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  1. runtheballdown

    Not so happy anniversary

    Robin went out there without any conviction just like he managed
  2. runtheballdown

    8/4 Sox vs Brewers GT

    The Score is terrible in every time slot. I used to like listening to grobstein but he has the same five idiot callers every night. He’s starting to be forgetful as well. mulligan and haugh are pretty good and that’s it.
  3. runtheballdown

    7/29 Sox vs Indians GT

    No starter is going 8. If these early game results continue I’d be all for an opener.
  4. Actually now that they are letting Almost every team in the playoffs every game is not as critical as it was before the playoff format change. It’s more important to get in the playoffs and be the healthiest team.
  5. runtheballdown

    60 Game Season Predictions

    Not as optimistic as you for this year. I think the team underperforms the hype, renteria gets fired And they bring in the guy who will lead them to the next WS. The Sox have tons of pitching but the performance will start rising next year. I like all their starters including guys that get ripped here such as Lopez. Add in guys like dunning, Steiver And lambert as depth guys and there are tons of starters. 2021 will start a long run of success, barring significant injuries, for the Sox.
  6. runtheballdown

    Radio Broadcast Speculation Thread

    Bruce is a little bit of an institution here. Besides who would take his place? speigal got fired at the score and is terrible. He won’t be getting any jobs in this market. I mean if you’re looking for a guy who wheezes while he speaks because he’s about 300 pounds over weight and has no discipline then hire the guy to do pizza tasting sample tasting. He’ll jump at that in a second.
  7. runtheballdown

    FS Podcast ft. Matt Spiegel of 670 the Score

    Your other podcasts are excellent.
  8. runtheballdown

    FS Podcast ft. Matt Spiegel of 670 the Score

    I find spiegel highly annoying and a terrible sounding radio person. fortunately the link didn’t open.
  9. runtheballdown

    If the season is lost, how will it affect players?

    Everyone will lose a year of progression or be a year closer to regression. I would the teams with the youngest rosters would be affected the least. A guy like EE might have his career ended if he takes a year off.
  10. runtheballdown

    FS: A conversation w/ Keith Law of The Athletic

    I think the talk here about Madrigal is funny. I’m an old guy now but was 5’7 and 165 in high and college when I played. I was the number 3 hitter most of the time. I hit the ball over fences and was usually also the fastest kid on the field. I didn’t strike out much but I never had bat control like Madrigal. my point here is that Madrigal could hit for power if he wanted too. He’s certainly strong enough. Hitting the ball hard is timing and leverage. He chooses to spray the ball and not strikeout He’s probably as strong as just about everyone he plays with. to say he’s a weakling is laughable. His swing will change over the years as he adjusts. one thing that I like about him was when he was playing in college and there was a meeting at the mound he was the only one I saw talk. Everybody else listened. That was impressive. he gets ripped her just like all the players do before they get their footing. Just sit back and enjoy the way this kid plays. He’s an usual dude.
  11. runtheballdown

    Mlb Networks Top 10

    Moncada is one of the top ten players in baseball
  12. runtheballdown

    I don't see how pitch framing works?

    I used to think pitch framing is a joke. The umps read this stuff and they might even be offended when a catcher tries to frame a ball a strike. but I’ve seen catchers who are jumping around behind the plate and can’t catch a ball smoothly make it hard on umps to call borderline pitches strikes so I now see some value in a guy. Whois quiet behind the plate giving his pitcher the best chance out three. but the other hand the stat guys get ahold of a stat and drive in the ground so it’s probably not as big a deal as the stat guys make i5. Out to be
  13. runtheballdown

    ****Some Observations including Sabermetrics

    First of all sabremetrics allows people that never played the game an opportunity to get involved in the game. When the players get asked about sabremetrics they just laugh. They understand the game obviously and don’t need a bunch of numbers to help them. secondly launch angle is a joke. A four seam fastball that is up in the strike zone has never been hit for a home run ever. Launch angle doesn’t work against a high fastball that’s a strike. A guy like kris Bryant looks feeble against an upper zone fastball.
  14. runtheballdown

    7/25 Games

    Baseball is obviously a very arbitrary game but I watched WS a week ago and came away very impressed with Rutherford. The guy has a great swing, uses the whole field and here’s. The clincher- he looks like a ball player. I read here a few months ago that he is weak. He’s not weak. He hits the ball hard. Right now he’s a slasher but I’m pretty sure he can go deep on a regular basis if he put his mind to it. By the way there are a lot of guys on WS that look like they can play. They look more talented than the Charlotte guys and maybe a lot of the Birmingham guys.
  15. runtheballdown

    6/10 games

    It was almost like the home plate ump had it in for Moncada this weekend. Renteria needs to go out there and make a point when the umps are this bad. If he gets tossed who cares. I couldn’t believe what I was watching. The umps are terrible.