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    It's ridiculous. What's the deal with Yoelqui??

    Yea I thought I read he had been working out in Florida in the last year.
  2. runtheballdown

    Lynn 1, Hendriks 2, Rodon 7 in ESPN Cy Predictor

    That didn’t call him Big Ed for nothing
  3. runtheballdown

    One way I know the sox are a great team again...

    Zaidman will do a better job when he takes his cubs skirt off. He’s terrible
  4. runtheballdown

    One way I know the sox are a great team again...

    I’ve gone the exact opposite way of you. Radio is terrible because of most of the announcers you mentioned ( Mully the exception) and all the commercials. Bernstein is the biggest geek there is around. It was funny last year when Bernstein was interviewing Lester last year and asking him about new baseball stats that are out there and Lester says “ nobody that plays the game looks at shit like that”. ive switched over to listening to podcasts. Minimal commercials and everybody is now doing them re history, sports etc. every baseball team has a podcast so if you want to listen to the Sox and the team they are playing you get two different perspectives. Locked on Sox is the one I listen too. Two guys from the Score do it every day. It’s great.
  5. runtheballdown

    6/2 Games

    That’s improvement correct?
  6. I thought Larissa should have walked Ramirez as well. He’s one of a few guys on the Indians that can beat you. They pitched to him and he beat them.
  7. runtheballdown

    2021 MLB Draft Thread

    With most of position being manned by relative young players I would think the Sox would lean towards HS guys.
  8. runtheballdown

    5/28 Games

    The upside to having injuries to the mlb roster is that you get to bring up young talent to check out their progress. Nobody trades until the deadline anyway unless you really overpay which the Sox won’t do
  9. runtheballdown

    5/28 Games

    I’d rather keep burger and bring sheets up to play the outfield.
  10. runtheballdown

    Sox City Connect Jerseys

    This is a great look for this team
  11. runtheballdown

    GT 5/27: ORIOLES @ SOX

    They should bring up Rutherford and sheets if Eaton goes on the DL. Hahn has no clue whether any of the minor league can play at the major league level. Bring up one of the young outfielders and let them play.
  12. runtheballdown

    GT 5/27: ORIOLES @ SOX

    I saw the video on sheets and he flipped over the railing. Not sure what happened after that but I believe he left the game.
  13. runtheballdown

    GT 5/27: ORIOLES @ SOX

    Whoever they add I just hope they can lay down a couple of strategic successful bunts every game
  14. runtheballdown

    Addressing the OF shortage (Robert Injury Spinoff)

    As someone said earlier the team will sink or swim with its pitching not some guy that strikes out all the time. move on
  15. runtheballdown

    5/23 White Sox vs Yankees

    Len kasper is a stat nerd and besides throwing annoying data out has a terrible voice especially the fake excitement voice
  16. runtheballdown

    The TLR Manager Thread

    I didn’t really care when TLR was hired as I am of the opinion that managers only can screw up so many things and the talent of the team will over ride even someone like bevington, Ventura etc. I have now concluded that TLR is a complete idiot and should be removed. Eventually most of the team will turn against him if they haven’t already and he will or should know it’s time to hit the road.
  17. runtheballdown

    The TLR Manager Thread

    Lol. Good one
  18. runtheballdown

    The Rookies

    I’ve only seen him catch once. He looked fine and threw out a runner. He’s really a good athlete for his size
  19. runtheballdown

    5/7: Chicago White Sox @ Kansas City 7:10 PM CDT

    Len is a terrible announcer. He can’t wait to throw some obscure stat out there that nobody cares about. I’m surprised anyone would say they enjoy him unless that person is a nerd.
  20. runtheballdown

    zack collins

    Collins is a legit mlb catcher. Great eye and can obviously call a game. His power to center and left center is excellent. The more he plays the better he’ll get.
  21. runtheballdown

    Addressing the OF shortage (Robert Injury Spinoff)

    Hayward is a disaster. Cant believe anyone would want this guy.
  22. runtheballdown

    Congrats to Nate Jones/Carson Fulmer, back in big leagues

    Hahn is always infatuated with a player that looks really athletic. How many times has he spoken about how great Robert’s looks and comparing him to an nfl wide receiver in body type. a pudgy guy like yermin comes along and Hahn can’t fathom how a guy that looks like that could be a successful athlete. Hahn doesn’t have a clue
  23. runtheballdown

    Sox @ Cleveland 4/21 postponed

    Make it a three inning game and the games go really fast
  24. runtheballdown

    Sox @ Cleveland

    Back-in their minor league days roberts and nick were 1-2 in the order and it worked great. Roberts is a beast early in the order
  25. runtheballdown

    Lynn to IL; Burdi up

    Birdies would be a top reliever on a lot of teams. He has good stuff but needs to get a little better control and he’ll be on the team. He didn’t hurt himself today