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    ALDS Game 2 - Chicago @ Houston - 1:07pm CDT

    One thing about Kimberly that I remember with his time with the cubs was that he was bad for at least a year before he finally turned it around this year. Hahn obviously missed that or didn’t think it was important. cut the guy during the off-season and beef up the starting staff. You need at least seven starters to compete for an entire season. Having Rodon come up lame completely changed the outlook for this team.
  2. runtheballdown

    9/9 Sox at A's game thread 2:37 first pitch

    98 on the corner. Go sit down
  3. runtheballdown

    9/9 Sox at A's game thread 2:37 first pitch

    Lopez is pitching with confidence. He’s going right after guys.
  4. runtheballdown

    8/24 Games

    Burger was a high end high school hockey player. Those guys are athletes. He’s fine defensively now and will get only better with time. His issue is maybe his size. You don’t see many 6 3’ 235 lbs second baseball anymore so third is really his spot. I think yoan is terrific though I think he’s a little off this year but if yoan moves back to second then burger is in .
  5. runtheballdown

    GT 8/21: SOX @ TB, 12:10 NBCSN

    I understand resting position players but don’t rest them when your worst pitcher,who is likely going to need runs,is pitching.
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    The ump missed three strikes on one tb batter alone when crochet was pitching. You fight all game to get in a position to win and then the guy behind the plate starts having a bad game
  7. runtheballdown

    Shirley on the Draft via the Athletic

    Keep signing the Cubans and hit on some picks and that’s all you need to keep the train running down the track
  8. runtheballdown

    Micker Adolfo to Charlotte

    I agree. He’s been hurt a lot but he’s looking like he’s ready to go.
  9. runtheballdown

    Dylan Cease, 2 sport athlete

    Play a couple times a day- it’s a great sport. You can finish nine holes in twenty minutes. Cease actually throws the disc around Sox park.
  10. runtheballdown

    Gavin Sheets - STUD

    When he hit the FB at the top of the strike zone for the homer last night that eliminates an area that other teams scouts will try to probe for a weakness. Most guys can’t hit that pitch. Especially the upper cut launch angle guys have no chance
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    The Sox could probably win 90 games on the mlb level with their Charlotte position players and their mlb staff. If they start losing pitchers they better have all their injured position players back.
  12. runtheballdown

    All-time Soxtalk Whipping Boy

    Any Sox player over the last twenty years making his debut that goes 0 for can’t hit and should be flipping burgers
  13. runtheballdown

    6/29 Games

    No dada should sit for ten days to get healthy so we can see how burger matches up. Not sure what Hahn is waiting for.
  14. runtheballdown

    6/29 Games

    Cespedes looks like to Toy Cannon from way back
  15. runtheballdown

    6/29 Games

    Berger 3 for 3. Hahn is waiting to call him so he can cool off while in Chicago.
  16. runtheballdown

    6/25 Games

    I love opposite field hits
  17. runtheballdown

    Len and Jason's Podcast

    Honestly I would never listen to anything Kasper is doing. Love benetti but kasper hasto be the worst announcer in baseball as everything seems forced by him. And Hahn has never said anything remotely interesting in his life. the podcast I listen to is “locked in the white Sox” with Chris tannehill and herb Lawrence. It’s awesome.
  18. runtheballdown

    6/24 Games

    Burger with a hit and two RBI.
  19. runtheballdown

    6/23 Games

    Burger was a top notch hockey player at Christian Brothers high school in St. Louis. Top high school program in St. Louis. The point is that he’s a tough guy who won’t quit and a good athlete. he hit against a couple of pitchers tonight who are pretty good and he lit them up AND played second base. hahn doesn’t have the guts or backing to bring burger and sheets up when half the lineup is missing.
  20. runtheballdown

    6/23 Games

    Hahn is simply a yes man for the white Sox organization. He brought in a bunch of garbage last year, dumped the garbage and brought in new garbage this year. The payroll didn’t even expand as the cost of last years garbage is the same as the cost of this years garbage. Can you imagine “ going for” a WS and not expanding payroll a bit? I coached hockey in Winnetka about 4-5 years ago and one of the kids on one of the other team was hahnskid who actually was a decent goalie.my point here was that Hahn was at the rink and we talked a couple times and he seemed very guarded in his comments about everything. Never even talked Sox. He struck me as an oddball. my guess is that he has little input in what goes on bringing in players and his hands are probably by the cheap owner. im not sure Gonzalez is constantly brought up. He really has never shown anything. That’s a chicken shit move. if this rebuild turns out to be a waste of time for Sox fans somebody is going to get their ass kicked.
  21. runtheballdown

    6/23 Games

    The Sox need hitters and there’s no reason not to bring up sheets and burger to give them a shot for the games before the all star break and maybe beyond. The Sox are missing four outfielders and don’t have a second baseman. They currently can compete with a team that hits a little. Sooner or later their pitching will hit a wall and the hitters will have to pull their load. give these kids a shot until Eloy Engle and robert come back. What is Hahn waiting for? This team needs some life.
  22. runtheballdown

    6/17 Games

    Pretty sure Sox fill second base with internal guys as the guys here ( Mendick and Garcia are decent enough) and if burger makes the jump that would be a great story. Burger was an elite hockey player back in his days at Christian Brothers academy ( top program in St. Louis) so he’s a tough kid who will likely never give up. also Sox shouldn’t trade any minor league pitchers like lambert or Stievers as this year is a game of attrition and the team that wins the World Series is likely the team that has the minimum number of injuries or greatest depth. The Sox will likely need 2-3 guys from Charlotte to come up and pitch this year. If there is an add anywhere I’d add more pitching.
  23. runtheballdown

    Rays @ Sox, 6/14 7:10 ct

    Tampa’s lineup is garbage
  24. runtheballdown

    Levine: Soon Sox will browse trade market

    Bruce should browse retirement. My daughters Pug has more baseball knowledge than Captain Obvious
  25. The Sox are built on pitching. As long as they don’t lose any pitchers they will be ok.