWSF


      I hope so. I'm not sure at this time.

  11. WBWSF

    Road Trips

    PNC in Pittsburgh is my favorite park. I wish the White Sox would have had a stadium like it built here in the South Loop.
  12. WBWSF

    Why has Hahn failed?

    Has it dawned on fans that Hahn hasn't failed? The White Sox have been more profitable during Hahns tenure. As long as the franchise is making nothing but money JR and Hahn are content with this situation.
  13. WBWSF


    I've renewed my tickets for 2020. I'm expecting a Playoff year with at least 100 victories.
  14. WBWSF

    Successful Plan B; What’s Next?

    It looks more and more like that the 2020 White Sox rotation will be Giolito. Lopez, Kopech, Cease and whomever. Hopefully these young pitchers come through.
  15. Himes got fired because he didn't get along with JR.