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  1. If the White Sox get out of the race I hope they bench Moncada the rest of the season. Once he's benched bring up Burger and have him play the rest of the way. Also lets hope that Moncada is not on the team next year.
  2. WBWSF

    Long Term Contracts

    The White Sox have signed some of their players to long term contracts with mixed results. I can't help but wonder if Hahn is going to try and sign Cease and Vaughn to long term contracts. Also. Cueto is a free agent at the end of the season. Is Hahn going to sign and bring back Cueto?
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    The White Sox are stuck with Moncada. No other team wants an overpriced bust. If Moncada didn't have a long term big money contract he would have been gone by now.
  4. WBWSF

    Promotions That Work

    Bobbleheads and jersey giveaways.
  5. When he's batting from the left side the opposing teams 3rd baseman is playing shortstop. He could simply bunt the ball down the 3rd base side and he could walk to first base. It must be beneathe him to bunt his way on.
  6. WBWSF

    Worst Sox GM of all time

    Trading Battey, Romano, Cash, Mincher and Callison cost the White Sox at least 2 pennants.
  7. WBWSF

    Trade Rumors Catch-all

    If you look at the White Sox ownership of JR the only positive thing you can say is that it has made him nothing but money. Other than making alot of money he has been a terrible owner.
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    Eloy has been hitting the heck out of the ball recently. Even his outs are hard hit. Eloy looks dangerous again. I hope the team isn't stupid enough to trade him. Its a different lineup when he's hitting.
  9. I heard Bruce Levine this morning on the radio. He said there will be major changes this off season with the players on the White Sox. Some of the major players on this team won't be here next year. He must know something the rest of us don't. It will be a very curious off season.
  10. WBWSF

    Fire Rick Hahn

    I'm still open to taking the GM job. I haven't written JR a letter in quite some time. Maybe he'll come to his senses and give me an interview for the GM job. I think one of my main attractions would be I really wouldn't have to be paid much. At this stage of the game I really don't need alot of money. Not only that, but if i was as unproductive as Hahn has been I would resign. I would give myself 3 years to produce an AL pennant. If I didn't produce i would walkaway from the job.
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    Konerko: Actually Sox fans are good

    taking everything into account, I think the White Sox have great fans.
  12. WBWSF

    long Term Contracts

    Hahn has tied up certain players with long term contracts (Robert, Moncada, and Jimenez). I can't help but wonder if Hahn does the same thing with Vaughn and Cease. Also, Anderson has 2 more years before he becomes a free agent. Wonder if Hahn is going to extend him or replace him with Montgomery.
  13. It is really raining where I'm at now. Wonder if this game is going to be played today.
  14. WBWSF

    Will the Sox ever outdraw the Cubs again?

    JR tried buying some of the Bears ownership in the early 1980s when it was up for sale. The Bears ownership had to overpay to keep the ownership in the family. They held a press conference when there was talk of 2 stadiums in the South Loop and Mccaskey said he wouldn't go in with the White Sox, only the Cubs.
  15. WBWSF

    Will the Sox ever outdraw the Cubs again?

    You're overlooking one thing, JR and the Bears ownership don't get along.
  16. WBWSF

    Will the Sox ever outdraw the Cubs again?

    Do you think the Rays will get a new stadium? I read where the Rays ownership is willing to pay for half of the stadium. Since then, I haven't heard anything about it.
  17. WBWSF

    Will the Sox ever outdraw the Cubs again?

    If the White Sox are going to move to the suburbs I would think it would be somewhere in the south/southwest or west suburbs. I live in Oswego and there are alot of White Sox fans out here and in the Naperville area. That being said, i don't think the team will ever move to the suburbs. Keep in mind that 20% of the White Sox fans use public transportation to get to the games. Most suburbs don't have good transportation systems if any at all.
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    Will the Sox ever outdraw the Cubs again?

    In the mid 1980s the City of Chicago wanted to build a stadium in the South Loop (Roosevelt and Clark, now known as block 78). there was talk of a football stadium next to it for the Bears. The Bears held a press conference and said they wouldn't go in together with the White Sox, The Bears historical roots were with the Cubs. JR and the Bears had bad blood between them. JR stiffed them on some business deal and the Bears didn't like it or JR. Its a shame it didn't workout Two stadiums in the South Loop would have been tremendous. Of course I never believed that JR wanted to go into the South loop. He wanted to go to Addison where he owned the land where the stadium would have been built. I remember a few years ago the White Sox announced they were leaving there spring training facility in Sarasota Florida and moving it to Tucson Arizona. Just so happened that JR owned the land in Tucson where the stadium was built.
  19. WBWSF

    Will the Sox ever outdraw the Cubs again?

    One of the key figures is dead. Eddie Einhorn was the main person who wanted to move the White Sox to Florida. He wanted out of here. He didn't like playing 2nd fiddle to the Cubs. During that whole process Einhorn made so many bad comments about the White Sox fan base he was getting threats on his life. Einhorn then hired body guards to protect himself. Einhorn also said that Florida was the best opportunity for MLB since the Dodgers moved to LA in 1958. How has baseball worked out in St.Pete? They've already had 4 ownerships there. If they don't get another stadium they're going to move out of there. When the White Sox agreed to stay in Chicago Einhorn sold most of his White Sox stock to JR. Einhorn left the scene after that. He was rarely here in Chicago after 1989.
  20. WBWSF

    Will the Sox ever outdraw the Cubs again?

    If JR/or his sons still own the White Sox in 2026-2027 some people seem to think he will just extend the lease on the present stadium. He has a sweetheart deal and is making nothing but money. If he gets the same deal he just might extend the lease.
  21. WBWSF

    Will the Sox ever outdraw the Cubs again?

    The lease is up in 2029.
  22. WBWSF

    Will the Sox ever outdraw the Cubs again?

    Willie Wilson is running for Mayor of Chicago. He realizes that the Bears are going to move to the suburbs. Wilson has said that Chicago should get another NFL team and have them play in Soldier field.
  23. WBWSF

    Are you buying a LHH ar the deadline?

    Hope Hahn acquires another starting pitcher. A lefty starter if possible.
  24. WBWSF

    Will the Sox ever outdraw the Cubs again?

    Wirtz is a White Sox fan and part owner of the White Sox. (He owns a small percentage of the White Sox) Wirtz actually goes to some White Sox games. He actually likes baseball more than hockey. People who work for the White Sox have speculated for years that he wants to be the owner. We shall see. I'm sure that JR already knows who will buy the White Sox from his family.
  25. WBWSF

    Will the Sox ever outdraw the Cubs again?

    There have been rumors for years that the Wirtz family will be the next owners of the White Sox. They would then build a stadium near the United Center.