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  1. runtheballdown

    5/21 Games

    Tony will begone by the time these pitchers get to the big club
  2. runtheballdown

    5/4 Games

    Thanks dirtysox. This is awesome
  3. runtheballdown

    Crosstown Series Game One--6:40 CT

    Cliff partite
  4. runtheballdown

    5/3 Games

    Go sox
  5. runtheballdown

    5/2-Angels vs Sox 1:10 Central Start, Series Finale

    It’s one thing for a dumbass fan to propose absurdity but then you have a dope like Bernstein chiming in with ignorance lol
  6. runtheballdown

    That's a White Sox Winner

    Len is easily one of the worst announcers in baseball all time. You go from a baseball guy like Ed farmer to a stat nerd who has a terrible voice and here we are. Just another amazing bad decision by the white Sox. When I’m in the car I’ll turn on the white Sox game, hear his voice and realize it’s him so I have to turn the game off. He’s that bad.
  7. runtheballdown

    4/30 Games

    It’s actually odd when Ramos doesn’t get a hit now. 2-4 would be an off night for the kid
  8. runtheballdown

    4.29 games

    Yea in his resent interview he seemed happy in the track they have put him on with all the changes. Just needs reps. Seems like a pretty smart guy as well.
  9. runtheballdown

    4/29- White Sox vs Angels, 6:10

    If you add the BA of leury and Harrison it equal less than.200. and it’s almost May. next
  10. Yea I expect hahn and Williams to be gone in a few years. Then put a gm in place that really knows what he’s doing
  11. I never really understand the overall importance of a teams farm ranking. Top 30 rankings for an individual team? Who cares? give me a farm system sprinkled with 3-4 players making a big push each year and I’ll show you a system that’s productive. Couple that with a GM that know what free agents to fill in with and you have a competitive team every year possibly really breaking out.
  12. runtheballdown

    Yolbert Promoted to Charlotte

    Why would his walk rate decline in AAA? AA is the league where the young stud pitchers are at. AAA is where all the washed up barely hanging on guys are at. he’s put up great numbers everywhere and has a great glove. Sounds like he’s almost ready. this is why top 100 player ready stuff is a joke. He’s not top 100 but the guy has played like a stud. I remembered when Marcus semien was at Birmingham. I don’t remember whether he was top 100 or not. I do remember him being a Southern league MVP which said a lot. My point is that the guys that rate the prospects are usually off.
  13. runtheballdown

    4/17 Games

    Ramos will be top 100 this year or maybe top 50 if he keeps going. At this pace. He has Yoan and burger in from of him but ina couple years that could change and he will only be 22 at that point in time. By then Moncoda will be approaching the end of his contract, burger will likely be traded and Ramos would be in line to be the next guy.
  14. runtheballdown

    4/17 Games

    Bryan Ramos not only puts up great stats but looks like a ball player. He’s a big kid that can run. If he’s still playing great for the next month or so move him up and bring colas with him.
  15. Don’t sell yourself short. you’re a hell of an amateur